Happy Teen Babies Part 6 The Awaking of Celeste

Jay and Clair find out they have a cousin that was born the same day they were just a year younger. Celeste was having trouble in her current school so she had to move away. She was an only child. Her father had another woman in his life and wanted nothing to do with her at all. Her mother struggled to make ends meet. She sent Celeste to live with her brother. Celeste was a Stevens her mother didn’t want her daughter to have the name of the man she married. Celeste suffers from seizures and has to wear diapers twenty-four seven. Dawn was tired of changing Celeste’s dirty diapers and knew her brother and sister in-law had one in diapers like her daughter but didn’t know they had two in diapers twenty-four seven.

Celeste’s school also had a swim team that she wanted to be a part of and the coach was one that didn’t like Celeste because she had to wear diapers. The teachers at her school also said she was too old for diapers. Celeste said “I can’t help it when and where I go.” Celeste was always in tears when she got home and it hurt her mom so much that she knew she would be better off with her aunt and uncle. Summer was in three weeks so Celeste had to suffer to the end of the year at her school. It took four weeks but she was happy to go to a school that would accept her for being her. The new school didn’t put up with bullying of any kind.

As the summer went on Clair and Jay helped their mother and father care for Celeste from feeding to bathing. The diaper changes where done by mom and dad did because of the three teen babies. Celeste loved being feed by Jay and sharing a bath with Clair. Summertime was a fun time as the Stevens got an invitation to go swimming in the neighborhood that Jenny lives in. Celeste was scared to go because of her diapers. What Celeste didn’t know was that the Davis kids all wear diapers. Jay and Clair had their swim diapers in the diaper bag they keep with them. Mrs. Stevens knew Celeste would need one so she had packed three in the bag. Clair helped Celeste in to her swim diaper before putting on hers then helped Jay with his. All the kids swam for a few hours until it was time for lunch. As Celeste got out of the pool for lunch she saw what looked like ropes being pulled into the pool to split it into eight lanes and names pop up on a timing board.

The kids ate lunch and that’s when more kids from the neighborhood showed up for swimming to get ready for the swim meet. Clair and Jay changed their swim diaper to the team swim diaper for the meet. Celeste wanted to swim with them but knew she couldn’t this time. Clair saw it and asked if Celeste could swim on the team. The coach saw he was one swimmer short and had to come up with a plan and gave the okay for Celeste to swim on the team. Celeste got her chance to prove herself for the first time ever on a true team. Celeste was to be in the third heat in the team time trials. And she finished first with a record time for the 25m free. She was accepted to the team when the swimmer that didn’t show finally showed up. Celeste tried to walk away but the coach said you’re a part of the team now.

The meet was in the next few day and all were ready to swim. Celeste was shocked to see her old school doing there warm-ups. Someone said look at the babies. That didn’t go over to well with some of the parents. And told their kids to behave or they too will have to wear a diaper to swim in.
The team coach then said if I see anyone on this team in a diaper they will sit out and not swim. The director of the event showed the rules to the coach that said if even one team member sits it’s a forfeit. The coach looked over the rules and gave in saying fine diaper the trouble makers.

The swim meet went well with the School for Kids with Extra Special Need winning all ten events. Clair, Jay, Sabrina and Jason taking the team relay. Celeste took her 25m event with ease. The coach of the school that took third overall had a change of view for the kids in diapers saying his ten year old twins still wet the bed every night and almost every day at school and was worried about them. He was having a hard time dealing with it he also had a teen son that couldn’t keep his pants clean finding mess in his sons underwear. Funny thing is that it was his son who made the baby remark and was diapered in a swim diaper for the meet. He knew his days at his school were over.

Gerry Willis was a normal kid but had a few issues making it to the restroom. The only thing he could do was hope that he didn’t go in his pants. So it was just two weeks before school let out and Gerry was sitting in class and had to go to the restroom and raised his hand to ask to go. His teacher told him to put his hand down. He did but knew he couldn’t hold out much longer and raised his hand again and asked to talk privately for a second. The teacher agreed to talk with him and they walked into a side room as soon as they did he let out a fart that could be heard in the next classroom. What happened when he did that smelt worst than the fart it self. Then what happened next really set the teacher off was Gerry was wetting himself because he was scared of the teacher and knew what she was known for with students that act like babies. She was known for spanking and Gerry got the most of all the other kids in the class (Read Gerry’s Hardships to know more)

(The Happy Teen Baby School) was known as a place that kids with special needs could go and be safe and have fun. The first school was getting to full to handle the amount of kids. So a new school had to be opened up to fulfill the need.

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