Becoming Emma Chapter 8

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Emma woke up smiling. Relishing in the thought that she could fall back asleep if she wanted. It had been 3 days since she had met Andrew's parents which was followed by 2 more days of soul crushing university work but saturday was here.
She didn't have anything to do except wait for calls regarding her request to change every document she had to reflect her gender and change the pictures on her drivers' license.
Everything was perfect except that her parents still didn't know that their son was now their daughter. Every time they called her, she'd go to the roof and put on the manliest voice she could muster.
She hated lying to them or Andrew or anyone else but it was necessary.
Neither of them would understand the respective truths. Andrew's life was in danger in a country like Belarus and she knew him. He was too proud to hide so she would do that for him.
She'd had enough sleep. She rolled out of bed and went to open to the window. She then looked in the mirror. She wore plain shorts and a huge shirt. Her disheveled hair which she usually had in a ponytail (like now) was longer than it had ever been.
Her body was maturing everyday. She had decent B cup breasts also. Not the largest but definitely belonging to an average girl her age.
Her legs remained she favorite feature. Long and smooth. Which gave her an idea. Tights. It was still cold enough for those.
Winter had been over for almost a month now so it was time to start planning out her spring fashion.
She walked over to her wardrobe and picked out a pair of fishnet tights, shorts and a tank tops which would be beneath a cardigan. Following which she walked into the bathroom.

"Hey honey" Emma said hugging her boyfriend from behind as he fried some eggs.
"Hey! You looked so peaceful I didn't want to wake you"
"Good call. I would have beaten your face off otherwise"
"Well maybe I should have woken you"
Emma laughed as she walked over to the coffee machine
"You made coffee" she said grabbing a cup
"And tea" Andrew replied gesturing across the kitchen "I didn't know which you'd want so I made both"
She picked up the coffee flask and began to leave the kitchen "did I mention how much I love you?"
"Yeah save me some though. It smells amazing"
"I can only try" she then said from the hallway

Andrew came into the living room a few minutes later to find Emma with her legs folded on the couch watching TV.
"What's with the outfit? Are you cold?" Andrew asked dropping the tray and placing a hand on her forehead
"You're burning up. I should call the doctor"
"It's fine. I'm only a bit cold. It'll wear off"
"Are you sure?"
"Yeah" she said finally then tapping her hand on the couch "come sit"
When he sat, she told him
"It's was thinking about going to get the rest of my stuff from the hostel"
"Yeah? That's good"
"Yeah I figured I should do it sooner than later right?"
"Yeah yeah. I can take you"
"No no you don't have to. You haven't been in the shop all week. You should go"
"They can survive without me for another day"
"Hey it's just a few boxes okay. I'm sure I can handle it on my own" she then said leaning in to kiss him
They kissed for a few seconds..
"Well okay" He then said
They continued...
"Now go get dressed. I'll drop you"
"5 minutes" He replied finally pulling her on top of him as she laughed.

She parked her car near the hostel and walked the rest of the way. She got looks and 'hi's that she had become used to at this point.
Even as she showed her ID, she still got the same mortified stare she always got and it was still hilarious.
She needed to get that ID changed.
She had just finished packing all of her things into little boxes when the person in 73a came out.
"Are you moving out?" He asked
"Yeah" she said without looking up
"Listen uh I just wanted to apologise for last time. It was stupid and childish"
This caught her by surprise. She looked up and replied
"Forgotten. Don't worry about it."
"Need any help?"
"As a matter of fact, yes"
He picked up two boxes and walked out while she followed behind him with one. As they were waiting for the elevator, he asked her
"Are you okay? You look a little pale"
She noticed that she was a little dizzy but replied
"I'm fine"
After waiting a few seconds longer, she heard him shout "Emma!"
She was staring at the ceiling with the contents of the box laying beside her
"Somebody help!"

She woke up in the hospital with Andrew sleeping on the chair beside her
"Hey sleepy head" she called out to him
He woke up and rushed to her
"You're awake" He said putting a hand on her cheek
"What happened?" She asked
"I'll get the nurse" Andrew replied.
He left and came back a few seconds later with a woman in a white coat.
"How are you feeling Miss?" She asked
"That's to be expected"
"What happened? Why did she faint?"
"It's not the drug, is it?" Emma asked worried
"No no. Your hormone levels are excellent. The drugs are working excellently. You just have low blood sugar. That's why you fainted. There's nothing to be alarmed about" she explained
"So I can leave?" Emma asked
"Yes of course. However we will prescribe a sugar supplement to be taken with the estrogen pills. You're in excellent shape but you should consider running. It can be an excellent body builder"
"Okay" Emma said as he began to get up
"We'll have your things brought to you" the nurse said as she left.
"What about my things from the hostel?"
"They're in the car. Your friend brought them a few hours ago. He even brought you here. Good guy"
"Yeah. Let's get out of here. I could eat a horse!"
"Okay. We should eat out"
"Sounds good" Emma said wincing. She still felt a bit weak but she would be fine

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