It is never too late!

[An old story penned around 2004 but if you read my comment at the end, it is strangely relevant: Samantha]

The day I had been fearing for some time finally came. Rumours were flying everywhere and finally, just before knocking off time we got word to assemble in the works canteen for an important announcement.

There was an expectant hubbub of noise even though we all know what was going to happen.

The works director came in and turned to face us.

“Ladies and Gentlemen. It gives me no pleasure to have to tell you this but effective today, this factory will close its gates forever”

There was a stunned silence. We knew it was going to be bad but not that bad.

“The company has been bought out by its closest rival, Richmal Systems. All production will be transferred to their plant in Bangalore. We just can’t compete on price these days. So we will all be redundant from close of business today. This goes for myself as well. I was offered a position in India but I refused due to family commitments so, I will be joining you all on Monday at the Jobcentre”

People were looking anxiously at each other.

“Now, I have negociated a very good redundancy package as all that Richmal wanted was our name. I have already informed the unions that you will all get 1 month’s salary for each complete year you have worked here. There will also be 3 months money on top in lieu of notice. They have accepted these terms as being pretty generous in this day and age and have reluctantly agreed not to disrupt the process. Some of you will be getting a nice lot of money but I know that is no satisfaction for the loss of your jobs”

“The Local Jobcentre will be setting up a temporary service in the Social Club from Monday afternoon. I hope you will all take advantage of this service”

He paused again
“Are there any questions?”

A general murmur went round the room.
One hand went up.
“Whats going to happen to all the plant & equipment?”
“Most of it will get sent to India. However, if there is anyone here who wants to buy any tools or stock then please put in a bid before the end of next week”

Another hand went up.
“What is to become of this site?”
“Richmal are in the process of selling it to a leading Supermarket”
A groan went up. As if we needed another “SuperStore” in this flea pit of a town.

A few more questions were asked before the meeting broke up.

I headed back to my bench and gathered all my tools together. Needless to say, a few company tools slipped into my box for the last time but I didn’t care. I did give one furtive glance and saw others pocketing a few tools themselves. It was a small victory for each of us that didn’t matter in the long run but I guess we all felt a little better for it.

I looked round the tool room for the last time. I had started here aged 15 as an apprentice almost 40 years ago. It had come to this. Was it worth it? I didn’t know. All I did know was that the future looked bleak.

I left behind the building where I had spent the best part of my life for the last time. It was only later I realised that I had not even looked back at the old place.

{Three Months Later}

I was looking for jobs but who wants to take on a 55 year old machine fitter today? No one!
I had looked into retraining but there were literally 10 people for each course. They gave priority to the younger applicants so I was pretty well near the bottom of the pile.
Things had not been going well at home either.
Perhaps by choice, I had taken over all the household duties. Debbi, my wife was working and to my intense relief, she earned a good salary. After the kids had left home, she took an Open University Degree and had now qualified as a Solicitor. We were actually quite well off when compared to others. The “For Sale” boards had started going up in earnest as the lack of an income began to bite for many younger former colleagues. Those with children were going to be very hard hit in the month to come. Shops had started closing and the  £1.00 for everything super discount chains had moved in. The sale of the old site never materialised and the car park soon got take over by a few families of so called travellers. The place was going downhill fast. It all helped to add to the waves of depression rolling over me.

Most days, I went to the Job Centre or Job Club and sent off job application almost by the dozen. In the afternoon, I frequented the local Golf Club. There were a lot of players in similar situations to myself, Redundant and Over 50!. My handicap had gone done to a fairly decent 8 but refused to go any lower. I was however becoming very bored with Golf. I played golf so I didn’t have to watch daytime TV Ugh!.

In the weeks after I had been made redundant I completed some long term projects that I had pottered around with for years. In the garage was a pair of immaculately restored motorcycles. A 1955 Tiger Cub for me to ride and a 1958 Triumph Tina Scooter in a Lady Penelope ‘Pink’ for Debbi. I had considered restoring bikes for a living but I was so fastidious I knew that I would never make any money out of it so it was tossed on the scrapheap like me. All those “Jobs you were putting for until another day” had long been done, dusted and forgotten. I was, to put it bluntly, DOWN in the DUMPS.

Things came to a head one Sunday evening.

Debbi was relaxing in her bath while made our evening meal. She took a book and a large glass of wine and spent at least an hour luxuriating in a warm (not too hot) bath.

I was serving up the meal when she came down all clean and sweet smelling as usual. I started dishing up the meal after pouring her another glass of wine. We ate the meal in virtual silence. I was fast becoming a “Grumpy Old Man” in my one word responses to her. Deep down I knew it could not last. Thing had to change but for the life of me, I couldn’t see how.

I washed up while she watched some dross on TV. She went to bed while I read a book. I was getting through 4 or 5 books a week from the local library. It became a meeting place for the unemployable.

I went to bed and kissed her goodnight. I lay awake my mind a blank but sleep wouldn’t come for many hours.

One day I was sitting reading a book when Debbi came home from work.

“Whats up David? Why didn’t you cook anything tonight?”
“Whats up my Dearest Debbi is that it is my birthday. I thought we might go out to a pub for a meal. That’s what’s up!”
A look of horror went across her face.
“Yes I’m 54 today. Not one card or phone call from the kids and what looks like the same from my wife!”
I stood up, grabbed my Wallet and headed for the door.
“Where are you going?” she demanded.
“I’m going to get pissed down the Crown”
“Wait I’ll come too and it will be my treat” she cried.
“Not like that you’re not!” I was pretty pissed off and angry by now.
“Like what!” she exclaimed.
“Those clothes you wear to the office. They make you look like 70. There is no shape and they are really badly made. If you could look at yourself from where I’m standing”
She was wearing her normal office garb. A white blouse with a long (mid calf) grey/black skirt, tan tights and black shoes with no heels. Her hair was pinned up into a School Teacher bun. She wore no makeup, lipstick or nail varnish. In other words, she was DRAB!
“How dare you!”
“I’m fed up, pissed off that you forgot my birthday and I’m going to get totally rat-arsed. If you want to come then go and change into something, anything but the sort of clothes you have been wearing for the past few years. They put years on you”
With that, I opened the door and stepped out leaving her totally aghast.

True to my promise, I got well oiled that night. Debbi didn’t turn up which in retrospect, was a blessing. I rolled home around two in the morning and slept in the spare room.

Debbi was gone well before I came too the next day. I felt some remorse for treating her but not enough to completely forging her for forgetting my Birthday like that. I logged onto the computer and send a terse email to the kids asking them what day it was yesterday? That made the hangover a little bit less!

The night, things were as far as I was concerned going back to normal. I had been out and purchased a large bunch of flowers to say sorry and cooked a nice meal of seafood lasagne which was one of her favourites. It did occur to me at one point, quite why I was apologising to her when she should be doing it to me. I suppose it could be because when she puts her mind to it, she could be very stubbourn.

I head the front door close and the sound of Debbi going upstairs. Oh well I thought. She is still mad a me. I turned off the oven and sat down reading the jobs section of the local paper for the umpteenth time and waited for her to come downstairs.

Some time must have gone by as the outside light was fading fast when she made her entrance. I was amazed at her. I had expected her to be wearing her usual attire.

She was most certainly not!

“Sit” she commanded.
My mouth was touching the floor and totally aghast, I sat down.
She came over to me as I gawped at her clothes. She was wearing the outfit that had been worn almost a year earlier at a Tarts & Vicars Charity bash we went to. She wore the heavy makeup, stockings, high heels, red corset and a long red feather boa with aplomb. Wow. That was all I could think. She looked gorgeous.

She sat on my knee and wrapped her black silk covered arms around me.
“David, we need to talk”.
Carry on please I wished to myself.

“You are getting into a rut. Lets face it, you are not likely to get yourself a job in the near future are you?”
“No. No I’m probably now” I said wondering where this was going.
“You need something to get your teeth into”
“eh? Then I nodded a yes”
“Something that will give you a desire for life again. Frankly, at the moment, you are no fun. If you carry on like this for much longer, you will soon be on the happy pills and our marriage will be in danger”
I wondered where this was going.
“I have started to see some people from the works coming in for advice on getting divorced. I don’t want that to happen to us. In fact, I won’t let that happen to us!” she continued.
“Yes but”
She put her silken fingers over my mouth.
“Shhh. Let me finish. This has taken me a lot of courage so do this”
I nodded gently.
“We have been married for almost 35 years now. We have both changed since we got hitched. We have brought up four nice children and the house is paid for but the purpose has gone from out life. You getting made redundant has made this clear to me”
She took a swig from her wine glass.
“I love you more now than when we got married. But that love is different. Then it was lust for each other. Now we are more like best friends than lovers. We are both to blame for this. We have let ourselves drift since the kids left home”
She took a very deep breath.
“You gave up lots to help me through the OU and get the job that I have today. Now it is my turn to help you”
“What you said about the clothes I wear to the office really hurt me but it was also very true. I looked like a sack of spuds. I didn’t care about myself. That was getting me down without me realising it and was not helping with your demeanour one iota” she continued.
“I’m sorry for forgetting your birthday. Please let me make amends for it now?”
She stood up and took my hand and led me upstairs.

Still dumbfounded, she undressed me and gave me a fantastic blow job. I say fantastic, as this was something she had never done before even though I had tried many times to get her to do it to me. I realised that our sex life before tonight was pretty boring.

Today, things were different. She turned me on. I responded and made love to her. In return for my blow job, I licked her until she came. Several times.
We held each other tightly and I cried like a baby.

It was several hours later that I was able to attempt some form of conversation.

We lay there on out bed and I asked.
“Debbi, what do you want from me?”
“I want the man I married back again”
I laughed and patted her stomach.
“And I want the woman I married back again but time had taken its toll on us both”
“Well you are the same size as our wedding day. Producing Four children has taken a bit of a toll on me agreed” she replied cheerily.
Before I could continue she carried on herself.
“I want someone who will be my friend and lover and share my life. Over the past years we have grown apart. This is pretty natural for people our age. Some call it a mid life crisis but it’s not really. Its just natural aging and change in people”
“I take it you like how I am dressed?”
“Yes I do” I replied.
“Remember when we went to the Tarts & Vicars party. It was you who wore this and everyone said you were great and a natural”
“That was the copious amounts of booze that everyone had consumed” I objected.
“No it wasn’t. When I did your makeup, I couldn’t tell if you were a man or woman”.
“Remember how you spent a whole week learning to walk in 4 inch heels until you were perfect and could stand in them all day?”
“Yes but”
“No buts please. You had a project and you went out of your way to make sure you were perfect”
“I didn’t want to let you down and be a laughing stock”
“I know that but”
She put her fingers over my lips.
“Shh darling. What I’m saying is that I want you to become my female friend and learn to live life again. After all, life as a man is pretty awful at the moment. Why not try something different?”
She continued.
“Take some time to think about what I am offering. And, before you get worried, I don’t want you to even think that I want you to get rid of you dick. I want that to be fully functioning for as long as possible and into our dotage”
With that she kissed me deeply and I tasted the remnants of my cum on her lips.

We didn’t formally go to bed that night and we never ate the meal I had cooked. We didn’t get much sleep that night either.
Debbi looked like shit the next morning. Some makeup help disguise the rings around her eyes as she dressed as normal for work.

After all I had said about her work clothes, she wore them again today.
“I know I look like shit in more ways than one especially after last night.
I took hold of her and embraced her. She might have looked like shit but she was my shit and she smelt nice so it was not all bad.

I kissed her and wisher to have a good day in the office. This was something I had never done before.

She turned on her flat heeled shoes and left me in bed to think about life, the universe and living as a woman for which I really wanted the answer to be 42.

Chapter 2 In the beginning there was a Bra

It was well after seven when Debbi came home that evening. I had prepared something for us to eat as usual and fully expected that we would spend the evening together talking about the future not that the ice so to speak had been broken.

Well, I was wrong about some things. We did spend the evening together but not talking.

I could tell that my so called plans for the evening were irrelevant the moment she walked in the door.

“Is this shit?” she said in a slightly strange voice.
She did a twirl to show me the new Debbi.
She was a natural mousey brown. Now it was jet black and cascaded over her shoulders like a black sea of oil.
Her natural “No makeup” look was gone and sultry greys and blacks around her eyes complimented the brilliant red lipstick and matching nail polish she was wearing.
She still wore a white blouse but this one was different. It buttoned high up the throat and was translucent enough to show the underwear she was wearing beneath it. This was a black corset that left her nipples (now erect) pushing through the flimsy material of the blouse.
In place of the shapeless mid calf length skirt she left home in that morning was a red leather skirt that ended just above the knee. On her legs were barley black seamed fully fashioned stockings and shoes with at least 5 in heels. Around one ankle clearly showing through the sticking mesh was a tattoo of interlocking leaves.

Jut as the previous night, my jaw was wiping the floor. This time though I had enough gumption to take her and give her a long kiss. I gave her some tongue and then found something strange. It took a few moments and then broke off the kiss.
She was smiling at me.
I gently opened her mouth and there was a slightly swollen tongue. The swelling was due to two small barbells that were located in piercings in her tongue.

“I never knew you had this in you Debbi” I stuttered.
“I didn’t either until today” she replied.
I kissed her again. This time without the tongue. The swelling between my legs showed how much I appreciated the new Debbi.

We eventually sat down and over dinner talked things through.
She had gone shopping at lunchtime and them to the tattoo parlour after work. Finally, she had gone to the beauty salon for “The Works” as she put it.

“The next time darling, we will be going together ok”
This brought me down to reality with not a crash but a bang. With seeing the new Debbi and all I had completely forgotten about the other little matter in hand.
She read my mind and took my hands in hers.
“Don’t worry darling, we will do this together and slowly. I won’t force things. I want to enjoy this as much a I know you will but I am honest to know that at first things will be hard”
I felt relieved at her understanding. However I still had not agreed to taking this path.

“I have not agreed to do this yet” I stated simply.
“I know darling but I wanted you to know what is possible” she replied.
“Actually, your comments this morning were a real wakeup call. I sat in the office with clients today thinking about what you had said. The old you would never have commented but you were right. I had never done anything for myself apart from that little show of last night which I really enjoyed”
She gave me a big hug and kiss.
“Oh, why didn’t we do this years ago” she sighed.
“The reason is my glamorous lover girl is that the conditions were not right. Now… Well, they might be”.
“Does this mean?”
“No Babe, it dosen’t mean Yes. I want to take my time before I commit to this. Surely you agree that this is a big decision to make”
I had a brilliant thought.
“Remember, you made me wait two whole weeks before you agree to marry me!”
“Huuuuummmmmmpppppppphhhhhh” was all she would say.

“Perhaps, we can try a little experiment before I say yes or no?” I suggested.
“What did you have in mind?”
“Well, this weekend, you buy me some clothes and we go off to a hotel for a few nights and you can give me a makeover and I will spend the time as a woman with you”

She paused for a moment in deep thought. I could almost hear the cogs grinding away as her brain went into overdrive.
That was all she said.
“What sort of clothes will we wear?” I asked.
“Well, there is the new me which actually, I kind of like. I don’t know what the others in the Office will say but Sod them.”
“So get some things like this for me. Not too tarty but well…”
“Not a plain Jayne either?”
“Fine, I’ll get the clothes and you sort out somewhere to stay. Make it at least half way decent though”
Ever practical I said.
“What about shoes?” I only have those I wore to the Tarts & Vicars party. I can’t exactly wear them all weekend can I?”
“Well, get on the internet and order some more suitable then” she suggested.
“You know your size. Didn’t you bookmark the store where you got them from?”
“Yes, I think I did”

We spent another night making love. I was developing a taste for her. It was so strange that after all these years, we were making out as if we were 18 again. We were doing things that we both had thought about over the years but were obviously too afraid to do or embarrass ourselves in what seemed like a different age.

Debbi left for work dressed as she was when she came home the previous night. I told her she looked good enough to eat.
“You certainly seem to have developed an appetite for me lover!” she said as she went out the door. Some things were certainly on the up at long last.

I spent the day looking at various TG stores on the internet. Many were utter crap. I did order three pairs of shoes in different heel heights and styles. I paid the extra for next day delivery. I ordered a few other little things that I thought might come in useful at some point.
Around midday, my mobile phone bleeped that a text message had arrived.
I wondered who was texting me.
It was Debbi
“Pls shave yr bdy legs dick for 2nite”

It took me a few moments to realise that she was saying.
“Please shave your body, legs and genitals for this evening”
I replied.
“Yes Mistress☺”

When Debbi came home she was clutching many shopping bags.
“I got a great reaction from most people at work and especially from my clients so I went shopping. I now have a new wardrobe. We can throw most of that old stuff out later tonight. First, did you shave everything?”
“Yes Mistress!”
“Lets see. Everything!”
I dropped my trousers and showed her my newly bald genitalia.
“She inspected them slowly. Just a slight touch of her red talons caused an immediate reaction”
She gently kissed the end of my penis and then teased it with her tongue. It got even harder.

“Its your turn to shave your pubic hair now!” I suggested.
“Later. Later” was all she would say.

After dinner, she took my hand and grabbing a couple of the shopping bags in the other led me upstairs to our bedroom.

I stood at the end of our bed wonder what Debbi had in store for me. She removed her skirt and blouse to reveal her underwear or rather the lack of it. No knickers or bra. She was wearing a corset that came up to just under her breasts, some stockings and high heels.
Debbi proceeded to undress me in a very seductive manner. I got quite horny as a result. She took my erect penis in her mouth and brought me almost to orgasm but not quite. I felt those two piercings in her tongue all the time. I had reservations at first about them but now I was sort of on her side.

When I was totally naked, she started removing the contents of the shopping bags and laying them out on the bed. I turned to look.
“Don’t look. I want this to be a surprise” she remarked.
I turned my head away.
She proceeded to dress me in a similar vein to herself. Stockings, corset & heels. My corset was a over bust version of hers so it was no surprise when she inserted some latex breast forms into the cups.
“I won’t do the corset up much tonight. But we will give you a waist over time my darling” she remarked.
I thought that it was plenty tight enough thank you.
My penis was standing at full attention. This caught her eye so she kissed the tip gently and licked the pre-cum off it and gave the impression that she was salivating.

She led me over to her dressing table and started putting makeup on me. She was going for a quite dramatic and seductive look. I started to like the result as my male features disappeared beneath the work of art she was constructing on me face.

For someone who hardly worn and makeup and had not done so in all the years I had known her she was quite skilled.

When she was finished with my face, she brushed what was left of my hair back and covered it with a wig. The wig was the same colour black as her hair but quite a bit shorter. The colour along with my makeup made David disappear completely.

“What do you think?”
“It’s fantastic. This is a much better job that you did for the Tarts party”
“That was meant to look slutty. This is for real”
“Where did you learn to do makeup like this? You used to hardly ever wear any”
“I spent one summer when I was a teenager working in a beauty salon. I wore lots then but got bored with the whole aspect of it and couldn’t be bothered to pt any on except for special occasions. But that training has always made me recognise the best ways to achieve results. That along with womens magazines, I was able to do it to you. Its far easier to put it on someone else than putting it on yourself as you will find out”
“Hey. I haven’t said yes yet!” I remarked.
“I think your John Thomas has said it for you” she replied as she took my penis in her mouth once more.
Once more she bought me close to orgasm. She was getting to be an expert at this.
I couldn’t get over the change in her.
“Are you sure you haven’t given blow jobs to anyone else?”
She went red in the face.
“Only one person. The Piercer who gave me these” she said sticking her tongue out.
“I was walking through the mall towards the car park when I sat this woman come out of the Tattoo Artists shop. She was really pretty and was wearing this design on her wrists, ankles and neck banded with this design. I couldn’t resist. Most tattoos I find very ugly but she looked fantastic. Her neck band was at least three inches wide. I admired her in many ways. I knew immediately that I wanted a tattoo. Nothing like hers in size but similar.”
I looked at her puzzled.
“As he was giving me the tattoo, we got talking. He asked why I was getting my first tattoo at my age. I said I wanted something special to please my husband”
She paused.
“He said that a tattoo is for the wearer and not for their husband. So I asked what he would suggest?”
He said “What about a piercing or two?”
“What do you mean?” I replied.
He called to his assistant.
She came into the room where I was being tattooed.
“Jen, show this lady your tongue” he asked her.
She stuck out her tongue which was truly amazing.
Debbi paused and gave a little shudder as she pictured the sight of Jens’ tongue.
She continued.
“Her tongue was forked for about an inch. There were two rows of piercings running right to the back of the tongue. She lifted it up so I could see underneath. The skin that connects it to the lower palette was cut right back so her tongue could stick out much farther”
“I could not believe my eyes”

She continued.
“He asked her if she liked her tongue”
“Yes she replied its brilliant. I give really great blow jobs now and since I have had the fork done I can wrap it into places I couldn’t before”
“I looked at the tattoo artist and said. You don’t want me to have that done do you? He replied no my love. Just get a couple of them done and see what it does for your man”.

She paused.
“I told him that I had never given a man a blow job in my life. Then Jen piped in. Let me show you how it’s done. Charlie, when you are finished with her ankle I show you how”

I was astounded.
“You don’t mean?”
“Yes. He put on a condom. It was banana flavoured and I got detailed instructions from Jen on how to do it. I could see how her forked tongue brought him to a climax but I learnt enough to give it a go. I agreed to have this done. He did them in such a place that if I wanted more it would work out fine. Frankly, I am amazed at it all and I have to pinch myself when I think about me now compared to just a short time ago”
I hugged her and then put my tongue in her mouth for a long time.
We collapsed onto the bed and made love.

As we lay there wrapped in each others arms I said.
“This is going to work isn’t it?”
“yes I think so”
“Are you going to get some more piercings?”
“Yes I think so”
“Do you want me to get some?”
“I don’t know”
“And a tattoo?”
“I don’t know”
“And some breasts?”
“It depends how it works out but probably yes I do.”
“Ok. Lets do this. My answer is YES but on one condition”
Suddenly I had her attention
“If I have to have surgery then you will. Etc. What I’m trying to say is that we do this together and to each other. If there is something that one of us does not want to do then neither will do it. Ok?”
She lay there for a minute.
Then she snuggled down to my penis and brought me to orgasm. I had my answer.

Over the following days, I wore makeup and dressed as a woman all the time. However I did have fleeting moments when I that second, third and fourth thoughts about the journey I was, sorry we were embarking upon. I looked at the alternatives and thought about the story “The Full Monty”. There were many mining towns and villages in the same situation as here. Those guys did something well outside the box and it changed their lives forever. I became even more determined to make this a success.

Friday evening came around. Even though I had been dressed, fully made up since Tuesday, I had not been “Outside” in my new role. Now it was time to do just that.

Debbi came home from work looking as radiant and gorgeous as ever. She said nothing to me as I loaded out bags into the car and we drove off. She was driving as I said that there would be plenty of time for me to learn to drive in heels but I would not trust myself at the moment especially as I was wearing my highest ones for the trip.

Normally, when we went on a car journey, we didn’t say much to each other. Today was different. We chatted incessantly. Often it was about nothing but I felt relaxed and at ease for the first time in ages.

We eventually arrived at our hotel in Weston-super-Mare. Debbi sorted out the details with the receptionist and we made our way to our home for the weekend.

I collapsed onto the bed after getting to the room. I was so on edge at the risk of being outed. This was the object of the weekend, for me to be confident in my new persona.

Debbi lay beside be and we gently fondled each other.
“I think we need a name for my new friend” suggested Debbi.
“I have been giving it some thought. How about Diana?”
“Debs & Di! Sounds ok”
“Welcome Di. I hope that this new life will be a happy one”

I kissed her passionately but gently.

The weekend was at first very nervous for me. I made my first real outing in public and thankfully nothing happened. We walked around the town over the following two days and held hands or had our arms interlocked. I looked anxiously for some reaction of people to my but didn’t get anything adverse at all which was a big surprise and at the same time an intense relief.

It was a fine weekend so we sat on the Promenade talking about me and life. Gradually out of this mess of my life some form of plan for my transition arose out of the swirling mists.

We arrived home late on Sunday afternoon as set to thinning out Debbi’s wardrobe. Even she was astounded at how many frankly frumpy clothes she had. There were six bags of neatly folded clothes for me to take to the charity shops.

One of the things that would need some immediate attention on my part was hair or, rather the lack of it. I was about 50% bald so I had to wear a wig all the time in my new life. We spent a couple of evenings looking on the internet for decent wigs for me to wear on a daily basis.

It was a very frustrating search but we found a specialised wig shop in West London who we though might help me. I rang them the next morning and made an appointment for the following day.
Debbi took a day off work to go with me. I felt it was essential to have her with me. If she was not there, I would probably get something most unsuitable like long & blonde!

We found the small shop with some reluctance, we went in. From the outside, it looked very unpromising but inside, it was an Aladdin’s cave of wigs and hair pieces.

The aged shop owner made us most welcome with a freshly made cup of tea while we discussed my requirements.
He came over and removed the wig I was currently wearing. It was cheap and badly made. He pooh-pooed it and threw it in the bin.
“You won’t need that anymore my dear” he calmly stated.
He looked in detail at my hair and said
“I think this is beyond repair. I suggest you become clean shaven up here from now on. It will make wearing one of my hairpieces much easier.

The next hour was a complete daze but at the end, I had bought (or rather Debbi had) three wigs. Two were identical, made of real human hair and were for daily use. The third was for special occasions. It was long but allowed me to wear it up.

Debbi was preparing to leave but I took her arm.
“Debbi, its your turn now”
“Eh? What? I don’t understand?”
“Remember my stipulation!”
She thought for a few seconds and then replied
“You don’t mean?”
“Yes I do”
“I’m not sure about this” she replied.
Her hair was her pride and joy but the style was very staid.

I turned to the shopkeeper.
“Can you do the same for my wife?”
“Certainly I can be of some assistance to her”
I took a deep breath and said.
“She will be shaving her head as well so you have a clean slate to work on!”
Debbi looked at me aghast. I just smiled back.
She grudgingly nodded her acquiescence.

The shop keeper turned to his wife who was his assistant.
“Ina dear, will you take this lady into the back and do the required”
“Certainly. Come with me my dear. This won’t take long”
“But why didn’t you get his head shaved?” she replied almost crying.
“Her head!” he corrected, “Her hair style was mostly non existent. You my dear are so very different. You have a full head and you use that awful thing called hair spray. There is no way I can fit a wig over that my dear. So…”
Debbi went very reluctantly into the rear of the shop and I heard the sound of a razor doing its work.
“I take it that you do this quite often then?”
He replied.
“Yes to all ages of client. Only yesterday, I fitted a complete range to a young lady of 23 who had long blonde hair. She left here wearing a black pageboy style.”
I shook my head in amazement.

The razor fell silent and shortly after a bald Debbi came back into the shop.
“Excellent my dear. Please sit and we shall begin” he said calmly.

Eventually, we left the shop with us wearing our new hairpieces. I felt wonderful and walked tall but I was not so sure about Debbi.
We got back to the car and the only words she said on the journey home was.
“I shall take great pleasure in shaving you very close!”
I smiled with a grimace back at her.

True to her promise, I was shaven very closely that night and we made love two bald people together. It was strange but decidedly erotic. As I was falling asleep I wondered what was next in her little bag of surprises.

Over the next few days, Debbi forgave me. She was relieved of having to do her hair every day. She managed to get into the habit of dressing our wigs each night so we didn’t have to do them in the morning.

I was slowly getting some skill at putting on makeup but I still relied on Debbi to do my eyeliner. I was not confident enough to get a neat line. I hoped that it would come in time.

That was a year ago. I’m now working as a receptionist at a Dentists. I enjoy my new job but being on my feet all day in heels has given me bunions.
Debbie has been promoted to Office Manager despite her tattoos and piercings. I have a few as well just for her enjoyment you understand.
She had her tongue split last month. I’m eagerly waiting for it to heal properly and for her to give me a blow-job.

Are we happy?
You bet.
Are the children happy with me becoming Dianna?
Nope. They haven’t spoken or called us since I came out.
Do we care?

[Author's Note]

Being put on the scrapheap is something that is not a nice experience. It has now happened to me three times. The third time was unfortunately last month. The job that I started with lots of hope in May has literally been pulled from under my legs but two power crazed managers who seem to be hell bent on destroying a $1B company inside a year. The events of today prompted me to publish this tale even though I wrote it a some years ago.


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