My Hero

My Hero
By Anon Allsop

I slowly strolled by the dress shops, momentarily gazing into the windows and looking at the new styles from New York. I caught sight of my reflection in the window, blond hair askew and lightly floating in the gentle breeze. I straightened my light jacket and continued to walk down the sidewalk.

"How'd you like to wrap those long legs around me honey?" I glanced up, a man in a white tank top had settled in beside me. He was grinning like a hungry wolf. A soft breeze blew across my exposed legs and drifted up the cotton mini skirt I was wearing.

I flipped my hair and ignored him, my heels striking the pavement in rhythm with my swaying hips. "You know you want me." He again attempted his smooth talk, but, I wasn't buying any of it. His gaze settled onto my chest as it also bounced with the rhythm of my footsteps.

I frowned at him and changed my direction; he altered his course and followed. "Would you please leave me alone." I brushed my drifting hair behind an ear. He gave me a lecherous grin and tried to touch my shoulder, I pulled away from him and whispered loudly, "Please leave me ALONE!" He tried to pick up my hand and I gave him a shove which only caused him to laugh. "Look mister, I'm not interested." I said, speaking slowly.

"Give me half an hour and you'll be interested." He laughed and tried to touch my hair. I ducked and quickly ran several feet away, "Come on honey, you probably never had what I can give you!"

I frowned, showing my contempt for this loser. "What you'd probably give me wouldn't clear up without a Doctor’s prescription." I wheeled and continued to start walking at a quicker pace.

An old woman stepped between us and frowned at the man, "What the hell you looking at you old hag?" He spat at her. His sneer made me shudder.

The little lady pointed her cane at the man and sternly spoke, "You should be ashamed of yourself, and you look old enough to be her father! Go away and leave the poor girl alone!"

The big man frowned, "Why don't you go off and get screwed you old biddy! Besides, I like them young...old enough to bleed, old enough to breed. Is what I always say." The little woman gave him a disgusting look and watched as he began to follow me again.

"Aw come on, baby...don't be such a cold fish." He was now running along to catch up with me, I frowned and pushed my sunglasses up, and he took it as a sign of my interest in him.

I stopped and turned toward him frowning, my breasts almost touching his wide chest, slowly I motioned for him to move his ear close. He gave me a wolfish smile as I ran my tongue across my lips, my breathy words floated toward his ear as I tried to speak without drawing attention. "Go away mister, and leave me alone or I'm going to scream!"

He laughed and rubbed his ear, "Your sexy lips are saying 'no', but those spectacular breasts are begging for a little bit of kissing, honey." I rolled my eyes and brushed past him, quickening my pace to leave this loser behind.

I walked toward the bus hut and pushed my way in, trying to lose him in the crowd. It didn't work, he followed me right in and had positioned himself to be standing behind me, a little too close behind me for that matter. I could feel his hardness pressing into my hip. "Please, when a girl says no...She means no." I whispered, trying to control my growing anger and yet not draw unwanted attention from those around us.

He leaned across and brushed my long hair aside, his finger stroking the dangling earring I was wearing. "I'm hearing no, but I'd bet you're thinking yes...especially after you straddle my meat." He tried to kiss my hand; I jerked it away and moved to the other side of the bus hut. A few bystanders were giving him angry glances. "Damn, I love a young thing that plays hard to get!"

A young man suddenly moved next to me, "Hi...April."

I glanced at his jacket; he was a local boy that attended the high school nearby. His name embroidered near the collar said that his name was, Rob. He gave me a wink and mouthed the words, "Play along."

I smiled at him and made sure the leach saw, "Hi Rob honey, I'm glad you could meet me here!" He put his arm around me and pulled me close, but not before he gave me a kiss on the cheek.

"We still on for that date after the game on Saturday?" His smile was cute, almost like a little boy.

I decided since he and I were playing the boyfriend, girlfriend thing, I would lay it on for my amorous stalker. I placed my hand against the young stud's broad chest and leaned forward, "I've missed you." I said as I kissed him. Our kiss wasn't like some high school teenagers as we may have looked, but rather like two lovers who had been very intimate with each other.

"Now wait a minute buddy." The man growled, he reached across me and tapped Rob on his shoulder. "What the hell would this fine young piece of ass, want with some scrawny limp dick like you...she could have a real man like me instead." He thumped his chest with a thumb.

Rob looked at me and sighed, "I've been asking myself that every day since we met." He gathered my smaller hand up in his own and pulled me closer, locking me in his gentle grasp.

The boy drew my face to his and kissed me deeply, I suddenly felt flushed and very warm. As we parted I figured on one real shot at the stalkers expense, "Besides old man, why would I want some decaying old corpse like yours when I have this hot young stud to keep me occupied." I looked the man over and laughed, "And the part about being limp dick...I can speak with certainly that when I need doesn't stay limp for very long." The boy kissed my neck as I laughed in the face of the man.

"I don't believe you!" The man folded his large arms, "I think you're making it all up, you little shits!"

The youth put himself between both of us and faced the larger man, "You don't want her mister, she really isn't your type."

The man looked me up and down and smiled, "Sure she is, I'd ride her any chance I could...sometimes twice." I sneered at him, his comment sickening me.

Rob looked back at me and smiled, "No. I don't think she's your type at all."

"And why the hell would you say that?" The large man growled. "You afraid once she had a REAL man she would kick your scrawny ass to the curb?

The youth laughed and looked at the ground, then turned to me and grinned, "Excuse me April." He then motioned for the ogre to follow him, they moved away for a few steps where they could speak privately.

Rob folded his arms defiantly, leaned in close to the older man and whispered something in his ear. The greasy man looked up quickly as the boy talked, made an ugly face and dropped his mouth open. As my gallant rescuer continued to whisper, the man began to shake his head as his eyes investigated every inch of my body, making me very uncomfortable.

I flipped my hair back over my shoulder as the man gave me a hateful look, "Stinking freak!" He hissed as he pushed his way out of the crowd. Rob watched him hurry off, then turned slowly, and laughed.

I gave him a big hug for his help. "Thanks for getting rid of him." I placed my hand against my chest and thankfully watched the man disappear amongst the crowd.

"No problem." He shrugged, "It was actually quite amusing, and the kisses we shared were a real benefit."

"By the way, what did you say to him that made him change his mind and storm off so fast?" I asked.

Rob laughed, "I told him you used to be a guy!"

I held back a soft giggle; he stood snickering at his little joke. From down the street a bus began to approach, I smiled and looked up as it rolled to a stop. "You mind if I tag along?" He laughed and followed me inside, sitting down beside me. He was still mildly amused at his chivalrous manner of releasing me from the ogling idiot. Without being conspicuous, he glanced down at my silky smooth tanned legs then let his eyes roam to my chest where I caught him studying my breasts innocently.

"Do you think we could, well, maybe go out sometime?" His smile was genuine and interesting.

"I don't know, what would people think if they saw us together? What with me being a former man and all." I kidded him and giggled.

A slow smile spread across his lips, "You have to admit, it was pretty funny." He chuckled briefly, "That man actually thought you used to be a guy." He ran his hand through his curly brown hair and snickered softly to himself.

I let my manicured hand gently slide across to his knee; he looked down quickly, his smile growing as fast as his youthful excitement. I leaned across to his neck and began to let my soft lips dance along his skin. He started to squirm under my ministrations; I leaned closer to his ear letting my lips brush against his cheek ever so slightly. "Who says I wasn't?"

He gave me a long look, slowly blinking as he took in what I had just said. His eyes darted to my hand still resting on his knee, then toward the swell, hidden in his jeans. I began to giggle softly as he cleared his throat, "And your point is?"

I felt the giggle suddenly stick in my throat, and then suddenly leave in one great gasp while he shrugged. He grinned and placed his warm hand on my cheek, slowly drawing it through my long golden hair. He glanced toward my legs appreciatively then smiled slowly before looking back up, "So...we still on for the date?" He asked, grinning at me like a little boy while bouncing one eyebrow.

The End

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