The Price She Paid

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I would gratefully like to acknowledge Mr. Ram as my Editor. Without his suggestions and watchful eye, this story would not be as complete. To him and all of our volunteer Editors, Thank You!

The Price She Paid
By Anon Allsop

With frustration, I looked back at the little girl running to catch up with me. I hated her almost as much as I did her brother, Jeremy. It wasn't always that way, we used to be good friends way back when. But when my girlfriend dumped me, after a month and a half of dating... for Jeremy, our friendship was shattered.

I should have known better getting close to Adrienne, she was like that, a social butterfly. Before Jeremy, before me, there was Jack, Mark and two guys from the school across town. Adrienne was a real player, I guess I shouldn't have held it against Jeremy but... he was the guy after me, and I've blamed him ever since. I kept making up things about him in my head, and after time, came to believe them.

The sad thing was, I don't think Jeremy even knew that Adrienne and I were an item. I should have known better when she began to flirt with Jeremy, only by then, it was already too late. I think she only went with Jeremy about two weeks, then left him for greener pastures.

I should have probably been blaming Adrienne for what she had done to the both of us, but it was easier to focus my anger at Jeremy. I became determined to ruin any chances he had with a girl the way he ruined mine, was it wrong? Yeah, but since Adrienne, I had dated no one... that was the real reason of my anger toward Jeremy. I held him directly responsible for halting my string of female conquests, for that I would make him pay dearly! As long as I could help it, no girl would ever be interested in him... and if it took spreading false rumors about him... oh well.

The little girl was almost behind me, I could hear her shoes falling onto the sidewalk at a steady pace. Again, my ongoing battle with Jeremy's sister would begin. She came along side me and slowed to a walk.

"Why are you so mean to Jeremy?" She prodded. I scowled at her and said nothing. "Why don't you want him to date any girls from school?" She questioned me, I still said nothing. "Weren't you two friends at one time?"

"That was a long time ago." I frowned and quickened my pace, causing her to practically run to keep up. "Did your brother put you up to pestering me?"

She ignored my comment, "He's a nice guy, really he is! Why do you have to tell lies about him like that?" I looked away from her, "If you're not spreading rumors...then why won't girls date him?"

I felt the contempt for him building in me, I stopped and focused directly on his sister. I realized that getting angry with a little girl would get me nowhere, so I smiled and slowly shook my head

I laughed in the little girl's face, "Your brother is such a stinking looser... and you wonder why no girl would want to date the guy? He's such a freaking sorry asshole!"

She clenched her fist in rage as she glared at me, "You take that back!"

"Why should I? You can't do anything to me." I laughed and began to walk on to school, she fell in behind me.

"Why don't you run on to tell your teacher that I'm such a mean guy... little brat!" I laughed.

"A real guy would tell him to his face!" She scolded me. "Apparently, your no real guy."

"Go bake some cookies or something..." I grumbled at her as I walked.

"Why don't you?" She shot back. "And while you're at it, you can color your blonde roots!"

I stopped and slowly turned, "I don't have blonde roots... my hair is brown."

"Well you're acting like a blonde!" She put her hands on her hips!

"Go away!" I growled. "Go find a dick to suck... little bitch."

"Why don't you!" She shouted at me from behind, I kept walking away from her... still she yelled, "You'll be sorry Charlene!"

"That's Charlie! You little ditz!" I shook my head as I turned the corner. I saw her running between the houses to try and head me off, I laughed and crossed the street. She came out just as I got to the other side.

"Don't you have anything better to do than follow me?" I yelled with contempt. "What did I ever do to you?"

"You mean besides calling me a little bitch? Plenty!" She continued to walk on her side of the street. "You're mean to my brother... chasing all the girls away, the one's who might be interested in him."

"I'm just doing my part for the community... wouldn't want one of our finest girls to copulate with your stupid brother." I shot her a glance and kept walking.

"What's copulate?" We each took a few steps. "What's that mean?"

"Have sex, make a baby... do the deed." I sadly shook my head at the 10 year old.

"Why not?" She stopped and waited.

"If that were to happen, well then... his loser species would continue on." I threw my hands up as I explained to the little girl. "We can't have that happen."

"I don't see why your so upset... what do you have against my brother?" She trotted to my side of the street and ran to catch up with me.

"He's a dork!" I said adjusting my book bag upon my shoulder.

"What's a dork?" She asked as she approached me.

"A big freaking dick head!" I said laughing, "Quit being such a girl and go away!"

"You like his... dork?" She hesitated as if she were afraid someone would be listening.

"Hardly." I laughed. "Only babes like guys that way!"

"Babies?" She frowned, looking innocent,

"Ha! No, that comes later... after copulation!" I laughed, her eyes grew wider in surprise.

"You should be ashamed of thinking like that about my brother!" She looked over her shoulder then back to me. "If you were a girl... you would have to be nicer to my brother."

I stood and looked at her incredulously, "What kind of drugs are you on?" I shook my head and turned away from her. "I doubt that I would give him the time of day... if I were a girl."

"I bet you would!" She laughed, "I bet you couldn't keep your hands off of his... dork!"

"Get the hell away from me... go paint your fingernails or something!" I wanted to put as much distance between us as I could. "Stupid female..." I growled.

"I think you would have his baby if you were a girl..." She shouted.

"Then I'd slit both our throats!" I laughed over my shoulder.

"No you wouldn't... you'd just be a little mommy to my niece." She stopped at her corner, where she usually headed to the elementary school. "Hey Charlene... have a good day!"

"Get screwed!... little cunt." I shot back.

"You first!" She laughed and quickly skipped toward her school.

I walked slower, glad to finally be rid of the little pest. She was just like her stupid brother, all innocent and full of too damn much energy. I bounced my book bag up higher on my shoulders, the weight almost too much to bear. As I walked, I could feel my under shorts riding down lower on my hips, with one hand I tugged at the waistband, pulling them higher.

I trotted up the steps of the school, taking two at a time and swung open the door. Once inside I headed toward my locker, as I unlocked it, I looked to my left... there was Jeremy standing at his locker.

"Hey... Charlie." He said with a bit of hesitation.

"Hey Dork!" I continued to pull out my books, "Saw your little sister today... I think she's high on something."

"She's fine... she just cares about me, that's all." I laughed at his sentimental thinking as I pulled out my plaid shirt and slipped it over my white T-Shirt and buttoned it half way.

"Well, tell her to stay away from me... and I won't have to hurt her." I slammed my locker closed, adjusted my book bag and hiked up my underwear again.

"Please Charlie... don't do anything to her." He spoke softly, and grabbed me by my shoulder. I looked at his hand then to him, "I'll say something to her tonight."

"Uh... you'd better." I stammered, trying to figure out why I didn't bust him right there for touching me. Somehow, deep down, I didn't seem to mind.

I frowned at my reaction and headed past him to my first class, as I approached the door, Rachael saw me and gave me a hug, "How's my favorite guy doing?"

"Hey Rach, I'm doing fine." I smiled and put my arm around her, stopping to talk.

"Hey Charlie!"

I nodded toward Kim and Linda as they stood against a locker checking out guys.

"Ladies... how's the scenery?" I wanted to laugh at them for fawning over every guy that passed by.

"Lots better since you got here!" Kim said as she leaned on me, her soft breasts pillowed against my chest. "You sure are a handsome man!" I blushed my response. "Linda, doesn't Charlie have such dreamy eyes?"

I looked away and smiled through my embarrassment. "I've always thought he had great looking eyes!" Linda purred and moved in next to me, sliding the inside of her thigh against my growing erection and smiling. "And some of the longest, dark eyelashes I've ever seen... on a guy."

Linda kept erotically stroking me with her leg, the feeling was wonderful but I was afraid that she would get both of us in trouble so I stepped away. She looked at me through partially closed eyes, sexy and dark. "Am I bothering you honey?"

I just stood there with a stupid grin, feeling my face grow warm. "I bet he's still a virgin..." Then she leaned against me, crushing her breasts to my chest, "Am I bothering you Charlie?" I felt her hand gently stroking my crotch, my erection growing to a painful stiff mass. "I thought I might..."

I looked down at her, so close, so sensual. Her head was turned toward me, her lips, full and exciting. She took her tongue and erotically wetted the surface of her lips, I could feel my erection straining against her gentle grasp. She moved closer, so close I could smell the mint on her breath. I felt my head press against the lockers to retreat from her advances, slowly she stroked the surface of my lips, I could feel myself on the brink of explosion. Her tongue traced the contour of my mouth, the feeling made my heart beat quicker, my breathing excited.

"You'd better put out the fire in a hurry, here comes Mr. Polanski!" Kim whispered into my ear, causing both Linda and I to look up. The bald head of Mr. Polanski was approaching, Linda turned her back to me and leaned against my chest, keeping her hand behind her, firmly ensconced on my groin.

"Hi Mr. Polanski!" Linda called out sounding innocent, but I knew better. "You got a HARD assignment for us?" I had the feeling that she was desperately trying to get me to shoot my wad into my shorts, I pushed her hand away as Mr. Polanski walked into the class room.

She then placed her bottom firmly against me and gently rolled her shapely hips, I could feel the erotic pressure building and building. "Linda... don't." I whispered in her ear.

She slowly turned and looked at me, "Why not? Don't I excite you?" She placed her hands on my chest and pressed her pelvis into my crotch, "MMMMMM.... I like this." Her thumbs slowly glided across my nipples causing them to tighten and press out against my T-shirt. She looked around over her shoulder, then whispered into my ear, "Did you drive your car today?"

I could feel my throbbing shaft nested into her crotch where she kept rocking her hips, ", I didn't drive today."

She pushed her bottom lip out in a pout. "It's too bad for you... because right now, I'm feeling pretty hot!" She gave me two real hard rubs, almost sending me over the edge... then walked into the classroom with a twinkle in her eye.

I quickly fought back the desire I was feeling, carried my book bag down low to cover my erection and followed her into the room as the bell was sounding. I took my seat directly behind Linda, both Kim and Rachael to my right and left. I couldn't tell you what Mr. Polanski talked about during first period as my eyes kept moving between the three girls seated around me. Each girl was erotic and desirable to my young teenage mind.

I could smell the heavenly scent from Linda's hair, as it fell into long, sexy blonde layers before my eyes. Perfumed with an erotic fruity smell, I drank deeply the scent, and purposefully found reasons to brush against its fine silken texture throughout the class.

I forced myself to look at the clock only 20 minutes into class, as I lowered my eyes I locked onto Kim's dainty foot. She was dangling her shiny Pump by only the toes, I could see the gentle round heel as it was pulled from the back of the shoe. My eyes slowly eased up to the little silver jeweled bracelet that adorned her ankle. From there it was only natural to look higher, I leaned against my hand... looking through my fingers, trying not to be seen.

Higher, to her simply beautiful calf, smooth and sexy... devoid of hair, her shapely knee was both cute and strangely erotic to look at. I couldn't help but picture them, bent and kneeling before my throbbing erection. I shifted in my chair, driving my hand down into my crotch in a vain attempt to conceal my pounding member.

I almost gasped as she shifted her position to whisper to the girl behind me, her thighs parting enough so I could see the creamy complexion of the inside of her leg. I slowly inhaled and again adjusted myself as my eyes caught the hint of downy pubic hair spilling out from her white lace panties.

I looked down quickly at my Biology book, staring into a drawing of the Female reproductive system. That caused a deep pleasurable sensation inside of my young body, I slowly blew air from my trembling lips. I glanced up at the back of Linda's head, her silky blonde hair reflecting light upon its shiny surface. I wanted to reach out and pull it in, the perfumed scent driving me mad with erotic desire.

I closed my eyes and thought back to us in the doorway and how she traced her tongue around the contour of my mouth. I could still feel her glistening tongue as it danced wetly against my lips, causing the stiffness which I was still a prisoner of. I pushed my tongue to the edge of my mouth, savoring the recent nearness of her own... I could still taste the slick waxy gloss that she had worn, shining like sparkling diamonds buried under a thin veil of wetness.

I pursed my damp lips and drew back in my tongue, a giggle caused me to open my eyes. "Did we not get enough sleep last night Mr. Baxter?" My eyes darted up to Mr. Polanski as he leaned against his podium, staring at me.

"..Uh, no... I'm fine." My voice quavered and trembled with surprise. I sat up in the chair and again pressed my hand against myself, trying to conceal the erection that no one could possibly see.

"Please see that you don't nod off again..." He sighed, then continued, "I want you all to please read quietly, chapter 27. That will be your assignment for tomorrow... I would suggest you all use your time wisely and read for the remainder of class! If you choose to talk... please keep it to a dull roar." He then sat down, opened his grade book and began entering the grades from the test we had taken yesterday. Nearly everyone in class, opened their books and quietly read.

I looked back to my book, flipped the pages to chapter 27, and began to read. After only a minute or two I glanced at Linda who was gently scratching her back with her long thumb nail. I leaned forward and whispered into her ear, "What's wrong, got the bugs running?" She looked over her shoulder and smiled.

"Something keeps tickling me there, causing it to itch." She whispered back, erotic and breathy. I figured it was my chance to touch her silken hair and slowly reached out to scratch her back. She arched her shoulders and pulled aside her beautiful hair, "Oohh, yes that's it... right there... that's the spot."

I could feel myself stiffen as her words created a fantasy within my own mind, words that I longed to hear from my own bed chamber. I continued to scratch her back, where I could make out the slight rise of her bra strap, it was this that was causing the itch she had been experiencing.

The power of suggestion is pretty great when you consider how it affects the mind, I knew that well as my own back began to itch. As I scratched Linda's, I twisted my own arm around and dragged a thumb against my shirt. The tickle persisted and I tried to scratch, using the very tips of my fingers.

After only a brief moment of digging, I was satisfied and stopped scratching both our backs. I decided it would be better if I were to actually read the assignment Mr. Polaski had given and picked my high-lighter out of my bag. I laid it next to me on the desk where I would pick it up from time to time and high-light the important areas of the chapter.

At one point I had laid it on the pages of the book, only to see it roll quickly down and fall onto the floor. I bent to pick it up but Rachael was there first and handed it to me, as she passed it into my hand I noticed that a button was undone on her blouse. I quickly looked away, but my eyes were pulled like magnets to steel, back to her breathtaking bosom.

I could see just the tiniest hint of lace as it danced upon the edge of her neckline, almost beckoning me to look. I tried to turn away but its pull became too great, its lure too powerful. Just a hint of porcelain white softness was hidden behind the lacy cloth, gently cupping and caressing them in its form.

She must have noticed me watching and quickly moved her hand to button it back up, but as she fumbled with the top button... the next one down dropped open. I pulled my lower lip in and let my teeth slide across its tender surface while she struggled to button herself back up.

She shot me a sly smile, and quickly buttoned herself back up. I couldn't help but noticed that each nipple was erotically pushing out, trying to be noticed, desperately wanting to be touched. I laid the high-lighter in the crotch of my book and turned away as she gave me a wink.

I knew better to look again, but my eyes wanted to drink up the vision once more... I leaned against my left hand and looked through my fingers. She was absent mindedly running a finger around a nipple, the erection bigger than before. Her eyes were closed as the long nail of her finger continued to trace laps around the jutting cloth from her thin bra and blouse. I was drawn by her seductive motions and in moments, found myself also tracing little circles around my own nipple.

Suddenly we both jumped at the sound of the bell, class ended as it had begun... me excited and stiff as a board.

I stood up to leave and hoisted my book bag up onto one shoulder, swung it around low over my crotch, so no one would notice what had happened. I hurried out of the room before the girls could finish me off, not sure really what I would do if they tried.

I hurried down the hall toward my second period class, dashing between people also hurrying to their respective classes. Almost at the door, I was blindsided by a girl coming down the stairs, our books flying across the hall.

"Sorry..." She apologized, picking up her belongings. "That's what happens when I get into a hurry." As she bent down to retrieve her papers, I was on my hands and knees trying to locate all my Prisma Pencils for Art class.

I looked across as she collected her items, and straight into the top of her blouse. I could see a pretty pink flower at the crossing point of her satiny bra, and delicately cradled within the cups were her lovely breasts.

I was transfixed as I gazed upon the gentle swell of her rounded bosom, finding myself trying to move to see more. Deep into the cup I stared, able to make out the edge of her areola... where it met with the nipple. She glanced up and I quickly looked away.

Smiling she slowly stood to her feet, "...Again, sorry about that..."

I nodded and cleared my throat, "...It's okay!" What did I care, I just got the thrill of a lifetime looking into her bra.

She and I parted company, I watched as she walked on down the hall, then I stepped into my Art class and took my seat. I slid my book bag from my shoulder and pulled out the box of pencils that only moments ago were scattered across the hall. I stood up and walked to the shelf where we were keeping our illustrations, found mine, and brought it back to my table.

I spread out the pencils before me and selected one and began to lightly shade an area of my illustration, by the time the bell rang I had finished with one color and began another. I looked up and the class was full, I had been so busy that I hadn't realized that everyone had entered and begun working.

As I set contemplating the next color I would choose, I had a chill wash over me cold enough that I found myself buttoning up my shirt to the top. A pencil rolled an inch or two as goose bumps danced upon my arms, I knew I wasn't the only one feeling it as the others began to look around.

"Who opened the freaking window?" One of my class members shouted. This caught the attention of the teacher who crossed the room and pushed it closed.

"It may look nice outside kids, but there is still a bit of a chill in the air. This needs to stay closed!" She swung the latch to lock the window, "Go on back to your work..."

I watched her until she went back to her classroom rounds... then, as I turned my head around, I saw Lindsey. She was wearing a thin cotton blue T-shirt with short sleeves, but what drew my attention was the way her nipples pushed out against her shirt. Two little buds aching to be kissed, I looked down quickly so not to be noticed. Through my fingers I watched as the little buds slowly grew into small finger like towers, embarrassed, she put her arm across each breast attempting to warm them back into submission.

I stretched and hazarded a glance toward her, she was still covering herself and went back to working. I myself was affected as I vigorously rubbed my arms, trying to warm them up as well. I could feel my own nipples, each hard and erect from the sudden chilly breeze that swept across the room.

I picked up a pencil and tapped it against my illustration, trying to come up with the right combination of colors that would just set off my work. I absentmindedly scratched under my left armpit as I took notice of the item I was holding.

"Oh shit!" I whispered. I realized that what I thought was one of my pencils, really was one of the girls eye liners. I bent down and put it into my book bag, quickly I began to scan my other pencils. "Aww nuts!" I sighed as I picked up a glossy lip liner from the bunch, I began, in earnest, to comb through all of my art supplies.

I found I had also picked up her waterproof mascara, two types of lip liner and a dark black eyeliner pencil. I scratched myself again, while trying to think of what I should do... I didn't know the girl, so should I just drop them in the lost and found? Now my back began to itch, I twisted my arm behind my back surprising even myself on how far back I could reach, and scratched.

All over my back felt like little creatures walking, each time I thought I had one taken care of, another would crop up. The itching slowly moved around from one side to another, up over my shoulders then down onto the front of my chest. I raised my hand while scratching, trying to get the teacher's attention. "Yes Charlie?"

"Can I go to the restroom?" I squirmed in my seat, trying to stop the itch.

"You only have 20 minutes left of class, hold it until then." Her gruff response surprised me. I frowned and began to itch under my right armpit, then it seemed to race around my back to the left armpit. I wiggled my back against the rest of the chair, meanwhile scratching my chest with vigor.

Almost as soon as it started, the itching stopped and I breathed a sigh of relief. I was able to finish out the class, working on my illustration until the bell sounded. Now on to third period, Gym class.

I cut down a side hall and across to the gym, this move shaved a few minutes off the time it took to get to class and I was able to go on in the locker room to get ready.

I headed straight to my locker and quickly dialed in my combination. One of the girl's lip liner's fell onto the floor, I picked it up before anyone noticed throwing it into my bag.

I stood with my back to the room and began to unbutton my shirt, as it fell away I hesitated. I held open the sides and examined what I was wearing underneath, "I thought I was wearing a T-shirt!" I muttered. I thought about it more, convincing myself that I must have pulled the white tank top from my drawer after my morning shower.

I shrugged and quickly slipped it off, throwing it along side the button down shirt. I kicked off my shoes and unbuckled my belt, dropping my jeans to the floor... again I paused. "What the fu..?" I stood there in front of my locker, holding my jeans in my left hand... my right was poised at the band of my underwear. "...No way..." I sighed, "No freaking way..."

I felt embarrassed as I stood there, wearing the little yellow bikini underwear that my mother bought me as a joke last Christmas. Thankfully they were guy's bikini underwear, so at least the guys wouldn't rib me so much. "But still..." I thought, "I distinctly remember picking up my normal underwear when I showered." I practically jumped into my gym shorts, effectively hiding the embarrassing hip hugging underwear that I had on.

I quickly stretched my head into my gym t-shirt and let it fall down my torso, grabbing my white tennis shoes I sat down and reached into my bag for my gym socks. I pushed everything aside, trying to locate the small bundle of white that would be the calf length socks...but found nothing.

I thought about going without but remembered the blisters I got last summer, "These will have to do." I looked down at my white footie sock, which ended just below the ankle. I pushed my foot into the shoe and quickly tied the laces and just as fast, the other shoe was on and tied. By the time I looked up, the guys were filing into the room and at various stages of readiness themselves. I took my place at the door and waited for the gym teacher to come out of his office.

I frowned when I saw Jeremy with his back to me at his locker, in one fluid movement he pulled his shirt off and tossed it aside. He was busy talking to one of his friends when he turned and sat upon the bench to tie his shoes. Clad in only his shorts, socks and shoes the two carried on their conversation.

My eyes were drawn to his chest. While not as muscular as I was, he did seem to be relatively fit and trim. He stretched behind him and grabbed his shirt without standing up, his sinewy muscles rippled with the effort. I was surprised that he was in as great shape as he appeared to be, it almost appeared that he had been working out. While thinking, I ran my hand up under my shirt so I could feel my own six pack "...He had nothing on me!" I snorted.

We all gathered by the door when finally our teacher strode out into the hallway, "Ok ladies... get out there and get going on your calisthenics!"

Everyone moved through the door and took their place on the polished wood floor to begin with our usual stretching exercise. Ground hurdles were first, we each pushed our left legs out along the floor and bent the right, forcing our knees down against the floor. I was surprised at how easy this was for me today, usually I wasn't able to quite get my knee down... now it would go parallel to the floor. Mr. Fox blew the whistle and we switched, this time right leg out and left bent, knee down. Again, the easiness of the exercise surprised me.

Mr. Fox blew his whistle and we all stood up to our feet, "Ok girls... lets limber up those backs!" He blew the whistle and we each pointed our fingers down, trying to touch the floor... again I did this with ease, surprising myself.

After this was done we stretched out our feet, putting quite a distance between them. I was able to not only touch the floor with my palms, but I could reach back behind me and almost flatten myself against my thighs. This was unprecedented for me, usually I could go no further than just touching the floor.

I began to look at the others around me as we started stretching out our arms and shoulders, some could do it well... others could not. At one point I looked down at myself, both nipples pushing out against my shirt. I looked around and folded my arms, trying to hide the little erections. I felt a flush of embarrassment, especially since this had never happened to me like this before!

Thankfully, we started our run around the gym, up the stairs to the top, then back down to the wood flooring. Five laps was the usual, slowly we began our jog around and up and then back down... this was one of my favorite things about gym class. Running gave me time to think, but for some reason today I couldn't concentrate. I kept staring into the muscular legs of the guy in front, every once in awhile my eyes would dart up to his rear as he pumped his legs.

I was always a trim guy, taking great care of my body... but something had me troubled. With each foot fall of my running, my pectoral's would give a slight bounce. Maybe I had never really paid attention to it before, but it still was troubling. By the third lap around, it was starting to become painful.

Sometime during the fourth lap, I became winded and started to wheeze. The air sucking into my lungs was making a high whistling sound. By the fifth lap, I had fallen way back behind my normal position of third or fourth in line.

Mr. Fox noticed me struggling and pulled me aside, "You okay?"

The air from my lungs whistled as I spoke, sounding like an asthmatic. "I'll be okay... just winded."

"Maybe you should have a seat and sit this one out?" He pointed to the bleachers.

I nodded and climbed up a few rows where I lay lengthwise and caught my breath. The running had one other effect on me, I began to cough when trying to breath through my mouth.

After about 15 minutes, I climbed down and got a drink of water and joined the group. Mr. Fox pushed out the carrier holding 8 basketballs, blew the whistle and shouted, "You boys know the drill... pare off, shirts and skins!" I groaned hearing that, I didn't feel like playing basketball today.

We had divided up into teams, ours was shirts. We played for the most part of ten minutes before I was subbed into the game. I was told to guard Jeremy, at one point, we had just missed a basket when I went for the rebound the same time as he did. Jeremy got to it first and came down under the rim, protecting the ball as we were taught. I tried to reach around him and he swung his elbow quickly around catching me right in the chest, the force staggering me to the side. He must have thought I was moving around to make a steal and swung his elbow the opposite direction, this time catching the opposite side. I continued my way to the floor, gasping for air and coughing as I lay there.

"Hey man, that has to be a foul!" One of my team shouted from the bench as the other players continued to make a mad dash to the other end.

I pulled myself off the court, still gasping for air and coughing profusely. Mr. Fox hurried to my side, "You just got the wind knocked out of yourself... take a seat and catch your breath!"

I sat on the floor along the wall, near the drinking fountain. Closing my eyes I rubbed my tender chest, while fighting back the tears. At one point Jeremy jogged up for a drink, "You okay?"

He waited for me to answer but I didn't because I was actually afraid if I would open my mouth... I would cry. "Charlie... are you okay?"

"It... hurts." I sobbed, tears coursing down my cheeks.

He frowned and looked over his shoulder, "Sorry about that... I thought you were trying to steal the ball!"

My body became racked with emotion as the tears flowed on, he again looked over his shoulder and stepped a bit to his left and crouched down. I noticed and wiped my eyes with my arm. "Come on Charlie, get control of yourself!"

I continued to wipe my eyes as he shielded my crying from the others on the court. "Maybe he wasn't such a loser after all?" I thought.

"Hey... if you think you'll be okay, I'm going back out and play." He began to stand.

"I'll be alright... thanks." I pushed the tears away with my thumb and rubbed the pain from my chest.

I watched him trot back out to the court as I began to get some control out of my breathing, this time the sobs only coming in short dying little gasps. From my seated position I continued to watch the game, surprised at just how agile Jeremy actually was. After awhile, I found myself rooting him on as he would make one athletic move after another. I felt ashamed knowing I was spending so much time hating the poor guy that I never saw him past my anger... he seemed to be a real decent guy.

I noticed Mr. Fox walking over toward me, subconsciously I pulled my knees into my chest. "Class is almost over. If you're ok, why don't you head on in and take your shower." I nodded and stood up.

It only took a moment to push the door open, pull a clean towel from the bin and head into the showers. The water helped sooth the bruising pain that I had felt earlier, I gently massaged each pectoral as I stood under the streaming jets. I thoroughly washed my body with the soap and rinsed, turned off the water and headed out to change.

I glanced toward the clock, "15 minutes left before they come in to shower..." I said aloud, my voice echoing around the room. I picked my shoes and shorts from the floor and threw them back into my locker, turned and faced the big mirror mounted on the wall.

What I was seeing didn't look right, I stepped closer. I stood only three feet from the mirror, trying to figure what was wrong with my reflection. My chest, though bruised and sore... seemed puffy, maybe even swollen a bit. I brushed a hand against one of the bruises I saw and gently pressed the tender green spot, it didn't seem to bother me as much as the slight swell from my nipple at my own touch. My eyes trailed downward, I continued to dry myself off, the towel hanging vertically in front. If a person didn't know better, they would think the possessor of that towel just might be female. I wiped the water away from my chin as I contemplated my own reflection, the way my waist tapered in, then suddenly flared out at the hip. I tried to remember if it had always been like that.

Slowly I rubbed the towel through my hair, maybe the little girl was right... it almost looked as though my roots were lighter, maybe blonde. But that was impossible, wasn't it? I leaned into the mirror to get a better look at my hair, slowly my eyes were drawn back to their own reflection. "Since when did my lashes ever become so long and dark?" I thought to myself as I took a finger and ran it lengthways along each gently curled hair protruding from the lids.

On an even closer inspection, it appeared that a slight, thin line of black was faintly over each set of darkened lashes. My eyes traveled toward my cheeks, then down to my mouth... something was wrong. I leaned quickly away, putting almost 10 inches between my face and the mirror. "No way..!" I sighed, frustratingly. My lips were never really thin, but what I was seeing, bordered on the impossible. Each lip was darker and redder than I had been used to seeing, they were soft, smooth and almost wet looking. I rubbed against them with the towel, whatever was making them shine... wouldn't come off. I ran a hand through my hair, wondering what would have caused the subtle changes I thought I was seeing.

I ran my thumb along my eyebrows, they too seemed thinner and shaped differently. I slowly turned and walked back to the bench where I glanced toward the clock, "They'll be back in here in 7 minutes." I said to myself. I reached in my locker and pulled out my underwear, sighed and pulled them up my legs.

In mid-stride I stopped and looked at my legs closer, they seemed smoother to the touch. I ran my hand along the length of my calf, the hair there seemed fine and sparse. I stood up and tossed my towel into the dirty bin, positioned in the corner. My peripheral vision caught my reflection in the mirror, slowly I turned and looked back... moving only my head.

I let out a sad sigh, breath slowly escaping through my teeth. From behind, I seemed to resemble a girl. My hair seemed to be a sandy brown and while still short, almost touched the bottom of my ears. My neck appeared long and lithe, shoulders smooth and narrow. Even my waist tapered from behind to a round, heart shaped bottom. I slowly turned farther, soft light reflected from the near silky surface of my skin. "What's happening to me?" I gasped. My arm was away from my side, I could just make out a swollen pectoral as it's roundness gracefully tapered into my flat stomach. "This can't be possible..." I refused to let myself believe what I was seeing.

In desperation to hide myself, I quickly scrambled to put on my clothes. My tank top went on first, but what I saw made me unsettled. I almost appeared to be a teenage girl wearing the tiny boys bikini and tank top. If I wasn't positive, I would have said that the swelling on my chest, gave me the appearance of the small breasts of a young teen girl. I snatched out my shirt, paused and rolled it over in my hands. "I thought it was plaid?" I frowned, "No, I'm sure it was a button down plaid shirt... not this."

I held the long sleeved cotton ribbed oxford up, "Where the heck did this come from?" I wondered aloud. I didn't remember seeing anyone wearing anything like this when we were all changing out of our clothes. I suddenly heard voices as the guys lined up outside the door, quickly I pulled it over my head and slipped my shoulders in the sleeves. At the same time they were filing in I was pulling the jeans I had been wearing up my legs.

I quickly fought them past my hips and buttoned the fly, I frowned as they seemed a bit more baggy around the waist. I spun around and slipped my feet into my shoes before the last of them filed into the shower. As I tied my shoes, I watched the steaming vapor roll into the locker room... through the fog, I could just make out Jeremy standing at the door... naked."

I slid my foot into the other shoe and quickly tied it, trying not to look into the steaming room. Jeremy's back was turned to me, my eyes watched the soap as it caressed his body in its trip down to the floor. I looked away briefly, only to have my eyes pull back into the thick foggy showers, Jeremy had turned to face me... soaping his hair and laughing with a friend. From where I stood I could see his swinging member as it hung down, red from the heated water. I forced my eyes closed, spun and slammed my locker shut. "What is happening to me?" I gasped under my breath. As I headed to the door I turned and faced the mirror, my small nipples seemed to be pointing the way out of the room. I flushed with embarrassment and quickly hid myself from the guys leaving the shower.

I waited for what seemed like minutes until Mr. Fox called out, "Go on... get out of here!" We all began to file out into the hallway, heading to fourth period study hall. I crossed the hall and stopped at the water fountain, there Jeremy caught up with me. "Hey...uh, Char...uh." He sighed deeply as I straightened up, "Sorry about gym class and the way I hurt you... I would never mean for that to happen." He looked down, then back up and smiled, I surprised myself by smiling back.

I coughed and cleared my throat, now raw from my earlier coughing. "It's okay Jeremy... I'm fine." I said softly, my voice about half the volume it normally was.

He looked around then leaned one hand against the wall, "Sometime we should get together and go... one on one!" Again he smiled causing me to also smile.

"One on one?" I whispered, feeling my little nipples harden again. I raised my books higher to conceal their betrayal.

"Basketball." He slowly lowered his mouth to the fountain to get a drink. I couldn't help but shoot a quick glance at his jeans while he was bent over.

"I'll be skins." He laughed as he wiped his mouth with his hand. My mind recalled him standing in the shower with no clothes. His eyes darted down toward my chest then quickly back up. "Uh...could I...uh drive you home... later on?"

I tipped my head and looked at him, my eyes half closed. "Why had I ever been so mean to him... he really was a very nice guy." I couldn't hide a smile as I stood there thinking.

"Great, I'll see you after school!" He tapped the wall twice with his palm, smiled at me again and hurried on to his class, I frowned at my odd thoughts and continued to Study Hall.

As I walked toward my seat in the cafeteria, I thought about the entire conversation I just had with Jeremy. Maybe I had been wrong about him, he seemed pretty nice. I removed the book bag and sat it on the table, seated myself and waited for the observer to take her seat in our makeshift classroom.

I began to pull out my books and open their pages, a tickle at my shoulder caused me to look behind me. No one was there, another tickle on my other shoulder made me quickly swivel my head... nothing. I scratched at the spot where the tickle bothered me. I turned full around in the seat looking at the Freshman sitting behind me.

He looked up, "What?"

"Did someone just come past here?" He shook his head 'no', I frowned and turned back around.

As I sat there reading, I had something run across the middle of my back... almost as if someone drew a finger along my shoulder blades. Again I spun, only to find no one there. The boy looked up from his book and smiled, then returned to his reading.

I felt the sweat bead upon my upper lip, slowly trembling I stood up and approached the Observer. "May I have a pass to the restroom?"

"Sure..." She quickly signed the piece of paper and handed it to me, "Don't be gone long..."

I took it into my hands and paused as I begun to walk away, my nails seemed to be minutely longer and narrower than I had remembered. Even though I knew it probably wasn't anything to be really concerned with... I quickened my pace. About three steps across the room was as far as I got when I realized that I still had a pencil in my hand, I thought about taking it back to my seat but decided against it and hurried on out of the cafeteria.

I held the paper in my left hand and slowly pushed the pencil I had into my pocket. Down the hallway I walked until I found the restroom door, gently I pushed it open and entered. I walked over to a stall and stepped inside, quickly unbuckling my pants, I let them drop. I pushed my underwear down and took a seat, I did my business in a hurry, wiped and stood up. I reached down to pull up the underwear and as my hand came into contact with the material I gasped with astonishment.

My formerly yellow boy's bikini underwear were now a pale yellow, silky, thong. Gone was the standard 'fly' front. I slowly pulled them upward, across hairless thighs. "I...I...I think... somehow... I'm turning into a girl!" My mind raced, "But how?"

My legs had absolutely no hair on them from the top of my thigh to my ankle. With a trembling hand I felt the slick smoothness of my bare skin. Trying to hide them from view, I pulled my jeans up over my hips... this time, they seemed to fit perfectly. I looked down, they formed against my bottom like a glove.

I looked lower, they had some embroidery on the outside of the leg... some kind of flower with a butterfly. "Shit... no!" I whispered. I hurried and tucked my shirt in and dashed out of the stall toward the sink.

"What the hell am I going to do? It had to be Jeremy's sister... she's doing this to me!" My voice sounding more like a girl each time I heard myself. I quickly washed and dried my hands, looking into the mirror my eyes grew wide with shock.

"H...How?" My shirt was now an almost transparent white... the tank top I had been wearing... had somehow magically changed into a bra! I pulled the shirt from my jeans, " this can't be possible!" I cried. But as sure as I was standing there, a pale yellow bra was gently riding upon my chest.

I felt like crying, my trembling hand slowly moved up to hide my face. "Dear Lord, this isn't possible..." My prayer coming out like a soft sigh. I wiped away a single tear as it rolled down my cheek and looked up to the ceiling, "Please God... I'll do anything... if you only make these changes stop...!" The emotion in my voice, caused it to crack. I glanced into the mirror as I tucked the shirt back in, "....oh....OH NO!" My eyes came to rest on my face, "Shit...shit...shit!" I began to pull paper towels from the dispenser.

I felt my heart sink as I looked into the reflection, my eye lashes were very dark and curled. A powdery brown dusting covered each lid, cheeks were dusted as well with a slight pink hue. "How is she able to do this?" I cried, trying to wipe it from my face. "Oh... God! It's not coming off!!!" A very feminine sob lodged in my throat, as my knees wanted to buckle. "Where is all of this coming from?" I fought back the tears as I continued to wipe my face in vain.

I dropped my arms to my side in despair, "I've got to see her... try to get her to stop what she's doing!" My outlook seemed hopeless, my lips trembled in fear. They too had been effected as well, now hopelessly glossy and satiny smooth. Little flecks of microscopic glitter embedded their surface. I hesitated but still tried to wipe it away, the effort was fruitless. "It...It's dried paint!" The little emotional gasps came out like sobbing. I lowered my head and bawled like the female I was slowly being transformed into.

I knew I had to be getting back to my seat... before they sent someone after me. Slowly I pushed the door open and leaned against the wall, crying. I had to get control of myself. I steeled my emotion and dabbed at the tears still collecting at the corners of my eyes, "What am I going to do?" I sighed deeply, then let go of the door... stepping into the hallway.

I stood there in the middle of the hall, trying to force myself to take a step. My mind whirling with question after question, "How is it that I'm the only one noticing the changes... everyone else seems to accept them as if they have always been." I glanced quickly at the door, "How is Jeremy's sister doing this to me? Is she a witch? It couldn't be possible." I thought as I started to take a step, then double checked something that I hadn't noticed before. "Besides doing this to me... she's playing with my mind!" Another single tear rolled down to my chin, as I stood before the door I had just exited... the one with 'Women' imprinted on the nameplate, as if to mock what was happening to me.

In our High School, it was mandatory to hand back the pass after we returned to the classroom. I guess it was to keep the students from forging the pass or altering it for another day, slowly I approached the Observer and laid it on the desk.

She looked up at me and frowned... "God... does she see what's happening?" My mind cried. I tried to escape back to the sanctuary of my seat before she spoke.

"Miss Baxter..." It didn't register, I continued to walk.

"Charlene!" Her voice cut like a knife, I slowly turned... not believing what she had just called me.

In a very small voice I spoke, "Y...yes..."

"Next time you ask for a pass... be sure to leave the cosmetics behind!" She pointed toward the floor with her glasses. "Please pick that back up and return to your seat." I looked down to the floor, laying against the leg of the table was an object.

I slowly bent down and picked it up, examined the mascara tube and tried to hand it back to her. "It's not mine." I replied smiling.

"Miss Baxter, do you take me for a fool?" She frowned and placed her hands on her desk.

"No Ma'am." I felt fear well up inside me.

"I know for a fact that it's yours, I saw you with my own eyes push it into your jeans as you left for the restroom. Now, before you push me too far young lady, I would suggest you take it back to your seat, put it into your purse and continue studying." She slowly lowered her eyes back to the book she had been reading, as if signaling that our conversation was over.

I could feel the other students eyes upon my back, I made a hasty retreat to my seat. I tossed the mascara tube on the desk, watching it roll up against... my purse. I sat up quickly and began to look around for my book bag, the Freshman saw me and smiled.

"Who took it?" I whispered to him.

"Took what?" He whispered back.

"My book bag... they left this here..." I held up the purse by its long strap.

He gave me a strange look, "You didn't have a book bag... that's all you were carrying." His low whisper drove like a stake into my heart, I dropped back into my chair. "You okay?"

I lowered my eyes to the floor and slowly turned back around, The thoughts flew through my troubled mind, "She... she's turned my book bag into a purse... I have to talk to Jeremy, maybe he can get her to stop!"

I used one hand to push open the loose material of the purse, and peered inside it's bowels, trying to see what it contained. As the light penetrated the deep recesses of the purse, I could see some of the contents revealed.

Lip Gloss, Eye Liner, a compact, Mascara in White, Blue and Dark black, small containers of eye shadow in various colors, a brush, comb, condom and wallet. My eyes widened as they returned to the square package of the condom, "Sssshit!" The word left my mouth like a shot of steam.

I reached inside and hesitatingly pulled the wallet out, it was leather with a single flower, small and yellow, down in the lower right corner. I opened it up slowly, the photos there, were ones I knew... only slightly different.

My parents anniversary portrait, my Grandmother, Some girls that I met in camp last summer, Rob, my best friend from Middle School who moved away last year... and a Senior picture of Jeremy. "I don't remember that being there!" I frowned as I pulled the picture from its clear jacket. "Why would I have a picture of his?"

"You say something to me?" The voice seemed to come from behind me. I looked over my shoulder where the young Freshman was sitting.

"Uh, no... just talking to myself I guess." I forced a smile and went back to the picture. I turned it over in my hand and looked at the back. Quietly I read the writing, "With all my love... Jeremy."

I pushed it back where I found it, "This can't be possible... she's trying to push us together." I thought to myself. I opened the flap to the purse again and started to throw it inside, something small and white caught my eye.

"...A... Tampon?" I sighed as I fingered the little package. I could feel my heart fall to the floor... this discovery would mean that her changes were far from over. Almost without thinking, I lowered a hand to my crotch.

"Still there... but for how long." I sighed, hoping that I would wake up from this nightmare soon.

"Uh...hey, you want a stick of gum?" I quickly looked behind me at the young Freshman.

"No thanks, Tim..." I surprised myself by knowing the boy's name, I had made it a habit of not associating with any Freshmen.

"Ok... that's cool." He whispered back, then smiled at me not lowering his gaze.

The way he was looking was making me self conscious, a hand went to the buttons of the oxford shirt I had on. Only, my hand came into contact with the skin on my chest... I looked down.

Somehow, the Oxford shirt I had been wearing was its place was a clingy, tight fitting shirt with a zipper. The zipper had lowered half way down... even I stared at my own predicament before attempting to zip it back up. Both breasts, although small, were cradled with the cups of the yellow silky bra... and Tim was getting quite a view.

My face flushed with embarrassment as the zipper shot back up to my neck. I found myself glaring at Tim, he looked down to the floor and smiled. "Well what do you expect me to say?"

I smiled at his young teenage innocence, "How about... gee Charlene, you're zipper's down." Not realizing that I had made a reference to my own oncoming femininity.

He giggled at my comment, "Now that's a thought for my dreams..." I suddenly had a picture flash into my mind of me standing at there with the zipper of my jeans down.

"Little pervert!" I turned around and giggled like a girl, "Someday... you'll get yours!"

"Promise?" He laughed as the bell sounded. I sat there with a hand on the shirt's zipper.

Without thinking about it, I stood up and pulled the purse up onto my shoulder, collected my books and headed back to my locker. I could take my time now since it was lunch, I quickly spun in my combination and opened the locker door.

Facing me was another picture of Jeremy taped to the inside of the door, above it was a scrap of paper cut to look like a comic balloon. The balloon had my writing inside... only it was a more feminine version of my penmanship.

I read what it said, "My Love, My Life, My Guy!" I leaned against the door and cradled my head in the bend of my elbow. After a deep sigh I pushed my Biology book to the back and pulled out the ones for Algebra and English, my next two classes. I could smell perfume as it wafted to my nostrils, a hint of being both sexy and seductive.

Mounted on the door was a small mirror, my eyes caught the reflection of myself and as I looked into it, I noticed that my brown eyes had become they appeared almost hazel... and my hair seemed even lighter.

I jumped and let out a very girlish squeal as I felt hands on my waist, "How's my girl?" I turned around to face Jeremy.

He quickly looked left, then right. Even before my mind could surmise what he was about to do... it was done. He pushed my head back against the locker with a deep kiss, slowly pulling my bottom lip as he moved away.

"I've been thinking about you..." He said, moving my small hand to the inside of his thigh. I could feel his erection growing against the back side of my thumb.

I pulled my hand away quickly, causing him to suddenly look over his shoulder, "You talk to your folks yet?"

I looked down then back up to his pale blue eyes, "N...No, I haven't..."

"Don't wait too long..." He ran his warm hand up my neck and held my face tenderly, I was just trying to figure out what he was saying.

He looked down at the zipper on my chest, "How's your breasts... did I hurt them when I elbowed you during gym class accidentally?"

I unconsciously rubbed them, "I'll be okay." He smiled and watched my hand move against the small rounded shapes.

"I'll gladly do that for you." His smile looked mischievous and sly.

I quickly pulled my hand down, he misunderstood the meaning for it's quick removal. Slowly his hand slid upward and began to fondle my covered breast. I could feel myself becoming very warm. "Jeremy..." The word was halted as his lips fell against mine, his tongue fighting a battle with my own... strangely, I could feel myself returning his kiss.

His thumb was gingerly stroking my erect nipple, causing me to begin moaning, slowly we broke our kiss and he slid his hand to my waist. "I can't wait until school is over."

I felt light headed, "Why are you wishing for that?" My breathing still erratic.

"We'll be alone... you and I." He winked and then pulled his hand away from my face, letting my hair fall like feathery strands of golden wheat from his fingers. He held their tips and slowly brought it to his lips, "Until tonight my love..." He kissed me again and hurried off to his side of the lunchroom, I leaned against the lockers and caught my breath.

"What just happened... did it really happen?" I let out a small erotic sigh. As I started to pull the locker closed I caught my reflection. A reflection that I seemed to be accepting as my own, my hair was now a light golden brown with streaks of blonde... only, now it came to rest at the swell of my young breasts. I frowned, knowing that his sister was making true her threat... I knew that before she was through, I'd be female... and in love... with Jeremy.

Strangely enough, I felt like I was walking on a cloud... I don't really even remembering picking up my lunch. I pushed it around with my fork as two girls sat next to me and another sat on the opposite side of the table.

"Hey Charlene... what's hanging?" I looked up in a daze, it was Linda.

"I don't think anything's hanging right now, in fact... I think it's as stiff as a board." Rachael laughed, pointing in Jeremy's direction.

"No... no it's not." I stammered, looking toward Jeremy.

"Oh..." Giggled Kim, "Then you had better tell the girls to take their seats..." All three began to giggle. I didn't have to look this time, I knew they were talking about my aroused nipples. "Did we have another little make out session back at the lockers?" Kim smiled and took a drink of her soda.

Linda wetted her lips and ran her fingers along my arm, "And I thought you were saving yourself..." I felt my face redden.

Kim laughed and pushed Linda's hand away, "Girl, you know she's not like that..." Linda pushed her lip out in a pout.

"Maybe not, but I bet I could teach her some things." I felt Linda's foot slowly and gently caress my crotch. "Isn't that right... Honey?"

I pushed her foot away and slid back my chair, "Eat your lunch... quit pestering me."

Linda smiled and picked up her fork, "Spoil sport." She winked, "I'd much rather eat your lunch." Her shapely eye brows bounced as she sat there grinning.

Kim studied Jeremy and sighed, "Charlene... you're so damn lucky. God I'd give anything to straddle him." She looked down and stabbed at her salad, "What's he like... you know... in bed?"

"I... I never." My food became caught in my throat, forcing me to quickly take a drink.

"Puh-leze, you can't tell me you two haven't done it... I'd bet money that you have!" Kim teased.

Linda patted my hand and let it linger, "I'd pay to have watched."

"Gross!" Hissed Rachael. "That's disgusting... you're disgusting."

Somehow, I knew deep down that Linda was only playing the part of a lesbian... a part she seemed to be playing rather well. I pulled my hand back and laid my fork on the tray, she was making me uncomfortable.

"Oh come on you prude." Linda laughed and stroked one Freshman boy's rear end as he passed. He paused, smiled and continued on.

"Linda!" I gasped at her forwardness.

"Oh, for Christ's sake Char... it will just feed his little boy fantasies tonight." She smiled and winked at Kim.

Rachael sat up and tapped me on the arm, "You're so damn lucky that your Mom is so easy on you... I'd love it if my Mom would let my boyfriend Tom stay the night."

"Hey, he only stayed because of the storm..." I stopped in mid sentence and frowned, "Now why did I say that?"

"Yeah...stayed...and stayed...and stayed...and...then exploded." All three giggled at Linda's comment, I felt my face grow extremely warm.

Kim laughed and looked up to the ceiling innocently, folding her arm across her forehead. "I never knew a guy could make me feel the way he did..."

Linda tapped my leg under the table, "You going to let her get away with mocking you like that?"

I felt my lower lip quivering, my eyes filled with tears. I quickly stood up and ran down the hall crying. All three grew quiet, exchanged glances, stood up and chased after me.

I only went down the hall, far enough to not be seen by those in the cafeteria. I slid to the floor and buried my face into my knees. I don't think I could have stopped the tears if I wanted to, as soon as they began to fall the three girls stepped closer.

"Hey... come on Charlene... we didn't mean it..." Linda crouched next to me and pulled my hair back. "You know how we get when we're having fun."

I looked up toward her, tears rolling and collecting on my cheeks. "I... I don't know what's happening to me..."

Rachael, put her hand on mine, "Relax girl... we all go through the hormone thing... it's okay to cry... let it out."

Kim looked at the other two, "Lets get her off the floor, lunch will be over soon and we don't want to be here in the hallway." They grabbed my arms and raised me to my feet.

"Come on Charlene, compose yourself..." Kim whispered, looking over her shoulder. "Here comes Jeremy."

The young man pulled up short in the hallway and approached slowly, "What's going on here... Char?"

"We... were teasing her, a bit of friendly fun." Linda pushed her hands into the back pocket of her jeans. "I guess it just got out of control."

Jeremy frowned and put his arm around me, "Hey... look at me." He gently raised my chin.

I had been afraid of him ever since his kiss at the locker, then... I seemed to enjoy it. With each passing hour I found myself changing more and more, just looking at him may send me into oblivion.

"Come on... up here, Honey." Higher and higher he raised my face until I was facing him. Only, I kept my eyes closed. "It's going to be okay... trust me."

His words were soothing, and deep down I really felt that I could trust him. Still I kept my eyes closed. "Please, Charlene... let me see the crystal blue of your eyes." I popped my eyes open quickly.

A fearful thought raced through my head, I said, "My eyes are brown... or at least they were!" I looked back at him, directly into his smiling face, I could feel my heart melting. What was happening to me? I felt transfixed by his gaze, Could I prevent this from happening any further? Inside my head, I cried.

"If those are brown... then, I must be colorblind." He slowly moved in and kissed me, my knees shook as he held me. I could feel his hand resting gently on my hip, then slowly sliding down.

"Maybe we should leave, girls..." I heard Linda say, "Let them be alone..."

Kim giggled as they were walking away, "Well for the next 5 minutes anyway."

We stood there holding each other, him looking deep into my eyes. "Now... what's the real reason for all of this crying?"

I pulled my hands up to his chest, they were now small and dainty... fingernails were shaped and longer, a pearl polish on each one. "You wouldn't believe me if I told you... I don't even believe it myself!"

"Try me." He smiled and slid his hands around my smaller waist.

"I... It involves your little sister." My words seemed to surprise him.

"What has she done?" He had a look of concern on his face.

"I'm not who you think I am..." I looked down at the floor, "At least, I didn't look like this when I woke up!"

He dropped his arms, "Shit!" He slapped his hand against the lockers causing a loud bang. "I knew this was too good to be true!" He looked at me again, "What did she do this time?"

"Jeremy... My name is... was Charlie." I saw his expression melt, "I'm..." I looked down at myself, "I used to be...a guy."

"Why would she do that to you?" He frowned and wiped his mouth on his sleeve. He didn't have to say it, he was revolted from kissing me.

"She got mad at me for picking on you all the time." I wiped another tear away as it began to roll down my face. "Every time I turn around... she's somehow made another change in me." I wiped my other eye with my left hand, he handed me his hanky.

"There's something about her that I should tell you... she has these powers, it's a family trait!" He watched me dab the tears away from my eyes. "Damn, just when I thought I found the girl of my dreams... she tells me that she used to be a guy."

"It's not like I planned for this to happen!" I shot back coldly. "Your sister is the one to blame, not me!"

I flipped my hair behind my shoulder, as if I'd done it all my life.

"We have to get her to stop this from happening, I don't want to be transformed into a girl!"

"I'll help you..." He said as the bell began to ring, he looked up at the clock. "But first we need to get the rest of the day behind us. What are your other classes?"

I tapped my nail against the Algebra book, "Math, English and then..."

"Show Choir." He looked down the hall as the other students began to file out of the lunch room. "I'll see you in Show Choir, when it's over we'll take my car and see if we can't get Wendy to change you back."

"Ok, thanks Jeremy." I felt myself leaning forward and stopped..."God..." I thought. "I was just about to kiss him... again!"

I just turned and ran off, he had a puzzled look on his face as he watched me. I headed into the class room and took my seat, a few of the boys watched me walk in. I frowned and sighed, "Just how far is that little brat going to take me?"

The boy in front of me turned slowly around, "Hey Charlene, when you going to dump that loser Jeremy and go out with a stud like me?"

I studied him for a moment, contemplating my answer. "Jack, what would possibly give you the idea that I wanted to go out with you?" I folded my arms against my chest and smiled.

He grinned at me, "What girl wouldn't?" He winked, "Aren't all you girls the same?"

"Not hardly, thanks but... Jeremy will do for me." I frowned as I looked at him.

"Yeah... Jeremy will do... but I would do... you." He reached out and stroked my arm causing me to pull away.

"In your dreams!" I shot back, he just sat there smiling smugly.

"Oh, we do a lot more than that in my dreams." His laugh sent a chill down my spine.

"Jack, turn around... I'm not interested!" He pursed his lips and winked, then slowly turned foreword.

I sat through most of the class listening to my teacher drone on about theories and different ways to arrive at the complex answers, utterly bored out of my skull. I kept looking at the clock, wanting the day to hurry up and end, so I could try and figure a way out of this spell that was spinning around me. I wanted to slouch in my chair but, somewhere deep inside me, I knew that it wouldn't be proper for a young lady to sit that way.

I sat sullen, knowing that whatever Jeremy's sister was doing, somehow seemed to be transforming the reality around me as well... I only prayed that there would be some of the real me left by then. I laid my pen down and opened up my notebook to pull out a scrap piece of paper, when I inadvertently knocked my pen from the desk.

"Nuts!" I sighed, only to have Jack turn around.

"I've got a pair you can hold..." I shot him a dirty look for his comment, then bent down to pick up the rolling pen. As I sat back up I knew that something had noticeably changed. I had gone from the small feminine swell of a teen bust line... to a slightly bigger image of femininity. I had to have been somewhere around a 34 bust now..."I'm going to kill that girl!" I groaned.

In morbid fascination I sat through the rest of the class, wondering why I couldn't feel the changes as they happened. Some were coming on so slow that I never noticed until after the fact, others... like the one I had just experienced, happened rather quickly. Thankfully the bell rang and we all shuffled out into the hall, I continued on to my English Literature class carrying my books like all the other girls around me were doing.

I passed a big mirror as I continued down the hall, my waist was now thin and tapered, my bottom was rounded and full with that little slope I had always admired in girls... only now it was on me. My almost blonde hair was hanging past my shoulders, approaching my back. I looked like all the other girls I had ever known, small, cute... and feminine.

I entered my class room and placed my purse under me on the floor with my books, took my seat and flipped my golden hair behind my shoulder. Mrs. Estler smiled at me and handed me a paper, "You did very well on your test, Charlene." I smiled and she moved on past, handing the other students their test papers or laying them on empty desks for the late arrivals.

I flipped through the pages and paused to read my answer to an essay question, the penmanship was free and overtly feminine. "How did you do?" A voice asked me from behind.

I turned to face Kim, "I got 96%!"

She frowned and looked down at her paper, "Must be nice to be smart..."

I slowly turned back around and faced the front, still looking at my paper. She was right, it would be nice to be smart... the old me never was. I really couldn't get into school work, this new me seemed to come into it very easily.

I knew class was about to begin as the bell rang it's shrill announcement, Mrs. Estler began writing on the board. I leaned over to tuck the paper into my binder when my hair began to cascade toward the floor. It must now extend to my waist, I gathered up the golden blonde hair and stuffed the paper away. I sat back up and was relieved when the blood quit rushing to my head, only then did I notice one additional problem, other than my hair.

My breasts had now grown again, this time adding another 2 inches in size. My zipper had slid down to the top of the bra I had on, it too seemed to be adjusting with the growths on my chest. I stared down at the smooth blemish free skin that was cradled in the soft cups of the bra, separated by a great amount of cleavage. I looked around with embarrassment and tugged the zipper up as high as my breasts would let me.

For the better part of an hour I sat, wondering what was in store for me, what new changes I could expect. By the time the class ended, I was worn to a frazzle. The bell rang, we all stood up and began to file out of the room and into the hallway. I heard a wolf whistle and turned to see who they were whistling at. From somewhere down the hall a male voice shouted, "Looking good, Charlene!" I paused and studied the crowd closer, trying to see who was yelling to me.

Another guy walked past and gave me the once over, smiling. I smiled back, but didn't know why.

I shrugged my shoulders and continued to walk, around one corner I passed three guys wearing letter jackets. "Well Hi there Honey!" I looked up at him, realizing for the first time that I was somehow shorter. "Why don't you come on over here and talk to us?"

I quickened my step to put distance between us, "That's it baby, shake it for us!" He laughed, and jogged up behind me followed by his friends. "How long you been coming here to this school?" I continued to walk, eyes facing forward. "Surely hasn't been that long, I think I would remember a long legged hottie like you passing by!"

I walked faster, for the first time realized I was hearing the click, click from heels. I sighed and turned down another hall, knowing full well that I've experienced another of her little changes... but afraid to look. "Slow down, I just want to talk to you... get to know you better!"

"No thanks..." I said in an airy feminine tone.

"Back off Mark, she's spoken for!" I looked up to see Jeremy standing in the center of the hallway, I had never been happier to see anyone before in my life. Jeremy waited for me to pass, then glared at the boy who had been leading the little herd of hormones.

"Sorry Jeremy... I didn't know she was your girl. Damn, why couldn't I ever be that lucky?" I smiled at his complement, even if it wasn't directed at me.

Jeremy waited for them to leave then turned to look at me, "I guess there's been more changes?"

I nodded, "I'm pretty sure there has been some, although I don't know what for certain." He held me at arms length, studying me.

Slowly he shook his head, "I don't see them. It's like you and I have always been... a couple." He looked down at the floor, "She's planted memories into me as well... seems I remember a distinct storm." He looked down at the floor, "A storm that found us... in your house... together." He slightly smiled then let it drift away, "That memory was supplied by my little sister... but, damn... It's one that I wished was real. I mean with a real female... not you."

I frowned and looked away, "Not that I wouldn't want it to be you... it's just that... well, you used to be a guy." I nodded, knowing full well what he meant to say.

"But... you just spent the night... right?" I looked around as I whispered.

He smiled and nodded, "Nothing happened..." I let out a thankful sigh.

"You look the same to me, but I'm sure it's her magic making me think that way. I'll just have to take your word on the changes..." He led me to a trophy case where we faced the reflective surface, "Can you see any differences?"

I stood looking at my reflection, Jeremy was standing behind me. "Well, I used to be taller... now, I think I'm only around 5'6"." I turned and looked at the hair hanging down my back, "The hair is a lot longer... and now entirely blonde."

He placed his large hands on my shoulders, "What else... I'm sure there's more. She would never leave it at that."

"You think?" I replied sarcastically, "She's changing me into a freaking female!"

"You know what I meant... do you see anything else?" He slowly lowered his head and kissed my shoulder causing my nipples to suddenly swell in a very obvious set of twin points on my chest.

"Well, there's one change." I pointed into the glass. I sighed and looked down into the cleavage... he was looking over my shoulder. "Your sister has somehow tampered with both our minds... making us act like a couple." My eyes went from my bust to the floor. "Oh shit!"

"What is it? What's wrong?" He stepped back and looked down.

"I'm wearing a skirt and heels! How did she do that without me knowing?" I felt like crying and put my hand on my quivering lip. Her magic had given me very slender legs, topped it off with heels which actually set off my flawless legs even more. Then the little shit put me into a very short mini-skirt and sheer hose.

"Like I said, it looks the same to me... my God, your legs are spectacular!" Jeremy sucked in a whistle as he stood behind me. "How much farther will she take this magic of hers?"

"That's what I'm afraid of... my God... just look at what she's doing to me!"

"Come on, we'd better get to class... we'll figure it out after school!" He gently pulled at my slender waist. "It'll be okay... we'll get her to reverse the spell."

I only hoped he was right. We walked on past the Auditorium and into the Choir room, there Mrs. Hunt was standing with her arms draped in white clothing.

"Charlene, pick out the dress with your name on it... go into the back room, and put it on." I did as she said and headed for the room she indicated. This was different, sure I'd been in Show Choir... but I always wore the suit.

I slowly opened the door, only to be scolded by a chorus of girls. "Hurry up and get inside here Charlene... and close the door!" I stepped in and did as they said.

There around me were several girls, standing in their panties and bras... and I felt nothing. No arousal... nothing. I sighed, knowing that here was another change her magic caused... my sexual orientation had shifted from lusting after the female form... to male. I hurried and stripped down like the other girls, even now I was thinking of myself as one of them. I sadly shook my head.

I pulled my dress over myself and felt someone quickly zip it up behind me, "Thanks!" my feminine voice chirped.

"I only wished my dress fit like yours does..." I turned around, zipping up Rachael's dress as she did mine.

I slipped my shoes back on and stepped into the Choir room, facing the big bank of mirrors. "God... I am beautiful!" I whispered. Facing me was my reflection, a very shapely blonde looking back. I turned slightly, the white, sequined dress hugged my every curve. I looked into the mirror and Jeremy was walking out of the guys dressing room pulling on his jacket.

"Wow, Charlene... give me an hour with you looking like that, there's no telling what would happen." I straightened his tie and found myself smiling.

"I know exactly what would happen... that's what scares the hell out of me!" I dropped my hands to my side and walked back to the mirror, smiling.

"Okay class, we're going to all have Mrs. Cline check the fit of your outfits... while you're waiting on her, go ahead and work on your dance steps." Mrs. Hunt shouted over the din of our young voices.

"Dance steps?" I whispered to Jeremy, "Do I know the girl's part?" he just shrugged. I looked at him and sighed, we walked to an area that was open.

Jeremy stood behind me and placed his hands on my waist, we began to dance. The movement of my body was fluid and graceful... her magic saw to it that I knew the girls part... flawlessly, then as I gracefully bent away from him he was supposed to slide his hand up to my back in a dip. I started leaning back and as he held me there, he bent down and kissed my bare neck. I felt warmth between my legs from his kiss. "I don't remember that as part of the dance..." I found myself sighing, Jeremy only smiled.

Slowly he rolled me to face him as I let my body relax, as a part of the dance, he was supposed to lower me down until my hair just swept across the floor. He parted his legs and I was to allow my legs to slowly slide toward him as I was lowered... It was supposed to be sexy.

My leg slipped and both feet shot between his parted legs, my momentum made me fall too quickly and caused him to lose his balance. We both sprawled to the floor, him on top of me. For a moment we hesitated, him looking deep into my eyes. I could feel his semi-erection as it was nested in my crotch.

Another couple paused during their dancing and laughed, "Jeeze... why don't you two get a room!"

Slowly, almost hesitant, he climbed up and helped me to my feet. "Well... I just found out another change..." I pulled my long blonde hair behind my shoulder.

"What's that?" He asked brushing the dust from his black suit.

"I... I'm feeling strange around you." He paused and looked at me, "Sorta like... you and I are... well, more than just a couple." I frowned into the mirror when I saw dust on my backside. Jeremy slowly began to brush it off the dress, taking more time than needed as he stroked my bottom.

His every touch sent little shivers down my back and into my crotch, both nipples tingling with erotic excitement. He smiled, "I... I know what you mean." He stopped, his face flushing with red. "We have to fight it, I don't want Wendy to succeed!"

"Okay... I'll try." I frowned... something inside of me was changing very rapidly, I only hoped I could hold out longer.

All through class I fought those urges I kept getting, I fought the want... no, the need of loving him. Loving him the way a woman does a man. We both knew that his sister was the reason for that feeling, but they felt so natural... so real. By the time class ended and we were able to get back into our street clothes, I was so aroused that I was afraid to be near him. But we both knew that the only way to return to my normal self... had to be through his sister.

We crossed the parking lot toward his car, both of my nipples were stiff and sexually aroused. I knew it wouldn't take much to be intimate with him if we were given the chance... but like a good little girl, I was prepared to fight it.

Like a gentleman, he held the door for me and I sat down. His erection showed me full well that he was as affected by his sister's magic as I was. He smiled sheepishly and I slid across the bench seat and unlocked his door. He sat down and pushed his key into the ignition. I watched him, I was feeling so overwhelmed by sexual energy that I couldn't breath right... he smiled again. I forced myself to look out the window, "You know where this is headed... don't you?" I asked, my voice breathy and sexually charged.

"Yeah... I think I do!" He sighed and looked down at his erection. "I just can't figure out why she would treat us both like this?"

I looked back at him and watched his gaze, my eyes drifted to the bulge in his shorts. "She's pretty pissed at me... for being so mean to you... as a guy." I wanted so much to touch the tented material in his pants but fought it off, "She said that I would be happy to stay home and raise babies... if this keeps up, I'm sure she'll get her wish."

He smiled but forced it from his face, "It's no wish... she's using her powers against us! She's forcing us into... this!"

My hand moved toward his leg but I stopped it. "The little shit is forcing this on us... she wants this to happen!" I folded my arms quickly and frowned, "Hurry up and start this car before we end up doing something that at least one of us will regret!"

He nodded and started the car, quickly putting his foot on the gas. I sat there aroused and fought the need to jump him right then and there. We rolled down the street and headed toward his home, "Wendy should be there when we get home... then I'll make that little shit reverse what she's done!"

He drove on and turned down his street, I kept glancing back at his straining crotch... wanting him. He quickly pulled into the drive and pulled up along the side of the garage, by this time I was panting with lust... both nipples yearning to feel his mouth around them.

"Come on... we'd better get into the house and have it out with the little shit!" He took me by the hand and practically pulled me from the car. We cut through the garage and entered into the kitchen. "WENDY!" He shouted. "Wendy! Get your ass down here!" He shouted up the stairs.

I leaned against the railing and looked up to where I thought her bedroom was, his hand fell upon my shoulder. A sudden little thrill washed over me, his hand slowly stroked my stomach as he stepped behind me. "Jeremy... we can't!" But her magic made him want it as much as I, I felt myself push against him.

His hands slowly stroked upward, toward my breasts. His breathing in my ear becoming ragged, "I'll kill her for this!" He whispered. He worked one hand up under my shirt and was massaging my unfettered breast, little soft moans were escaping from my throat. "Wendy... please!" He pleaded as he took both breasts into his warm hands, I fell against him resting my head on his chest.

"That...feels...wonderful..." I sighed erotically. "She'd better hurry before... before..." My thoughts escaped me, I was having trouble concentrating on anything other then sex.

Jeremy bent down and kissed my neck I felt his warm face with my smooth hand. I pulled his head into my neck, my other hand was slowly caressing on his erection through the front of his pants. "!" He sighed into my neck as I turned away from him.

We heard the door open and close, Jeremy sighed a "Thank God!" But neither of us could break away from what we were doing.

"What the hell's going on in here!" She cried as her son stood pressing his body into my backside, his hand up under my shirt and I leaning against him for all he was worth.

"God... Mom!" Jeremy pleaded, "Wendy... Wendy's done something to us." He cried as he continued to dry-hump me from behind.

"I'll say... you two are acting like you're in heat!" She ran halfway up the steps... "WENDY ELIZABETH!" She looked back at us, her son pushing his hand into the front of my skirt. "WENDY ELIZABETH... YOU HAD BETTER GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE! NOW!" We heard nothing but our own moaning.

She came back down, "We can't have you two doing that in here!" While she stood there, Jeremy had pushed my skirt to the floor and had his hands at my crotch. "Oh that little one's going to have the dickens to pay after this little exhibition of her powers!" She pursed her lips in anger.

"Mom...please...make us stop!" Jeremy began to pant in my ear as I began to stroke him with more fervor. I felt his finger slide up into knees suddenly parted, allowing him greater access for his efforts.

"I would if I could... but it's her magic, not mine. There's nothing that I can do to stop it, once it's gotten to this point!" She cried into her hands. "Even if I was able to separate you... the pull she has placed upon the two of you would be too great!" She bit her lip and trembled, "Separating you now... would probably kill you both!"

I felt my panties slide down toward my knees. "Please... do something!" I pleaded. Feeling like a lustful animal I pulled his thick penis out of his pants, "She's going to make us...have....uh..." I lost all train of thought as my pelvis began to thrust into his hand with unbridled lust.

Jeremy was starting to press my bottom into him further, all while his mother stood there. I knew that as much as I fought against her daughters magic, the more I wanted him to succeed... in impaling me. My logical thinking was gone, only raw lust permeated my brain at this time. Beads of sweat began to dapple our exposed skin, no longer could either of us claim control over our lust.

"Jeremy... take her upstairs." His mother sighed, "There's nothing I can do for you... we'll just have to let her magic run its course." She'd no sooner said that, when Jeremy scooped me off the floor and started up the steps. His kisses falling upon my eager mouth, up the stairs he climbed... and he carried me with no more effort than me carrying a baby in my arms. I shuddered at that fleeting but very real thought.

Baby. Such a simple word... the little shit was about to get her wish. I knew we would screw our brains out and he would expel his powerful seed into me... and damn it, she would win.

Jeremy pushed open the door and laid me down on top of the bed, in only a moment I had peeled his shirt off and was holding him to my naked body. I spread my knees apart and gladly took him into me. Filled with lustful magic we fell into rhythm almost instantly, my hips moving in unison with his. He drove his seed deep into my womb, filling it with the life she had thrown upon us... she got her wish. I had been transformed, I was the female. Her brother, the boy I had despised only 24 hours ago, would now become the father of the child she wished on me.

He lay panting on me, as I continued to gently roll my hips... I wanted something more... I wasn't done. He realized it and also began to gyrate his own hips while kissing and sucking my erect nipples. As soon as he placed his tongue on a nipple, I felt the most amazing, electrically charged sexual orgasm grip me and squeeze me in its lustful grasp. Once, twice... three times I had the waves crash against me until finally I was able to relax, my hand slid down his back and came to rest against the bed.

"G..God that was amazing!" I sighed, sweat beading my upper lip.

"I'm so sorry... I'll make it right, somehow!" He gasped into my chest, trying to catch his breath.

"I guess being stuck in this form isn't so terrible..." I sighed in my little girl voice, "She could have made me a slut or something..." He turned my face to his and kissed me deeply.

"And... she did give me someone to love!" Again he kissed me.

"I guess it's kind of prophetic... I didn't want any girls to like you...I was acting kind of like a jealous female." I looked down at my breasts as his weight sandwiched them between us, "I guess she was just helping it along."

Jeremy nodded, "How you feeling now?"

"Other than your weight crushing me... pretty damn good!" My smile caused him to grin. "I don't feel like humping your brains out... at least not right now. But I know that I love you and would let you... any time you wanted." He leaned in and kissed me again. I stroked his thigh with my smooth leg, the movement was very deliberate.

He looked deep into my eyes, "Come on Charlene... we'd better go down and face the family or we'll be at it again."

Within a few minutes we were slowly walking down the stairs, hand in hand. Both of Jeremy's parents were standing, Wendy was sitting at the end of the couch with a frown on her face. "Well... it's done." Jeremy sighed and shot a hateful look at his sister.

"Uh...hi Dad." Jeremy looked at his Father who was frowning. "Uh... when did you get in?" He asked.

"Just now." He scowled at his young daughter, not looking our way. We all grew quiet, the clock ticking was the only sound heard.

His Mother spoke, breaking the deafening silence. "She told me what she used on you... Charlie." She frowned and glared at Wendy, "I'm sorry for what she's done..."

"I'd like to say it's okay, but she changed me into a girl!" If looks could kill, she would be dead right then. "Then as if that weren't enough... she forced me to have sex with a boy I hated!" This time Jeremy's Father looked at her again, his anger slowly bubbling beneath the surface.

"Is he pregnant? Did your magic see to that?" Her father folded his arms and frowned as Wendy nodded slowly and looked at the floor.

"What about you?" asked his Mom, "Are you going to be okay... as you are?" She looked at me thoughtfully. "We all have some powers, though we choose not to use it... but Wendy can't seem to learn." She again frowned at her daughter, "There's nothing I can do to change what she has done... you will be pregnant! We'll help you with the child... but, can you live with that as well?"

"Even though I said that I had hated Jeremy... your daughter's magic has softened that blow." I looked up at him and smiled.

Jeremy's Mom shot a glance at Wendy, "Did you also cast some kind of love spell?" The girl nodded, "Oh Wendy... when will you ever learn?" Her mother sighed.

Jeremy's Father looked at his wife then asked us all to leave the room for a moment, we stood up and walked into the kitchen, Wendy couldn't look us into the eye. Jeremy sat down at the table, and pulled me into his lap. "You really screwed up big this time..." He shook his head at the little girl and softly kissed my shoulder.

"He doesn't hate you anymore... does he?" She looked at both of us, Jeremy squeezed my leg.

"That's beside the point... they asked you not to use your magic, and you did anyway! And if it wasn't bad enough to turn Charlie into a girl... you involved me in it, getting pregnant!" His words also sunk into me as I looked down at my flat stomach.

"Charlene's got to live with that... and you will too!" He scolded his little sister.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Wendy shot back.

"Every time you see that baby, you'll remember what you did to make her that way... you should be ashamed." His hand fell onto my thigh sending another little thrill into my crotch.

"What about me?" I asked, "I'm a girl... stuck like this." I placed my slender hand on my chest. "Because of you I have to carry on with your brother like we're in love... forced to make love like a real couple." Jeremy gave me a squeeze and kissed my neck, my hand pulled him closer.

"I'm not sorry... I hope you two..." She got quiet and looked down. "That's not true, I really am sorry." Her body shook with tears, "Now I'm going to have to pay for what I've done!"

I looked at her and raised her chin, "Just change me back..."

Tears filled her sad eyes, "I can't... it's like Mom said, once the magic has started... there's no going back." My hand fell away, the last vestige of hope lost. I was to remain trapped in this body. Somehow, I couldn't feel angry at her... only sad FOR her.

I got up and hugged her, "Shhh, it'll be okay..." We all heard a noise at the doorway, it was their Father.

"Come on in here and sit down... Wendy, grab the towel from the sink and bring it in here with you." He turned, we all exchanged glances and followed him into the living room, Wendy carrying the towel.

"Charlene." His mother spoke, "Even though our powers are stronger than Wendy's... I can't reverse what she's done." She looked sadly at Wendy, then continued. "You two are stuck loving each other... like this... until the day you die... and you Charlene, will remain a woman." I swallowed hard and looked down, Jeremy put his arm around me and smiled sadly.

"Jeremy, you and Charlene will have to marry... we'll not have you two living under the same roof and not be married." His Father spoke calmly but sternly, "You will have to help her care for your baby." Jeremy nodded and gave me a hug.

"What about my family?" I asked, fighting back the tears, "Do I have to forget all about them?"

His mother said, "No, Wendy's magic altered reality for both of you... to them, you have always been Charlene. Unfortunately, they will find out about your pregnancy like most other parents do... from you two telling them."

Jeremy shot back, "And what about her... does she just get away with causing all of this mess?" I looked at the girl with tears in her eyes... and felt sorry for her.

"No, she's going to have to pay for what she's done." Her mother frowned and held the little girls chin with her hand. "You know that we have to do something don't you Wendy?" She nodded and stiffened her little jaw.

"Wendy, your Mother and I have decided to bind your power until your 18 years old... it will be released then, and not before." He sighed, "We should have done it long ago... before... this."

The girl smiled, "That's okay... in another 8 years I'll get it back." Her glee made Jeremy snap.

"Oh for crying out loud!" Jeremy gasped, "She did all this... and that's ALL you're going to do?" He shook his head in frustration, I just felt so sad for her.

Her Father sighed, "No there's more..." He turned toward his daughter, "Your Mother and I are going to put you in 'Time Out' for awhile. Maybe that will give you something to think about while you're there."

I did feel for her but I thought she was getting off easy, Jeremy just about came unglued with anger. "What?" He said, throwing his hands into the air.

"Just wait!" His mother scolded. We saw them both turn to Wendy and kiss her cheek, by the time they straightened up she was gone... disappearing into thin air.

"Wh...where is she?" Jeremy asked, I felt a tear slowly begin rolling down my cheek. We both looked down to where she had been sitting and there was only some slimy goo in a tight little puddle. Jeremy's Mom began to wipe it up with the cloth that Wendy dropped when she vanished, the whole time crying... her tears falling into the sofa.

"Dad?" Jeremy looked to his father, "Where is she?"

"We did the only thing we could think of that would punish her..." I looked at his sad father, then his mother.

"She used her magic on you two... making Charlene pregnant. We just made her trade places with the little egg clinging to Charlene's womb. I quickly looked down, Jeremy spun around.

"It will be okay... she won't remember anything." She looked sadly at my stomach, "It will be as though she was always your child..."

Jeremy's Father gently hugged his wife, "Maybe she can be raised better by you two this time around, God knows we weren't successful at it."

His mother sighed, wiping her tears. "Just do me one favor..."

"What's that?" We both asked in unison.

"Don't name her Wendy... hearing that name again will hurt too much!" She put her head on her husbands chest and softly began to cry.


After 9 Months... Friday, January 24th... Allison Marie was born. Her parents and both sets of Grandparents are doing fine...

It was said by an Aunt of Jeremy's, visiting us in the hospital, "Allison looks so much like her mother that it was uncanny... all of that blonde hair!"

We all knew that was just a part of the price that 'Wendy' had to pay, I thought as I lay there nursing my daughter.

Would we ever tell Allison about what happened? I think maybe that was another item better left unsaid.

The End

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