She's Leaving Home

She's Leaving Home

Wednesday morning at five o'clock as the day begins
Silently closing her bedroom door
Leaving the note that she hoped would say more
She goes downstairs to the kitchen clutching her handkerchief
Quietly turning the backdoor key
Stepping outside she is free

The air is cool. There are muted traffic sounds coming from the main road half a mile away. A few Blackbirds are signing.

Rita takes a deep breath and with a small suitcase in her hand she walked to the gate that blocked her path. She paused for a moment before opening the gate and leaving the place that had been her home for the past twenty-two and a bit years.

It didn’t take long for Rita to get to the Bus Stop. A No 85A bus was coming towards her along Penny Lane. She breathed another sigh of relief. Her escape from the city was going to plan.

“Lime Street please,” she said to the driver.

“One Pound Thirty love.”

She handed over the money with shaking hands.

Ten minutes later, the driver called out,

“End of the line love. This as close to Lime Street Station as we go.”

She had been daydreaming but his voice shocked her into action. She picked up her small case and stepped off the bus. She saw the sign directing her to the station. Even at this early hour, there were people scurrying about all seemingly intent on getting somewhere important and in such a hurry.

Friday morning at nine o'clock she is far away
Waiting to keep the appointment she made
Meeting a man from the motor trade

The train pulls into Haymarket right on time. He was waiting for her, standing by a van with the name ‘Kites’ Motors’ painted on the side. He smiled as she approached him.

“Thank you for coming,” he said.

“I had to leave. It wasn’t right to stay. They gave everything for me but I couldn’t be myself.”

After a brief pause she added,

“Mum found my stash of makeup again the other day. She went ballistic. All she could say was ‘Tell me Why?’ All I could say was ‘let it be’ mum. I’m a Girl and I’m going to live with Michelle, ‘and I love her’. I crept out of home early, got my ticket to ride and here I am.”

“Well, girl, you have come to the right place. Hop in and I’ll take you to see her.”

They both got into the car and he drove away from the station.

“Where are we going?” she asked when she saw a road sign saying ‘Glasgow’.

“Queensferry. Right by the bridge,” answered the man.

“Your parents were on the phone earlier. Your mother was crying,” said the man as they passed the Airport.

“I had to leave, they were suffocating me. I was not allowed to have any fun. I had to be in by ten. I’m twenty-two years old but they think I’m still a ten-year old boy. I left them a note explaining everything but…”

“That’s the right of parents. They want to keep their children safe.”

Rita didn’t answer.

“Well, here we are,” said the man as he pulled up at a house in Queensferry. The Rail bridge seemed to tower over them. He led the way into the house.

“Rita! At last”, said the woman who was waiting for her.

“Hello Michelle,” replied Rita.

The two embraced.

“Michelle, my belle,” whispered Rita in Michelle’s ear.

When they broke apart, Michelle said,

“For so long, you denied who you really are. Now you can be yourself,” said Michelle in a calm and loving voice.

“It feels so wrong. Leaving like that.”

“What is so wrong to leave a place where you were so unhappy and actually have some fun and love in your life?”
“I hope so because, fun is the one thing that money can't buy,” said Rita looking sad.

“And it can’t buy me love,” said Michelle.

“But I do want to hold your hand,” she added smiling.

Together they walked off towards that iconic bridge to begin the long and winding road of life together. Later that day, they went over the sea to to the Mull of Kintyre to live their life as they wanted to live it, together.

[authors note]

This is my brief if somewhat cheesy homage to the Beatles on the anniversary of the release of Sgt Pepper.

In the next studio at Abbey Road to where Sgt Pepper was being recorded were Pink Floyd who were recording 'Piper at the Gates of Dawn'. As one era (The Beatles) was drawing to a close another was beginning (Prog Rock etc).

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