Happy Teen Babies Part 5 Jay is in Trouble 5 Years Later

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Over the past five years Jay had done some digging in to the Davis kids that he once knew.
He didn’t do that until Jackson came out as a girl named Lacey. Jay went off on his former friend that he stood by for the longest time. Now twelve years old and on the schools basketball team. He was hoping that Jackson would play on the team with him. Jackson had other things on his mind and chose to be a cheerleader over playing ball. Clair was ok with it but shocked to see Danny on the cheer team as well. Danny was in his track warm-ups and jacket. Lacey was dressed in her cheerleader skirt and tank.

Jay was still friends with Danny but thing were getting bad between them. Lance was on the basketball team as well and was told about a school that had won the preseason basketball classic and how other schools said they cheated. Well when Lance found out the truth about the schools girls team. Not only did they play fair they just plain out shot the other teams. Lance also found out that boys went to the school and dressed as girls. After more digging Lance also found out that they also have a dress code at the school that even the boy had to follow. That same week Clair, Lynn and Stacey had seen the three play and they are good. Clair then saw a face she didn’t think she’d ever see again.

Clair said the girls name and she came over to see her old friend. Jenny gave Clair a kiss that was a sisterly one that no one said anything about. As this was going on Jenny yelled to Jamie (look out) but it was too late. Clair saw who threw the ball then hear the coach yell good job Stevens taking out that freak. One less that we have to see prance around in a skirt and shaking pom-poms. After that comment the coach was removed and then Jay was ejected. Clair felt so sick that she walked back to the locker room to change into the clothes she showed up in. Clair then walked back out then told Jenny, Nicole and Sabrina the key plays that they run and the weaknesses of the strong players.

Clair was happy that her school lost. She also knew she’d be kicked off the team and out of school for what she did. Lynn, Shelly and Stacy told Clair they are no longer friends and didn’t want to see her ever again. Jay was also kicked out of school for his stunt. The parents of Clair and Jay were told about the new school that helped troubled kids. The Stevens kids would be in a new school that following week. Jay knew that something was going to change but in what way. Clair didn’t mind one bit about the dress code because she still wears diapers. Clair laughed because Jay would be back in them for a long time.

That following week Clair and Jay were diapered and dressed for their first day at their new school. Jay had three choices of what to wear they were a pair of slacks, a jumper or a skirt. Clair chose a skirt that almost covered her diaper. Jay played around and ended up in a skirt as well that almost covered his diaper. Jay was in a trance for most of the day until he felt his stomach start to churn and then let lose. The smell didn’t hit right away but it was bad enough to ask to go see the school nurse. Clair sat next to the door and knew she needed a change as well as the teacher taps her to go then walks by Jay’s desk and tells him to go as well. The class sat there enjoying some free time before the next class. You see they didn’t go from one room to another the teacher came to them. Some of the teachers at the school know how to change diapers and some don’t.

Clair and Jay walked into the nurse’s office to be changed only to see Jamie walking out. Jamie hugged Clair but gave Jay an icy stare and walks off. Jamie still had to understand it wasn’t Jay’s fault. It was the coach that told Jay to throw the ball. Jay lost the right to play for the year. He was told if his grades improve he could play for them. Jay had to work extra hard to win over the school and the girls and other boys dressed like him. He had heard about some of the boys playing as girls at this school but he knew most of the boys were cheerleaders at this school. He has to see the basketball uniform to see if he wants to play because if a diaper is part of the school uniform it might be the same for the sports teams as well.

Three weeks later Jay finally got the nerve to ask what the basketball uniform looked like and what went with it. He found out that the team wore diapers and the diapers had every ones number on the seat. The uniform was pink with white trim and numbers. That was the home one while the road one was white with pink trim and numbers. They had two colors of diapers pink for the girls and blue for the boys but that’s to wear the day of the game at school. The game diaper is like the uniform pink with white numbers. He knew he would love to play on the team he just had to get Clair to play on the team with him. He knew Clair loved playing but after what he did this past year he didn’t know if she would play again. He had to give it a shot and go for broke and ask Clair to play again.

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