Becoming Emma Chapter 5

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Emma spent the better part of the next hour staring at all the clothes in the place. All sorts of tops, skirts, shoes, bags hung on all sorts of places. Hundreds of mannequins donned hundreds of dresses. The sight had left Emma speechless for quite some time. His trance was broke finally broken by Andrey's voice:
"You know sooner or later, you're gonna have to put on something"
"I know I know. I'm just still in awe. This place is so big"
"Yeah well admire later. Pick something. Like..." Andrey paused to look around. Picking a short black dress he said "this would suit you"
"Oh no I couldn't. I've never put on something so.. elegant"
"But then again you've never had such an amazing boyfriend" he said smiling
Emma's cheeks became beet red and in a slurred voice he said "I do love the sound of that"
As Emma walked closer, he suddenly looked concerned
"And this doesn't bother you. I mean you're gay and all and here I am wanting to be a girl"
Andrey walked up to him and took his hand:
"I couldn't care less what sex you were. It's you. Just you that matters. Whatever you want, I'm here to support you" he said with that kind of look in his eyes.
Emma looking directly in his eyes smiled:
"You know I've been eyeing that red dress om the wall"
Andrey letting go of Emma's right hand gestured to the dress and said:
"This way milady"
The next couple of minutes were spent with Emma pickimg heels, bags and bras to match.
When that lengthy process was finally over, Emma took the lot and walked into the dressing space.
Expertly Emma put on every single item and taking a brush, he brushed his now unkempt hair into place right behind his ears
"Hey Andrey, I need your help" Emma called out
Walking out of the dressing space, he said:
"Would you mind zipping me?" He said smiling
Andrey thought for a sec before saying:
"Seeing you could have made me straight right then"
Emma blushed openly then said
"Shut up" with a very toothy smile
Emma walked up to Andrey and turned his back. As Andrey started zipping up the long dress with a fitted bodice, he only then noticed Emma's body. It was surprisingly very shapely. "Results of the working hormones?" He thought to himself. Zipping the dress fully, he said:
"Why do you hide this figure under that jacket?"
With Andrey standing behind him zipping his dress up, Emma had never felt more in place. More like a girl.
"I don't have that good a figure so..." Emma said
"Now who's being modest?" Andrey said breathing down his neck. Emma in turn pressed his ass on Andrey's crotch perfectly resting on his boyfriend's taller frame.
Andrey kissed his neck a few times before Emma turned to face him. Emma wrapped his arms around Andrey's neck kissing him deeply. Andrey this time around moved his hand from Emma's waist to his ass cupping them softly. His right hand would after a few minutes move to brush Emma's hair out of their face and his left would move to press Emma's waist even close to his. The routine went on for the next few minutes before they were interrupted by a young woman tapping on the transparent door.
"If you ignore them, they'll go away" Andrey said continuing his kissing
"Sure" Emma said just as desperate to continue as he was
After 20 seconds of continued knocking, it was obvious she wasn't going anywhere.
"You should probably get that" Emma finally said
"Yeah probably" Andrey replied breaking away "be right back" he said as he walked to get the door.
Emma took a seat and watched Andrey talked to the woman inaudibly. She looked to be about twenty four if he was to guess. Emma nodded and nodded until he gestured for her to take a seat and walked to another part of the shop.
The woman took a seat right next to Emma and smiled. Emma smiled back. The woman then said:
"That's a lovely dress"
Emma just nodded not saying anything in fear of his voice giving him away. He kept his legs closed and kept his calm.
"He yours?" She said gesturing in Andrey's direction.
Emma again just blushed and nodded.
"Oh young love" she said with a dreamy look in her eye "hi I'm Katya" she said stretching forth her hand.
Realizing his nodding game had come to an end, he said in the girliest voice he could:
"Oh what a gorgeous name"
"Thank you"
"Oh honey you hit a gold mine."
"I'm sorry what?"
"You know? Young.. rich..." she said with a look like she expected Emma to know.
"Ugh..." Emma just said
Katya this time gestured in Andrey's direction. She crossed her legs as she continued "if you're married into the family, you're made for life. You know with his father being..." she was cut short by Andrey returning with four dresses
"Here they are. If you please sign here..."he said handing her a sheet of paper "thank you for doing business with us" he said handing her the dresses.
"Thank you" she said taking the dresses as she left.
Andrey then said:
"What were you two talking about?"
"You know, girl stuff" Emma said
"Sure" Andrey said pulling him up for a kiss "you wanna pick a few clothes before the workers get here?"
"Huh?" Emma asked. He had been thinking about all Katya had said.
"Wanna pick up any more clothes? The workers will be here soon"
"Yeah sure" Emma said kissing him one last time before going towards the clothes.
After going through the clothes, Emma finally decided on two other dresses and just as many shirts and jeans.
"I need to pay for these" he said holding the packed clothes in a bag
"No consider it an apology for the shirt"
"Shhh I insist" he said smiling
"Fine. Thank you. Lemme just go change outta this dress"
"I think you look fine as you are"
"But we're going outside.."
"You'll be okay. Don't worry about it" he said calmly
"I've never been out in public dressed like this"
"Hey trust me. That woman pretty much had no clue anyway"
"True." Emma said thinking about it "sure why not?"
"Splendid. Let's go" he said taking Emma's arm in his supporting his now high heeled feet.
Andrey walked Emma to the passenger door opening the door for him
"I sure could get used to this" Emma confessed
As Andrey got in he asked:
"Do I take you home?"
"I don't want to go home... at least not to mine" Emma said smiling
Andrey smiled and started the car.
Emma put his hand on Andrey's lap and they stared in each other's eyes
"Never leave me" Emma said almost tearing up
"Never" Andrey replied

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