Happy Teen Babies Part 3 The First Signs of Trouble

It was a Friday and school has been in for a week or two. Clair had just started second grade and still had a little problem. There were only seven girls and six boys in her class. Jenny is one of the girls is in her class. Jenny also knew Clair was hiding a secret. A secret her wetting issue. Clair would loss any friends she makes. Jenny being an outcast all because she has a little sister that’s five and still wore diapers twenty-four seven. Jenny also has a brother that had to wear diapers at night. Well Clair has two backpacks one for books and one for her diapers. Jackson Armstrong was one of the boys in her class asked to borrow a pencil to which Clair said “yes in the red backpack” before she realize she said the wrong color backpack it was the purple one that has her school items.

Jackson said “why do you have diapers in your backpack. Only babies wear diapers.” Clair started to cry and Jackson found something else in the backpack and handed it to her. Clair was shocked she had one in there but put it in and started to suck on it. Jenny noticed a smell that told her someone needs a fresh diaper. The teacher walked over and smelt the air and knew the same thing. Jenny said “she knew how to change a diaper”. The teacher told the boys to stand in the hall. Jenny said “Jackson caused this and should be punished”. Jenny went to work changing Clair’s diaper. With Clair in a clean diaper she hugged Jenny and said “thanks”. When Jenny sees the diapers are pink and gets a wicked idea and tells the teacher.

Jay slugged Jackson in the arm for embarrassing his sister. Jay was caught red handed and figured a diaper would help him as well. The girls stayed in the room as Jay and Jackson were brought over to Jenny. The teacher told Jackson what the punishment would be. That he had to wear a diaper until he wet it but if he messed it he’d go home in one. Jackson tried to run but the girls stopped him from making it to the door. Jay knew if he slugged someone at home he would be diapered so he stripped down and laid down on Clair’s changing pad ready to be diapered. Jenny whipped the area clean then powered him good and then taped the diaper nice and snug. Jay then asked Clair if she had a skirt so it would be easier to change him.

Clair handed him a pink skirt with a matching top that read diaper girl. It was a gag gift from their parents for both of them to share. Clair pulled out a pink dress and tights with matching ruffled panties. Jay now dressed as a girl said it’s either strip on your own or I’ll let the girls have their fun. Jackson gave in and removed all his clothing then got down on the changing pad. Cleaned, powered, diapered and dressed the teacher let the rest of the boy in and restarted the class with now with two boys dressed as girls one by choice and the other as punishment.

Jay knew that if he had a diaper on he had to use it. It was almost lunch time when Jay farted filling his diaper with a nice load of poop as he did that he felt his bladder let go. Jackson had to pee bad and thought if he let a little out he would be fine. As he peed he also let a fart out but as he did he messed in his diaper as well. The smell was so bad the teacher had to stop class to clean them up. What Jackson didn’t know was that Jay knew how to go in a diaper without trouble when he had one on. Clair had changed Jay’s diapers and he changed her. Clair changed Jackson and said “he was a messy baby girl”. He wanted to protest but had a pacifier placed in his mouth by Jenny. Jenny went to work changing Jay after putting a pacifier in his mouth. Clair still had hers sucking away as she changed Jackson. Once the two were changed the teacher had nine jars of baby food. She sent the rest of the class to lunch except Jenny and Stacy. She gave the two girls a jar of fruit, veggies and meat and rice mixture. Clair and Jay didn’t put up a fight. Jenny feed Clair her lunch while she ate hers. Stacy did the same with Jay and the teacher did the same with Jackson. The teacher knew the fruit she feed Jackson would cause another messy diaper. Clair had apples and Jay had peaches. The veggies would also be a factor for Jackson. Out of the nine jars of baby food one had no label on it so it was a surprise. By the end of the day jay had not only wet his second diaper he messed it as well.

Jay was cleaned up and was in his third diaper of the day. Clair was in her forth. Jackson was in his third and had to sit in the class room for a few minutes. Jay was given a note and walked with Jackson to area where parents pick up their kids. Clair was with them but got in the Stevens van and waited for Jay to get in. As Jay handed the letter to Jackson’s father it was folded up saying read A.S.A.P. Jackson saw that and knew he was doomed when his sister Shelly got in she saw the pink note and knew her brother did something bad. Jackson was so scared he let loss his third load of the day smelling up the car. Jackson felt so embarrassed of what he did. He was in need of a change. Jackson was still in the borrowed dress that had to be washed and returned the next day. The tights and panties had to be washed by hand and returned as well. Shelly was in the back seat with Jackson and asked did my little sister make a mess in her diaper. “Did she know I had a diaper on all day and that I had just messed in them as well” is what Jackson said to himself. Shelly asked to see the note as she read it she got a wicked grin and knew what she was going to do. Shelly said she had to make a call and find out the brand of diapers Clair wore to make sure Jackson behaved him self in the future.

Mr. Armstrong asked what the brand of diapers that Clair wears. He called his wife telling what had happened at school and the brand of diapers to buy for their son/daughter. Jackson’s home punishment would really hut his personal life until the diapers ran out. Unknown to him his boy’s life was over for some time to come. Being between the age of seven and eight he knew that it would be four to five years of being in diapers and dressed as a girl. Shelly was planning a weekend sleepover that weekend. Once Mrs. Armstrong got home she had at less three weeks worth of diapers in her hands with more in the minivan out side. Mr. Armstrong stopped to get a bag of pull-ups on the way home to hold them over until she got home. Shelly took one package from her mother. With one hand and Jackson by the other saying Lacey and I will be back soon. Shelly only being a year older she knew her skirts would fit over the diaper. Once he was done he had on a skirt with a matching top and shoes with a pair of Shelly’s tights all in pink.

Jackson’s life would be hard to deal with for at less the next three weeks at the most. Jay on the other hand got off easy. Clair had the note of his punishment but his mom seeing him in the pink skirt and t-shirt. Jay was happy that when he saw a little bag with just J on it. He said “mom is this bag for me and does Clair have one too”. Mrs. Stevens said “she has one but she gets hers at home but she gets to see what she’s getting”. Jay first pulled out a new binkie then a rattle as a joke gift then a letter that was written on light pink paper in dark pink ink. It was for a sleepover but where was this sleepover going to be at. The last name hit him when he saw Armstrong. Jackson Armstrong’s house but the writing was to pretty to be his. It was his sister’s handwriting. It would be an odd sleepover for the whole weekend.

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