Happy Teen Babies Part 9.0 the New Girls & Happy Teen Babies 1 Part 9.5 Bobby and the Gang

It was two weeks after the North boys got dealt a hard blow. Their parents made a choice to adopt a daughter. Charlie and Kelly where not happy about that at all but were told if they act up there would be girl time in their future. Ginny was waiting to be picked up by Mr. North. Kelly wanted to make her feel welcome to the family. He even asked his mom if he could help with some shopping. Charlie was lost for words. Fran thought it was a wonderful idea and told Kelly to get ready to go and went to tell Charlie to get ready as well. When he refused to move that was the biggest mistake he ever made. He was stripped and was over his mothers lap and got the worst bear bottom spanking he ever got. Once she was done she had him stand in a corner and wait for her to return. When she did she had the most girlish outfit ever made. She guided him to a mat she had on the floor and dressed him like he was a baby. Kelly came down in a skirt that he had worn three weeks ago. He was dressed in a cute skirt with tights and one of his tee shirts one. Fran heard a crinkle coming from Kelly.

Fran asked Kelly to show her what he was wearing. Fran lifted the skirt and pulled down the tights to see a diaper. She then had Kelly lay down to check to see if it was on right and to her surprise it was. With that done she helped pull the tights back up over Kelly’s diaper. Kelly knew that potty breaks would be far and in between so diapers where a must. Fran North knew she would have to change them when the time came. So with that said she packed a diaper bag for her two little ones. Even at the age of 14 years old they where small for their age and would get into fights to prove they were boys. They looked like they were 10 and had long hair like the girls did. They had both ears pierced and even had girly ear rings at times. It was something that Fran’s came up with. Fran looked at all the earrings the boys had took pictures of them to get the same ones for Ginny. Took pictures of all the outfits they had to get her the same ones. Fran had a plan to dress all three the same for a night out as a family.

Kelly was happy to pick out a few outfits (3 that matched) and Charlie got to pick a few but avoided the girly colors (also 3 that matched). Kelly when and picked a two girly colors. It was Fran that got the most girly colors they had. By the end of the shopping spree they had a total of 10 matching outfits. That’s a total of 30 outfits. Then 20 more outfits to match what the two boys already had. So that gave them all a total of 30 outfits.

(Meanwhile at the group home)

Ginny was sitting in the office with the house mother when Mr. North walks in and sees Ginny. He said hello to her and shakes the house mother’s hand. She then took Ginny to a room with Mr. North following them. Mr. North was shocked to see Ginny wearing a diaper. Ginny was crying because she didn’t want any one to know she needed them but it was too late. Mr. North saw everything her messy bottom and all. Crying hard the house mother asks Mr. North to step out so she can finish. Once it was done Ginny still had tears in the eyes not wanting to go with Mr. North but the paper work was already done so there’s no turning back now. So with a backpack full of her own clothes and her diaper bag Ginny took Mr. North’s hand and walked out to a big van that had three car seats for teen babies. Each one has a name on it. Ginny saw her name in pink glitter and started to act like a happy little girl. Jumping up and down like a six year old happy to have a new toy. In the car seat was a new doll that looked just like her and in the other two they looked like they belong to sisters or in this case brothers that dress like sister. All three dolls were dressed the same way like they all had the same things to wear.

(Back at the North Home)

Fran changed the boys diapers and dressed them in their new dresses with the third was set out on the table near the diaper changing station with a pink diaper just like they have on. Kelly went over to the toy box pulled out a toy and started to play. Charlie went to sit down away from the girly stuff. He really wanted to go to his room and play his PS4. The game he loved he most was GTA V but knew he had to ride out this punishment for the next month. [You see Charlie was the one that made the big mistake by saying you want a girl in the family]. Kelly laughed about it and got half the time his brother got.

It was thirty minutes later that Ken North returned home with Ginny fast asleep in her car seat.
Mr. North unlocks the car seat and picks up Ginny and takes all three dolls inside to be changed. Ginny started to wake up felling uncomfortable. Ken felt why and handed Ginny off to his wife Fran.
She then took Ginny up to the nursery to change her. She saw that her other two baby girls (really boys) taking a nap. Ginny didn’t like anyone else finding out about her needing diapers. Not even her brothers dressed as sisters. What really got her was once changed the dress was changed to match the two taking a nap on the floor with their diapered nears showing. Ken then handed the dolls to Ginny to hold while they got the two boys up. Once Charlie and Kelly are up from their naps they are handed their dolls and told it’s time to go.

(At the Local Restaurant)

The North family was walking in to the restaurant and they saw the Darby family sitting in a roped off corner (the owners area). It was in the corner but only had rope on two sides. There was a table for the North family right next to the Darby’s table. Dee-Dee and Bobby and their parents were talking about the awesome school for kids in diapers. Ken and Fran heard and said can we talk to you about the dress code there. The Darby family only knew the kids wore diapers but had no clue about the full dress code. The boys had to wear something like the girls did only in a different color. The only thing that was the same was the color of the diaper. The other thing was the school was so big that it had two buildings but it was in the middle of town. The best part was it had one of the biggest swim teams in the state. Well it had really two teams the High and Middle School Team was for Grades 7-12 and The Youth Team was set at Grades 1-6. Both teams are the best swim teams in the state. And have been selected for the national meet. The Darby’s where amazed that kid as young as six get to go swim a national meet. Then they said “we’ll look into the school and see if it fits our two kids. And one other child that lives one street over”. Her name is Sue.

Happy Teen Babies 1 Part 9.5
Bobby and the Gang

Two little kids are walking home from school (a boy and a girl). The girl said “I love you” to the boy. The boy then turns red in the face and wets his pants. The girl said “my house isn’t that far and we can stop there so you can change your clothes. Well once they got there Sue’s mom sees the wet pants that Bobby is wearing and helps him get cleaned up with a bath to get the pee smell off. He had an issue a big issue. He had no extra clothes with him. Sues mom knew there was only one of two options for the underwear and what was to be worn over that. Beverly showed Bobby the cotton panties first then the diaper thinking he would take the first choice. Bobby said “both please.” Sue’s mom then diapered Bobby in one of Sue’s diapers then placed the cotton panties over the diaper. He looked like Sue that morning in just her diaper and cotton panties. And then put his wet clothes in a canvas bag so he can take them home to be washed.

Sue was a girly-girl so she had pink diapers. Once she had Bobby diapered she said “there you go Bobbie sweetie all clean and dry. Sue then said “she was in need of a clean diaper.” So once she was changed into a fresh diaper she picks out an outfit so Bobbie can get home without anyone seeing his diaper and panties. The worst part about him wetting his pants his shoes got wet also. So Sue said he could have a pair of hers and the odd thing was they fit him. And once Bobby got home Sue told him he could have the onesie and shoes because she had another one just like it. Keeping the reason why he had it on to herself. Once Sue left him his mom asked why he was dressed the way he was. Bobby said “I had an accident on the way home and he was also wearing a diaper.” (Crying) he then said “it’s a pink diaper and panties.” By the time he had said that he let out a wet fart filling the diaper he had on. The smell told Bobby’s mom that some one was in need of a change. She took Bobby by the hand to the nursery to see if it was him. The onesie was a footed kind

At that point his mom saw that the diaper was the same size and type his little but older sister wears. By that time his little sister got home. She then walks into the nursery and sees her big but younger brother on her changing table in a diaper. She was happy to share with her teen brother (well almost teen brother.) She said “we can be teen babies together. Oh mom I’ve been invited to a sleepover this weekend and Bobbie was invited too.” Bobby really didn’t want to go but found out that Sue was invited as well. So he gave in and went along knowing his girlfriend would be there too. Bobby didn’t realize it was an all girl sleepover. His biggest fear was he’d be asked to leave. Bobby got the biggest shock to know that four other boys would be there and diapered.

The girl throwing the sleepover mother would treat the boys as if they where girls for the whole stay. That was the one and only thing Bobby didn’t like. That meant he had to wear a dress or skirt on the way there and on the way back home. The Pink onesie was enough to cause Bobby to mess himself after finding out about the sleepover. With the plan set their mom packed a diaper-bag full of diaper and other things a baby would need for the weekend. His sister Dee-Dee packed the outfits for the weekend for the two of them. Everything she packed was pink and girly. Her saying was the more girly the better. Just to make matters worst she set out the shortest dress she had for bobby and it had matching panties that was to go over his diaper. She then set out a dress just like the one she did for him. It also had matching panties that went over her diaper.

On the way to the sleepover Bobby and Dee-Dee sat in the back seat like good little babies should sucking away on their pacifiers. Bobby was about asleep when they got there and was a little wet but not to bad that he need to be changed. It was almost dinner time when he needed one. All the girls were there with their brothers dressed like little baby girls all sitting at the dinning room table waiting on their meals. Being a sleepover night one was pizza. Bobby loves pizza he could almost put one away by himself. He knew he couldn’t do that here not tonight. Sue sat by him and said I’ll be your mommy tonight and started feeding him. Three other girls picked a boy and feed them. By the end of dinner everyone had their fill. With what was left over was placed in the fridge.

It was movie time and they all sat on the floor in nothing but diapers, panties and t-shirts well all accept one Jade the older sister of Heather. Had her top opened and had the smallest boy there in her lap giving him milk from her breast. Bobby looked like a real baby nursing from him mommy. Sue was upset and wanted the same attention Bobby was getting and started to cry. Jade made room for Sue to get some milk too and was in heaven just like Bobby was. Once Jade felt the milk stop flowing Bobby and Sue were out for the night. Both really did a number in their diapers that night and were changed before the others went to bed and had to be changed in the morning.

Sue and Bobby’s mothers were shocked to that their kids had nursed from Jade. Not once but four times that weekend. What was really shocking they were told that if they wanted more she had some saved up and would bring it to them whenever. All the others had left Jade was there making sure the sleepover didn’t get out of hand. The only ones left where her little sister, Bobby, Dee-Dee and Sue remained. Bobby’s mom was to be watching Sue for the next week while her mom worked out an issue with the family. Once that was settled she looked in to the Happy Teen Baby School to see if they would work with Sue. Bobby and Dee-Dee’s mom did the same and the school was a great place for the three of them.

The school was growing and there was a potential that a newer and bigger school would be needed. Find out when the next story comes out.

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