Little Boy-Girl/Girl-Boy the Flash Backs

The Fathers Flash Back

I remember the day I meet these five angles. Sabrina, Nicole, Jenny Jamie (at the time still a boy) and Amber.
The four girls all took turns to sit on my lap and rested their heads on my chest for a hug. When they each got one they told Jamie to try. Well the little guy was scared to the point that he started crying not because of me but what I'd say if I smelt what he did. At that time it was to late because I did and held my arms open and he or should I say she walked over and sat on my lap for the hug. Jamie said he hugs like daddy use to hug us and was very happy that a new home was that close. It took about a week to get things set for the kids but they got the life they really wanted.

Everyday they saw their new mom and dad the smiles gut got bigger and bigger. They got the kisses and hugs they missed out on for the past few weeks do to the death of their parents. The saddest part is the Flag from their dad it was a reminder that he paid the greatest price and that was to keep his kids free for evil. Their mother I found out was a sweet lady that did what she could but never got to tell her kids daddy wouldn't be home the way they hoped he would. The older three girls took it the hardest.

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