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Amy's Sanctity

Amy moves back to the United States after living most of her childhood and completing her RGN training in England. She is halfway through a year of board certification. The Ethical Clothing Act changes everything.

The Panther Girl

The Panther Girl

by Xaltatun of Acheron

Chapter 1: Jason’s Trophy

Jason’s return party was, Abner thought, sizzling. At an easy two meters, Jason himself wasn’t hard to spot towering over the gaggle of adoring females clustered around him. It wasn’t just the height; the easy and overpowering masculinity that radiated almost unconsciously from his direction was an irresistible chick magnet.

Deep Cover, revised

Deep Cover


Harkness Holdings had just posted another astounding quarterly earnings statement that left Wall Street analysts breathless with excitement. The chattering financial commentators were agog. Forbes, Fortune, The Wall Street Journal were all touting the quarter-by-quarter meteoric rise of Beauregard “Beau” Chadsworth, Harkness’ CEO, and his team who’d taken the moribund company and pushed it to the heights of Wall Street stardom. Harkness’ share prices reflected the unbounded confidence of investors big and small. From the get-rich-quick types to the most cautious investors, Harness was what they all wanted.

Beau Chadsworth was the darling of the talk show hosts who outdid one another in their fawning praise. In the post-Enron scandal era, Harkness was basking in its squeaky clean image. And Chadsworth, for his part was all becoming modesty. He was quick to point to the success and support of his team, Jack Levin the COO and Bridget O’Leary the CFO and their subordinates. Then there was the Chadsworth Foundation, already being talked about in the same breath as Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, so recently bolstered by the largess of Warren Buffett.

All was golden in the second and third quarters of 2006. Or so it seemed.

Turnabout Time

When Kate and Rob wake up in each others bodies they have no idea why, how, or even who they are now. To make matters worse they have very little time to sort it all out.

Join them for a roller coaster ride around the seedier parts of London, and a visit to the Home of English Rugby, and pray that Kate does not have to play rugby, because that would be a disaster.

With thanks to Hope and BOUSER for the editing.


This is a follow on to Luciana. It would help if you've read that.

Can someone who is not who they were be trusted? Will retracing your steps solve anything, when nothing is the same... and should you try? It is not always possible to walk away even if you want to. The past is always there.

There is some darkness, violence and general nastiness... so as before, be forewarned.
Apologies if the Italian phrases are not exactly correct. Blame Google.

My Cousin's Clothes

It wouldn't have been right to just throw such pretty clothes away...
My Cousin's Clothes

By Patricia Marie Allen

John and his mother help his divorced aunt and cousins move. During the move, there are lots of his cousins clothes that will have to be given away. His cousin observes that it's to bad that John isn't a girl because the dress she's holding would look great on him.

The Tree House

Ten year old Joey is caught again looking up girls dresses, this time in his Sunday school class. A loving but frustrated Mom decides she has to take drastic measures to make her son quit this terrible habit. This time Joey pays the consequences with a capitol “C”.

The Tree House

by Ashley Ann Belle


Someone wants private investigator Nick Llewellyn to disappear, and they've devised a twisted way to accomplish that. Now he has just twenty-four hours to find out who is behind it - twenty-four hours until he ends up dead on arrival.

Heart of Darkness

A tale of child wronged, who through the love of father is uplifted to succeed beyond all but their own hope and dreams.

Note: If you found this story as a result of reading the Adventures of a Merchant tales, then I would like to warn you that even though it too is fantasy based, it is a very different story in tone.

Halloween Trilogy of Transformation

Halloween Trilogy of Transformation
Julie O

Edited by Amelia R.


Note: This story was originally submitted to Sapphire's Halloween story contest in late September 2006. It still has not been posted at Sapphire's.

Tony's Family


Another BigCloset TopShelf story. Tony is a 13 year old boy who gets caught dressing in his mother's clothes. Instead of punishing him, his parents take him to the doctor who suggests that he openly explore his feminine side. This complete story is about the relationship Tony has his family. The sequel, if written, will deal with Tony's relationship with his friends.

The Halloween Party


This was originally written for Sapphire's Halloween story contest, but the stores have yet to be published. She's still free to post the story eventually on her site, but I decided to finally go ahead and post it here.

My Wife, My Lover, My Transformer


Authors note: This was my very first attempt at writing a story, and was written in 2002.

This is the story of my transformation from a male college student to almost a woman. Jackie was out of my league or at least I thought she was. But, there was something that drew us together.

Blues for C

This one is a little more autobiographical than most. But don't take it as truth. If there is such a thing. Hey, everyone has 'history'.

Two people form a relationship that takes a few turns from where either of them expected things to go. No real kinkiness, sex or violence. A bit of sorrow and some shared emotion.

Blues for C Pt 2 of 2

Part 2 of 2.

This follows directly from Pt 1. The continuation and conclusion of the tale.

Two people form a relationship that takes a few turns from where either of them expected things to go.
There is a bit of violence here, but not too graphic.

A few expressions and phrases may be unfamiliar to some. Where I thought appropriate I have marked with an asterisk and a meaning is placed at the end.

Thank you to Dimelza Cassidy for much needed advice on 'Blues' bike. Any errors are down to me not asking the right question.

All It Would Take -02-

willy milly

All It Would Take

Fan Fiction Sequel of the 1986 movie Willy Milly

2 - True Friend

By Sasha Zarya Nexus

This fan fiction piece is based on the original work, Willy Milly aka Something Special; by Willy Milly Associates, Concorde, copyright 1985.. All original characters and plot lines are the property of the owners, and any resemblance to individuals either living or dead is coincidental. This piece is for entertainment purposes only and is not intended as a copyright infringement. No income is being derived from this fan fiction piece.

Blues for C Pt 1 of 2


This one is a little more autobiographical than most. But don't take it as truth. If there is such a thing. Hey, everyone has 'history'.

Two people form a relationship that takes a few turns from where either of them expected things to go. No real kinkiness, sex or violence. A bit of sorrow and some shared emotion.

Bewitched & Beswitched


Roger Johnson a self made multi-millionare is on top of the world, till he runs into a witch with the power to bring it all crashing down. She switches bodies with Roger and has it all, or does she.

What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas

Synopsis: While on his dream vacation to Las Vegas, Jim Lewis's life would be turned upside down, bringing new meaning to Sin City's famous slogan.


What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas


Julie O


Edited by Amelia R.


Chapter 1




Mike was a tough little guy, until he got thrown off his motorcycle and left his manhood hanging on a picket fence. Dr. Vinci did the only thing possible with what was left. Now Michelle has to adapt to her new life. A TG twist to a classic story.

The Perfect O


This is the story of what a man will do to try to find the perfect orgasm. It is a story about forced femininity but forced by himself so as to attain his goal of finding that perfect O.


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