New Shoes, New Life, New Horizons and a New World?

I punched the speed dial on my Mobile.
It was a Friday afternoon in early March and I needed some entertainment.

“Hello Jen. What’s up? Your Boss still trying to feel you up then?”

“Hi Kylie. No. He’s not. I’ve threatened to tell his wife if he tries it again.”

They both laughed.

“As it’s the last Friday of the month and I’m assuming that you’ve been paid so how about some fun tonight?”

“I don’t know Jen,” she said with a big Sigh.

“Come on K. It’s been nearly nine months now.”

[Authors Note]
This was penned around 2004/2005 and has been sitting in my WIP folder ever since. I was I Central London one evening recently and saw a woman break a heel coming out of a club. That reminded me of this story.
{One for the Shoe Fetishists and … }

I was the only one who could call her K.

“And all the guys out there are bastards. I know,” she said finishing my sentence.

“You have to get over him who shall not be named.

“And James and Rick and that real bastard Jed.”

“You have just been a tad unlucky with guys.”

“Unlucky to get hooked up with real bastards.”

“Come on K. Forget them. There is a guy who will treat you right out there somewhere.”

“I’m not looking for a Guy OK?”

“OK. So you are up for it then? Some Fun and no guys?”

Another Sigh.

“Odeon, Leicester Square. About 9:30pm? That Ok with you?”

“I suppose so. I take it we are going to do a bit of clubbing then?”
“Yep. Get your Glad Rags on.”

“OK. About 9:30.”

She hung up.

I stared into space for a few moments thinking about K. She’d had had a really bad time with men over the past few years. Manfred had jilted her at the Altar. James had gone off with the Matron of Honour at her Brother’s Wedding. Jed had stolen all her money and jewellery to feed his Heroin addiction. And so it went on.

Little old me, on the other-hand was totally the opposite. I was not that unattractive but I was seemingly invisible to men especially when K was around. No matter how much I tried I could not get a man. Any Man. Not even a ‘quickie’ for the past two years. My vibrator has been putting in rather a lot of overtime recently.

In summary, we are a perfect couple of losers.

That night was not much better. Sure, there were men groping us all night. All they seemed to want was a ‘quick one’ in the alley at the back of the various clubs we went to. The problem was that all of them looked like the back end of a bus or were obviously married.

I suppose I must have been getting old when I pulled K out of one club. It was not even midnight and I was running on empty.

“That was a total dead loss. Those guys were shit” I said as we walked away from the club.

“Yeah. I Think we are getting old Jen,” said K.

“Me Too. Kebab?” she suggested.

“Yeah. Might as well.”

We walked up Tottenham Court Road arm in arm towards a late night Kebab Stall on the corner with Warren St. It was a regular last stop for us. Get a Kebab and then take the night bus home. Tonight, we could get a kebab and still get the last tube home we were that early.

We had just crossed Goodge St when Kylie gave a cry.

“Oh Shit, Fuck and Bugger.”

I looked down and saw the heel of one of her very expensive shoes lying forlorn on the pavement.

“I knew I should have not bought them. They were for being seen in but not for wearing” she cried.

I bent down and picked it up.

“Don’t worry K. You can get it fixed. That Jewish shoe repairers on Muswell Hill Broadway did my pair of my Jimmy Choo’s a few months ago. Better than new if you ask me.”

“That doesn’t solve the immediate problem.”

“Here use me for support.”

“A fine pair we look. I bet people seeing us will think I’m pissed?”

“Who cares what they think. I know you are not and that is all that matters. Ok?”

“Thanks Jen. You are a real friend.”

We started walking again. After a bit, we got ourselves sorted out and started to manage pretty well. I felt a bit nervous as we passed the Police Station but no one stopped us.

We stopped to let a few cars pass us so that we could cross over Howland St. Our destination was in sight when I at least got the shock of our lives.

“Good Evening Ladies. Perhaps I can be of some assistance,” said a voice from behind us.

“Piss off you fucking Pervert,” snarled Kylie.

“Please accept my apologies for being so forward. I do not mean any harm,” he said as he stepped out of the shadows.

The voice belonged to a man who was around 5ft 10in tall, slim and aged about 30 years. His face was ordinary but not unattractive.

He held out a business card.

“Please read the name of my business. It is on the card,” he said almost pleading.

I hesitated a moment before I reached out my hand.

I thought to myself what harm could he do to us here on a major London street less that 400yds from a busy police station. There were plenty of people around due to the fairly early hour.

I looked at the card.

Ultimate Imagination Footwear Ltd
Specialists in making your footwear dreams come true.

Sam Johnson – Owner

“I’m Sam by the way”.

I went to hand the card to him.

“Please keep it.”

“So how can you help out my friend here?” I said still suspicious of the man.

I realised that Kylie had been pretty silent since her reaction. For some reason, I could not keep my eyes off him. Out the corner of my eyes I saw K was the same.

“I probably have a pair of shoes that will fit your friend.”

“And cost us an arm and a leg.”

He laughed.

“No. There will be no charge unless after wearing them home you think they were worth it. Sort of like try before you buy.”

“How much would they be then?” said K

“As much as you want to pay. As I said, I’m the owner and I’m giving you a pair of shoes with totally no obligation to pay anything. What can be clearer than that?”

“Nothing I suppose.”

“Good. Let me see if I can guess your size as being an 8 or maybe an 8 and a ½?”

“Yes.” Said K quietly. I knew that she was sometimes embarrassed at her large feet. Quite a few times we’d been out shopping and we’d seen some killer heels only to find that the largest size was a meagre 7 or 7 ½.

“Fine. Please wait here. I’ll get a pair from my car.”

He turned and approached a large estate car parked a few yards down the road. He opened the rear and spent a few seconds obviously looking for a pair of shoes for my anxious friend.

“Hear they are,” he said as he walked towards us carrying a plain white shoe-box.

“Size 8. Black and with a 5in Heel just like the pair you are wearing. Will that be ok?”

“Yes,” whispered Kylie.

“If you will allow me to slip them on your feet?”

“Please,” she said almost inaudibly.

He knelt down and opened the box. Two gleaming patent shoes caught the light. He removed the left one and offered it up to her foot.

She raised the heelless shoe off the ground for him to remove it.

For some reason the words “Cinderella and Prince Charming”, went through my mind.

The new shoe fitted perfectly, naturally.

She offered the other one and soon she was able to stand on her own again.

He gathered up the now redundant shoes, put them in the shoe box then stood up and stepped back.

“How do they feel?”

“Fine”, said Kylie being totally uncommitted.

“Then ladies. I’ll bid you goodnight. If you decide you want to pay something for those shoes, then please give me a call. My mobile number is on the back of the card.

Before either of us could say anything, he turned, got into the car and drove off leaving us alone by the side of the street.

Neither of us reacted until we saw the tail lights of his car turn past the tube station and onto Euston Road.

“Jen. What just happened?” said K

“I am not sure if I believe what happened or not. But you appear to have a new pair of shoes and it didn’t cost you a thing.”

“Yes, but what happened?”

“A knight in shining Armour came to your rescue and didn’t try to get you into his bed. That’s what happened. Why don’t you like it?”

“Yes. But I couldn’t take my eyes off him.”

“Me neither. It was really strange. I felt as if I’d known him all my life.”

I felt the same but didn’t say so. This was not uncommon with us. We’d often finish each others sentences and know what each other was going to say before they’d started to say it.

“Come on let’s get off home,” suggested K completely forgetting about the kebab shop which was less than 100yds away.

We caught the night bus and for once neither of us said much on the journey north. We were so engrossed in our thoughts. I was so engrossed that I missed my stop and had to walk home but I didn’t mind.

I didn’t see or hear from Kylie for a few days. This was not unusual as it was her companies’ year-end and there was always lots of work to do to sort the books out.

I called her on Wednesday Evening.
She answered on the first ring.

“Hi Jen. I was going to call you tonight. Can we meet for a drink?”

“Why?” I asked puzzled.

“I’ll tell you in the pub. I’ll meet you in the “Logie Baird”[1]. Say an hour?”

Before I could answer, she hung up.

Mysterious. I was puzzled by her abruptness. Usually, I couldn’t get her off the phone. It must be man trouble and after she swore that “Never Again” was she going to get involved with one again.

I got off the bus to see K entering the pub just in front of me. I hurried along hoping that she’d spring for the first round.

I saw her at the bar when I entered. She was ordering us both drinks. The place was not overly busy for a Wednesday night.

We found a fairly secluded table and sat down.

I looked at her.

“Ok K, what is so important that you could not talk about on the phone.?”

“Its these shoes,” she said lifting her leg up for me to see the shoes she had so mysteriously been given just a few days before.

“What about them?” I said.

“I can’t stop wearing them. That’s what.”

“Eh? But your Job?”

“Yeah I know. I’m on my feet all day but it does not matter. My feet don’t get tired when I am wearing them. I even feel bad about taking them off at night. They are so comfortable”

“I bet Mrs Solomon from downstairs has already complained?”

“No, she hasn’t. It is as if the steel tips to the heel get coated with rubber when I get home.

Honestly, there is no sound.”

She paused.

“What else?”

“Two nights ago, I had a dream about some really tall heels. In the morning, these shoes had changed. Instead of 5in, they were more than 6in high. Still, I wore them all day and didn’t feel any difference except for more comments about how good I was looking. I thought it was the heels but then last night I looked in the mirror. I had NO SPOTS”
I then knew that Kylie was stark staring bonkers. She had always had trouble with acne. A rigorous daily cleansing routine kept most of them at bay but there was always evidence of at least one coming or going that had to be kept covered by makeup.

“You are joking!” I exclaimed.

“No. I’m not wearing any makeup. Take a look for yourself!”

I looked hard but her complexion was perfect.

“You can’t assume that the shoes are the reason? It must be something you have eaten?”

“Nope. I’m eating the same stuff as always”

“What about the shoes. When you showed them to me just now, they were more like 3in not 6in. What happened?”

“Last night I fell asleep thinking about flat sandals. This morning, they were half the height”

“Someone must be coming into your bedroom and switching them?”

“I thought that. That is why I’m wearing them to bed tonight and I will be tying them on. Then we shall see one way or the other.”

“Have you thought about calling what’s his name?”

“I can’t. You have his card.”

“I forgot that.”

“Shall we call him?”

“Not yet. I want to do some more experiments.”

“What sort of experiments?”

“I don’t know yet but don’t worry Jen I’ll be careful.”

“I’m sure you will” I said in the faint hope that she would honour her words.

The next few days were torture. I was unsure about calling her or should I wait for her to call?

Eventually, on Sunday I got a text message from her.

“Jen. Please come around asap. K”

I replied “On my way Jen.”

I arrived at her flat and pressed the bell. The door opened and I made my way upstairs.

Her door was open. I opened it.

“K where are you?”

“Thank god you have come. I’m in the bedroom.”

“What’s up?”

“Look at me!” she said as I walked into the room.

“Oh my god! What have you done?”

“I took a few days off and then started thinking about some weird things. Well you can see what happened.”

“I woke up this morning and found I couldn’t get out of bed.”

I stood and looked at the figure lying on the bed in front of me.
I couldn’t help myself but I laughed.

“I’m sorry K.”

“I know I must look a sight.”

“Have you any idea where the keys are?”

“If I knew that don’t you think I would have released myself before now?” She said as
she rattled the chains holding her to the bed.

Her legs and arms were shackled to her iron bedstead. On her feet were ballet boots.

These were also locked on her feet.

“Can you walk in them..? Before the chains?” I said pointing at her feet.
“Yes, and don’t ask me how. I woke up with them on my feet and just started to walk. It was as if I had been wearing them for months.”

“Have you tried thinking the stuff off?” I asked

“Yes but as soon as I start I get…”


“Oh shit. I get aroused.”

I laughed out loud.

“I never knew that you were into this stuff?”

“Neither did I.”

“I know this is going to sound strange. Can you look at my fanny?”


“I feel a bit strange down there.”


I pulled the sheet away from her body.

“Oh my. You really have a hidden side to you.”


“Hold on. I’ll get a mirror.”

I left her and retrieved the mirror from the wall in the bathroom.

I positioned it so that she could see her fanny.

“See what I mean.”

There was not a hair to be seen. She was completely bald. Not shaven or plucked. Totally bald as it was the day that she was born.

“I know that was something you wanted to have done. Did you think about this?”

She nodded.
“I dreamed about having a completely hairless body apart from my head, lashes and eyebrows.”

“Let me see.”

I bent over her prone body and stroked her top lip. Smooth. Her armpits were also as smooth as a baby’s bum.

“It looks like you got your wish.”

She sighed.

“It looks like some of your dreams have come true.”

She looked worried.

“Why are you so glum?”

“I don’t know”

“Yes. Can you go and get something for me to pee into? I’m kinda desperate.”

“Only if you call him!”

“Ok. You dial and I’ll speak to him.”

I retrieved the business card from my purse and dialled his number.

I put the phone on the bed by her head and left the room.

I heard her speaking so someone as I rummaged around in the kitchen for something for K to pee into. I found a jug and went back into the bedroom.

I said as I positioned her over the jug and let her emit a stream of pee.

“He laughed.”


“He laughed some more.”


“I gave him my address and he is coming over. As I imagined the bonds, there are no keys. He said that in future I should think about the keys as well and to think about there they should be if I wanted to do this in the future.”

“When did he estimate that he would get here?”

“An hour or so.”

“Are you ok lying there?”

“For the time being. I could do with a drink though.”

“No problem.”

I turned to get her a drink.


I turned back.


“No problemo my friend. I am rather enjoying myself seeing you like this.”

“I’ll get my own back.”

“I’m sure you will but it is nice that for once the joke is on you,” I said remembering the huge number of jokes that she had played on me over the years since we’d met on the top deck of a No 27 Bus outside Mornington Crescent Tube station.


“Ha Ha.”

I got her something to drink and we chatted about everything and anything except for her current predicament until the doorbell to the flat rang.

“At last,” said K.

I got up and buzzed him in.

I waited a few seconds and then opened the door to the flat.

“Good evening Ladies. We meet once again. I was not sure if we would meet again. I’m so glad,” he said cheerily.

“I don’t think Kylie is very happy.”

“So, I gather from what she said on the phone.”

“By the way, these are for you,” he said grinning like a Cheshire cat as he handed me a cloth shoe bag.

“I don’t know if I should, considering what Kylie has done to herself.”

“I think you now know the risks and will use their powers carefully.”

I nodded.

“Jen,” came the cry from the bedroom
“I think…”

“Yes. Let us go and see her. I promise to try not to laugh but I do find it funny.”

“So, do I but we should try to keep a straight face.”

He nodded as I led the way into the bedroom.

He found it very difficult to keep from laughing.

“I have seen a few strange sights with people who wear my shoes but I think this is the best by far,” he remarked trying desperately trying to keep a straight face.

I realised that K was totally naked in front of this total stranger and she didn’t care. She had a real phobia about undressing in front of a man. I often wondered if this was one of the reasons why she had been jilted/dumped so many times. Yet here she was secured to a bed by steel chains and naked yet she was not howling the place down. There is more to these shoes than meets the eye. There is also far more to Sam that meets the eye.

“Well Kylie, let me see if we can get you out of these. It is going to take a bit of time but in the end, I won’t have to resort to the bolt cutters”.

“Please get on with it.”

“Jen, can you get a couple of chairs? Please put one on this side for me. Please take yours to the other side of the bed and sit facing me.”

I didn’t question his calm yet firm orders.

I gave him his chair and took mine to the other side of the bed. I sat and looked at him.
“Please both of you look into my eyes and think of Kylie walking along the road to the bus stop on her way out for the evening.”

I tried to visualise her walking down the road.

The next thing I remember is feeling Kylie wrapping her arms around me.

“Thank you Jen. Thank you Sam. I’m free.”

We were alone in the bedroom.

“Where has he gone?” I said.

“I don’t know.”

Then I heard a sound from the bathroom.

I got up and left K to get some clothes on.

“Sam. I want to thank you for releasing her.”

“It is not a problem. But, she is still not totally free yet.”

“How do you mean?”

“Look at her feet. She is still wearing the ballet boots. She will have to think them off tonight as she sleeps.”

“Are those shoes you gave me the same as hers?”

“Yes. Use your imagination and who knows what can happen?” he replied with a wry smile on his face.

“I’m sorry for getting you out to rescue Kylie. She was a complete ass to get herself into that predicament.”

“Don’t worry. Part of the excitement that wearing these shoes can give is living your dream. Just be careful what you wish for though.”

He looked at me out of the corner of his eye and almost winked his eye at me.
I smiled back. I smiled but only for the lack of any other suitable reaction.

Kylie made her entrance. She was as Sam had indicated still wearing the ballet boots but she was walking around as if they were 1in heels. Amazing.

“Yes, I know I’m still wearing these boots. I’ll try to dream them off tonight.”

She paused,


“Sam these other changes that have happened to my body. Are the shoes responsible for them?”

“What changes?” he asked.

“My total lack of pubic hair and also no spots on my face?”

“Oh them. You obviously wished for them. The shoes granted them. They are permanent by the way. Even if you stopped wearing the shoes tomorrow the hair would never grow back. Nor would your spots return”

“Thanks for that explanation. I thought I was dreaming.”

“Ha Ha. You dreamed of them going away and they did. So, in effect you were.”

She shook her head.

“I think I have outstayed me welcome he said. I’d better leave,” he said.
I thought that I detected a slight tinge of regret in his voice.

He looked at K and said,

“Just be careful what you wish for, ok?”

She smiled back.

Then he turned to me.

“Can I offer you a lift this time?”

“Thanks. That would be great.”

“Are you going to be ok K?” I asked.

“Yes, I think so.”

“No more bondage dreams please. Well at least for the present,” I asked.

“Yes. Next time I will think about release as well,” she replied grinning like a Cheshire cat.

I saw Sam getting a bit impatient.

“Take care K. I’ll call you tomorrow morning.”
I kissed her goodbye.

We left and made our way to his car.

“Kylie is lucky to have a friend as good as you. You two are more like sisters than friends.” said Sam as we got into the car.

I nodded but said nothing. It was not the first time that someone had said that. Quite a few people had remarked on how similar we looked.

Then he added,

“Has anyone ever told you that you two look so much alike you could be twins?”

“Yeah, just about everyone,” I lied, badly.


“In your dreams. She’s from Liverpool, I’m from Birmingham.”

Nothing more was said but he’d sowed the seed of a thought.

I was pretty silent on the journey to my humble abode in Highgate Village.

“Thanks for coming to the rescue and giving me these shoes as well as giving me a lift home.”

“No problem Jen. Just be careful with what you wish for when wearing those shoes. I wish you days and night of pleasure from them. Remember if you want to send a few pounds to a hard-working shoemaker or if you need rescuing again please give me a call. However, I am only too happy to come to the rescue of a damsel or damsels in distress should the need arise.”

I don’t know why but I gave him a peck on the cheek to say thanks.

I smelt something but at the time I couldn’t put my hand on what it was.

“Goodnight and thanks once again.”

He got into his car and once more I watched until the taillights disappeared into the distance.

For the next few days I kept close tabs on K and what she was getting up to. I think she learned her lesson and the next day she was out of the ballet boots. Still I left my pair of shoes alone for the time being.

In fact, it was nearly two weeks before I remembered them again. It was a Sunday afternoon. Sunday’s were my day for pampering myself. A long Bath, a manicure and pedicure, new nail varnish, doing the ironing and drinking a nice bottle of wine whilst eating a nice home cooked meal and generally chilling out and preparing for the week ahead.

Anyway, after my bath and doing my nails I remembered the shoes.

“Why not I thought?”

Now normally, I would just wear a nightie and dressing gown on a Sunday evening.

For a change, I dressed up for the evening. I wore a nice low cut black dress that came to just above knee level, stockings and suspender belt (naturally no knickers) and the shoes.

Everything that K had said about the shoes was true. They fitted like a glove.

I even set the table and poured the wine into a proper glass rather than an ordinary tumbler.

As the meal was finishing cooking I suddenly went into the bathroom and put on some makeup. As I was applying the mascara I suddenly realised what I was doing.

“Who are you doing this for Jen?”

I had already completed one eye so I finished the job still smiling at myself for being so vain.

I sat down to my meal and for the first time in months really tasted the food and the wine. I relaxed and felt good.

The next thing I realised was the sounds of Dawn. I looked at the clock. 05:00. I had fallen asleep at the dining table. I should have felt like shit but I didn’t.

I got up, removed my makeup and went to my bedroom to change my clothes. For some inexplicable reason, I left the heels and stockings on. I just changed my dress had a wash and put my makeup on again then, I was ready for work.

I walked down the road towards the bus stop. I had hardly gone 20 yards before I got some really admiring glances. I had not experienced this before and in these ultra PC days was somewhat startling but pleasurable all the same.

The Tube journey into the City was the same. All around me I was getting a lot of attention. It was if I had a sign pinned to my back saying “Please Stare at Me”. I was actually glad to get to the office.

Actually, it was no better in the Office. I got lots of attention from all my male colleagues many of whom I had never spoken to in the 5 years I had been working there. Suddenly, they all made excuses to drop by and see me often over the most trivial and in some cases non-existent reasons but it was nice at first to get some attention. For someone who had been literally part of the woodwork for 5 years the attention was nice but after a while it got very wearing.

I went to the ladies to wash up before getting my usual Tuna and Sweetcorn Salad for lunch. When I walked in two of my female colleagues were there. I was just about of first name terms with them but today they greeted me like a long-lost sister.

“Hi Jen” said one named April.

“Hi April” I said just to be polite.

“Jen, we are going to the Hole in the Wall after work tomorrow. Jill is getting married on Saturday and we want to give her a really good send off. How about it?”

“I’m not sure but in principal I’m in.”

“Ok, we’ll pick you up around six tomorrow?”

They left me totally dumbstruck. Why? Why oh why had they done this. I had to speak to K as soon as possible.

I grabbed my lunch and returned to my desk and phoned K.

The call went straight to her answer phone.

“Hi K. I need some help. Yes, I’m wearing the shoes and I’m totally confused. Help! Please phone me asap”.

I tried to get on with work but it was pretty hopeless.

Around three K called.

“Hi Jen. Welcome to your new world,” she said on my answering the call.


“It took me a while to get used to the shoes. They seem to give you an aurora that makes people notice you. Correct?”
“I got wolf-whistled before I had got to the bus stop this morning.”

“He-He. I bet you got ogled on the Tube?”


“And people who have never even made eye contact suddenly made excused to drop by your desk?”

“Yes, they did. How?”

“Did I know? The same thing is now happening to me on a daily basis. I have grown to enjoy teasing the poor sods that ogle me on the tube. If I don’t get at least one offer of a date every day now, then I’m doing something wrong.”

“I don’t know if I can do this and go through all this each and every day?”

“Don’t worry girl. You will get to feed from it and even enjoy it. Surely it is better than being invisible?”

“I really don’t know K. I just don’t know?”

“Jen. Please give it at least a couple of weeks. There will be some other subtle changes that happen to you in that time. They will I hope give you reason to carry on.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m not saying. But remember my spots? Something like that may well happen to you. I guess that these effects are different as we are all different people. All I can say is that I think that they may surprise and please you.”

“What else has happened to you K?”

“Put it this way, I need to go shopping for a bigger bra. Possibly a ‘D’ cup!”

“Wow K. Are you sure?”


We carried on for a few minutes before I got back to work.

That night I called Sam.

“Hi Sam. Its Jen.”

“Hello Jen. I trust things are going well? Are you wearing the shoes yet?”

“Yes I am and I’m a little concerned…”

“I understand. It is harder for someone like you to get to grips with the attention and the changes wearing the shoes makes to your life.”

“I’m not sure I want to continue.”

“Don’t back out now. Please give it a while. I bet Kylie suggested a few weeks?”

“Yes, she did. How did you know?”

“I guessed,” he replied with a happiness in his voice.

He paused.

“I have to go abroad on a business trip. I won’t be back for a month. How about you keep wearing them until I return? Then we can all meet up and discuss the future. I’ll arrange a picnic out in the country. We can enjoy the Sun and discuss the future. There are a few things the two of you should know. Deal?”

“Ok,” I said without even a second thought.

He hung up.

Shit. I said to myself. I had not even mentioned K’s developments in the bust line. It was as if he was expecting my call.

I was as good as my word. I continued wearing the shoes and was deliberately conservative in my imagination after K’s experiences. Still I thought being hairless down below would be nice. So, it tried it and after two days, I was completely bald in the fanny department.

I got quite expert at getting the shoes to change their style. I didn’t venture into the sort of things that K had experimented with in the early days. It appeared that even she was toning down her imagination yet I was sure that there was something she was keeping from me.

One Friday evening I broached the subject.

“K, what are you keeping from me? What is that imagination of yours getting up to?”

“Is it that obvious?”

“Well, I can tell when you are keeping something from me. If that is what you mean?”

“Well, sort of”
“Well then?”

“Here, feel my waist” she said as she took my hand and put it on her waist or rather where it should have been.


“I have been imagining that I am wearing a strict corset for the past two weeks. My body won’t bend like it used to and it feels totally constricted yet there is nothing there at least physically to see. My waist is now 22 inches. It was 26 inches.”

“How small do you want it to go?”

“At first I was not thinking about a size. I just wanted to see if I could make things smaller as well as larger as I did with my boobs. It works. My boobs are back to their original size.”

She looked stunning all the same, I thought.

“And now?”

“I have decided to try to go down to around 18in and then get a stem waist”.

“And you are not showing it off?”

“I’m not sure how to…”

“I don’t understand?”

“Well, take this dress. It is this seasons style. It is loose so my curves are hidden.”

“So why not say ‘to hell with this seasons style’ and do your own thing?”

“How do you mean?”

“Modify it. Get it taken in at the waist. If it is done properly then it will look great. With your apparently huge boobs you will get really ogled on the Northern Line each day” I said grinning.

“About that. I’m seeing someone from work.”

“K? Don’t you learn from your past mistakes?”

“This one is different. His name is Brian and is one of the dealers.”

“Oh my god K., a dealer? They are complete prats. All that think about apart from their next trade and the gazillion quid bonus they trouser at Christmas is having a quick romp with a woman and then moving on to their next conquest.”

“That’s no like Brian. He is older than most dealers and has his own portfolio of customers. He is an old-style broker. No Red Braces and flashy motors for him. He is actually very conservative in his outlook and really quite shy.”

“I can’t believe what I’m hearing here!”

“It is true. He was one of the few people to say some words of comfort after my last public humiliation with Andrew. He has always treated me with respect and courtesy. Most definitely not like the other, as you say pricks in the department.”

“I’m still suspicious.”

“I am too. He asked me to the Company Summer Ball. I was going anyway so I said yes.
Oh, and it’s tomorrow by the way.”

“You mean you have not been on a date with him yet?”

“Well sort of. I have been to lunch with him every day this week. And, I was out last night as the theatre with him. He is a kind and sensitive person.”


“And nothing. He is being very nice and a perfect gentleman.”

“Excuse me K, where can I find the nearest brick wall to bang your head against. Remember the sequence of events at the start of your relationship with Andrew.”

“Yes, I know only too well. That is why I have something else to tell you about.”

She took my hand and put it down between her legs. I felt metal.

“It’s a chastity belt. I took your advice you gave me after Andrew and got myself one. To tell the truth, I’ve have had it for a while but never had the nerve to wear it. After the debacle with Andrew I swore off sex before marriage. Now that I am sort of in a relationship once more, I have decided to keep myself safe and secure.”

“K” I said smiling.

“K, I think wearing these shoes has finally managed to put some sense into that thick head of yours.”

“You don’t think I am mad?”

“If you have and can more importantly, keep up this new outlook on life then great! I am all for it.”

She held my hand. I knew her sincerity.

“What are you going to wear tomorrow night? It is a Black Tie affair after all?”

“Yes. I wonder if you can come with me tomorrow and help me choose a suitable dress.”

“Ok but you are leaving it a bit late. I take it you want something that shows off the bits you want to show and hides those you don’t” I said looking at her crotch.


“What about the shoes?”

“I’m going with 6in high heeled sandals. I think Brian is a bit of a heel fetishist.”

I just shook my head. It was K who was the shoe fetishist. She’d always been like that for as long as I’d known her and how she’d worn out her first pair of Louboutin’s in a month because she literally never wore anything else.

The next day we met up early at the top of Bond St. By eleven we were at the bottom and no further forward in our search for something for K to wear that evening.

“That red dress was nice,” she exclaimed.

“Perhaps we should go back and try it on again.”

“At £2000.00. You have got to be kidding. Perhaps Brian can afford it but you certainly can’t.”

She nodded.

“I know of a place in Chelsea that might help?” I said remembering a place I had seen from the top deck of a bus last year.

We made our way down the Kings Road. To my amazement, the shop was still there almost exactly as I remembered it.

“I don’t understand Jen. Why have you bought me here?”

“This is a place that sells and more importantly rents out old movie costumes. I hope they have something that can fit the bill.”

“Ok but I’m not really sure?”

I went into the shop almost dragging K with me.
“Yes Ladies. Can I help you?” said the old man from behind the counter.

“Yes. My friend here is going to a summer ball tonight and needs a dress for the occasion. It is a Black Tie event. She wants something that is not too dowdy or too tarty, oh, it needs to have a small waist, a very small waist.”

“I think I understand. Please Ladies. Take a seat. I’ll get a selection from the stockroom.”

We sat down a looked around. The place was more like the front room of a house than a retail shop.

A few minutes passed and I could sense that K was getting ‘stage fright’.

Eventually, he returned with a number of garments over his arm.

“I think this one is perfect for such an event that you are going to this evening” he said holding one out.

“Please feel free to try it on.”

Reluctantly, K got up, took the dress and went behind the screen at the far end of the shop.

“Can I interest you in a dress?” he said to me.

“I’m not going to the Ball.”

“It is a shame. It is not very often that two such beautiful sisters come into my shop,” he said slightly resigned.

K returned with a big smile on her face.

“This is great.”

She was wearing a Black, off the shoulder full-length silk dress. The skirt was full but the waist perfectly tailored to her new shape.

She did a twirl and showed it off.

“You do realise that this dress was once worn by Marilyn,” he said.

“Oh my God. Really?”

“No. I was joking. It is a very good copy of the one she wore to a Hollywood Premier though,” he said smiling.

“You look fantastic K,” I said.

“I have never shown this much cleavage before.”

“Girl, if you have got it, the flaunt it,” I replied.

“How much does it cost?” she asked.

“For you my beautiful customer? Let’s say a round three hundred pounds,” he said smiling.

K looked at me. “Should I buy it?”

I nodded. I was prepared to strangle her there and then if she didn’t.

He looked at her.

“You really need some higher heels otherwise the skirt will drag on the floor. I see you have some 4in ones on. If there was more time I could shorten the dress but there isn’t. Do you have a higher pair of heels and more importantly can you wear them?” he asked.

“I have some 5in heels. Will they do?”

He bent down beside her and made a few measurements.

“You’d need at least 6 inches to be certain. There are plenty of platform soled shoes around at the moment.”

She beamed a beautiful smile back at him.

“The ones I have at home should be fine,” she replied giving me a sly wink.

“Good. We have a deal.”

K went and took the dress off.

While she was changing he asked.
“Can I really not get you anything?”

“Me? No. As I said, I’m not going to the Ball.”

“A bit like Cinderella and the Ugly Sister’s eh?”

I laughed.

“Something tells me that your turn will not be long in coming.”

“Eh? What do you mean?”

“I mean that it will soon be your turn to go to the Ball. It might not be so far off.”

I was almost dumbstruck.

“I don’t understand?”

“There is someone in your life even though you don’t realise it yet. They will surprise you beyond your expectations.”

Before I could question him further, K returned carrying the dress. She looked as pleased as punch.

The shop owner wrapped the dress. K paid him and we left the shop.

On the bus back to Sloan Square K asked,
“What were you two chattering on about?”

“Back in the shop? Nothing really.”

“It didn’t sound like that.”

“He is an old man dreaming of his youth,” I remarked.

“And talking gibberish eh?”


We giggled like two young girls.

While we were on the bus she started to ‘dream’ her shoes for the evening.

Later that afternoon, K came around to my place and I did her hair and makeup. As she was wearing the Marilyn replica dress then it made sense to have some ‘big’ hair. Her long hair was fine but it needed volume and lots of it.

After a few hours of primping, she was ready for action. I called a Mini-cab and it whisked her off down to the Ball venue.

I felt a bit sad as I closed the door to yet another Saturday night at home alone.

K had not called by early on the Sunday Evening. I was starting to get worried. I called her but got her answer phone throughout the evening.

I went to bed but dared not go to sleep as I was imagining all sorts of horrible things happening and naturally I didn’t want them to actually happen. This feature was one of the downsides of the power that these shoes had over my life.

Despite all my efforts, I must have dozed off.
Sometime later I was woken up by the phone ringing.
Through bleary eyes I saw it was K’s number.

“Hello. How are you and where are you? I was so worried about you?”

“Don’t worry Jen. I’m ok. I had a great time at the Ball. The dress was brilliant and I had to fight off so many men who wanted to dance with me. I also had to fight of several wives.”

She laughed.

“Two of them actually called me a Harlot and a Jezebel. Can you believe it?”

“Where have you been all day”. I looked at the clock


“All day yesterday and half the night?”

“We went to the coast to watch the sun rise.”

There was a pause.

“Aren’t you going to ask me where?”

“Ok Where?”

“The coast of Sweden just south of Stockholm. He has a home there. His mother is Swedish. I found out the Brian is Bjorn in Swedish. Bjorn sounds better than Brian.”

“So, you have been presented to the future in-laws. When is the wedding and am I invited,” I said slightly sarcastically.

“Don’t worry, it’s not like that.”

“Yeah and I see a squadron of Flying Pigs circling above Ally Pally as we speak.”

“Brian is a perfect Gentleman. No, he didn’t try anything more than some really heavy kissing and stuff. We flew over in his very own Aircraft. We sat on the beach and watched the sun rising. It was a perfect end to a perfect evening.”
“And then?”

“And then we went bareback horse riding, had lunch and the I crashed out.”

“You didn’t go riding in that dress?”

“No. I borrowed some clothes.”

“So, you crashed out. Then what?”

“He let me sleep until about 5. Then I showered and got dolled up again and we went to the Opera.”

“In Stockholm?”

“No Silly. We flew down to Berlin. It was something by Wagner. Lots of huge women wearing Viking helmets and leather and not much else.”

She giggled.

“I couldn’t understand a word but it was a great experience.”


“We had dinner and he flew us home. I’m exhausted but I had a fantastic time.”

“And he will be proposing to you next week eh?”

“No. We had fun and enjoyed ourselves. He has a few failed relationships in his past like me and we both decided that we wanted to enjoy ourselves without any strings”.

“The Pigs are still flying!”

“Jen. Sometimes, you are an old maid but I love you for it. I’m bushed. I’m off to bed. I’ll call you tomorrow night”

I lay for a while before sleep came again. I was relieved at K being safe but I had some doubts about the fun thing.

The following night K called as promised.

“Hi Jen.”

“Hi K. Well? Have you returned to planet earth yet?”

“Sort of.”
“No Sort of. Yes, or No?”

“No. Not really”

“Spill the beans.”

“Bjorn has invited me down to the country at the weekend. There is someone he wants me to meet.”

“Oh Dear. I think I hear the Church Bells Tolling in the distance.”

“No Jen. It’s not like that. He wants me to meet a close friend. He won’t say any more. It is all very mysterious.”

“Is the close friend Female by any chance?”

“Yes. That much he would give away.”

“Oh Dear. It’s his Wife and you are the little mistress in London.”

“Hold on Jen. He is not married. Everyone knows he is single. The office gossip is that as soon as the market closes on Friday he disappears off to the Country and comes up first thing on Monday.”

“If this is the case then there is a mystery brewing.”

“Enough about me. How was your weekend?”

“I have been doing some thinking.”

“Am I going to like this?”

“Ha Ha. Yes. I think you will.”

“Well girl. Get on with it.”

“I’m going to try to really make myself attractive and…”

“And? And What?”

“Get Laid. Get Married. Have Fun. I have had enough of being plain Jen. These shoes have given me a real chance to improve on what God didn’t give me naturally.”

“You don’t need that Jen. You are a wonderful person.”

“A wonderful person who is all but invisible unless I’m wearing those shoes.”
“With them you get noticed,” said K finishing my sentence.

“Ogled more like. I’m not like that and you know it. I just need to make a few changes that’s all.”

“Like What?”

“Like throwing out every bit of clothing I have and starting again. I mean it. I need to become a bit more like you when it comes to dressing.”

“Jen. I’m sorry but you can’t buy that. You either have it or you don’t. I’m afraid you don’t have it.”

“I know. That’s why I need your help. Let me spend some of the money I have saved on a complete new wardrobe with your expert guidance and let me see if I can attract the right sort of guy into my life.”

“Sounds ok but it is a bit more difficult to put into practice. You need a lot of help.”

“I have you and these magical shoes. That is a good start.”

“Ok but I fear you are heading for a big disappointment.”

“As long as you tell me if I become mutton dressed as lamb them I’m ok with it.”

“Deal but I’ll have to put off my trip to the country at the weekend. I’m sure that Bjorn will understand.”

We chatted a bit more and arranged to not quite blow my credit limits at the weekend. All I had to do in the meantime was throw away, or donate to charity virtually everything I owned in the clothing line.

On the Wednesday evening, I was busy bagging up more stuff to take to one of the plethora of charity shops that seem to dominate many a High St these days, when my phone rang.

As I answered I saw the callers number. It was Sam. I had sort of forgotten about him.

“Hi Sam.”

“’llo Jen. How’s Tricks?”

“Fine. I had forgotten when you were returning from your trip. How long were you away?”

“Almost 5 weeks. A bit longer than intended but worthwhile. How are the shoes? Have you wished for anything dangerous yet?”
“No. I’m not that sort of person really.”

He sighed audibly.

“Why the sigh?”

“I would like to come and rescue my favourite lady friend. That’s all.”

I laughed.
“Pull the other one Sam,” I replied in jest.

“I mean it Jen,” he replied in a slightly seductive tone.

“I can’t imagine you appearing over the horizon on a White Charger.”

“Nor can I really.”

There was a long pause. I could sense he wanted to say something.

“Jen. Are you doing anything at the weekend?”

“Kylie and I were going to go shopping. I’m getting a complete set of new clothes to go with my nice shoes. We got most of it last weekend but… well, a properly dressed woman can’t have too many clothes, now can she? Why do you ask?”

“I would like to invite you to my place in the country at the weekend.”

I thought to myself that this sounded familiar.

“No doubt to meet a close friend?”

“No. For you spend some time with me. I’m asking you on a date. You, Me and the open countryside.”

“Ok. What should I wear?”

“Anything you like as long as it includes a certain pair of high heels.”


I called K straight away.

“Hi K.”

“Hi Jen. How is the clearing out going?”

“Not too bad. However, I’m going to have to can this weekend. Sam has asked me down to the country on a date. Is it too late for you to reorganise you trip?”

“Probably not too late, and I suspect that Bjorn will be very happy.”

Sam phoned me on Thursday with directions.

“Take the train from Paddington to Pewsey. I suggest you take the 17:36 departure. Travel First Class. I’ll arrange for a ticket to be picked up at Paddington Station. When you get off the train, cross over the railway line and walk down the road towards the canal. You will see a narrow boat moored nearby. It is called ‘Great Expectations’. I’ll be waiting for you.”

“That sounds awfully quaint. I’ve never been on a narrow boat before.”

“I think we will have some fun.”

“I’ll look forward to it.”

Friday came and the hours I spent at work passed by very slowly. I left the office carrying an overnight case with a few things to change into. A pair of jeans, a summer dress, a pair of flats just in case and some makeup and the all-important heels on my feet.

I picked up the ticket at the station and boarded the train. I was lucky to get a seat as it was full to bursting. There was even standing in First Class as far as Newbury.

I watched the Berkshire countryside passing by with some eager anticipation yet indecision about the probable inevitable event that would happen this weekend. Would I succumb and get so carried away that I would lose my virginity at the age of 29?

I was woken out of my deep-deep thoughts by the sound of the Guard announcing
“Pewsey Next Stop. The train terminates here. Pewsey next stop”.

The few remaining passengers were gathering their belongings. I did the same and waited patiently as the train slowed down and came to a stop at this very rural station.

I left the train and walked down the road. Once all the cars carrying the passengers had left the place was awash with the sound of birds singing. The Skylarks were chattering in the late May sky. A gentle breeze brought the scent of a multitude of flowers to me.

Ahead of me I could see the canal bridge. I slight flutter hit my stomach.

I walked over the bridge and peered down at the clear waters of the canal. No boats were moving. There were a few moored up for the night. I could see the names clearly “Flora B”, “White Daisy” and finally “Great Expectations”.

I left the bridge and walked along the towpath towards my destination. There was no one around on Deck. I stopped at the gangplank.

“Hello. Is anyone there?” I called.

“Hi Jen. Come aboard. Come down into the cabin,” came a fairly familiar voice. I detected a slight change from before but thought nothing more of it.

I walked up the wooden plank and into the cockpit of the boat. The brightly coloured door to the cabin was open. I ducked my head and entered the relative darkness of the cabin.

“Sam?” I said as my eyes struggled to adjust to the gloom.

I then made out a person sitting in an easy chair. It was a woman. She looked very familiar.

“Come on in Jen and please sit down”.

The voice was coming from the Woman.

“Sam is that you?”

“Yes, it is me.”

I sat down totally confused.

“I guess I owe you an explanation?”

“I think I could hardly be more confused.”

But why are you dressed as a woman?”

Then it hit me like a custard pie in the face.

“Why do you look like me? You could be my sister?”

She/he smiled.

“I’m not only dressed as a woman. I have a curvy figure and boobs just like you. Apart from a couple of things I am to all intents and purposes a woman like you. In fact, I am like you. I’m also like you and Jen. We are all related. Sisters in fact.”

“Now I know that you are kidding me.”

She smiled.

“Tell me, what did your father do for a living?”

“What has that got to do with it?”

“Everything. So?”
“He was a railwayman. He drove trains.”

“Do you know what Jen’s father did?”

“No why?”

I replied with a horrible knot in my stomach.

“If you would ask her, she’d tell you exactly the same.”

“What do you mean?”

“He was also a train driver. He went from London to Birmingham, Liverpool and sometimes to Glasgow.”

The penny dropped.

“Are you saying that she’s my half-sister? Jen is my half-sister???”

She shook her head.

“Sort of yes but mainly no. Your Mothers are identical Twins. With the same Father, you have the same DNA. Your chromosome mix is different but your DNA? They are identical. That makes her your full sister. She is also my full sister just as you are.”

“Now you are kidding. You just said twins.”

“Sorry. I should have said triplets. We all have the same father.”

“How? Why?”

She looked up at the sky.

“It is a long and very complicated story. It is safe to say that our mothers decided to move apart when they found out about the grand plan. It is our turn now.”

“What Grand Plan? You seem to know it all already?”

“My mother changed her mind later on but she couldn’t get her sisters to agree with it.”

I was still dumbfounded.

“Perhaps we should wait for Jen to arrive?”

“Jen? I thought she was going off somewhere romantic with Bjorn for the weekend?”

She smiled.
“She is coming here. Only she does not know it yet.”

I made a move to get my phone out of my purse.

“Please don’t do that.”

I looked at the display. It suddenly went dead.

“What have you done?” I said frantically pressing the buttons.

“I’ve temporarily disabled the phone. It will start working again once Jen gets here in about half an hour. She’s on the next train from Paddington with Bjorn.”

I sat back and tried to think. Thoughts were whizzing around in my brain at a million miles an hour.

She saw this.

“Look. Let me explain a few things. Sam is short for Samatha. My mother was into Indian philosophy, Hinduism and Buddhism. She named me after a Hindu Goddess.”

“But you were a man?”

“Yes. I can change sex almost at will. As can you and Jen if you put your mind to it now that you have experienced the magic of the shoes.”

“Now you are kidding me?

Samatha shook her head. The more I looked at her the more it was like looking into a mirror. I had this crazy thought that there might be a grain of truth in this story as far- fetched as it might seem to be at the moment.

Samatha smiled.

“I think you are beginning to see a resemblance in us?”

“Yes, but how?”

“I or rather we need at least 24 hours to fully change sex. I’m almost done now.”

“But… Oh shit, I don’t know what to say?” I said desperately searching for the right words. Then I found some.

“Bjorn, how does he fit in with all this? I’m sure that K is in love with him”
Samatha smiled.

“She is in love with him and that is all part of the plan. He is to be the father of our children.”

“Our children?”

Samatha smiled.

“Ok, it is all part of the grand plan. Whose grand plan?”

“Who do you think?” replied Samatha looking upwards.

“Now you are kidding me.”

“No Jen, I’m being perfectly serious. Men, to put it bluntly have fucked up this planet. All these wars, genocide, global warming and everything is down to the vanity and stupidity of men. For the last few centuries, people like us have been slowly spreading. Each of us will give birth to triplets who will in turn have triplets. In a few centuries, men will become irrelevant. Society will be all female except for one third who will have the ability to change into fully fertile men just for procreation. This already happens with some animal life. Some species of Sea Horses, Slugs and even some Fish are already like this.”

“What if we don’t want to do this? Just like our Mothers didn’t?”

Samatha smiled.

“Oh, that will just be a minor setback but nothing that will alter the final outcome. There are people like us all over the world. I have to admit that a few very male dominated places are proving a little difficult. Many Islamic countries are a problem. In some, women are regarded as little more than personal slaves who must produce as many children as possible. But in time, they will come around and women will dominate the world. Sadly, a lot of us will die before then. Men like to think that they are the superior beings. They aren’t but a lot of the time we make them think like that. The higher they are, the harder they fall and all that.“

A lot of what he’d just said for some reason reminded me of ‘The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy’ and the bits about the Mice running the world.

Sam/Samatha brought me back to reality.

“But we are getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s wait for Kylie and Bjorn to arrive.”

I sat down and tried to think. Part of me was sad and depressed at not being able to spend the weekend with Sam. A lot of things seemed to fall into place as strange as it might seem.

All too soon, I heard the sound of Kylie’s voice coming along the tow-path.

“Here it is. Isn’t this quaint” she said.

“Please come aboard,” said a male voice.

The sound of her heels on deck made my heart beat faster.

“Jen? What are you doing here?”
Then she saw Samatha.

“Who the devil are you?”

Then it registered.

“Whoa! This is crazy. You look just like me? Like us?”

“Shut the hell up K,” I said.

“Don’t tell me to shut up. What’s going on?”

“If you’d shut up, then I’ll tell you.”

She glared at me but didn’t say anything.

I smiled at her and said.

“Why don’t you take a seat? You would be better off hearing this sitting down”
She sat down but continued to glare at Samatha.

“This is Samatha. She is OUR Sister”

“Sister? What the hell are you talking about?”

“Your father worked on the railways. He was a driver. Correct?”

“Yeah. You know all that.”

“I never told you that my father was a train driver as well. Birmingham, Liverpool and in London. He had three families. We are his children.”

“So, we are half-sisters then?”

“Nearly. Our mothers were identical triplets. You know what that means. They all have the same DNA. This means that we all have the same DNA. We are Sisters.”

Kylie was speechless for some considerable time.

“Where’s Sam?” she said finally.

“I’m here” said Samatha.

“Now you are really kidding me”

“No K. She’s not. We all have this gift. My guess that wearing these shoes was some sort of trigger and it enabled it in us. We could change Sex if we wanted to badly enough. Samatha was just finishing changing from Sam when I arrived. Frankly, I don’t believe it but from what we have both seen with these shoes, I wouldn’t discount it.”

K had started to regain her composure now.

“So why are we here? Why didn’t our mothers tell us about all this?”

Samatha piped in.

“Because Kylie, both of your mothers didn’t like the plan. The grand plan to save the world from the ruination of men. As a consequence, they opted out. My Mother did the same at first. Then she went to India and met some other people like us. She changed her mind and told me all about it. Now it’s your turn to be told.”

K cried out.

“Stop. What are you trying to tell me?”

Samatha said calmly.

“We three are part of God’s plan to save the world from being destroyed by men.”
K almost fell off her chair.

“That’s a good one. Now I’ve heard everything.”

“I’m not trying to pull a fast one. As I was saying to our sister before you arrived, men have messed up this planet for far too long. So, the big man devised this plan where gradually and slowly the influence of men will be reduced. Over time, and I’m talking really long term here, 500 years or even a whole millennium. All over the world there are groups like us. Three sisters. The plan is that we each have three children by the same father. Eight girls and one boy. Gradually and over the centuries, men will become the minority and women will rule the world hopefully saving it from total annihilation. Brian or rather Bjorn is our allotted partner,” she added hopefully to lend some credence to the whole thing.

“So, none of this is an accident? Right from that night when I broke my heel?” asked K.

“No. I’m afraid not,” said Samatha.

“What about you Jen? What is your take on this?”

“I was puzzled. Then things started to fall into place. Look at us? How many people have said that looked alike ever since we met how long ago? Three years? Then we were two. Now we are three. I’m actually cool with everything.”

K glared at me.
“Cool. Is that all you have to say?”

“Yes, yes that is all. Now I have two sisters when yesterday, I had none. You know I’ve always wanted children. Three kids sort of sounds rather nice. If this Bjorn character is as nice as you say, then I’m sure he’ll be a nice father to all our kids.”

The three of us giggled.

Bjorn had by now gotten rather fed up just pacing around on deck. He stuck his head down into the cabin.

“I don’t know about you girls, but I’m going down the pub to get some food. You are all welcome to join me if you want?” he said in an accent that made it impossible to refuse.

K too some convincing about the sister thing but her mother’s harsh reaction when confronted with the news told her that what Bjorn was saying was true. My mother was more stoic with her comments but in the end, she confirmed to me that K, Samatha and I had the same father.

The rest of the weekend was spent getting to really know each other with more than a little help from Bjorn. A huge mattress on the floor of the longboat was just about perfect for a ‘foursome’. Bjorn was a real super star, a real ‘Super Trooper’ in fact.

I was the first to move into Bjorn’s home in Hampstead Village. Samatha and K soon followed. K and Bjorn were soon married but we all shared one huge bed almost every night.

Nine and a half Months after their marriage, K gave birth to triplets, all girls. As always, she just had to be first. No change there then. I followed a day later with Samatha three days after that. We all gave birth in different hospitals to avoid suspicion. Nine babies were a good handful but we only had to think ‘be quiet’ to a crying baby and they soon shut up. Life was good with my sisters and our family.

Oh, and we wore those shoes every day. No use in tempting fate now is there?
The grand plan for us rather special women to save the world was just too important to risk.

The end.

[1] Named after John Logie-Baird who (IMHO) invented the TV despite what some other people might claim. Ally Pally (Alexandra Palace) just a few miles away was where the world’s first TV station broadcast (from the BBC) from before WWII. The Logie-Baird system was not the one adopted in the end but several of his other ideas were used in early colour TV systems.

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