Christmas Love

It has been five years since my husband died fighting for our freedom. I have his flag in a glass case with all his ribbons and medals. I almost died two years ago but was saved by a teenage girl and her mother.

My name is Jewel Ann Roberts. I loved my husband Johnny James-Lynn Roberts Jr. I cried the day I found out he wouldn’t be coming home at all. (No body was found only ashes).

I spent the next three months days after the day in rehab getting clean. Hanna said she’d watch my boys for that time. The odd thing was that we lived a few blocks from each other.

Johnny III and Jamie asked to see me every day but the place I was in didn’t allow kids to visit. It upset them deeply and didn’t come out the room they where staying in at her house. The girls tried getting the boys to play games but nothing worked.

I said to Hanna make a video of me talking to the boys so you can play it for them and do the same so I can hear how they feel. It may be a long shot but it could work. So I started talking to my boys telling them how much I loved them and hoped to be home soon.

The next day I was shown a video of my boys or so I thought the kids in the video were my boys. When they said hi mommy we love you and blew kisses to me it melted my heart. What stood out was what they were wearing.

What I saw shocked me. I saw my boys in diapers with bibs around their necks. They sat on the floor playing with the girls being feed like babies.

Hanna said “they had been wetting the bed at night and had a few accidents during the day so to cut the loads of laundry she had no choice but to diaper them”. The odd part was her girls where also wearing diapers.

Hanna explained to me that her girls can’t tell when they have to go at all so it all made since to me then. If the diapers helped her girls then they would help my boys.

The day I got to go home was two weeks from Christmas and I got the shock of my life. Hanna just asked me to marry her. I cried trying to give her an answer. I gave a choked out yes hugging and kissing her for the first time ever.

I later found out Hanna had lost her husband in a robbery at his auto repair shop. She said “that was six years ago”. He was a veteran of the NAVY to where mine was ARMY. I knew how she felt losing someone so close to her.

On the way home I looked at the ring she placed on my finger. It was beautiful that I cried some more. She reached over and patted my leg saying I know how happy you are so let it all out.

We get to her house and her two and my two came running out. I thought a second when I saw four girls running out the door and said where are my boys. As I got out my two monsters stood in front of me looking like little angels. They just said hi mommy don’t we look pretty? I had to smile and say yes babies you do. Giving both of my boys hug and placing a hand on their diapered bottoms.

I told them I had something important to tell them. Hanna’s girls knew but kept it to themselves. Hanna had slept with me a few nights while she had a babysitter stay with the kids. The sitter found it odd that two 7 year old and two 6 year old kids still wore diapers 24-7 but did her job without any questions.

Hanna said girls sit down so Jewel can tell you something important and then I’ll say something. Starr and Angel sat down on the floor and Johnny III and Jamie laid their heads in their laps. I thought that was so cute and told my two to sit like their sisters. They sat upright and said yes mommy.

Jewel started to talk and said Mrs. Hanna asked me to marry her and I said yes. I’ll be honest with you I had a girlfriend in collage and we did things that little ones shouldn’t know about. Mrs. Hanna told me who that girl was and that she still loved me.

The thing was I had to drop out right after Christmas break do to a death in my family. Hanna told me she missed me and end up with Jax an all star from High School out west. She told me how you girls got your names. Jax had an angel on his back and a star on his left shoulder.

Hanna told me that Jax married her on the week of Christmas 8 years ago. I told her that Johnny Jr. and I did the same thing 7 years ago. Hanna then told me that you girls came 9 months later just like my boys.

Jewel asked Starr and Angel if you want me to be your second mom then I’ll be happy to have you as my girls. Hanna asked Johnny III and Jamie you want me to be your second mom then I’ll be happy to have you as my boys.

All four kids jumped up and hugged their second moms and then hugged their own moms. It was at that point they all knew what was coming and started crying happy tears. They all calmed down and set a date.

It was odd they said the day and it was the day they had married their husbands. It was fitting that the clerk at the court house didn’t bat an eye when they signed the forms and who signed as a witness for who was getting married.

Ten minutes later they stood in front of the judge and where married it was the first lesbian wedding the judge ever did and it wouldn’t be the last. We had a happy Christmas for the first time since our husbands where alive. My boys now live as girls for but said they want to be boys as well.

All four had matching Christmas Dresses and looked like prefect angels. We had my two boys standing between her two girls under the mistletoe. Then when my girly-boys kissing her girly-girls we had to laugh at the site then after the kiss they all giggled.



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