Becoming Emma Chapter 1

I had been lying in bed years ago when I thought up this story. Some of the themes, conversation and people are non fiction but it's mostly fiction. The first three chapters were written much before the rest so they may seem somewhat different. Thanks for taking the time!

Emmanuel didn't like his life. He liked it but it could have been so much better.
If he'd been a girl, he could have been happier.
Nature had to have known this so why did he have that thing between his legs?
He'd brought it up a few times to people but he got the same ignorant responses
Innocently, he'd say something like
"Gee, I wonder why that boy is dressed like that. Maybe he wants to be a girl"
"He's a fag that's why. Fucking queer" one person would say
"I wish he would burn in hell" another would say and Emmanuel would keep quiet. They'd never get it.
He didn't ask to be transgender. That's who he is. That's who he had always been.
So he was stuck living his life on the internet with people that got it or in his own personal fantasies.
That had carried on for a while. He was still searching for people that got it or for his folks to change their mind then one day he realised that he couldn't live his life like this. He decided to do something about it.
He searched on google and found a few hospitals with endocrinologist and called.
"Hello. Nordin pharmaceutical" a voice on the phone began
"Uh I'd like to make an appointment"
"State your business"
"Can i speak with an endocrinologist please"
There was a slight pause then later tapping on a keyboard and then the voice spoke again
"Today at 5:50 or tomorrow at 2:30"
"I can be down there today
"OK. It's the room 613"
"Thank you"

The hospital was bigger than he expected and it had a lot more floors than 6. He got in, took the elevator and checked his phone
"Huh 5:34. So far so good"
He waited outside room 613 until 5:50 before walking in.
"Hello" the woman seating behind a desk said
"Hi" Emmanuel replied smiling
"How are you?"
"I'm fine thank you"
"What do you need, dear?"
She was a bit old. Say late 50s? You could tell she'd been doing this for a while now
"I would uh like to be a woman" He blurted out
That took the woman some time to process
"I.. I'm sorry it doesn't work like that" she said
"What do I have to do?"
"Well for starters I have to recommend you to a therapist. You'd have to talk to her for at least a month then at which time, she can tell me if I should go ahead with it"
"Ok" it seemed reasonable
"Is that okay?" She asked
"Yeah yeah"
She picked up her phone and called another office.
After ahead lengthy conversation, she turned to Emmanuel and said
"Go to room 206. You're in good hands"

It had been nearly 7 weeks since he walked into room 206 and he could have sworn that he'd had this conversation a thousand times
"Are you sure it isn't a phase?"
"I'm sure"
"Then if you say so now, I will write my letter or approval to your endocrinologist"
"Really?" Emmanuel asked lighting up
"Yes" she said smiling.
"Yes! Yes"
"Alright" she took out a piece of paper and began to write
"Have you thought about what your name is going to be?"
"I want to keep it as close as possible. I'm thinking Emma"
"That's a lovely name" she said.
He had come to like the 32 year old doctor that he had talked to 3 times a week for the last 7 weeks.
She knew everything he felt at this point. He had even cried a few times and she was extremely patient with him.
She handed him the letter as she said
"Goodluck Emma"
He got up and hugged, thanking her
"Call me if you need anything ever"
"I will"

Emmanuel was prescribed 2mg of Proginova and 100g of Spironolactone to be taken twice again and so the fairytale began

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