For Friends and Family Part 6

For Friends and Family Part 6 – Nichola Complete

For Friends and Family. Andy is looking for a new challenge, his current girlfriends sister has suffered a nervous break down, Andy is very similar in both size and looks, agrees to be changed into a Nichola look alike.
This is a dream for Andy who has a secret desire to live and work as a woman. In this chapter after getting his (her) teeth capped she now has the perfect smile also the hypnotic suggestions are working well. Meanwhile the real Nichola suffers another breakdown and Andy admits that he is enjoying his new life and also considers remaining a woman.

The day of my dental appointment arrived and I was to get crowns that would make my teeth more feminine, also I was to get my teeth whitened to get that ‘perfect smile’

My training was going well, my deportment lessons with Amy, who used to be my girlfriend in my previous life, but now I think of her as my sister and best girlfriend.
I think this was due to the power of hypnotic suggestion and, my immersion in my new female persona.

I was becoming Nichola my bruises had nearly disappeared and when I looked into the mirror all I saw was Nichola’s face and body.
Getting ready that morning, I looked into my wardrobe to decide what I was going to wear, as dentists have a habit of tipping you so far back on the chair my modesty would be severely compromised if I chose to wear a flowing skirt, so I chose pair of cream leather ultra tight trousers. I teamed this with a bronze angora sweater with a cowl neck, under this I had brown sports bra and matching panties my waist cinch knee high brown boots with a 3” block heel, matching handbag and a cream leather jacket that went with my jacket.

Amy was and Mum were dropping me off on their way to see Nichola, I would make my own way home after the work had been completed, which it was estimated would be a few hours.

I arrived at the orthodontist with a few minutes to spare, and was taken in for the first part of the treatment, the whitening of my own teeth to match the crowns, this while uncomfortable was quite painless, next was the fitting of the crowns to give me a feminine smile, this again was not painful but was very uncomfortable and quite a long procedure with frequent rests to let things set or dry, I must admit that by the end the dentist could have told me anything, I just wanted to get it over with.

Finally it was over, I thankfully sat upright and he handed me a mirror to see the results.
It was with some trepidation that I looked, as my mouth felt to be overflowing with teeth, the first thing I noticed was that my full lips looked more natural, very similar to Angelina Jolie’s lips which pleased me immensely then I smiled; which when I saw the results turned into a beaming smile.
I just couldn’t hold back, I burst into tears and sobbed; “Oh they are perfect, just perfect”. The dental nurse commented “they really suit your face shape, I don’t know but the seem to animate your facial features”.
I left the dentist to return home and spent the time going home, grinning like a total idiot I was so happy.

I got a taxi home, and when I got there the place was in turmoil it was a case of ‘I’ve been here before, when I entered the living room Amy and Mum were in tears, I hurried over to them asking whatever was the matter, fearing Nichola had done harm to herself.
Through the sobbing I discovered that she was regressed to about the age of a 10 year old, she wouldn’t answer to any other name than Sophie, but worse still she called Mum Aunty Elizabeth; Amy was now Aunty Amy and when she was shown a picture of herself she thought it was Aunty Nichola, and she wondered why Aunty Nichola had not visited her!

This was a severe blow to Mum and Amy, and to some extent to me, as it would seem I would be spending longer in my new feminine persona that we first thought. When I said blow, that was the wrong word for my reaction, while I was sad about Nichola, it did mean that I would be spending longer as Nichola; which didn’t worry me in the least, as in all truth I was truly enjoying my new female life.

I asked the obvious question “why Sophie” Mum thought for a moment then carefully answered “the only Sophie I can remember is a doll she used to love, Amy can you think of anyone else called Sophie?” Any thought for a while then replied; “no Mum no one, only that doll”.
I went and made some tea; this is the English way of sorting any problem out – a cup of tea. This time it was normal tea unlike the very sweet tea I had made at the start of all this! Mum commented “well at least you make decent tea as a girl not like that revolting stuff you tried to poison us with a couple of weeks ago.”

That feeble attempt at a joke relaxed us all and we sat and sipped our tea.
“Nichola” Mum exclaimed “Your teeth, let me see” I smiled for her and she said “they are perfect love, you look like Nichola’s identical twin” then tears started to flow as she was pulled suddenly back into a not so nice place, worrying about her natural daughter.

Amy looked at me and asked me “How do you feel about being Nichola for a bit longer that we first thought?”
“Amy” I blustered not really wanting to go there as I had a feeling Amy knew I was enjoying my new life. “Think positive, this could just be a small setback, Nichola will be her old self the next time you see her”.
Amy studied me then asked again “But if she isn’t her old self how would you feel?”

I was trapped I considered my options then decided that half-truths may be the best option. “Well seeing as you asked I’ll tell you! I am out of work, looking for a job that will challenge me – right?” Amy nodded at this I continued, “Nichola’s new job is challenging and I also think that doing this job as a woman – and an attractive woman at that will be certainly challenging”.
Amy grinned at this and commented; “You mean the ‘glass ceiling’ well sister you will certainly need balls to assert yourself” then as an after thought and with a giggle she finished “And you have!”

I giggled along with her then I continued “Whether I do this for a year or two years really it makes no difference what with all the work done on me if I do it for a longer period then we’ll get our money’s worth from all the surgery.”

Amy pressed me saying “But how would YOU feel” I could feel myself getting backed into a corner so I answered; “Honestly Amy, I just don’t know at the moment I am quite enjoying the challenge learning a new life as a girl also my new job will be challenging so I will have to see at the time”.

Amy was like a dog with a bone “What happens if you prefer being a woman?” “Amy” mum broke in “Leave Nicky alone you have no right to ask these things of her!”
“Mum, it’s ok, Amy has to know” I responded “Amy; I just don’t know and that’s the truth I really hope Nichola is ok in a year, because the longer I am fully immersed in Nichola’s life, I have a feeling it will be harder to return to my old life”.
There I’d said it, I went far further than I intended to but my feelings were out in the open.
Mum gasped saying “Oh you poor dear we must consider you that would he terrible if you loose your life as you know it. I’ll tell William we must stop this now!”

“No” I insisted, “I’ve gone through a lot over the past few weeks, I’ll get through it and if in the end I feel I cannot return to be a man then it’s my decision and this is the direction my life must take – I firmly believe in your life is written before you are put on this earth”.

This last statement shocked them both. I shrugged my shoulders and finished off by saying, “Look the two of you, this is how I honestly feel let’s continue as we are and forget we have had this discussion – please”.

We sat silently for a while, eventually Amy stirred and looked directly at me saying, “Ok Nicky thanks for being so honest with me I respect your decision and will abide by it – Mum?” She looked across at her mother.

Mum stirred, rose from where she was sat, came over and put her arms around me saying, “If you are completely and utterly certain then I will abide by your decision but only if you are 100% sure.” She looked me searching staring directly into my eye’s.
I stared back unflinchingly and replied “Mum I am totally and utterly committed to the future and whatever it may bring”

She hugged me and I could feel her tears wet on my cheek she quietly said, “you’re a good girl and if you do decide that you want to be a woman permanently William and I will do everything we can to help you.”
She sat back with a wan look on her face and continued, “It seems that I now have three daughters - three lovely daughters”.

I’ll phone William and shall we go for a meal tonight? Amy and I answered together “Oh yes, that’ll be great” we looked at each other and burst into fits of giggling. Amy managed to splutter and Nicky can forget all about her diet tonight! I gave a girly squeal and hugged Amy saying, “You’re the best sister a girl could have.”

Which said a lot on how far I had become immersed in my new persona.

Amy stood up and commanded me; “Come on Nicky, lets carry on you’ve done no deportment today – oh and Mum, tell Dad to make it a good restaurant because my sister and I are going to get glammed up”
Mum looked at her commented, “And I’m getting glammed up as well young lady I’m not past it yet.”

We just grinned as we left the room and yes after the traumatic events we had just undergone she did have me walking around with that bloody book on my head sitting down, and standing up, up and down stairs the works.

Mum popped in and told us to pack a bag each as we were going to the Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons in Great Milton - this was a restaurant owned by Raymond Blanc and was a two star Michelin restaurant as it was 15 miles away we would be staying the night and as there was only two rooms available we girls would be sharing!

Dad would be home in an hour and we would be setting off once he had showered, the table was booked for nine that evening so we could get ready there.
We were both very excited at this and immediately went to pack an overnight bag each.

I looked through my wardrobe and chose a mid green Charmeuse sheath satin cocktail dress, this had long sleeves which were elasticated at the wrist these were quire ruffled, it was figure hugging with a side zip, it was 3”above my knee so I decided to take a chance and wear stockings.
I hung my dress up, selected a pair of kitten heeled black satin shoes and a matching cocktail hand bag for a jacket I finally decided on a lace shawl as we would be inside all night.

I got my Louis Vuitton overnight bag and put the bra and panties I would be wearing tonight, a proper bra, not a sports bra and my black stockings. I put 4 spare pairs of panties in, a nightdress and gown.
Amy knocked and came in saying, “Have you decided what you’re wearing – Oh, that a gorgeous dress” she added as she saw the dress hanging there. “Anyhow sis” she continued can I put my underwear in your bag, cos mine’s in London?” “No Problems sis” if you’ll show me what I need to put in my vanity case.
Looking at what I was wearing she selected a load of make up, creams, moisturisers, perfume, body lotion, a selection of jewellery.
So we were both ready for going when Dad arrived home.
As we waited we listened to music sitting on my bed Amy looked uncomfortable so I came straight out and asked; “what’s the matter?”

Amy looked at me and said, “Thank you for being so honest down there – I just needed to know” I put my arms around her and we hugged. I sighed and murmured, “I’m sorry Amy, I really am, but we will just have to wait and see what happens in the future”.

She gave a weak smile saying “you have nothing to be sorry about, you’ve been honest with me – you know next week when you get your boobs done, shall we move to the Flat?”
I squeezed her and agreed that that would be a great idea. “Oh” she continued “I forgot Chloe phoned and if we are free next Tuesday she is going to get you some hair extensions done in London so we’ll be handy for that”.

Amy thought for a few minutes and finished with; “If you do decide that you want to remain a woman then I will honestly understand as you have embraced things with a gusto and on the up side, I will have you as my best girlfriend”
We hugged again and I felt tears in my eyes, Mum knocked on the door and said “Girls, Dad’s held up, we’ll take my car and meet him there I’m just going to pack him some things then we’ll be off”.
I answered this time “Ok Mum we’re nearly ready”.

We slipped off the bed and put our dresses into garment carriers, Amy commented, “I really love that dress, and I think it’ll look better with your slightly smaller bust measurements – Oh, don’t close the case yet I’ve forgot something” and with that she shot off to her room.

When she came back she was a bit furtive then she showed me the dildo, “Girls just wanna have fun” she grinned, as I stared at the lifelike dildo I licked my lips in anticipation.
Amy’s grin widened and she cracked, “Looks like my little sister is looking forward to some girl on girl action”. Was she ever right on that!

I slipped on my cream leather jacket and between us we picked up our dresses vanity cases, overnight bag and handbags and went down stairs to meet Mum.
I for one was relieved that things were out in the open and some sort of agreement had been reached.

The drive to the restaurant was about 15 minutes; this was spent mainly in silence each of us immersed in our own thoughts.
When we arrived it was a beautiful old fashioned type manor house, we got our luggage from the car for it to be taken off us by a couple of guys in a uniform, Amy whispered, “Are they cute or what sis” I was a bit taken aback, “Err Umm, yes I suppose so” I managed to stammer.

Amy tucked her arm in mine and murmured, “Nicky, relax, admire the men as a woman would, don’t worry now all I see and think when I look at you is - Nichola, and you better believe it girl when we get to London we are going clubbing so get used to being hit on and being chatted up by cute guys.
Believe me girl the two of us will be hit on all the time as not to be too modest about it we’re hot”.

I was both excited and shaken by this and looked at the two guys carrying our bags, the one on the left really bad a cute bum and looked fit.
I said as much to Amy and she commented, “Good cos I fancy the one on the right let’s flirt an bit - follow my lead”
She caught up with the guy’s and started chatting to the one she fancied his name was Guy; I followed but before I could talk I caught my heel and stumbled the one I fancied managed to catch me and stop me falling! Much to my amazement I shamelessly flirted feeling his muscles and fluttering my eyes at him in hero worship his name was Carl.
All too soon we reached the reception desk and I reluctantly let go of Carls arm. (I had grabbed it when I stumbled and forgot to let go!)

These two hunky guys took our bags upstairs Guy showed Mum to her room and Carl took Amy and I to our room we opened the door and he took our bags inside.
Amy went to her purse to give them both a tip. Guy arrived back and said “don’t tip us girls, but your phone numbers would be nice – and a date?” Amy thought for a Nano second and pertly said, “No phone numbers but meet us on Saturday night at the St Aldates’ Tavern on St Aldate’s seven o’clock - ok?” they looked at each other and in unison answered, “Ok”.

Then Amy shocked me by putting her arm around Guy’s neck and giving him a kiss I thought I had better follow so I slid my arm around Carls neck and our lips met I felt his hand stroke my bum as I broke away, “See you on Saturday” I huskily told him my slightly husky voice sounded to my ears to be full of passion.

I was shaken to the core, that was the first time in 5 years that I had kissed a man felt a man’s stubble against my face and I actually loved the feeling it evoked in me!
As they closed the door, Amy looked at me and said, “Call that flirting girl you practically raped the poor guy” Hurt I answered, “But you said to flirt so I did” Amy giggled and through her laughter managed to say, “Well Nichola, you don’t need any lessons in flirting but lessons in keeping your knickers on and not getting pregnant would be useful”. “AMY” I spluttered.
Our banter was stopped by a knocking on the door, I looked through the spy hole and Mum was there, I opened the door and she came in commenting; “I didn’t think I had reared two floozies!”
“Mum” Amy said in a shocked voice “I was only training Nicky in the art of flirting” “Art of flirting” mum shot back, “From what I saw she doesn’t need any training she was doing well by herself!”
I just stood there open mouthed, “B, b,b,but” I tried to say something when mum couldn’t hold herself any longer and collapsed in fits of giggling, joined by Amy while I just stood there looking daft.

Mum managed to collect herself and still giggling said; “Oh sweetheart, you were wonderful, you had him eating out of your hand he was like a little puppy dog”
I must have looked ashamed because she became serious and told me; “Nicky, attractive women have a tremendous power over men, Amy has learned this all her life, you sweetheart have to learn this very quickly – and you young lady” she said glaring at Amy “have to teach her properly, or else she will get hurt”.

Amy looked abashed and contritely murmured “Yes mum, sorry mum, it’s just that they were quite dishy”.
Mum grinned and said “I did notice, I’m not that old but you two were busy throwing yourselves at them.
Anyhow dad will be here in an hour we’ll see you down in the bar about eight – OK”
“Ok mum” we chorused as she closed the door. I went over and put the safety chain on the door as Amy said “right girl, lets get ready” so I went to run a large, hot and very bubbly scented bath while Amy unpacked our dresses and clothes, she stroked my Charmeuse dress saying, “This is really beautiful Nicky, you made a good choice”.

I looked at the very lustrous shine of my dress and secretly agreed with her.
We stripped down to our bra and panties looking in the mirror you couldn’t tell which one of us was the natural born girl the only difference was that I had slight bruises each side of my breasts where the saline was injected.

We stripped off completely and Amy put her arm around me saying, “Let’s compare bodies sis”.
We walked over to the full-length mirror and looked staring back were two very attractive young women I gasped and stammered; “God Amy you are beautiful”. Amy snorted “I’m beautiful! Just look at yourself girl, you are stunning, with your long glowing hair perfectly oval face, cute little nose (looks like Kate Middleton’s) those almond shaped green eyes and your lips well they are amazing - Angelina Jolie springs to mind; you girl are stunning”

I slipped my arm around her waist, kissed her on the cheek, telling her, “Mine’s done by surgery yours is perfectly natural and naturally perfect: You are gorgeous”.
She continued to study our reflection and kissed me on the lips, which I responded to immediately. She softly said, “We are going to make a formidable pair of sisters when we unleash ourselves on London”
With that we walked into the bathroom.

After removing our make-up we slipped into the bath and washed each other. It was OH so sensual, washing Amy’s body, teasing he breasts quite forgetting that she could do the same for me and knowing Amy she would as her breathing had become ragged and she was a bit flushed.

Then she started washing my body. And yes my breathing became equally ragged as she paid very special attention to my breasts and nipples I had never realised that my nipples were all that sensitive; yes I had thought them sensitive when I had played with them but Amy took this to a whole new level, much to my amazement my nipples became twice their size and soon she had me moaning in pleasure when she finally stopped I gave a little mewl of displeasure she gently kissed me on the lips whispering, “Later beautiful, later”.

We dried ourselves checked for unwanted hair then used scented body lotion to soften our already soft skin.
Amy commented that my skin was coming along very well nice, soft and very feminine.
We tidied up each others eye brows so they were the perfect feminine shape to go with our eyes Amy being blond and blue eyed eyebrows were gently arched, to emphasise her eyes, my almond shaped eyes had a slightly different shaped eyebrow still in an arch but thicker near my nose, arching and tapering towards the edge of my face.

We were still stark naked, but entering the bedroom we put on the scraps of material we called underwear.

Under my green silk dress I was wearing a black little Simon Perele balcony Bra matching thong and waist cinch, as my dress was about 3” above my knee I risked sheer black stockings with a back seam.
Amy’s dress was a classic mini LBD an ‘A’ line one shoulder satin mini dress it had a natural waist with ruffles/flowers around the hem, built in bra it would suit her colouring well – and it was shorter than mine.
So not needing a bra Amy slipped n a sating lacy thong, a pair of barely black tights.

We sat together doing our make-up after foundation (not much of that as we had good skin) setting with a light dusting of powder blusher to emphasise our high cheekbones then dramatic evening style eye make-up.
My eyes in different shades of greens false eyelashes, attached followed by dramatic eyeliner.
Amy, wearing black contrasted with her eyes in shades of russet, smoky and sultry.
Finally our lips, being fair Amy used a frosted plum colour me having a slightly darker complexion used autumn berry lipstick 4 coats topped off with lip gloss. As we stood back from the mirror we were a mans wet dream in a past time I would have lusted after either of us now I felt totally different and was satisfied with the look I had created.

We slipped into our dresses, as I zipped up the side zip I felt the dress tighten on my body across my hips, gently cradling my breasts it felt so good to be wearing a proper bra rather than the sports bra I should be wearing.

We slipped on our shoes, mine black satin kitten heeled matching satin cocktail bag, with the essentials in it, lipstick, eye shadow, mascara, lip-gloss and perfume.
A quick spray of perfume and we headed downstairs, it was a testament on how much I had progressed over the last couple of weeks, I was so comfortable so much at ease yes I worried about my decision to wear stockings – but it was too late now.

We found our way to the bar to await mum and dad JOY of JOY not only were those two hunky guys bellhops, they were also barmen!!!!!
I caught Amy’s eye and she licked her lips in a lewd manner the way we looked we would knock the pair of them dead.
As we approached the bar Carl spied us and I saw him nudge Guy, we both played it cool and asked for a white wine spritzer each. I was pretending not to stare at Carl’s gorgeous body similarly he was devouring me.
We sat at the bar and flirted outrageously with them Amy nudged me as she spied mum and dad approaching the bar.
We told the lads we would see them on Saturday night blew them a kiss and went and sat down at a table to meet our parents. (It was funny how I thought of them as my parents, with the hypnotic suggestion and the fact that they referred to me as their daughter and she helped me immensely)

Mum sat down and commented to the two of us and of course dad; “I see our daughters have been amusing themselves with the local eye candy”. Dad missed the point and answered, “Pardon Elizabeth” mum sighed and enlightened him, “The girls fancy those two hunks behind the bar dear,” I protested; “We don’t mum, we were just talking”.
Mum simply gave the two of us an old fashioned look.
Dad ordered some drinks and the menu’s arrived we spent a while perusing them ordered supper, then dad ordered the wine and we sat there chatting.

Dad cleared his throat and started “Elizabeth has been telling me about Nichola and the conversation you all had this afternoon, but I really have to ask you if you are certain about what you are going to do?”

I looked at him steadily and replied “Dad, I’m absolutely certain, 1000% certain”
Amy chipped in “Just look at her dad, she is Nichola’s twin – or Sophie’s twin as she demands to be called”.
Dad nodded and addressed me again; “It’s true, you’ve made a beautiful young woman, Elizabeth also told me what you discussed about and I will promise you that if you want to remain a woman then I know the best surgeons in the field and will move heaven and earth for you to achieve your ambition. Similarly if you want to change back I will help you all I can to achieve that also”.

I took hold of his hands and with tears in my eyes thanked him from the bottom of my heart, Amy quipped “Don’t make her cry dad, it took ages to get her make-up right”. I quipped back, “It’s waterproof mascara clever cow!”

“Dad held up his hands “girls, girls ok, fine I’ll stop discussing this now, but you know the offer is there” then he said to mum, “My god, it’s just like normal, these two sniping at each other, when they move in together it’ll be a war zone!”

Amy glanced at me I nodded so she said; “Talking about London once Nicky has her boobs done on Monday we are thinking of moving into the apartment then Mum has one more thing less to worry about”.

Mum looked at us both a bit sadly and asked, “Are you both certain?” We nodded “Well if your minds are made up. It will give me more time to devote to Nichola”.

Just then the entrée arrived and we devoted out attention to the wonderful food coupled with the scintillating conversation dad really surprised me as this was the first time I really had seen him socially and he was excellent company full of anecdotes and stories.

The meal passed all too quickly and after coffee in the lounge (being eyed up by the two guys all the time) we all went to bed we said goodnight to Mum and Dad at the door of our room.

I opened the door and Amy followed me in, she put the night chain on the door walked over to me put her hands around my waist and gently pulled me towards her.
I slipped my arms around her neck and we kissed our breasts gently rubbing together she kissed around my jaw and nibbled my ear I moaned in bliss Amy whispered “God Nicky, you look gorgeous I’ve been imagining this all evening, I’m so wet from just looking at you”.
Lost in passion I moaned, “So am I! I’m soaking, you look delicious”. And with that we kissed passionately tongues entwining.

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