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The Registry - part 3

The Registry -part 3 by Allexcited69

This is a work of fiction that deals with a simple future. In it, most people, if they were numbers, were now simple people with simple ideas and very simple needs. Harsh language is used and this story includes descriptions of sexual behaviour that may be considered disturbing to some.

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Mediterranean Slave Dreams

If it be your will.. and other Mediterranean dreams

The story deals with offensive language and coarse subject matter , is purely fictional and is restricted for an Adult Audience. It deals with topics like Chastity, Mind Control, Longing, Femdom, Cuckolding , Penis Envy And Other Mind Games between a Mistress and her Slave.

A Fortunate Change of Events

A Fortunate Change of Events
by Katelynne Perry

I hear my doorbell ring as 'CSI:Miami' is about to end. As I get up and out of my chair to answer the door, things seem a bit different all about my apartment. My light-beige walls now seem brighter and glow in a pinkish hue I am certain isn't of my own intent. About the room are mementos of a feminine nature I have never seen before.

First Love

First Love

By Katherine Day

(Copyright 2011)

(Theresa becomes the new girl in school and quickly finds herself the subject of the lustful looks from boys; but there is only one boy she desires.)


The story is a fabrication of my mind. All names, sites, venues, although they may seem familiar to you are fictional. Only the expression of human emotions, the hardship, the pleasures and frustrations are real. This is the story of a wannabee slave and his circuitous route from attorney into a new reality involving chastity, body worship, humiliation and a new station in life.

Chasing Amy

This little piece was 'inspired' by the movie of the same name. Actually I'm not really sure inspired is the word I'm looking for as I couldn't finish watching it. Written several years ago I still think it's one of my best little short stories along with Heat Wave

Taking the Chance

Taking the Chance

by Kristina L S

Do you take the chance on love and what exactly does that mean here.
…... a follow on to Take a Chance, quick and rough, but why not.

Idiosyncratic use of English and rough wordage still present, but hey, let's see how thing's go.

Take a Chance

Take a Chance

by Kristina L S

Love and desire. Risk a friendship perhaps by baring your soul. Take a chance on love.

If you can't handle bouncing viewpoints and my possibly idiosyncratic use of English that gets a pinch rough now and then, well might be best if you read something else. Just a thought. An Abba song? Oh get out. Love story? You tell me.


by Maeryn Lamonte

A breakdown. A chance meeting. Two lonely people, making the best of the lives they’ve been given. Two lonely people who don’t fit well enough to find happiness. Two lonely people at odds with the world.

Perhaps this will work. Perhaps they’re crossmatched.

My China Cross Dress Cure -an update

I've tidied the original version a little mainly to correct some minor mistakes. But I was sorely tempted to expand it to a longer version.
I wrote it for the Summer Romance competition and I could have easily extended it that I might do if the story was of interest.
In really didn't know if it was a suitable story for this web site or not and I can't tell if I made a mistake or not since a single story is hit whether its of interest or not.

Until We Meet Again (Expanded)

Janie Lewis and I were the best of friends ever since the first day of Preschool and we did everything together. So many times we would hear people say "Those two are almost like conjoined twins" It seemed like it too. Our mothers would have to promise that we would get to go to each others houses the next day to ever get us to go home. I would play with her toys when I was at her house and she played with mine when she was at mine. I always wondered why my toys weren't the same things Janie had, but I was afraid to ask.

My China Cross Dress Cure


My China Cross Dress Cure
By Julie D Cole

As our plane touched down at HongQiao airport in Shanghai I looked out of the window. It was early May and the weather was grey and miserable and visibility was poor. I remember thinking ‘A typical grey day in UK’. It put me in mind of the mists and fogs we used to encounter years ago in UK.

Sunlight and Shade



I was rehearsing the words in my mind as I walked in. Supermarkets were so different now to what they had been when I was younger, so many more things to buy, so many more to dream of. I had been through the big Asda store with the lies, and now it was time for Tesco. Pretty…there were dresses and tops, skirts and shoes, boots and bags, and unless I could gather the courage I would walk out lacking them all.

Che Amore - Final Draft

Che Amore
Lesley Renee Charles

I leaned over the balcony overlooking the Fora Romana. I was looking at the ancient ruins, imagining what it must have been like back then. Imagining what it must have been like for a woman back then.

Ice Angel

Ice Angel

By Stanman63

Thanks To JennaFL For Proofing And Nora Adrienne for


Synopsis:A young man volunteers to become his best friend's figure skating partner, not knowing that immersing himself into his new role will bring out the girl within and lead to a decision that will end in happiness for both.

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