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Title Code Author(s)
Relative Possessions Solo StefB
Ian, part 12 Fri Debbie V
Amaia and the Lost City Solo Casey Brooke
Easy As Falling Off a Bike pt 3223 Fri Angharad
Andi and Allie - 25 Fri Kelly Blake
Black Bloodstains Part 1; Chapter 02: Here, There and Everywhere Fri Susy
Masks 18: Part 17 Fri Stickmaker
The Black Ring III Fri TGFictionStv
Waking the Dreamer by Grover now on Kindle! Thu Grover
A Model is Born 7 – Going to the Prom with Josh Thu Jessica C
Thundering Force: Chapter 23: “The Coming of the Storms: Part... Thu Paul Cousins
Take a Chance on Me Solo Sarah Goodwoman
To Complete The Circle (Rewrite) - Chapter 6 Thu cemma2035
Be Careful of What You Wish For Chapter 14 Thu LadyDragon623
Time To Pay Chapter 4 Thu Anna NaMaus
Burning Bright Part-5 Thu Enemyoffun
Reconnecting the Past and the Present: Chapter 6 Thu Rebecca Jane
Faded (Rough draft... well more of an idea of sorts... and yes,... Thu Otome-chan
There is Nothing like a Dame Chapter 7 Wed Bronwen Welsh
Who the hell am I? Chapter 17 Wed Savannah Maun
The Strange Story of the Dress of Dresses Solo kayleigh01
Gun Princess Royale - Book 3 - Ch5. (Part1) Wed simkin452
The Lokian Way - Part 04 - Of Hidden Truths Wed Cassy Bee
Gaby Book 15 ~ Friends ~ Chapter *28* Weihnacht Countdown Wed Maddy Bell
A Blank Page - Chapter 16 Wed Flummox
Jacks or Better Solo Adonna
Blood Moon Part 8 Tue LadyDragon623
Mississippi Bee Queen Solo Paula Dillon
Snow Baby Tue LadyDragon623
What Milsy Did -26- Tue Penny Lane
A Second Chance -- Chapter 15 Tue Dawn Natelle
The Good Samaritan Chapter 7 Mon Mopar
Dreams of Dancing in the Sky -Part 8 Mon WolfJess7
Being True to Yourself leads to Strange Friendships Mon Sarah Goodwoman
Ginny's Story Chapter 37 Mon Karen Lockhart
Topiary Genetics: Part 8 Mon Ducky Detour
Suit Your Self DP Lainie Lee
Helping Hand - Part 8 Mon SamanthaMD
Sky Lynx Sun LadyDragon623
Orange Crush Solo kayleigh01
Rumor Has It Solo New Author, Sara S
Jexy: The Bet Sun Kris Traverse
Shadowsblade: Some things should not be...Taken 2 Sun Shadowsblade
Becoming Sarah Part 8 Sun Sarah Goodwoman
Lost in Translation Solo Maddy Bell
Nena Book 5 *Special Request* - Part 4 Sun Maddy Bell
Old Photograph Solo TGFictionStv
Glimmer Girl: Secret Origins - All That Glimmers #7 Sun Miranda Sparks
Template The Intrepid: A Learning Experience (Masks Book 2)... Sat DopplerPress, Stickmaker
Sky Blue Solo Erin Halfelven
Who Do That Hoo Doo? Solo Grover
Impetus Chapter 1 Sat Vilastis
The Babysitter - Part 5 - Conclusion Sat Pentatonic
11th Sun: Chapter 26: Massage Fri Eleven
Becoming Robin Book 2: Robin Smith - Lady Tiger! Thu Zoe Taylor
The Last Smile Solo Sarah Goodwoman
Accidental Romance Wed Melanie Brown
Double short-story collection Solo Set3
Blue Moon - Worldwide Kindle Sale! DP Adonna
Bad Romance Solo Melanie Brown
The Last Fifteen Minutes in the Cosmetology Room Solo kayleigh01
Laces Solo Maddy Bell
Book 4 - The Reluctant Prom Date Sun Melanie Brown
crossroads Solo Sorceror
S T O R Y    T E A S E R S

A Sky Full of Terror

Men In Black Dresses

Exitus Acta Probat - The Outcome Justifies the Deed


Dennis had worked diligently to achieve the best grades possible in college. All of his life it had been his dream and his parents’ dream that he would work for Universal Corporation. It is 2023, and he has an offer of employment in his hands from them. Has his dream come true, or is he entering into his worst nightmare?

Amazon - Part 04: Debutante


DEBUTANTE; a young woman making her formal entrance into society.

Nicole re-enters society and finds her new job has still more obstacles to overcome -- and a reason to persevere.


Amazon — Part 4: Debutante
By Itinerant
Edited by Amelia R

Biographer's Note: This is Nicole's story. It covers those events and people she finds notable in her life and chooses to share. If you have problems with it, take it up with her. I'm just a glorified stenographer.

High Tea For Jennifer


This is a ghost story, and a love story. A couple's troubled marriage is strained further with the purchase of a mansion, especially when they find its former owner, now deceased, is still resident.

Amazon - Part 03: First Christmas


First Christmas - short. Nicole faces her first Christmas.


A short vignette.

By Itinerant
Edited by Amelia R.

Biographer's Note: This is Nicole's story. It covers those events and people she finds notable in her life and chooses to share. If you have problems with it, take it up with her. I'm just a glorified stenographer.

Monday, December 25, 2000

Amazon - Part 02: History Lessons and Reality Checks


History lessons and reality checks - Nicole's story continues as she learns about the new life she faces and the history of the Ancient Amazons.

Author's Note: If you read the original version at Sapphire's, there have been major additions to this part and it is worth re-reading.


By Itinerant
Edited by Amelia_R

The Protector: Assorted Sweets

Federal Agent Ally Burns, a preop TS, is back in her latest
adventure, coping with running an enlarged department, helping a male
agent go deep undercover as a TS, trying to help her friends, and

Scarlet Begonias


The protagonist of a badly written piece of TG porn decides he's had enough abuse and fights back. Could this be Franz Kafka meets Mary Shelly?

The Scholarship - Part 1


A transfer student discovers his new high school's scholarship program and its unusual rules. Warning the Explicit Content rating is due a violent sexual assault scene. It is not erotic nor is it intended to be.

Note: This story was originally written and posted in 34 parts over two months in the spring of 2003. This version has been revised, edited, and had substantial additions to the 2003 version.


The Scholarship
By Julie O.

Part 1 of 3


Breaking Cover - Exclusive Preview


This is an exclusive three-chapter preview of Jenny Walker's latest novel, "Breaking Cover".
Steve Williams, an intelligence analyst, faces the prospect of being sent into the field... but it wasn't to be how he always imagined it.

Click here to goto to buy Breaking Cover

The Girl Who Touched the Stars


Maggie had been given a chance to re-live her life, starting over as the little girl she always wished she could be. She has a wonderful mother and many special friends who love her. But eventually, even a life done over must grow up. How will Maggie face the future?

This story makes more sense if you read "The Bear Market" first.

The Bear Market


A new shop has opened in the neighborhood, filled with wonderful plush animals and, of all things, model rockets! The proprietor is a friendly sort of fellow with a twinkle in his eye and a smile for everybody, especially children. But he is hiding a secret pain and a secret past. And just what does this have to do with America's most covert special agency?

Kimberly's Summer Vacation (Part 2)

Father Mulroney gets an earful when Trip-come-Kimberly bares her soul in confession.

Kimberly's Summer Vacation
Part 2

by Valentina Michelle Smith

Copyright © 2005 Valentina Michelle Smith
All Rights Reserved.

Kimberly's Summer Vacation (Part 1)

Will O'Connell gets to spend a summer with his teenage son - only to discover that his son is spending the summer as his daughter.
A coming-of-age story with a TG twist.

Kimberly's Summer Vacation
Part 1

by Valentina Michelle Smith

Copyright © 2005 Valentina Michelle Smith
All Rights Reserved.

Night Maid


Millie and her friends have a sissy maid for their party, and enjoy forcing him to serve them while wearing a frilly maids uniform. But an unexpected surprise is in store.

While Sleeping, Beautified


Doug is in a horrible accident and finds himself in a coma, where he can hear what's going on around him, but he's unable to see, unable to speak, unable to move to stop the crooked doctor that's turning him into a woman! Will he wake up before it's too late?


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