Becoming Emma Chapter 14

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That was one thing Emma had neglected all her life. She had turned 20 a while ago and had only done the act a handful of times.
But ever since she felt pain, fear and pleasure at the same time as Andrew rammed into her repeatedly, she couldn't get enough.
She felt complete. And why wouldn't she? She was all woman now.
Her C cup breasts were larger than she was used to but she was getting used to them everyday. And Andrew seemed to like them so she flaunted them.
She had also gotten used to wearing a bra and shorts around the house since summer heat was getting intense.
They had had sex so much lately, it's s wonder she didn't go around naked.
On this occasion however, she had to be more modest. They had tons of guests.
Her model friends aka bridesmaids had all been gathered in the house trying on dresses.
Even Maddy, her maid of honor had had her dress off more times than it had been on that day.
Emma had spent more time with Maddy in the previous weeks.
The surgery period was an emotional time but was bearable because of the people in her house at the moment.
"Don't get confused by all the pretty faces" she told Andrew
"You know i only have eyes for you. Besides, you're prettier than all the girls here. It's no wonder they gave you the job" he replied charmingly
But she didn't get the job because she was beautiful.
Emma just smiled but was burning inside.
She hated lying to Andrew. She wanted to tell him the truth but was afraid that it'll make him angry.
Nothing can go wrong so close to the wedding.
Did that make her selfish?
Was she now one of those girls?
"Hey. There's something I should have told you a while ago"
"Yeah? What is it?" He asked
"I uh... Remember when we first went to visit your parents?"
And she told him everything
"You have to understand that I only did it to protect you. Your father too"
"I should have known he'd play that card. He's always been embarrassed by me"
"That's now true. I got to talk to him. He cares about you" Emma said trying to convince him
"He can make you believe whatever he wants. How do you think he's where he is"
"You need to talk to him" she said finally
"Yeah. Sadly."
"Are you mad at me?" Emma asked Innocently
"Mad at you? I'm in love with you. I'm sorry you'll have to cope with my dad from now on"
"You're sorry? He got me this sweet job." She noticed his face change slightly "I job I'll let go off if you say so"
"No no you've earned it. Besides, I can see you really like it."
"I do"
"How can I stand in the way of that?"
Just then someone called out from the room "Emma!"
"It's Maddy. I guess my dress is ready" she said smiling
"Can i see it?" He asked
"You'll see it at the altar." She said kissing him as she walked away wiggling her ass
Emma took the dress and took off all her remaining clothes. There was no need to be cautious around these girls anyway.
It consisted of a tight fabric wrapping from her breasts to just above her waist line with the rest of it practically ruffles after ruffles flowing to the ground.
It had elaborate designs around her abdomen area and it looked very very expensive.
It wasn't hers of course. All courtesy of Inspire magazine. And like most wedding dresses of its class, it was the only one of its kind. And other than the mannequin, she would be the first to wear it.
The necklace that shined brightly because of the many pieces of finely cut diamonds looked even more expensive. It's a shame that she wouldn't get a chance to keep them.
As she slipped into the dress, she felt like a princess. It fit her perfectly.
Her hair was still a mess but she had never felt more beautiful.
The girls made sounds as if to faint with the occasional "how pretty"
"You look radiant, Emma" Maddy walked up to her saying
"Aww thank you"
"You've come so far" she said hugging Emma.

The next few months went without any events and before long it was July 9th.
Emma just lay in her room thinking about how much things had changed since.
It had been 15 months since she had decided to transition and couldn't help but wonder where she'd have been if she hadn't met Andrew all those months ago.
Definitely not nearly as perfect as it was now.
She didn't deserve him.
She looked outside the window. There were over a hundred cars packed outside.
That guy Bill Hersher was right. This was the "it" event.
Mr. Matsevich had made it considerably worse.
He had publicly announced that his son was getting married and that everyone was invited.
He figured that anyone that still thought his son was guy would be convinced otherwise.
Emma wasn't even sure anymore and she didn't think Andrew was either.
She expected to have a word with him after the wedding probably to receive a "Thank you" when she would tell him her strongly worded speech about how she didn't do it for him and unlike what so many people thought, she was really in love with him... not his money.
Andrew had saved her. In every way about person can be saved.
And she intended to spend her lifetime making it up to him.
Someone knocked on the door
"Andrew I swear if that's you..."
The door opened to reveal her mother
"Sweetie you look so beautiful'
"Thanks. I didn't think you were coming. Is Jimmy here?" Emma asked.
She had asked him to walk her to the altar.
"Yes he's here. And so is your father."
"Dad's here?"
"Yes! We wouldn't miss our daughter's wedding now would we?"
"I don't know i guess he didn't seem so thrilled about the whole thing" Emma said looking down as her mother sat beside her
"You know your father. Change has never been east for him. But under all that, he is proud of you. Look at the turn out to this thing. When your father and I got married, there were about 50 people total"
Emma sitting looking more interested
"You never talked about life before you had Jimmy before" Emma said
"Well it didn't seem very interesting to all of you. To tell you the truth, I've been suffocating in that house all these years surrounded by all that testosterone. I'm happy I have another girl in the house"
"Tell me about it." Emma agreed "With dad and Jimmy and all that wrestling and football talk, I wonder how you survive"
"Nod and keep saying yes. They eventually leave you alone"
They laughed.
"Tell me how you guys met" Emma asked leaning in
As consequence for leaning, the dress pulled down a little bit showing a bit more cleavage than intended
"Are you sure you can't find another dress in time?"
"It'll be fine mum" she said pulling it up "besides, it's a thirteen thousand dollar dress. I can't just find a different one"
"Fine. Anyway I became a nurse just out of nursing school. I had been tending to patients at a hospital where I worked when your father was brought in. He had been injured during a wrestling tournament. You see other towns had baseball, football... or town had wrestling. I thought it was barbaric really.
But you father made it seem so noble and cool. It was so strange. I hated wrestling"
"You were in love" Emma said
Her mother smiled "Well yeah"
"Go on..."
"The injury wasn't really that bad but he refused to be discharged. The whole night he kept calling me in to complain about pain that wasn't there."
"That is so romantic. It so doesn't sound like dad"
"Oh believe it. He was soft once. You know he only agreed to stop calling me back if I agreed to go out with him the next day. We've been together since."
"It's all so amazing mum"
"It is. And now you're getting married and I can see you feel for him the same way I felt for your father"
"I do mum! I really do!"
"Then he's waiting for you." Her mother said finally
The two went out and waited just outside the door of the chapel along with the other bridesmaids until the heard the sound.
She opened the doors and found her father waiting. She hugged him immediately and he held her for a fee seconds
"I'm sorry" he said
"I'm know" she replied grabbing his arm.
The rest of the walk was overwhelming. The big chapel seemed even bigger with the hundreds of people that sat turning to look at her.
She tried to focus on Andrew who now was only about 25 metres away.
He was smiling.
So then she was smiling.
She climbed atop the platform and only then was she able to truly appreciate the magnitude of the crowd.
It took a while to finish saying their vows but eventually it was over
"By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride"
Someone was more eager than she was.
In a few miliseconds, she was wrapped in her husbands arms enveloped in a kiss that made her forget people were watching.
The roar of applause woke her from that state.
She was Mrs. Matsevich.

Venice was a beautiful city. Looking outside the window and the quiet town in summer, it was stunning.
Andrew came back into their honeymoon suite holding champagne and two glasses
"What do you think about kids. You think we could adopt?" Emma asked
"Are you sure? I mean are we ready?"
"Yeah. I think we are"
"I think it's a good idea"
"You think so?"
"Of course. You'll be a great mum"
"And you a great daddy" she made a cute face
He put down bottle and carried Emma off the ground to the bed.
"I love you Emma"
"I love you too" she replied as she kissed her husband.

::::::::::::::::::::: THE END ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

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