On a Ring and a Prayer

On a Ring and a Prayer
By Ellie Dauber

Cathy Reinhart looked up from the letter. "Johnny! Johnny, you get out here at once."

When he didn't come out of his room, she went in after him. He was sprawled out on the bed reading some magazine. She didn't have to look past the naked woman on the cover to know what kind of magazine. He still wasn't paying attention, but between the pictures in that magazine and the earphones, she wasn't certain if he even knew she was there.

Explain Me?

Dr. Frank Fletcher is a mental health professional who arbitrates what is 'real' everyday. He's heard nearly every possible delusion. However, this newest 'Jane Doe' has a new one. Of course her story is a hallucination because the world just doesn't work that way, right?

TransBike-New England Wish

TransBike-New England Wish
By Jennifer Sue And Stanman63
Thanks To JennaFL For Proofing And Nora Adrienne for editing!

Synopsis:When a young trans-girl reads about the TransBike, she sets out on a new odyssey to see if the TransBike is real so that she and her friends may have a wish granted.

The School of Change Part 01 - Prologue

Michael was never happy with his lot in life, even though he got to attend the same school with his best friend since childhood Sara Alexis Mangia. He always felt that he should have been born a girl and it kept him constantly depressed, he hid it very well. However, he was extremely jealous and bitter over the fact that the girls got to wear gold bracelets, have long hair and wear pretty clothes and flirt, while he was forced to wear silver ones like the rest of the boys.

Silver Blood: Vendetta

Silver Blood

By Stanman63

Edited By JennFl

Sean Van Helsing is the last of the legendary Van Helsing line. He has continued his families legacy of fighting against all creatures of the night against which as a Van Helsing, he is immune. But he has a secret desire that he must not indulge in or risk ending the Van Helsing line. Dracula, his arch enemy has used his magic to curse the Van Helsing line, turning Sean's desire against him.

Running away, the now feminized Sean finds the Silver Blood Foundation where they help her by teaching the cursed Van Helsing how to fight without her immunity nor with her vampiric abilities, making her a slayer. Shaun discover love and a secret that lets her become a full female, using her latent slayer powers to complete the transformation. Now, ready, she returns home to confront Dracula and end his tyranny.


A Gaby Fan-Fiction
by Stanman

Synopsis:What exactly happened to the students and faculty of Augusta High School, Bigg's Manufacturing and Erin's Cyclery after Drew and his friends went back home to Warsop at the end of the Cultural Exchange Program? This story will attempt to answer those questions.
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