Becoming Emma Chapter 9

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0:47pm Monday Morning
"Hi my name is Cindy. I've been expecting you. This way please"
Emma followed Cindy through a series of hallways. It was surprisingly busy for a modelling agency.
There were large pictures on the walls of stunning women on the covers of magazines all over the world- Elle, Vogue, People Stylewatch, Marie Claire
"Have you started having goosebumps yet?"
"This is amazing!"
"Yes it is. All those cover pages have been graced by girls who were bred in this fine institution. And now you've been given that chance. Careful not to blow it. How prominent is your Adam's apple?"
Emma was mortified, how had she known?
"Oh relax I've been told everything. Good job hiding it so far by the way. Some of the girls you'll be working with have keener eyes for this thing than people on the street so you might have to consider getting it removed totally"
Cindy was beautiful. Classy. Dark skinned and very thin. This led Emma to believe that she may have been a model in the past. She wore a neat layered bob and talked really fast. She also looked very professional in that business suit.
As they got to a room, Cindy informed her
"We'll need to get your measurements. See what we're dealing with"
Emma still looking a bit lost, walked in

9:00 am Monday Morning.
Emma had woken up earlier than Andrew. He was lying behind her with one hand wrapping her waist and the other on her boob. That was new.
She just smiled and lay there for a while.
She checked her phone and saw a message reminding her of an appointment she had in an hour and a half.
After laying there for 10 more minutes, she realised she had to get up or else she'd be late. She got up and kissed his cheek before taking off all her clothes and walking into the bathroom.

She fixed herself a cup of tea while walking around in her underwear.
As she entered the bedroom, Andrew was in the process of opening the curtains.
He turned to her and smiled
"I just may have to throw away all your clothes"
She laughed and said "morning"
He gestured to an outfit she had hanging outside the wardrobe.
"You headed to the university?"
The outfit consisted on a pair of blue jeans, a cream blouse, heels and a flower patterned scarf.
"Why are you wearing heels, you never wear heels to class"
"Just thought I needed a change she said as she began to dress up "Hey are you going anywhere today?"
"Nope" He replied sitting down on the bed
"So I can take the car?"
"Knock yourself out."

"Bye honey" she said kissing him as she walked to the car
"See you soon"

1:26 pm Sunday afternoon
Emma had been lying on the couch watching TV while Andrew was outside washing the car when her phone rang
"Emma Irene Peterson"
"Actually my surname-"
"Is now Peterson" the person replied
"I'm Maddy. Mr. Matsevich's assistant"
"Yes that's your new name. We'll have all your IDS delivered to you during the week"
"Surely. You can go back to using your passport anytime you want but for now you are Emma Irene Peterson. Is that clear?"
"As for the university, you've been enrolled at Minsk State University of Design (not real). How does fashion designing sound? You can go to classes or not, doesn't matter"
"I've set up an appointment with DNA Model Management tomorrow at 10:30. I expect you'll arrive on time. They'll take it from there. Don't disappoint."
And just like that the call was over. Emma was stunned

11:00 am Monday Morning
"Good day Miss Peterson. I'm Josephine Adler." A woman said walking up to Emma to shake her
"Hi. Please call me Emma" Emma said shaking her
Hearing the name, it still felt like they were referring to another person.
"I am here to take your measurements. Follow me please" she said finally

After a few minutes of tape movements, Josephine seemed happy
"You will do nicely. 5'10, bust 31", waist 25", hips 30". I suppose you've worn a corset before?"
"Only for 3 hours for the last 6 months or so"
"Good good. Let's get you back to Cindy. We'll give you some clothes to take home with. Get used to the kind of outfits you'll be modelling but other than that I'm guessing all that's left to do is legal"

Emma left the building around 2 rolling a box of clothes and shoes. It had been a tedious day legal work but it was over. She was officially a model and that came with a whole different lifestyle. New effective body creams, expensive perfumes, lipstick 24/7 and learning to walk in 6 inch heels and halloween outfits as a job.
She just had to keep in mind that she was doing it for the man she loves.
But he didn't know that. He was at home waiting for his girlfriend to come back and she was on her way home to lie to his face about how boring university was.
She had to tell him that she's changing universities and she would start going to classes in her everyday clothes.
At least now she can avoid those stares and the binding of her boobs and the large shirts she had to wear everyday.
She picked out her phone and dialed Mr. Matsevich's assistant
"Hello Miss Peterson. I hear today was a success"
"Yeah. I need you to help me with something"
"What is it?"
"Mr. Matsevich said he could have the best srs surgeon in the world to perform that operation"
"I'm ready"
"Splendid. When will you want it"
"Give me some time to talk to Andrew first. I'll get back to you"
"Okay Miss Peterson".

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