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Lend Me Your Ears

Imagine that you are enjoying a warm summer afternoon on your back porch. Your mother is at work and your father is out of the picture. Your best friend, Aimee, has left town on a plane to visit relatives and your mutual best friend, Kim, has gone to an isolated, disconnected cabin with her family and wont be back for three weeks. Aimee calls while waiting at Baggage Claim and clearly has something on her mind that's bothering her. You offer to talk to her, but she tells you that it's girl talk and she wishes that she could talk to Kim. What do you do?

Found out something about myself while researching for a story.


So I was researching some of the modern terms coined by the asexual community because one of my characters has only desired our protagonist. I was reading the definition of demisexual, meaning that you only desire sex with someone you're in love with. Now, many people would only have sex with someone they feel an emotional connection to, but the desire is there. Not so for demisexuals. I spotted a link for a quiz. Realizing that this term seems to describe me, I took the quiz. It tells me that I am demisexual! So I'm not just a prude after all!

You learn something new everyday!

Skirting Disaster

Kelly is a month into her freshmen year of high school. He and his friends, Alexis and Sarah, have just finished the first round of tests of the semester and they decide to relax on a Saturday evening. Alexis invites them over for a game of Truth or Dare, along with their new friend Megan, who Kelly wants to ask out. However, Alexis also invites over the two guys that she and Sarah have been dating. Those two guys reject Truth or Dare and insist, instead, that everyone must accept one dare. What will Kelly have to do? Will he ask Megan out? Will she accept? Most importantly, will Kelly survive the night?

Lindsay's Cosmic Outing

Lindsay’s Cosmic Outing

Chapter 1 – Saturday, October 4, 1986

How am I going to do this? Chris wondered as he glanced around the party full of thirteen- and fourteen-year-olds. A dozen tables stood along one side of an enormous, brick driveway and balloons hung from the stately, brick Edwardian house on one side. The remainder of the driveway served as a dance floor. His eyes roamed amongst the girls, admiring their clothes as much or more than anything else.

Up in the Air


Many transgender people find themselves in the position of meeting someone they're interested in during their transition - or they wonder what they would do if it happened to them. Dana has exactly that happen! She is just beginning the process of transitioning from male to female when her life takes an interesting turn on an airplane. Will she crash and burn or will her love life take flight?

Budding Lilli Part 4

Kyle has purged and is trying to be "normal" - only to find it impossible. After two years of misery, his sister Christine dares him to put on their sister Taryn's dress. Can he resist? What happens to Kyle - and what does his mischievous sister have in store for him?

This time: How will Mom react? What will happen to Lilli?

About Budding Lilli

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Hi everyone!

I just wanted to let you know that Budding Lilli is finished and I just need to find a moment to upload the rest. It should be up in a day or two. Real life got in the way - in this case, real life meaning I wrote another short story (which will also be up soon) and a new song!

Sometimes, life is good!


Budding Lilli Part 3

Kyle has purged and is trying to be "normal" - only to find it impossible. After two years of misery, his sister Christine dares him to put on their sister Taryn's dress. Can he resist? What happens to Kyle - and what does his mischievous sister have in store for him?

This time: What will Lilli do about Mira, the girl she loves?

Budding Lilli Part 2

Kyle has purged and is trying to be "normal" - only to find it impossible. After two years of misery, his sister Christine dares him to put on their sister Taryn's dress. Can he resist (please stop laughing)? What happens to Kyle - and what does his mischievous sister have in store for him?

This time: Just how devious is Christine?

Budding Lilli Part 1

Kyle has purged and is trying to be "normal" - only to find it impossible. After two years of misery, his sister Christine dares him to put on their sister Taryn's dress. Can he resist (please stop laughing)? What happens to Kyle - and what does his mischievous sister have in store for him?

An ancient Egyptian mummy of a boy dressed as a girl!!!

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Hi all!

I just stumbled on an article in The Daily Mail about an ancient Egyptian mummy that turns out to be a boy dressed as a girl! No fooling! It just goes to show you that we've been around forever!

Read here about the mummy of a boy dressed as a girl!

(Mona Lisa)

The Demon (Inspired by "The Raven" by Edgar Allen Poe)


Once upon a midnight dreary, while I brooded weak and weary
Some demonic cloud the likes of which I’d never seen before
All at once took shape before me, making all my soul implore me
“Flee this evil dark and stormy, quit the room, go out the door!”
Yet it moved so that I could not leave the room, or reach the door
I could but stare and nothing more

A Way I Hadn't Thought to Look at Things But Should Have

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Another entry so soon!

I've been thinking about how "he" was not only a facade - and I am speaking only for myself on that - because "he" had a presence in this world, an influence, a purpose. "He" was still never the real me, of course, make no mistake there. However, there was a reason for "him" to exist. There were things "he" did that affected other people, like songs "he" wrote and stories "he" wrote and things "he" did. "He" had a very real and very valuable purpose in this world.

And thank God that's over with. lol

A Ritual: Goodbye and Hello

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So, it was suggested to me that I do some kind of ritual for letting go of the old (male) me and embracing the new (female) me because I said I'd not done that, I'd just kind of moved on. I thought about it and decided it might be a good thing to do. So, on Monday I came up with something and went out and did it.

Lasting Love

Lasting Love
by MonaLisa

A strong desire to find the one
To set the moon and raise the sun
A wish to all the powers above
A dream of finding lasting love

A heart so full of deep chagrin
A melancholy tale to spin
A wish to all the powers above
A dream of finding lasting love

A latent hope so very deep
A drowsy prayer and restless sleep
A wish to all the powers above
A dream of finding lasting love

Plague of Night

Plague of Night
By MonaLisa

Plague of night so blights the soul
And weighs upon the weary mind
Stars in moonless skies remind
Of boundless void that swallows whole

Sparkling, shining starlight seems
So far away and out of reach
The soul is left but to beseech
The fates to grant her fervent dreams

The faithful soul does ever sing
Her lonesome serenade reprise
Yearning for the sun to rise
And dawn's sweet light and warmth to bring


I think I'm slipping.

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Well, this has got to be a giant red flag.

I remember reading somewhere that the human heartbeat cycle has a weakness such that if the heart receives a blow at just the wrong instant in the cycle it will stop beating.

Well, I spent a solid five minutes hitting my own chest trying to make my heart stop beating.

At church tonight, someone mentioned she and her partner were celebrating their second wedding anniversary and... god damn it... I just... couldn't help being reminded of what I am no longer able to even believe I will ever have.

Well... I just lost completely lost hope of ever finding romance.

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So I met this girl at church, right? Well, goddamn it... once again I thought was seeing favorable signs of romantic interest and once again I could not have been more wrong. It appears that I have no ability whatsoever to determine if a girl is interested in me or not.

Alas, this has happened to me one too many times. Now, even if a girl is interested in me, I don't think I'll be able to believe it. I don't know how to trust in that anymore. I don't know what means what.

I am completely clueless. And that's that. I give up, completely, totally and utterly. I give up.

A Purge of Emotion

A Purge of Emotion

This story is dark because I am having thoughts of ending my own life. I am hoping that by doing so symbolically here, I might avoid doing so in actuality, in the nearest garage. Please bear with me, and if you feel so inclined… please pray for me. At this point, I really don’t want to live anymore. Normally I welcome all comments, but in this case… whatever you do, please, if you feel inclined to comment, please leave only kind words. I assure you that I am painfully aware of my shortcomings because I have been cut too many times by people rudely pointing them out to possibly be unaware of them. If you feel the urge to reprimand perhaps parts of my attitude or my beliefs, then please know that your words will most certainly cause a great deal of harm — of a magnitude that neither you nor I can predict right now - and will be of absolutely no help whatsoever. Thank you for your consideration.

When Will This Loneliness End?

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It is late at night, late enough to be early. I sit alone in my easy chair, stormed by stillness, deafened by quiet and flooded with emptiness. The inexorable march of time is measured by a clock ticking off seconds and the beat of my run-down heart.

The Presence of Other

The Presence Of Other
By MonaLisa

Lily knew that her backdoor was the entrance to a completely different life — or at least it would be the moment she stepped through it. The only problem was that she didn’t know whether the difference would be wonderful or disastrous. All she knew was that something had to give. She had been keeping a secret from her family and she was literally wasting away inside.

One Christmas Eve


Kris has been struggling with gender confusion. On Christmas Eve, in the midst of a party full of girls in holiday finery, his sister offers to dress him up to see if it will help him to understand things better. He agrees to give it a try, and his world comes crashing down around him. He needs a miracle.
Will he get one?

One Christmas Eve

by Mona Lisa

Copyright © 2009 by Mona Lisa

Kerry, Libbi and Lynzie


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----------=BigCloset Retro Classic!=----------

A girl can only stay locked in a closet so long.

Kerry, Libbi and Lynzie

by Mona Lisa

The Valley of the Shadow of Death

The Valley of
The Shadow of Death

by Monalisa

In the dark of the night, surrounded by the silence of his empty house, he began the preparations to end his sixteen years of suffering. He had chosen to carry out his plans on Halloween night. His mother was away on business until the next day, his sister was out all night with her friends, and Halloween made it possible to implement a critical component of his plans.

Hope in the Storm

Karen watched the rain pelt the living room window, transfixed by the embodiment of her torment in the wrath of the storm. Lightning split the charcoal sky and the house trembled with an almighty thunderclap.

Hope in the Storm
by Monalisa

A French Twist

A French Twist

Mom went back for her own plate and we started in. Before long, she sat down, smiling at us mischievously.

“I have great news!”

“What’s that, Mom?” Carly playfully challenged her through a mouthful of garlic bread.

“We’re going to Paris for the last two weeks of July!”

Mom clapped her hands together and beamed across the table. Carly and I went silent. I stared at Mom as I digested the news, my fork frozen on its way to my mouth.

“Well, don’t all cheer at once!” She gibed, as her furrowing brow betrayed a taint of hurt.

She Need But Breathe

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She Need But Breathe

A lonesome woman on her own
A different path to walk alone
A living hope she wants to own
Before her heart becomes a stone

Yet hope is as a breeze of air
That gently strokes her snarled hair
And while she may be worse for wear
She need but breathe to find it there

-- Lisa Maren Stein

I Carry On

I Carry On

I look out the window, my forehead leaning against the cold glass, trying to see her. I let out a deep, troubled sigh as I search for her. She’s got to be out there somewhere, but how in the hell am I supposed to find her?

I ponder going out there after her, searching for her, never resting until I find her… but I know that I can not. Four weeks after my surgery, the flesh is most definitely too weak no matter how willing the spirit.

Forever Friends

It was amazing how one simple question could bring back so many memories. Some of those memories were heartwarming and others were frightening, but they all came rushing back when Ricki innocently asked that one simple question.

"So, Letti, how did you and Meg meet?"

Hi everyone!l

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Just a quick update on my story writing goings-on. I am working on a story for the All Souls Day Contest and I'm hoping to have it up within the week. After that, I have some older stories I wrote a little while back and I'm thinking of posting those -- unless a new idea creeps into my head, and that does happen!


The Trouble With Kacey

The Trouble With Kacey

The trouble was that Kacey was innocent — and the girls refused to believe him! Even Carly didn’t believe him — and she was his sister! Carly and Kacey’s mutual friends, Sarah and Maren, were furious. Never mind that Ned and Tom, their other so-called friends, were the true culprits. The girls believed that Kacey was to blame!

Ned and Tom always had been mischievous, especially Ned. They enjoyed playing obnoxious but harmless jokes on people. Normally, they did such things as putting food dye or salt in someone’s drink or loosening the top of a salt shaker so all the salt would dump onto the plate of the poor sap who picked it up. This time, however they had gone too far — and Kacey was on the hook for it!

Kerry, Libbi and Lynzie Part 2

“Oh, honest to God, Mom! No!”

“Whose black suitcase is that on your bedroom floor with the boys’ briefs peeking out of it?”

Lynzie’s face went white.

“I thought so. You two are busted.”

Kerry, Libbi and Lynzie
Part 2

by Mona Lisa

Moving On - Part 1

Katie was not in a great mood that night. Her mother had just divorced her father and they had moved across the country to be closer to her mother’s family. They had stayed in a noisy hotel until the day before the movers were expected to arrive at the new house because they decided to travel by airplane while their belongings made the journey in a mover’s truck. When they stepped off of the plane and went to baggage claim, Katie’s suitcase was nowhere to be found. On top of that, when the movers delivered their belongings, it was discovered that Katie’s clothes were missing. To add insult to injury, they’d spent her twelfth birthday on the plane.

Kerry, Libbi and Lynzie Part 1

“Hey Kerry?”


“Could I dress you as a girl sometime?”

“I would love it if you would... although... I would be kind of nervous to do it around here, at least for now.”

They had Sydney’s and Trish’s attention. Melanie gently put one hand on Kerry’s shoulder.

“I hear you loud and clear. Why don’t we set it up so that you three can hang out at my place for a weekend?”

Kerry, Libbi and Lynzie
Part 1

by Mona Lisa

Note to Kenny

“What the hell...?”

He knew that he hadn’t seen that piece of paper before, and it hadn’t been in his locker when he closed it up the previous afternoon. Someone had shoved it between the venting slats after he left the previous day or before he arrived that morning.

Devyn's Favor

Devyn’s Favor

What a night that was! Devyn was thirteen years old and living in a sparsely inhabited suburban area with his parents and his sister. He had four good friends who lived in the area. Kieran and Caitlin, fraternal twin sisters, lived a short distance down the street from him. Madeline lived fifty yards further down the street at the corner of a road that went up a steep hill for a few hundred yards. Tina lived at the top of that same steep road on the same side of the street as Madeline. Tina could actually see Madeline's bedroom window -- and vice versa. They were too far away to really see each other, but sometimes they would sit at their windows while they chatted on their cell phones.

It was Tina's birthday and she invited the four of them over to her house for a sleepover party. Tina was fond of getting dressed up and each year she used her birthday party -- among other things -- as an excuse to get dressed up. This party would be no different -- or would it?

Wrong Number Part 7


Rorie was released from the hospital seven days after she was admitted. She thanked Dr. Goldberg for everything he had done and her mother, Tara and Keri escorted her home. She stayed in bed at home for another two weeks while her body finished repairing itself. Keri visited Rorie more at her home than she was allowed to at the hospital and helped out with everything from bringing her meals to changing the sheets on the bed once or twice and helping her with her makeup. When Keri began doing Rorie's makeup at the hospital, she decided that she should teach Rorie how to use makeup, and it became a regular part of time together. During Rorie's home convalescence, she and Keri began to discuss making their third date happen.

During the next two weeks, Rorie could get up out of bed, but she would tire very quickly, and their third date would have to wait a while longer.

Six weeks after the accident, Rorie and Keri finally got a chance to have their third date — alone. They arranged to have their third date at Rorie’s home at a time when Rorie’s mother would not be there. She was attending the retirement party of a coworker one Friday night and Rorie chose exactly that Friday for her date with Keri. She coaxed Tara to make plans elsewhere with her friends and Tara, with a wry smile on her face, agreed to be out of the house.

Wrong Number Part 6

PART 6: Healing Wounds

Keri gently squeezed Kelly’s hand to let Kelly know she was there.

“Kelly? Are you waking up?”

Keri's eyes began to water and Kelly’s mother sat up and took notice.

“Kelly, baby? I’m right here, honey.”

Kelly’s eyes opened a few millimeters and her eyes slowly moved from one side to the other. Kelly smiled weakly at her mother and looked over to see who was holding her hand. When she saw Keri, she smiled and tried to speak.

“Keri,” she managed to rasp. “You’re here.”

Wrong Number Part 5

Part 5: Turn for the Worst

“Sharon, nobody’s home! Shit, I have to talk to her! Let me try to call her one more time.”

Keri sat down in the car, pulled out her cellphone and dialed my number. This time somebody answered -- somebody who had clearly been crying.

“H-hello, um, this is Kelly’s phone.”
“Hi, this is Keri calling. I really need to talk to her. Is she there?”

The voice began to cry again.

“Keri, this is Tara, Kelly’s sister. Kelly had a terrible accident.”

Wrong Number Part 4

PART 4: Third Time Is A... Complete Disaster

It was only natural that Keri and Kelly arranged for a third date before they parted company —- right after another thoroughly intoxicating round of kisses. This time, it was to be the two of them alone! Kelly was so excited to finally be with the love of his life all alone without that damn Chloe interrupting the best moments. Chloe was a great friend and they got along famously, but her patience could be a tad thin at times. Kelly couldn’t wait to finally be able to let love take its course uninterrupted. What was it that Kelly had said during the second date, something about being a dreaming airhead? Yeah, that was it!

Kelly dressed as a girl again before Keri arrived. Kelly had realized, the previous night, that Keri had seen Kelly-the-girl but never Kelly-the-boy. It was going so well and he didn’t want to risk any problems (irony of ironies). He had gone shopping and bought himself a cute, soft dark purple corduroy jumper with a pale lavender long-sleeve shirt to go under it. He already had a pair of white tights he could wear with it.

She arrived right on time and Kelly greeted her with a long, warm hug at the door. Kelly hadn’t put his make up on —- though he was otherwise ready —- so he led her up to his room. All of a sudden, everything went horribly wrong. When Keri saw his room, she stopped dead in her tracks and her smile faltered.

“Are you all right? What’s the matter?”

She was very flustered and Kelly could tell that she was about to cry.

Wrong Number Part 3

PART 3: Second Date

On the night of our first date, my sister Tara was playfully teasing me about my newfound romance while I dialed Keri's number on my cellphone. She giggled at me while I began talking with Keri. Keri and I had a really nice talk reminiscing on our first date and revealing everything about what we had feared going into it. At the end of the chat, we agreed to meet again at the same mall.

Our second date was a double-date with Chloe and her boyfriend. Keri and I were not worried about each other anymore by that point, but sometimes you had to do one more little thing to make your inner worry-wart shut the hell up. I was more than happy to make it a double-date. I would have done anything to see Keri again!

I showed up at the mall again dressed as a girl. This time, as a twist of irony, I wore an outfit nearly identical to the one Keri had described herself wearing during our first, fateful phone call. I had on a dark lavender top, denim skirt with frayed hem, and black tights. I wanted it to be my way of saying that the magic was still alive and well —- or that I wanted it to be, anyway.

Wrong Number Part 2

PART 2: The Mall

The big day had finally arrived. I checked my outfit in the mirror. I looked very nice in the floral shirt and denim skirt. I had managed to run my hair through my straightening iron to make it look extra-special. I had done my makeup beautifully. I had decided I wanted to look as good as possible so that I could blend in with the crowd if need be. I felt good enough about my appearance but I stood before my mirror, looking myself in the eyes and trying to figure out what in the hell I was thinking.

Keri dressed herself in a lavender corduroy skirt and a matching, long-sleeve cotton top. She had debated herself over whether to wear hose. Pantyhose would be too alluring if I did turn out to be a psycho. Ironically, going bare-legged posed the same problem: there would be too much skin exposed and this would only draw a pervert all the more. She decided she’d better wear a pair of opaque tights. She picked out a pair of white ones and slipped them on. She stood before her mirror and tried to think of what she would say when she met this stranger named Kelly.

* * * * *


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