I am me and you are you

You and me are very different.
We always have been and always will.
Your words, fists and feet will never make me you
Just face it, I’m not like you

You call me queer,
You call me a paedo,
You smash your fists into my face
Yet I’m still not like you so what’s the point eh?

Yes, I like to dress as a woman,
What’s so wrong in that? Will it condemn me to spend eternity in hell?
Just because you don’t do not make me bad.
Despite all your bullying, I’m still here.

One day I will begin to live as a woman
I’ll hide amongst all the other women
But knowing you are still out there
Won’t make me safe

You have your life and I have mine.
You have your family and I have mine
Do they understand why you hate me so much
So why don't you face up to the fact
I am me and you are you but you will always be my brother.

It has been a long time since I wrote anything like this but my comment to Efindumb's 'wierd-person' got me thinking

I don't have a brother by the wy.

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