A Medallion Trilogy - ANGEL

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Many years ago, I wrote two stories called Angel and its sequel, Angel, A New Beginning. Ever since their posting, readers have been asking if I would ever write a third installment explaining 'Jeffery's Story'. I am happy to say that it is done and will be post here as the third story of the trilogy. Due to the years in between the first two and last, the writing style has changed slightly.

A Medallion Trilogy - ANGEL
By Anon Allsop

The pendant laid dormant in the plastic baggie next to my chair. I slowly looked from the clear bag, to the small infant sleeping quietly on the floor.

"What could have possessed you to try something so idiotic, Angel?" I sighed to myself. It had been almost three days since I had to transform her back.

I wiped a tear from the corner of my eye and dropped my head into the palms of my hands in exasperation, "Oh God... I am so tired!"

It seemed like it had been almost 72 hours since I slept last, because of her constant bawling... and the diaper changing. Looking at the sleeping form of Angel I sadly shook my head.

"I wished you would have never found that damn thing!" I looked back to the bag and its traitorous contents, "If only I would have known... I could have stopped her... now I'll never have my Angel again."

She began to stir, I looked at my watch. "Well... its about that time again."

I rose to my feet and slowly moved toward the kitchen where I could warm up a bottle of formula. Every so often I would peer around the corner at the little newborn as I readied her bottle. Checking the temperature against my arm I picked up a burp towel, threw it across my shoulder and headed back into the room.

She was quite awake as I rolled her over where she gave me a gentle smile showing only her toothless gums. I silently opened up her little pajamas and removed her tiny feet. As I pulled off her soiled diaper, I couldn't help but smile at this lovely little child who only thought of me now as her father. Slowly and gently I cleaned her soiled bottom and lovingly replaced the diaper with a clean one. I spoke softly to her as I snapped the garment back up to her little belly. No person in their right mind would ever believe that this adorable little baby was really my 26 year old wife until just a few days ago... now as my wife, she's lost forever.

Cradling her in my arms I walked back to my chair and began to feed her the bottle. As she slowly drank down the contents, my mind reflected back over the last few days...


I watched her smile as she dangled the little necklace in the air as she held the chain by her beautiful sculptured nails.

"Do you have any idea what this is?" She asked.

I smiled and shrugged my shoulders, "Well considering that you pulled it from the 25 cent box, I would guess that it was just another cheap necklace."

She hurried her beautiful body around the table and leaned toward me whispering, "Honey, it's Zulo!" I stared at her blankly, "Zulo... the Medallion of Zulo!" She repeated herself as if that would carry more importance.

When she saw that it wasn't registering with me, she frowned and quickly walked toward a little girl reluctantly helping her mother with the sale and handed her a quarter. The little girl looked from quarter then to the necklace and began to cry. I just continued to look around at the other items on the Garage Sale tables figuring that some little one didn't know Mom put her necklace on the sale table.

Angel walked back toward me pushing the little plastic bag deeply into her purse, I watched as she smiled and began to head toward a table full of baby items.

"Hey Angel, don't buy too much. We don't want to move stuff we don't need!"

She nodded and continued to walk away. I knew that she would buy what she wanted, and I would pack it as well. I was starting a new job next week and we just lined up a rental near where I would work. Soon we would leave this city and move into a quiet tree lined neighborhood where we both hoped to raise our children. That was why Angel wanted those baby items... always preparing for what she hoped would be our future. That caused me to smile.

Angel continued to move around the other tables as I began to browse through some odds and ends next to the woman and her daughter. The little girl and I made eye contact and she quickly looked away... her look wasn't like the "I'm not to talk to strangers look" but rather from embarrassment.

I smiled and thought to myself, "Now what reason would a pretty little girl like that have to be embarrassed?"

She looked down while wiping tears from her cheek with the backside of her arm and stared at the ground, wiggled her little bare feet in the soft grass and began to fidget with her dress.

I heard her mother softly whisper in a hushed tone, "Stop playing with your dress, good little girls do not show their panties to the public."

From the corner of my eye the little girls face reddened. I felt sorry for her, she didn't want to be there any more than I did. She continued to follow Angel with her eyes as she moved from table to table.

I turned my back to the two as I heard the girl whisper, "Mom, you can't get rid of that... how will I ever return to normal?"

In an almost inaudible whisper I heard her mother respond, "Normal is such a relative thing, Jeffery. You should have thought about that before you started picking on those girls!"

The little girl began to cry again and ran toward the house. I turned and watched her go, the mother had also turned in her chair and slowly smiled as she faced forward.

I pretended to be looking intently an one item, as the mother muttered under her breath, "Serves him right... maybe he'll be thinking a bit differently... now that he's one of them."

I picked up a drill bit set and glanced at the price, the woman turned her attention to me. "A guy can never have too many of those things." I realized then, she was directing her comment to me.

"That's just what I was thinking." I responded. Carrying it to her as I fished my wallet from my back pocket. I gestured toward the house, "Is she okay?" The woman laughed and waived her hand in the air. "She looked a bit upset." I added.

The lady glanced toward the house and replied, "Well, Jennifer was a bit hurt that I sold your wife her old necklace... but that's okay, she doesn't need it anymore."

I smiled as I handed her some bills and waited for my change, "Jennifer? I could have swore that I heard you call her Jeffery."

The woman looked up from her chair and used one slender hand to block out the sunlight the other moved to hand me back some silver coins.

Our quick conversation ended as a man walked back from the house, "Why is...Je... Jennifer so upset." He glanced at me and then continued, "She said you sold THE necklace... do you think that was wise?"

The woman let the coins drop into my palm, "She knew that we were serious when we dealt the punishment, she needs to be taught a lesson." Her husband folded his arms across his chest and scowled at his lovely wife.

I felt very much out of place standing there, I thanked her and slowly walked toward Angel and the pile of clothes that she had compiled.

As I walked he continued, "I said listen... what you are planning to do will last a lifetime!" He sounded sternly, "Are you sure you want to condemn him to that type of punishment?"

"Look William, when we married, you told me that I had to take care of our children... that included punishing them... I assure you that she will think twice before disobeying me again! Now excuse me, I need to take care of the baby!" I could hear her walking away.

I met my wife as she walked toward the angry man, she gave me a curious look and I only said "Later."

We turned and together walked back toward the man where my wife laid the clothes down and paid for them. I knew that he wanted to ask my wife if she was the one who bought their daughters necklace but at the rate that these sales go, he would have just been guessing so he stayed silent.


When we arrived at home Angel began to pull the items she had bought from the bag. I smiled at her excitement as she began to place the clothes on our coffee table.

"You sure bought enough of those things."

She smiled and held an item up still in its packaging.

"Look at these Ray, brand new... never been opened!" I looked at the package she was waiving around.

When she briefly held it still for a moment, I saw that she was holding an outfit for an infant.

"Are you trying to tell me something?" I eagerly asked knowing that we have been trying for children since we married four years ago.

"It never hurts to wish... does it?" She sighed. I watched her as she pulled one after another out of the bag and placed them neatly on the table. "When it does happen, I'll have the clothing covered." She was a very smart woman... always planning for the future. "All of these items have never been used... brand spanking new!" She smiled causing me to laugh at her excitement.

I shook my head in futility as I scanned the packing boxes all around the living room, each marked with room and description. "Oh well... what's one more box to pack." I said out loud.

She giggled at my comment, and continued to go through the items. As she pulled each little garment out of its box and folded them, she tossed the empty boxes into the bag to throw away later.

"Wouldn't it be easier to keep the boxes?" I pointed to the bag.

"Why?" She pulled a long blonde strand of hair away from her face, "The boxes just take too much room! Besides, it would be less to move with us." I nodded seeing her point.

"Beautiful and logical... that's what I love about you!" I smiled. My comment caused her to wink at me.

"Hey, while you're at it... why don't we see about doing something about filling those little outfits?"

Using my head, I nodded toward our bedroom.

She jumped to her feet and grabbed my hand pulling me along behind her as we headed toward our bedroom.


A few hours after our lovemaking, I remember hearing Angel stirring around in the bedroom while I was relaxing on the bed. Her beautiful tanned body clad only in her underwear and bra both a silky pink. I slowly sat up and threw back the covers.

"Sorry about that... I didn't mean to fall to sleep that quickly." She smiled and continued to search for something.

"What are you looking for?" I asked. She frowned and placed her hands on her shapely hips.

"Do you remember what I did with that little necklace? I was sure that I put it in the bag." She began to go through the pockets of her jeans.

"If you remember, you bought that first... I think it's in your purse." I said while stretching.

She paused for a moment and smiled as if someone turned a light on in her head. I began to pull on my boxers as she headed out of the room.

"Hey... where you going so fast?" I called out behind her.

I drew my pants up and zipped them, fixing my belt as I followed her down the hall.

I entered the living room as she pulled the bag from deep within her purse. She winked at me and motioned for me to follow her, which I did. Back into the bedroom we went. She again began a search, this time in the closet.

"What the heck are you looking for now? I figured you were done when you found that little girls necklace... now what are you up to?"

I sat down on the bed and waited for her to stop digging in the closet. She pulled a big bag from the closet and sat it on the bed. Slowly she began to remove the items.

"These were Kathy's clothes... you remember don't you? She was my roommate before we married. I knew that she left some clothes here."

I thought about Kathy, she was a remarkable woman, only 5' 3, young, blonde and very sexy... I had dated her before getting to know Angel. I remember Kathy was a bit small in the chest, but what she did have, was very proportionate to her diminutive size. I probably would have dated her longer, but she moved away and that's when I really got to know Angel... I think I'm better for it. At least Angel looks older than 15, Kathy was Angel's age, but she was so youthful looking that she could have passed for a girl in high school.

Angel pulled out an item and then turned back into the closet and grabbed out an old shirt that belonged to her younger brother. I laughed when I saw the shirt, I had remembered seeing it on Mike. He would wear muscle shirts to show off his muscles for the girls... he was pretty buff for a 17 year old.

"Why you digging in the rag bag... you planning on some cleaning to do?" I kidded her.

"Nope." She smiled as she walked toward the little baggie lying on the bed. She held the necklace by the chain and picked up Kathy's blouse. Slowly she walked toward me, "Are you ready for an experience that you will savor forever?"

She hovered the medallion near my chest then pushed it against my skin with the blouse, I felt a minor tingle like touching a wire with your finger... it dissipated from my chest and ran down my limbs rather quickly.

"What the heck did you just do? It felt like I just had a bit of electrical current run through me... I feel a bit strangely." Something wasn't right but she wasn't about to tell, she just stood and smiled... waiting.

"Now, it's my turn." Smiling, she picked up Mikes shirt and did the same to herself. "Now we'll just wait for things to happen."

She quickly laid the necklace on the dresser, unsnapped her bra and let it fall to the floor along with her underwear allowing her beautiful breasts swinging free. She moved toward me and began to pull at the belt that I had just fastened.

"Come on, stand up and help me out."

I laughed and stood... as I did, I became aware that my pant legs were pooling up at my feet. For that matter, I could no longer see my feet, it seemed that they had disappeared amongst the extra material now at my ankles. When my gaze returned toward Angel's face I was looking up at her. It suddenly seemed as though I was shrinking. Angel grasped my waistband with her hands and pulled them straight off of my hips without much effort at all, pulling my underwear right along with them.

I didn't know what to think, as I stood there trying to figure out what was happening Angel's face slowly became more masculine. Her hair began to shorten and her breasts even appeared to become smaller. All the while I was feeling a strange tickle against my neck, I brushed my hand at that spot and came back around holding blonde hair. My hair continued to grow as I held that golden lock. I looked down at myself and stared in absolute shock while my nipples became larger and began to swell. My hands flew up to my chest as they continued to expand out from their normal place of rest. I caught sight of my hands and slowly brought them to my eyes, they had become small and dainty. Even my arms and legs were now graceful and feminine.

I looked toward Angel... she had continued her transformation as well, only now she looked more like Mike than Angel. Gone were her beautiful breasts, her shapely feminine curves and flowing vibrant hair. In their place were chiseled features that Mike had worked so hard on... Angel was turning into Mike. I looked at the naked form standing in front of me not knowing whether to call it a her or him, Mike or Angel. It was then that my attention locked on to a definite shape growing from between Angel's... Mike's legs, longer and outward, the erection
slowly began to climb its way up with arousal.

With a husky voice that was more male than female, "Well my dear, this little adventure is complements of the Medallion of Zulo. Now you're going to find out what it's like on the other side of the fence! Take a gander at yourself in the mirror... Kathy."

I turned my head and faced the mirror mounted to the top of Angel's dresser, a look of horror passed through that young creatures eyes reflecting back at me. Surely what I'm seeing was impossible... this can't be happening. I looked past my shoulder into the refection of a young man slowly walking toward me from behind, his stiffening shaft bobbing in eager anticipation of what his young teenage hormones hoped would soon happen. Again my reflection caught my attention, slowly I was looking more and more female.

I couldn't believe my eyes, I looked more like Kathy with each passing moment...and Angel looked like Mike's duplicate.

"That Medallion did this?" My hand shot to my throat, Kathy's little feminine voice was now coming from me! "Change me back... I don't want to stay like this!" I stood in front of the mirror and looked like an exact copy of Kathy from the belly button on up. "God... she was beautiful!"

In a deep voice Angel... or Mike replied, "I thought you may still have had a thing for her."

Slowly I felt a hand wrap itself around my waist and kisses softly fall on my slender neck. I tried to pull away but Mike's grip was too strong. With one hand he raised my chin and kissed me deeply, his manhood now rock hard was pressing into my lower back. I began to wrench myself free but he maneuvered me toward the bed, I fell against the soft pillows and tried to crawl from the boy's grasp. He placed one hand around my tiny waist and began to fondle my hanging breasts.

"You know you like that... now don't you... Kathy."

"I'm not Kathy! I'm Ray... please Angel, don't do this!" I pleaded as I struggled to get away.

"I'm not Angel... my love, I'm Mike... and will be for the next 12 hours. It's time you learn how I want to be loved... and this is the best way I can think of! So, be a good little girl and relax!" His strong hands lowered themselves down toward my stomach.

I realized when he made the comment about being a good little girl, why that little girl at the garage sale was crying... she WAS Jeffery! Everything was coming into place, only I had to get away from the advances of this teenage boy with overactive hormones... even if somewhere deep inside was my Angel! Slowly he forced me farther onto the bed as I struggled to free myself from his strong grip.

I pushed my head into the pillows and used both hands to pry against Mikes strong grip on me. That was a big mistake as I realized that was the move he needed to impale me with his shaft. As he pushed it deep within my new womb I cried out realizing that I now had a very female slit between my legs and he was the one with the hardened rod. He laughed and started to pump his hips, I found myself began to become less and less resistant with each push of my transformed wife. Slowly my hormones became in tune with how my body felt and I began to move with
his rhythm. He kissed my bare back as his movements became more and more sensual... I wanted him to stop... then again, I didn't want him to stop.

Suddenly his breathing became more labored and he convulsed, I knew what was coming next... he was. I heard a grunt and he began to pulse his warm seed deep into me. I kept up the motions until he was spent. He rolled from me and collapsed in exhaustion.

"Hey, what about me?" I asked, realizing that I didn't get to experience any sexual stimulation as deeply as he did.

"Hey baby, now you know how it feels to get all worked up and just have you drop off and fall asleep like you do!" I pulled my knees into my chest and found myself pouting just like Kathy did.

He laughed... she laughed... whatever, "You look just like Kat, pouting like that!"

"Yeah, and you're not a very good poet either!" I said at his last comment.

"What? Oh... ha, she made a joke!" His hand patted my smooth leg. "Damn, Kat you sure have a great body!" His hand began to slowly move upward toward my crotch.

I tried to stay his hand, but the stimulation I was getting felt so good, "I'm not Kat... I'm Ray." His hand found my pubic hair and began to gently caress me there. "Please, Angel... I don't feel..."

He rose up and kissed me deeply, I felt myself falling against the pillows again... this time on my back. His head lowered toward one bountiful breast and he began to suckle setting me on fire with desire.

I felt my legs widen in an effort to entice him into a round just for me, he placed one of my hands of his soft penis and I did what came natural to this body I was encase inside. I began to fondle his member until it became ridged and stiff again.

His hand lowered until it came into contact with my nether region, cupping it gently and working me into a sexual overload. I began to moan and thrust my hips into his hand... it was then that he mounted me and brought me into the dizzying heights of passion. Try as I might I couldn't keep quiet, my voice was high and breathy... oozing with desire.

He continued to work me into a sexual frenzy until he had me begging for more and more. I felt him finally shoot into me after I was able to hit those grand heights more than once. Now I knew what Angel meant when she yelled at me for falling asleep after I expelled my seed.

Mike continued to move within me until I felt his firmness leave me entirely. He rolled over and folded his arms under his head. "NOW what do you think about that little child's trinket?"

I laid my hand on his broad chest and marveled at just how tiny my little hands were against his tanned skin. "I don't think I would care to do that again...well, almost. But I do have to admit, it was very stimulating." I lowered my head to his chest and allowed my long blonde hair to splay across his broad chest.

He looked at me for a long while, then asked, "I want to have children with you... at least one, but I've begun to think that may never happen." For a moment I saw a brief glimpse of Angel under his rugged good looks.

"Hey honey, it will happen someday... maybe not today, but someday!" My voice sounded so young and feminine while I tried to discuss our future with my wife...so out of place. My tiny index finger began to trace a circle around his manly nipple. "I can't believe you did this to me... how does that thing work anyway?"

"You keep that up and YOU'LL be the one having the baby!" He smiled, causing me to look up from my dreamy euphoria.

I thought about his comment, and pulled my hand quickly away causing him to laugh. The more I thought, the farther away I moved until I finally covered up my nakedness with the sheet. Mike... Angel stretched out and acted as though his unclothed body was on display for my pleasure, I must admit to myself that the very feminine hormones coursing through my brain was enough to make me want to take the second look at his beautiful body... but, there must have been enough male in me to keep my distance.

He rolled toward me and rested his head in his hand. I watched as his softening member fell toward the bed. Why was I so transfixed by him... how could I possibly be sexually attracted to another guy, even if it was my wife somewhere deep inside? I frowned as those thoughts coursed through my head, realizing that one major reason that I could be interested was that for the moment, I was not a guy. I was a red blooded American female, the only male part of me was deep within my brain.

Slowly he began to reach toward my new breasts, I pushed his hand back and repeated my earlier question. "How does this Zulo thing work?" Trying to keep him from his intended play, I covered myself with a sheet.

He frowned, "I would much rather play... wouldn't you?" He studied my scowl and smiled, "Apparently not. Okay then, the Medallion of Zulo is very old. Some think it is thousands of years old, some think it is somewhere around 500. It is made of a strange metal that was forged a very long time ago." His hand again touched my hidden breast and I slapped it away.

"Look Angel, you may want to play but I don't. I didn't ask to be placed into this form, I have no intention of staying like this. How long will I be stuck as Kathy?"

I sat up and folded my arms across my soft bosom letting Angel know that I wasn't in any mood to play, effectively shutting him or her out for the duration.

"All right... all right! Geesch, you're no fun!" He sat up and placed his hands behind him making no attempt to cover his nakedness. I flipped part of the sheet across his waist hiding it from my own view. He smiled and shook his head, "Spoilsport! My nakedness wouldn't be bothering you, would it?"

I glared at Angel causing him to smile handsomely, and continue. "It's effects wear off in about 12 hours... looks like we have about 7 to go." He said glancing at the clock. "It just has to touch a article of clothing that has been worn by someone, initiating the gradual change into that person. After about 20 minutes they become a duplicate of that person."

"Okay then..." I said glancing at the clock, "In 7 hours I will become me again."

"Well, it's not that easy pumpkin... you stay like you are unless you touch yourself and the medal with an article of your own clothing. Otherwise you remain as you are." I began to search out with my eyes for something that I was wearing as my old self. "If you touch another's clothing... you change again. Even if it isn't back to the old you."

"What happens if we stay longer than 12 hours like this?" I had a feeling that I wouldn't like this answer as I indicated our bodies with a waive of my hand.

"From what I know... and that isn't much, the longer a person stays in a transformed form... the more they become like that person. Unless in a female form, if she becomes impregnated... she stays that way." He replied rather candidly causing me to draw my knees into my chest trying to protect myself.

I remembered our two rounds with each other just awhile ago, I silently said a prayer to myself in hopes that I didn't already conceive. It had happened before with some girls that I knew... I just prayed to God that it didn't happen to me. I shot him a glare for putting me in this predicament.

"All right then, after our time is up... I want to be the old me!"

The fear of becoming like Kathy was scaring the hell out of me. Just the little bit that I have been her has caused some curious desires in me that are very unsettling.

"Oh come on Kat, nobody gets pregnant after the first time... do they?"

I wasn't amused by his sarcasm. I prayed that I would never have to find that out... on me.

He smiled and patted my slim hand, "Oh, it's been known to happen!" With his response, I felt hot tears begin to roll down my soft cheeks. "Come on Kat, nothing will happen."

I just hoped he was right... I didn't want to stay like this any longer than I had to.

He swung his legs off of the bed and walked toward my dresser pulling out a clean pair of boxers. "One other thing... and it's pretty cool. If you aren't satisfied with yourself... you know, a part of your body that is lacking in size or stature. The Medallion of Zulo can change that as well." I wasn't sure I understood, so he continued. "Say you, as Kathy wanted bigger boobs... just touch a NEW bra that is bigger around the bust to Zulo and you instantly become bigger... in that area."

I frowned and placed a hand against my chest not realizing how feminine that made me look... why should I worry about my bust size. What was so wrong with the size of my breasts anyway?

He laughed watching me, "Hey babe, there's nothing wrong with those puppies... I like them just the way they are!" I shot him an angry look and dropped my arm down... I had been subconsciously thinking like a woman.

I dressed for the day in the only items I had that would fit me... Kathy's clothes. We began to pack boxes with our belongings, the only problem was that I couldn't lift hardly anything. Angel... Mike had to do all of the heavy lifting and I was left to pack the lighter items. At least I got out of packing the garage. The whole time I mentally counted down the hours that I had left to remain in Kathy's form. Around noon we could change back... I couldn't wait!

With about an hour left I had become concerned with my complete thinking process, I was starting to feel more and more feminine and Angel was becoming more masculine in the way we each carried ourselves. As the time approached I was feeling very anxious at returning to myself.

Finally, Angel returned into the room... as herself. I jumped up and ran to her, "Please turn me back... I don't want to stay like this."

She smiled and placed an arm around me, "Aren't you a bit curious about women...what they do when they are out. I think you should stay like you are for a little while longer... I want you to know exactly how I feel... in every way."

All expression left my face, I felt myself go limp. Angel caught me and helped lower me softly into a chair. "Only for a few hours, we can go dining and dancing. This will give you a real opportunity to experience the life of a single woman."

"But... Angel, I don't want to stay any longer like this!" I indicated my form with a sweep of my hand.

"Oh come on... you can't tell me that you aren't just a bit curious?"

I thought about it... she was right, it did intrigue me. But I didn't want to let her know.

"For just a little while then... and you'll change me back?" I was a bit nervous about what answer I would get.

We stopped packing right where we were, Angel grabbed me by my small hand and drug me into the bedroom. Lying on the bed was a complete outfit of Kathy's right down to the shoes. I gave a soft feminine groan. Angel laughed at my response...at least she was having fun.

to be continued...

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