The School for Transgendered Cross-Dressers and Teen Babies Part 1

There was a big fuss when parents heard that the school their children were going to was joining the school that they said was for sick kids. That’s when the parents protested the move. The Davis family was marked as outsiders and threats came in all forms. The news of this went national with more back-lash from all over the nation.

The Davis family and the other families that had Transgendered and diapered kids where getting mail saying get out of the area. The Neighborhood gate was getting tons of bogus calls saying there’s trouble. The only person that knew was two ways to get into the pool was the towns building plans file office. There was a third way but you had to know how to swim under water. The problem was getting to the outside pool next to the Davis house. The worst part was the town wanted the neighborhood leveled to the ground. Trouble was coming and a town needed cleaning up from top to bottom.

One family has cleaned up towns before. That was the family the Davis family needed the most. The Finn family was needed and needed fast. The Davis family made inquiries to get help from that family but didn’t know how to get it so after a couple of days lost hope. They needed a miracle but they weren’t entirely alone in their fight but their allies couldn’t make themselves known just yet.

The reason the town was in an uproar was the school was too small to start with. They had their own rules and it was run by the parents of the students. The school is a charter school but has to follow the county and state school board’s rules as well. They normally kept off the school but under pressure they were forced to intervene at times to appear to be able to handle the school
With 221 kids in two different Schools and the main school only set up to house half that. The main school needed to be added on to. But the School Board was withholding funds so the work can be done. The state was disinterested in forcing the issue and the District Attorney was tied up on other things and said their office wouldn’t help us out. It was the Assistant District Attorney that was all gung-ho to help but needed some outside help. The one ace in the hole was he said one name that stuck out like a sore thumb, her law school classmate and longtime friend Kennedy Pena.

Kennedy had introduced her to a young lady who was like the kids of the Davis Family when she attended Kennedy's wedding. The young girl was smart, charming, and utterly delightful. Most importantly, she was normal. These kids were all normal, they just had issues that the school was helping them with and in her mind it was not a valid reason to go after them.

Bruce Quill, the District Attorney, was in the process of making a plan to hit the Davis Clan’s Pool. Brenda Rowland the Assistant District Attorney was looking for a way to warn the Davis family about what was going down. Bruce had his younger brother David who is a county inspector to check the Davis’s two pools and plant something nasty in the water. The hard part was getting past the gates. The family expected something like this to happen and took precautions to protect the family but being a government official whose duty it was to inspect they couldn't keep him out forever.

Brenda Rowland the Assistant District Attorney knew the gates where the best money can buy. It was a top of the line gate with mild electric shock bars. The plus side if a car or truck tries to crash the gate a spike strip would pop up and stop the car that way. The guards at the gate can send out a code if anyone gets by the gate and the spike strips. Now the outside pool is guarded by a 20 foot fence with razor wire on top so climbing it is out of the question. The only access is from the gate and thus impossible without being allowed in personally.

Bruce knew that he had the Davis Clan there. Brenda tried to tell him he was crazy to go after the Davis Clan. He told her to but out or loss her job. Bruce Quill first went after the Davis Clan’s doctor, Doctor Joshua Bell.

Joshua Bell was a good doctor and helped kids with all sorts of issues. From Transgendered kids and one who want to cross dress to kids wanting to wear diapers and wanting to be babied being. The ones who cross dress are happy to be boys but love the feel of girl clothes. Some of the boys that dress like girls also wear diapers so they look like baby girls. The Davis kids fall into all three groups.

Try as he might Bruce couldn’t find something to use against Bell. Bell was smart and covered himself in all possible ways and worked with the family’s legal advisors to ensure that all proper procedures were followed and had all of the proper referrals in place to ensure that the kids received the right counseling and if need be the right medications.

Bruce knew that he had the Davis Clan there. But try as he might Dr. Bell was too entrenched with the local doctors and hospitals and had nothing to use against him causing Bruce to grow angrier and bolder. Brenda tried to tell him he was crazy to go after the Davis Clan and it would only end in his getting in trouble with the wrong authorities. He told her to but out or loss her job.

Brenda knew who she needed to call her counterpart in Winnisimmet. So she called Kennedy Pena who in turn called in Evelyn and Joseph Johnson, two elder members of the Finn Family and staunch supporters of the rights of the oppressed. Kennedy explained to Brenda what they can do to a town, county and or state that showed any form of bigotry causing Brenda to grin with anticipation.

Brenda pleaded with Kennedy for help in any form as she felt the Johnson’s wouldn’t be enough and after a day of rearranging some court cases Kennedy alerted her that help was on the way. Kennedy was made aware that the man Brenda worked for was related to a former nemesis of the Finn Family and took pride in seeing that she would get time off to help out a colleague and friend. Hearing the circumstances Kennedy's boss the Attorney General gave her blessing and insisted that she do everything possible to rid that county of someone who needed to be thrashed legally and morally.

When Brenda Rowland met them at the airport Kennedy and the Johnson’s were filled in on the situation and the history of the Davis Clan. Kennedy was more than happy to pull out all of her legal tricks and even added that she would take greater pride in taking down Quill as additional retaliation for what he had done to one of the family’s newest members. She suggests that the Johnson’s should go after the school board directly and indirectly as their real interest were money and budgets and power.

The Johnson’s have resources, mainly the Finn Family’s resident accountant and close friend of Kennedy’s Beverly Bollinger. She is a top notch accountant who had the spare time to really dig into accounts especially when it was explained why they needed her help. She has done it several times before and it was pretty easy to track government funding especially if you know what to look for.

Her job was to examine the school board's finances and within minutes she hit pay dirt. She found out that they were siphoning money that was legally supposed to go to the school into a separate fund that went to another school under their direct control. The school board was in essence robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Kennedy used her resources at hand to get her counterpart, a sympathetic assistant attorney general who was familiar with Brenda, to get a close look at Bruce Quill and his finances. The reason didn't matter to the man, only that they had probable cause to go after him. Quill had made it a huge problem in the state with some iffy convictions and prosecutions but nobody in the attorney general’s office had been able to pin anything on him yet.

It didn’t take long to get some dirt. After starting to look into his finances the AAG sees that Quill has been double dipping in the county by using his clout to get contracts and never declaring his stakes in the companies. They found memos from his office threatening competitors to back off or face legal trouble and set him-self up to make a hefty profit from the contracts they should have had. He was a criminal and using his office to further the criminal activities, the perfect person to target by the state.

Things started to get even more interesting as Bruce was beginning to suspect something was going on with the Davis situation. Brenda was working on a hate crime case that would give her a big push and give her more money in the long run. Brenda’s work would be for naught as Bruce Quill said her connection to the Davis Clan would get in her way. She was removed and he was directly put in charge of the case. When Kennedy heard that she was out for blood.

Kennedy wasn’t the only one, her counterpart the AAG had the reason noted and shown to be bogus, he was trying to influence an open case that he was actually the target of. His suspicions were confirmed when Brenda’s contacts within the courthouse showed that Bruce had filed some motions to go after her and make it look like she was the one acting out of line. He was caught red-handed and the AAG grinned with joy.

As Brenda was being kicked out of the DA’s office with Kennedy by her side Bruce stupidly told Kennedy I don’t like Trans-people and who ever gave you a job should be fired. That really set her off and she went and found an up-to-date law book. She pointed out a law that protects her rights to work in whatever field she wants to. Bruce just laughs at her then tells her to get out or be thrown out. Kennedy just grinned and told him he just openly admitted to committing a hate crime as a public official, using his office to further hate crimes, and demanded she leave because she was transgender.

He realized too late just what she had said and saw Brenda typing away at an email, grinning as she announced the AG's office would be in touch the next day to discuss his resignation and if he was lucky he wouldn’t be brought up on charges. Brenda knew this was not the case as they were going after him without question and he provided them with even more ammunition. He was toast and he knew it.

While the lawyers were at work the local and county police departments had their hands full. They would do what they could to stop the dirty deeds from happening. They kept vandalism to a minimum but some were using this opportunity to cause trouble elsewhere and were then claiming that the Davis family was causing trouble for the county by diverting needed resources. This of course was countered with officers arresting the whiners as they had been caught on camera committing the crimes in the first place leaving the crowds unsure who to support.

Things where going to get interesting at the next school board meeting. The school board was going to push to close the school for kids that are Special Need (Diapers), Trans and who Cross Dress. As it was a closed session no one could get in unless they were invited but Kennedy and Brenda got this overturned through legal maneuvering regarding public meeting laws which the board was violating.

Brenda grinned to the officers at the door and announced that they had no right to keep them from entering then announced that the Davis Clan parents were the ones the school board locked out and as residents of the county they had a right to attend.

This was fine with the officers until the chief told them to kick them out. He loudly said that they were barred from attending and would be arrested if they resisted. Brenda shook her head and told him he couldn't do that but he said he didn't care, they weren't getting in. Try as they might they couldn’t get in.

Of no surprise to anyone the only one in there was the one the county appointed and he was a dirty rat. Fredrick Quill knew what he was doing and wanted the Davis Clan gone just like his brothers. David Quill wanted the land the Davis Clan’s neighborhood sits on along with the expansion neighborhood and the school. It was widely known why they wanted the land, and it was extremely valuable due to its location and resources.

The meeting went as expected. Joseph announced that he had an ace in the hole to Brenda which he wouldn't reveal just yet. Beverly called and gave him the information he needed leading to a grin as he wrote down the information and handed it to Brenda who squealed in excitement.

Evelyn announced that she was going to the state court in the morning and files a lawsuit overturning the meeting. Brenda nodded in approval as Kennedy advised the Davis family why she was doing it and what it would achieve.

The next morning Evelyn's work paid off. The judge looked at what happened and listened to Kennedy's recording and announced that the laws were violated and the rulings that took place were nullified. Further he looked at the information Beverly uncovered and announced that he was issuing an injunction to stop the school board from taking action.

The announcement hit the county hard. Evelyn and Joseph had the school board and county in a vice grip as the board splinters with each new revelation of improprieties uncovered by Beverly and Kennedy and the few bullies on the board are shown really be like in front of the general public. The once pride and joy of the county were now pariahs as the reality of what was really going on set in, the Davis Family were targeted unfairly and not for the reasons that were stated and if it could happen to them it could happen to anyone!

Kennedy set in motion a plan that would be swift and fast. David was target number one then Fredrick and finally Bruce. The school board has ties to the Quill boys and the Johnson’s will have a field day when they go after their financial and personal ties to Quill in that they have interests in getting rid of the Davis family and their school and never reported the familial relationship of contractors and the schools.

David was shown to be woefully unqualified for his job. He was caught in a sting and once the news that he had been trying to extort residents dozens of complaints came in with the paperwork showing he refused to sign off on certain things unless he was paid off. Further he was signing off on things he had no right to sign off on allowing certain individuals freedom to do whatever they wanted leaving people in serious danger. One of those in danger was a public school that directly competed with the Davis' schools, the place they would have had to go when the school was shut down.

Arrests were made soon after of people involved with David, starting with the ones blocking the doors to the school board meeting like the chief of police and then the ones against the Davis Clan and their right to give their kids a safe school.

Frederick was next. His unreported ties to several school bard members led to a review of contracts with the county with all of his contracts being bogus. He was defrauding the county with the help of his brothers. With great relief Brenda arrested him in front of a large crowd leading him to break down and weep as he was hauled away.

Last up was Bruce. He was easiest as he was already on a recording showing his blatant hatred for the Davis family. A search warrant for his office revealed emails and letters between him and the school board as well as his brothers documenting their own orchestration of public outcries against the Davis family. The investigators laughed hard as he didn't even try to cover his tracks, he left everything out in the open and accessible on his computer and in full view of anyone in the room.

The Quill boys just laughed it all off as word got around that they were going to be arrested because in their eyes they knew Kennedy had no right to arrest them but it was the State police that made the inevitable bust. Seeing them in town they knew they were in deep trouble especially when they took several officers to assist them in the arrests. Kennedy didn't do a thing, her colleague and Brenda did everything. She proudly told him that she just advised it were his own colleagues who did all the work leading to him realizing Brenda was not to be messed with.

Bruce's own arrest was in front of dozens of media members and shown across the state. Kennedy was conveniently absent as were Evelyn and Joseph. Brenda took center stage alongside her friend the assistant attorney general and announced changes were coming to the county and stated that they would work with the state to ensure that all children had a right to proper education regardless of personal issues.

Kennedy privately thanked Brenda for looking out for the kids and admitted to her that she was destined for greatness. Brenda brushed it off but it was true, Brenda had won over the hearts and minds of the county especially the now more powerful Davis clan.

As the work started to expand the school for the kids got under way. Plans to build schools in Maine and Massachusetts set into motion. With the school that will be in Massachusetts is going to have the name Finn in it. The school in Maine has not been named as of yet. The school in South Carolina is named the Happy Teens School for Trans-G, Trans-V and Diapered Cross-Dressers.

With the right support the schools will grow and pop up across America forming the first nationally based school system. With collage classes being added to help the one that want to go and be a better person.

Brenda later came clean and said she “her mother was young when she was born and had issues until she was twelve years old but overcame the issues when she had to stay with an aunt and was diapered from day one”. She also said “I have a nine year old sister and a seven year old brother that need a school that was fun to learn in and help kids like them.” Then she said “They both wore diapers and her brother preferred to dress as a girl but be a boy”. The reason her sibling lived with her is her parents had died in an accident.

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