Little Girl-Boy Part 7 & Little Boy-Girl 33 Walker Patrick

Ashley and Jamie where having the time of their life on their first movie date. About the time when three boys had pulled Jamie into the men’s restroom to do god knows what. Junior was there to stop them but it was two late. Jamie was hurt bad and was rushed to the hospital. Ashley was crying by the time we got there with his mother. The doctor came out and said that Jamie will be fine but needed to rest. We asked if Ashley could see her. The doctor was hesitant to let someone as young as Ashley into the ICU. I said “I’ll go back there with him to be on the safe side.” The doctor walked back with us. Jamie saw Ashley and patted the bed for Ashley to sit by her. As Ashley did he bent down and kissed Jamie on the forehead and said I love you more now than ever.

Walker Patrick heard about the attack on Jamie, and was sickened by the story he had heard. He wouldn’t think about ever hurting someone like that no matter how different they were. Jamie wasn’t their first victim either. Only Jamie was the latest victim of the three boys. The three boys laughed it up knowing they got a way with it saying one less freak in our town. Walker being in a spot knowing one more fight and he would be out of his current school but had to stand up for Jamie. (You see Walker has a cousin just like Jamie) and would fight for her no matter what the cost. He knew if his best friend came out to him saying Walker I’m a girl trapped in a boy’s body and would accept him as a girl. And he would be the best boyfriend in the world to her. Just like Ashley is with Jamie.

Daisy and Brenda found out about Jamie from her sisters and brothers. They told Walker about it. Walker knew two of the boys had bad knees from football (American). One had a bad right knee and the other had a bad left knee. Their backs were to Walker so he took the chance to strike like a rattlesnake. Taking the two down quick and fast while ducking the third boy. He then started his attack on the master mind behind Jamie’s attack. Renan heard the noise in the hall from the girl’s room but waited for it to end before coming out only to see her cousin with bloody hands and nose. She pulled him in to help him clean up but got busted for her efforts. Knowing she was in trouble she pleaded to stay getting her wish for a short while.

Things went from bad to worse when their mothers showed up. Renan’s mother was upset with her daughter. Not for helping her cousin out but for the girl’s room stunt. Walker’s mother was mad about the fight, and not for taking a stand for what’s right. The girls of the school knew about Jamie and her school and the rules that the school has. The girls wished they could go to and be happy little girls. The only thing was the uniform the students had to wear. They didn’t mind the dresses, jumpers or the pants that were part of the dress code. It was the diapers that they were unsure of. Oh they have stayed with Jamie one night and had to wear one for the night but that was it. And told if they stay for two nights it was diapers all day and night. So they were diapered the whole time at the Davis home.

It was three days later and Jamie was getting ready to go home from the hospital. When there was a knock at the door. The doctor told her she had to come back in a few weeks to check up. He wanted to know that she was doing fine. She was clear to go back to school the following week. If she felt week she was to stop and rest. Walker wanted to met Jamie and say I know how bad you were hurt. He said to Jamie I have a cousin just like you and would do anything to protect her. He then said Sydney is so sweet and her baby blue eyes can make you do what ever she wants to do. Daisy and Brenda said one day she wanted to play dress up and used the look to get Walker to play with us. It was fun but odd when we had to go out to eat and there was no time for Walker to change back to the clothes he had on when we came over.

So he had to go as a girl. Then he got the shock of his life when mom diapered the three of us. Then Aunt Cindy diapered both Bethany and Sydney. Mom had to use one of Sydney’s diapers. So it was five little girls and four adults. It was fun being treated special and Walker was scared to the point he pooped his diaper and boy did it smell. He was red with shame so the rest of us girls pooped our diapers. Well mom and Aunt Cindy had five messy bottoms to clean up. Walker now knew his fate when he went to school the following week. What we didn’t know was Bethany and Sydney would be going there as well. (That is another story for another time.)

Jamie was happy to be back at school. With all that she’s been through in the past few weeks. Things got better until the State Basketball playoffs. Jamie was all set to cheer for her school and was starching so she wouldn’t get hurt. One of the other schools was doing the same at the time. A ball was thrown and Jamie was hit and then blacked out. The teams coach just said good job Stevens. Our Cheer coach was mad as her head cheerleader would be out for the game and possibly the playoffs. She walked over to the officials and said what had happened and to take action. The boy’s coach was happy to see the sissy wheeled out and he said I hope you never come back. The boy that threw the ball was told to leave as a state official was told about the actions. Stevens was a cousin of one of the boys that was in jail now for what they did to Jamie to begin with. Jamie was not to be alive and there she was so he took action. When Stevens walked out in his street clothes he was arrested and read his rights and taken to jail.

Jamie had to miss the first game her school played in the playoff to which they won big time. As for the boy who they later found out was named Jay Stevens his team lost along with the girls team Clair was upset about what her twin brother did she refused to play for her school’s team. She walked off the court within minuets of the start of the game. She’d never to play a minute again at the school. At the half she changed in to her street clothes. Then she went to Jamie’s schools coach and told her all the major plays her team runs with a smile on her face she sat with her team. Her coach was mad but could do nothing about it. Clair quite the team and asked her parents to let her go to the better school.

Clair would be happy too because her was keeping a secret from her parents. She was a bed wetter and diaper lover.

Clair will be a major player in the next story. But we will look back at her past first.

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