Happy Teen Babies Part 7 the Swim Cup Celeste, Emma and Ethan & Happy Teen Babies Part 8 Bad Boys to Good Girls

Three days after the swim meet a special trophy was given to the new swimmer. The best part was after that trophy was given to Celeste. The cup that is held by the winning team of the meet was handed over to the Happy Little Teen Baby School by last years champs by their star swimmer. To show good sportsmanship Garry walked out in nothing but a diaper and a t-shirt. Then he handed the new trophy to this year’s champs and the star swimmer got to hold it first. Celeste held it high and started to speak but stopped when she saw a face she didn’t want to see ever again. Her father had found her and was mad I mean really mad. I was standing there and was about to remove him when another father grabbed his arm and twisted it to where it almost snapped at the elbow.

As he was being thrown out two big teens pushed their way in and as they did they went after Celeste. Only to be stopped by the team that lost the swim crown. Celeste’s father says “I‘ll get her when the time comes”. Kurt was ready to fight the guy but was told to stand down. I was mad as an angry bear. The town knew not to say or do anything to the swim team or any of the other school teams. The best part was the about the swim team was it was the only team the school had that was co-ed. Only comment was I hope their diapers don’t leak into the pool. The odd thing was that on the last heat of the meet someone from one of the other schools had pooped in the pool. It was a swimmer from one of the other schools that made a baby comment about the host school.

That swimmer was there as was his mother and sister who was also a swimmer. He wanted to say how sorry he was for pooping in the pool. And that he had to wear diapers for a week. I asked the young man his name and got Ethan Smith out of him. His sister stepped forward and said “my name is Emma Smith and we would like to join your school”. I knew there was room at the school but didn’t know what would happen to their standing at their old school. Ethan knew he couldn’t go back to the school so a transfer was asked for. I knew they lived near the school but the school was set up to help troubled kids not just someone who wanted to go. Emma and Ethan’s names were taken and put in a book in case they did have any trouble at their current school.

As they walked out and drove off then we heard a loud crash. Outside two E-350 vans had the Smith’s car pined in between them and a wall. I knew it was bad but moved the van that would free them. As I got out Celeste’s father had her by the arm pulling her along only to be hit with a bat breaking his hold of her. She just wanted to go home after that and rest. Celeste’s father and step-mother were taken to jail and both being charged with a hate crime and other crimes nether of them would make bail. Even if they could they would try to get at her again. Knowing this they would be taken to separate state with a few states between then.

Things were heading faster than they were set to go. Celeste was to live with her aunt and uncle because her mom had signed the right forms. So Celeste can live with her aunt and uncle.
She loves her cousins just as much. Celeste knew her step-mother didn’t like people who are different than what she thinks is normal. The joke was on her because her normal isn’t normal at all. Different is normal and different is good. A family that shows love is a strong family. Celeste’s little brother and sister will need a new home to go to and be loved even more that they are now.
Emma and Ethan would have to live with their aunt and uncle in an upscale neighborhood.

Happy Teen Babies Part 8 Bad Boys to Good Girls

I went to Emma and Ethan’s school to look in on things a week later. Ethan was coming to the nurse’s office as I exited the main office. We said hello to each other then I looked at the paper I had in my hands. Ethan saw it and saw the names on it. That’s when he knew why I was at his school but not how long I’d be thee. He then hurried in to see the nurse. I then ran into Emma and a group of boys messing with her. A teacher stood to the side and did nothing to stop what was going on. I then got in the middle and caught what the boys were throwing back and forth. Looking at the teacher I showed him what it was and asked “did she have her brother with her when the two boys started messing with her? If so you are not going to like what’s going to happen to you soon. I then hand the diaper size case back to Emma and was about to walk her back to class when my felt a sharp pain in my knee. At the time they didn’t know the mistake they made but they soon would.

Emma stayed still looking on as the two boys and teacher laughed. That’s when I saw my window and grabbed one of the boy’s pants and pulled them down. He wasn’t wearing briefs or boxers but panties. He was wearing little girl panties with the Power Puff Girls on them. The other boy started to laugh harder and started to wet himself. The teacher started to laugh again and then slid down the wall to sit on the ground. The principal came along with the nurse to see why I went down. By that time the boy with his pants around his ankles started to wet himself as well. I pointed to the teacher and the two boys explaining what I saw and the attack on me. That’s when the nurse checked me over and then took the two boys to get cleaned up. Once that was done she dressed them in something more suitable for bad little boys. The two boys felt sick and ended up messing in their girly pink diapers. Nurse Fran thought about changing then but marched them back to class. She knew the plastic panties she put over their diapers that was under a dress that they had to wear the rest of the day and four more to finish out the week.

The story got around that they messed with Ethan first and then his sister. The two boys named Charlie and Kelly North both had to sit in class in messy diapers. Charlie and Kelly both had long hair so it was easy to put their hair up in pigtails. The pigtails were held with a special locking clip that requires a key that their mother would use at the end of the day. That was the least of their worries the teacher was nowhere to be seen until later that day. In nothing but a larger diaper that looks like the one Charlie and Kelly have on. The only thing was Charlie and Kelly couldn’t be changed until the teacher wet or messed his diaper. The teacher was lucky to only have the diaper on but couldn’t have his pants. He just had on his under shirt and a diaper. The principal was behind his punishment because she was his mother. While the nurse took care of the two boys as they were her two sons. Emma and Ethan were happy to see the sight but knew why Mr. Davis was there. It was to get dirt on the bad apples in the school. Unknown to the rest of the school a new dress code would go into effect next year. The school made a note that they would join the school to expand it to make things better. Emma, Ethan and Celeste would be allowed to go to the main school. While the rest of the kids could stay and follow the new rules or find another school to go to. The Happy Teen Baby School North was set to open next year. The North’s decide to adopt a girl. A girl that needs diapers twenty-four seven named Ginny. This might be what the boys need to respect kids that have to wear diapers everyday.

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