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Tea & Red Roses Part 2


But I just couldn’t and I took another sip of tea before I asked. “So I don’t mean to pry or anything but is this your first time at a trans heavy bar?”
She looked like it hadn’t quite occurred to her, then I could see her turn it over and over in her head and she looked at me again and the look was different. The bright sparkle was gone but there was a thoughtful look instead of anything that I’ve seen that might mean trouble.
But her hand slid from mine ending the extended handshake and she looked me over again and this is a look I know, it’s that just found out and seeing if I pass, if she can tell or if she can pick out my many faults and flaws.
“So you’re a trans woman?”
I nodded and took another sip of my tea.
Chris took a drink of her club soda and set it down and looked out to where others were dancing and then back at me.
“So do trans girls dance?”
She offered me her hand and took hers and she led me out to where everyone else was and we started to dance with the crowd.

Breathing...Chapter 9


It’s doing all this stuff and having a few more drinks as we’re doing it and talking and it’s Terri’s turn as she talks about some cool people she met and that a couple were girls and that mixed in her head with what I was going through and doing and she figured out that she’s… “Maybe Bi or like Pan or whatever.”

After things are done we’re having another round of drinks then grandma says.

“Why don’t you go and change so we can spend time with Robin?”

I swallow my tea and schnapps. “Are you sure?”

I look at her and Mom and then Dad and Grandpa and they’re all nodding and Terri smiles at me. “C’mon Robin let’s go and get you changed.”

*And Now…

Don't Blame Me I'm A Martian-39


I look good, I look really good and I help the others do things as does Shy and by the time we’re all done we all look really, really good and we’re all charged up to go out.

Some of us packed bags and I definitely did with one of my hockey jersies wrapped around thick socks and some black leggings and two extra pairs of panties all for later and for just in case.

But right now I’m in this little red plunging dress with spaghetti straps and some black stretchy flats.

The cabs we called all come and pick us up and drive into town.

We’re all going to different places and parties so we start splitting up and Cheyenne and I head with some of the older girls and some of the local girls and other visitors to a nearby house party.

*And Now…

Breathing...Chapter 8


I guy shake hands and half-hug grandpa who does the same and pounds me affectionately on my back.

“Welcome back kiddo, you and me and your dad have a lot of stuff to do when you’re not working.”

I fake a smile. “Missed you grandpa, we’ll get things done don’t worry.”

Then grandma hugs me really tightly and she whispers in my ear. “Later tonight when he’s watching his shows I’m coming over. I want to meet Robin.”

Okay...I’m pretty surprised all over again.

*And Now…

Images 64

Ingrid sort of pushed it a bit too hard and she’s hit that whole wounded animal mode and she just curls up on the couch and Giselle just sort of watches and she likely wanted to climb in there with her but Ingrid literally has her back to us and herself buried into the couch.
Giselle’s world weary little hurt sigh’s kind of heartbreaking.
I pick her up. “C’mon sweetheart you come with me and we’ll take a nap.”
She gives me this sad and hurt and sleepy nod and plants her face in my shoulder.
Her little fingers are wound into my shirt just too hard.
I use my phone and I text Holly to tell Tay because he’ll never look at his phone right now and I set the alarm and slip into bed with my daughter and roll to my side cradling her and pull the sheets over both of us into the best snuggle I can manage.
I love my daughter...I love her so much it hurts when she hurts.
I really want to be the best mom that I can be.

Please don't make things I'll never ask for.

Just don't please.

I don't want links and redo's of my work, I don't want or need pages of suggestions on my work or stories either especially when I never asked. It's not cool, it's not okay, it messes with my spoons when they've been really low for awhile now.

I work graveyard full time and often OT, I single caregive to an aging parent in the minisculic time off that I get. I have shopping, dishes, housecleaning and laundry all on top of that not counting sleep.

I don't need the reminders that I haven't been writing, I don't need the pressure.

Vanilla Sky

----------=BigCloset Retro Classic!=----------


Vanilla Sky

Part 1

by Bailey Summers

One of the only real femme things is my face…I’m a strawberry blonde so kind of baby faced and I keep my hair long…but the rest of me is…I’m five ten, one seventy almost and got too much size…too much shoulder from working as a contractors helper for my step dad.

I hate my body.

And not really looking like a girl gave people plenty of ammo at school to make my life hell. Pushed, shoved, kicked from behind…spit on. Getting yelled at and accosted by the preachy kids, prank calls, online torture…then the last straw was getting jumped by a crowd of kids…I was lucky some good Samaritan had showed up with a baseball bat. But the teachers didn’t do a thing with the stuff in school and the cops with the swarming attack…

Yeah well why wasn’t I pulled out of school?

Don't Blame Me I'm A Martian-38

Not doing anything else, not caring about how her hair looks and I can feel the girls kind of wtf over that and some are a little turned on and don’t get why...okay one of my cousins definitely gets why and being tuned in now I can feel Cheyenne’s mind on the almost guy track of food.

I head out and see Shy talking with Mom and they’re into it and making some kind of sauce not sauce? It’s green and it’s got lots of olive oil and there’s vinegar and I’m thinking cilantro and garlic but they’re talking and taste testing together and Shy’s dipping pieces of baguette in it trying it out and adding things like lemon zest to it and some squeezes of juice then whipping it up again.

It’s good to see them talking and chilling out.

Little steps.

Breathing...Chapter 7

We stop at Aunt Chris’s place again and drop things off and go and change again and we all take off to have supper heading out to King of Donair.

Yeah it’s something we all like and again one of those things that you have to travel to get when it’s really good like they do it. Home is okay but it’s not going here and after we really stuff ourselves there we head to the mall to go and see another movie that we wanted to see while we’re here.

Mom and Dad go see something by themselves and yeah they look like they’re going to do more than just watch a movie and Terri and Aunt Chris and myself we go and get our snacks and we settle in.

Tomorrow...likely it’ll be time to put being Robin away tomorrow.

*And Now…

Sixteen Feet of Steel Chapter 28


She nods. “There will be lessons.”
“There will be?”
She smiles and she nods. “I would be a poor hostess and protector if I did not share things with you while we do other things.”
“Things with this whole getting a champion for my family.”
She looks at me.
“Things in line with teaching you how to be a champion Grace.”
“Me a champion, I’m just a girl and I’m no knight.”
She looks at me. “There are many more ways of fighting in the world Grace than just those taught by the men that train knights and soldiers. You don’t have to fight like them Grace you just have to win.”

Sixteen Feet of Steel Chapter 27


We pass through the gates and they down close...arrows from above rain down only aiding our fighters and us, those they stepped off to save and buy time watch as the four of them cut every last Goblin and Warg sent after us.
Every last one.
I’m crying because… because they did this, because somehow they did it and they won and hurt or not I’m falling to get out of the wagon and running to meet them.
“Hawk! Nicole!”
I jump and land and hit Jessa who hugs and she holds us both up and Nicole.
Nicole has just gotten past the gate and she’s turned her Squire’sknight around and she raises her hand and I hear her yell. “Close the gates, close them all!”
Jessa and I limp to beside her and look at where she’s looking and it’s down the hill at the remains of the town and while we were fighting the Wargs and their Goblin riders the Hobgoblins rode their troops back down to where they had their encampment.
And there’s a line of troops marching with the riders and we can see the heavy shapes of huge forms in the distance.
We just stand there watching them coming in as the Keep’s doors and gate close and come down.
We slowly turn and the place is full, people have evacuated to here as best as they could and all around our ragged band of fighters and rangers are scared people, the old, the frail, the young.
I say it without even thinking about it. “Light and The Gods, We can’t fail here.”

*And Now…

What's been going on.

Hey just letting folks know things have been extra busy IRL and am changing employers so there's been a pile of certs and recerts going on with that plus all the other things that goes with full time graveyard shift plus being the single caregiver to an aging parent.

I have been and am working on a bigger single too that's been dominating my brain as well.

Images 63


Ingrid actually comes down too during it all and she takes over just doing the cash for me actually doing a good job and knowing how to use the debit machine and all that stuff and I smile at her.
“You okay to do this?” I ask.
“Yeah, I need to do something to get off my ass instead of just feel sick and being stoned to get by.”
“That’s helping you though.”
“I want to try okay, I don’t want to be a freeloader and I’m lonely.”
Taylor says. “Good, welcome, you have customers!”
She and I laugh and we keep going.
We have to get her a stool after a bit but she’s good after that and Giselle ends up sticking close to both of us and out of the way. She looks at me and at her mom like she’s trying to get what changed, what got better or how.
I know Iggy sees it, feels it too and I can see her trying.

Trying’s all I can ask for.

It’s a start.

*And Now…

Images 62

“You’re such a glass half-full kinda chick Jenna.”
I grin and reach but look at her like that (can I have this?) about her croissant and she nods and I take it and pull a bite off with my fingers. “Yes I am and it’s milk and I come with a cinnamon roll too.”
She actually sort of snorts a little and shoves me off of her and we’re grinning at each other and it’s nice. I’m still a mess wearing a sheet and she’s a mess wearing an oversized *Hunter Valentine* Bed shirt and sweatpants but we’re like that…talking about sex and loves and serious stuff like faith and then sort of goofing off like this.
This is like it always could have been and should have been and I’m glad that I got this back.
Taylor comes in with a big tray for both of us and they smell really, really good. I look at him and he smiles. “Coconut crisp waffles and with them some lemon sauce.”
Giselle holds up one of those plastic motel/hotel coffee decanters that for some reason we have and shouts. “Lemin-sous!” followed by “I helps!”
I look at Ingrid and she looks at me and we kind of do this double mom’s thing together on the couch as my husband and our daughter serves us coconut waffles with this lovely sauce that’s hot but thinned out enough to pour lemon curd/pudding.
I love this, I love my family.


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