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Sweet Dreams

After hearing a noise, a young woman goes to check on her sleeping daughter. While doing so, she drifts back over her life and the divine intervention that made her current life possible.

Bikini Beach: Invasion From Space


The mighty Eyshvac, conquorers of 40 star systems, stand poised to attack the Earth. All that stands between them and certain victory is a certain water park. The Eyshvak don't have a chance.

The Tale of the Rebel Chieftain

The Tale of The Rebel Chieftain
By Ellie Dauber (c)) 1999

Hear, o most noble friend, of the tale of the Jafar, the rebel chieftain, and of the wisdom of the Sultan, Amahl, who ended that rebellion in a manner strange and magical; pleasantly and with but the littlest shedding of blood.

All Alone in the Night


She was just another lurker from Downbelow, but on the day she snatched Ambassador Mollari's purse, everything started to change. Just how profoundly they would change nobody could forsee.

Mother Raven


Lowrie knocks a raven's nest out of a tree as a youth crushing young eggs- now in college, he finds out that the mother of those young ravens still holds her grudge...

Thanks to Pip for the awesome artwork!

The Wardrobe


This is the story of a middle-aged man who's been fighting the voices in his head telling him he's really a girl, and what he does when he hears a new . . . yet strangely familiar voice. This story is loosely based on the Chronicals of Narnia. It's intended to stand alone, although I may add to it some time after I finish writing Bobby's Rainy Day Adventure.

My Brother Was a Cosplay Cutie


Last week this was my brother! He really outsmarted himself. Yes he got to miss school with me all right in fact he got to be just like me for four whole days. The problem for him was that I am his sister and unlike him I love being a Cosplay cutie!

Another BigCloset TopShelf story.

Stark: Due Process


In a break from tradition, Stark lets the law take down her target -- but when it comes to cruel and unusual punishment, Stark is the judge and jury. In her court, you have the right to remain silent ... but she'd really prefer it if you'd scream.

Irresistible Impulse - Premium


What if they sold in back alleys a techno-elixir that could change your life, temporarily? Give you the opportunity to try out being someone other than who you have been all your life? Who could resist?

This is a premium story offered by Emma Smith to encourage donations to BigCloset. If you want to find out how to donate and download the story, click read more. There's also a sample of the story below the instructions. - Erin

BotC: -5b.1- Just Whose Closet is it Anyway? Part 2 - The Twin Dilemma

Just Who’s Closet is it Anyway? Part 2 — The Twin Dilemma

The strange closet machine continued it’s humming, the device in the center of the control consol rising and falling hypnotically. Danny reviewed his predicament calmly and out loud.

BotC: -4b.1- Just Whose Closet is it Anyway?

Danny Sweet finished his quick shower and dried himself off, spending extra time on his thick long hair, well long for a boy anyway. He was feeling much better except for his odd vision problem with mirrors. Danny read a lot and was particularly fond of fantasy and science fiction.

The REAL Story of Little Red Riding Hood


Have you ever wondered:
- how Little Red Riding Hood mistook a wolf for her grandmother?
- what the Woodsman was doing hanging around Grandma's cottage?
- why the Wolf was REALLY wearing Grandma's clothes?
Read on and find out!

The Valentines Day Mistake


The Ancient Gods of the Romans are not to be screwed with. Venus takes a mortal lover and makes another god jealous. Whom do you think winds up with the short end of that stick?

Lost Luggage

Synopsis: Disillusioned with his life and job, Eric Pierpont determines that he will find a new career. But is he prepared for the path that an apparent mix up at the airport launches him down?


By Breanna Ramsey

Two Roads

Two Roads

by Kristine Roland

Kevin is celebrating his 50th anniversary and is contemplating his life choices.
Note that although the theme of this story is about crossdressing/transgender issues, no transformations occur in the story.

The Girl Friend


Ron and Lois were a cute couple. But Ron had a secret. At least, he thought he had a secret.

Ah, if only reality could be as sweet as fantasy!


The Girl Friend
Valentina Michelle Smith

People always said that Lois and Ron Cooper made a cute couple. That's because it was obvious that the two of them were deeply in love.

Making up the Numbers


Even in a mysterious machine-run city in the far future getting a table at a good restaurant is still difficult. We need you to make up the numbers. Please don't come as you are! It would be a real social faux-pas as we don't want to end up with three guys and one girl. Nobody can leave the city anyway so we might as well have some fun. I heard people are dying outside but it's only a rumour ...

The Celestial Placement Agency


Warning: when you join an ideological cause, make sure you are on the right side.
This is one of those stories that wrote itself. It is my own cathartic reaction to the terrorist actions that have been occuring lately.

Cosmic Charlie's Kitten Tale


The story of an exceptional cat who meets an exceptional little girl.


Cosmic Charlie's Kitten Tale
Valentina Michelle Smith

In a four-story brownstone building just down the street from Bob Arnold's Cyber Cafe, there lived a cat named Cosmic Charlie, who understood the true nature of the universe. It existed to serve him.

The Dangers of Petticoat Punishment


This one is dark, very dark. Do not read this expecting lightness, it describes how petticoat punishment can go very, very WRONG. I wrote it to let out a lot of dark feelings, and am posting it here because it is a work of mine, not because I expect feedback. You have been warned.

Scarlet Begonias


The protagonist of a badly written piece of TG porn decides he's had enough abuse and fights back. Could this be Franz Kafka meets Mary Shelly?

The Girl Who Touched the Stars


Maggie had been given a chance to re-live her life, starting over as the little girl she always wished she could be. She has a wonderful mother and many special friends who love her. But eventually, even a life done over must grow up. How will Maggie face the future?

This story makes more sense if you read "The Bear Market" first.

The Bear Market


A new shop has opened in the neighborhood, filled with wonderful plush animals and, of all things, model rockets! The proprietor is a friendly sort of fellow with a twinkle in his eye and a smile for everybody, especially children. But he is hiding a secret pain and a secret past. And just what does this have to do with America's most covert special agency?

Night Maid


Millie and her friends have a sissy maid for their party, and enjoy forcing him to serve them while wearing a frilly maids uniform. But an unexpected surprise is in store.

While Sleeping, Beautified


Doug is in a horrible accident and finds himself in a coma, where he can hear what's going on around him, but he's unable to see, unable to speak, unable to move to stop the crooked doctor that's turning him into a woman! Will he wake up before it's too late?


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