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Title Code Author(s)
Hidden Inside Part 4 Tue efindumb
Screams Like Eagle: Chapter 6 Tue crazypagangurl
Swifter, Higher, Stronger Mon Angela Rasch
Two Pack Tulsa Time: Chapter 3 Mon crazypagangurl
GLOO'd Tails 03 Mon Ray Drouillard
At This Rate I'll Never Turn Into a Girl! 2 Mon Vilastis
Almost Fiance' Part 5 (Conclusion?) Mon Nina Adams
Coming out from undercover - Part 6 Mon SamanthaMD
School Life Chp. 23 Mon LadyDragon623
Tommy - The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl? - Chapter 97 Mon Teddie S.
Spectacular Part-6 Mon Enemyoffun
Easy as Falling Off a Bike - Book 3 - NEW! on Amazon Kindle Sun Angharad
The Birth Of A Coywolf Part 17 Sun LadyDragon623
Jacinta, part 15 Sun Debbie V
Ricki's Story Sun New Author, Nigel Smith
Gaby Book 17 ~ Seasons ~ Chapter *4* Choccy Surprise Sun Maddy Bell
Enchanted Valley: Vacation Solo Nuuan
The Last of the Fey Sun Anesidora's Urn
Double short-story collection Vol.3 Sat Set3
Racing Angels -chp 1 Sat WolfJess7
Harry Potter and the Trouble With Neurotypicals 41 Sat Fayanora
Blood Moon Part 20 Final Chapter Sat LadyDragon623
Hidden Inside Part 1 Sat efindumb
Shadowsblade: School year 2...Shadow on the heart 6--Kevin and... Sat Shadowsblade
Easy As Falling Off a Bike pt 3238 Sat Angharad
Jessica Jade Ch09 Sat Leslie Moore
Dani's Turn Solo New Author, Mel Huntington
Masks 5: Energia - Out of Template's Shadow - Now on Kindle Sat Stickmaker
Flight of the Claymore -chapter 20 Fri WolfJess7
Nightmare to Scream for on Friday the 13th Solo Hikaro
Dancing to a New Beat 33 Fri Cyclist
The Beginning Solo LadyDragon623
The Roads Are Calling, or It's A Carnie Life: Part 9 Fri crazypagangurl
Times -- Ch. 09 Fri Dawn Natelle
The Hidden Ones Solo crazypagangurl
Time on My Hands Chapter 27 - 259-267 CE: The Spry Centenarian Thu Jennifer Sue
Eve by Melanie Brown on Kindle Thu Melanie Brown
The Introvert Thu Andragyne
Mouse Solo Leslie Moore
The Legend of the Amazon Girl Solo Dauphin
Rosebud** - July 2018 Staycation story contest Solo Donna T
Skirting the issue 10 86'ed Wed Tels
QT the Cutie Solo Alys Prince
Wallander - The Woman from Malmo - 4 Wed Drea DiMaggio
A more deviant side Solo mitt
Baseball Annie Wed Angela Rasch
Pierced Ears Solo EmmaP
Elliot: Working for Lioness Investments – 5 Elle’s Coming Out Tue Jessica C
I was Turned into A Six-Year-Old Girl Solo LadyDragon623
Will O' The Wisps - Part 1 Tue FlitterPuff
There is Nothing like a Dame Chapter 36 Tue Bronwen Welsh
Shannon's Course by Angela Rasch in Kindle Tue Angela Rasch
A Second Chance -- 66 Mon Dawn Natelle
Shalim IV Solo Casey Brooke
Wildcats 3 Now on Amazon Kindle! Mon Leslie Moore
Cheer's the Thing: Becoming Robin Book 3 on Kindle Sun Zoe Taylor
The Confession Solo Vilastis
Back to School Haircut Solo AshbyM
Molly Solo efindumb
Missing you Solo Dauphin
Digital Vacation Solo Melanie Brown
Thyria's Bow Solo Casey Brooke
Welcome Home Solo Drea DiMaggio
The Princess of Q'fahr now on Amazon Kindle Wed Melanie Brown
S T O R Y    T E A S E R S

Hide In Plain Sand - Part One


Brian Dupre just wanted to get close to Carmen, and doing a favor for her Uncle Mitzi seemed like a good idea at the time. As always, look for shadows in the dark....Ally Burns appears courtesy of JulieO Productions and was a delight to work with.
Fifth in the Angel series. Part One of Five Parts.

The Academy (Part 3)


JoEllen is now one of the Mistresses at The Academy, and is being trained to take her place in the new world order, a world in which women dominate men. She is determined to carry out her mission as an undercover agent of America's most covert agency. But power is seductive. Can she resist the temptation to truly join Desdemona?

Tales of the Season: Charlene's Story - Chapter 14

Constant in All Other Things - Interlude I


Constant in All Other Things - Interlude I: The prognosis is grim for David. Lying on the operating table he loses himself in the past. But even should he survive, K’s plans for him may prove a living nightmare.

Alternate Players


Action, romance and intrigue find Robert and Jenny as their lives are turned sideways by a chance encounter with a mysterious multi-reality artifact.

Does NOT contain furries, fem-dom, high school, cheerleader revenge squads,mall shopping, diapers, psychotic moms and 'boys who are frequently assumed to be girls by people with normal eyesight and mental acuity'.

Revenge of the Goddesses: Athena's Assassin

Revenge of the Goddesses: Athena’s Assassin

By Julie O.

Following murder and mayhem at the site of an archeological dig at one of her ancient temples, the Goddess Athena chooses one of the victims to be her agent of revenge. This story is rated R for sex and X for violence.

Gaby in German -Buch 1- Kapitel -Chapter 1- Gaby tritt in Erscheinung

Sweet Dreams

After hearing a noise, a young woman goes to check on her sleeping daughter. While doing so, she drifts back over her life and the divine intervention that made her current life possible.

Rhod`s Trip To America ch 26 A Spy In The Midst


“Wow Em, she’s sort of cold isn’t she?” Ally said. “I don’t know what her problem is today? She is not usually like that. She’s usually a really nice person. She must be ‘ON’ herself?” Darla stated. “I don’t think so Darla. Look guys,” as I looked around to make sure we wouldn’t be overheard, “She knows, or think she does, but is not sure.” “Knows what Em?” Darla asked. “She knows about Rhod.” I said. “What!” Ally exclaimed. “Shhh, keep it down. I’m telling you, she knows about me being Rhod.”

The Greatest Lie

Alex, a talented social outcast, pays a heavy price
for transforming himself into the girl of his dreams.
The return of a classic:

The Greatest Lie

by Alexandra Rios

This is a sometimes violent story with very raw sex scenes. If that's not what you want to read, please do not read this story.

Tales of the Season: Charlene's Story - Chapter 13

Altered Fates: The Wife


This is the sequel to "Altered Fates: The Husband". Julio, the gardener, has become the new Edward Lassiter, attentive and virile, while the original Edward is now a submissive maid. Corinne Lassiter thought that she had the perfect life. But the new Edward -- and the Medallion of Zulo -- had other ideas.

Altered Fates: The Husband

Timeout 1- Stop/Playback/Rewind - Chapter 10


Another BigCloset TopShelf story.

Our heroine learns how to control one of her powers, visits some old friends and tests another devatating power -- the power to turn men into drooling idiots. Oh, and she learns just how radically her life has been changed by her mutation.

Timeout 1- Stop/Playback/Rewind - Chapter 9


Another BigCloset TopShelf story.

Joanie kisses an admirer, gets a second dose of the menace that is karaoke and gets helpful advice from Red. Joanie gives her sister a shock and learns a posible key to harnessing her time stop power.

Bikini Beach: Invasion From Space


The mighty Eyshvac, conquorers of 40 star systems, stand poised to attack the Earth. All that stands between them and certain victory is a certain water park. The Eyshvak don't have a chance.

Tales of the Eerie Saloon: Jessie Hanks, Outlaw Queen


Jessie Hanks is on the run from Eerie after the death of Toby Hess, but, as she discovers, there's some things a boy-turned-gal can't escape from. Most of all, from herself.


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