Becoming Emma Chapter 11

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"Just a few more and we'll call it a day, Emma. Looking good" Cindy said winking at Emma as she walked behind the cameraman
Emma proceeded to place her hands on her waist as she arched her shoulders forward. She put up her most sensual look as part of her hair fell in front of her face.
After a few more of those poses, it seemed she was done for the day
"Good job today" Cindy said walking up to her
"Thanks" Emma replied
Cindy handed her a robe to cover her bikini clad body. She still had that thing between her legs so she still had to tuck but not for long
"Andrew is waiting in the hall. He has been for a while. When's the wedding?"
"July 9th" Emma replied wearing the robe
"Any particular reason?"
"No it's just convenient"
Cindy nodded
"Well you better go. See you next week?"
"Sure. Bye" Emma said waving at the girl that had become one of her closest friends and would definitely one of her bridesmaids if you agreed
"Oh and Emma!" Cindy said calling "Happy Birthday!"
She just smiled.

Wearing a short dress and only carrying her shoes, Emma walked to Andrew who seemed to be playing a game on his phone in the lounge
"Hey Babe, been here long?" She called out
"Yeah. Since it's your birthday I thought I'd come and surprise you but apparently I'm not allowed in there"
"Yeah there's kind of a lot of naked girls in there" Emma replied
"Oh right. We're still going out right?" Andrew asked
"Umm I'll have to cancel. I know I'm sorry. I have to go talk to my probable maid of honor"
"Oh who is she?"
"Weirdly you don't know her. She's from my life before I met you"
"Huh mysterious. I should probably stop postponing. I'll go break the news to my parents"
"Ok it's settled then. I can take the bus, it's not-"
"No way I'm going to let my bride to be taken the bus. I can call a taxi, it's fine"
"Are you sure? I mean I don't mind"
"I'm sure. it's okay. Come on let's get going"
They kissed eachother goodbye then Emma drove off.

Emma parked in front of Nordin pharmaceutical and all the memories started flowing in. She hadn't been here since her last check up office check up months ago.
And it had been even longer since she saw Maddy, her therapist. Maddy had helped her put so much in perspective.
Truth be told, she wasn't the scared little boy that walked into this building more than a year ago because of Maddy.
She was now a beautiful young woman with great friends, an awesome job and about to get married to the most amazing guy she'd ever met.
Who else was more fitting to be her maid of honor?
She just hoped that Maddy would agree.
She was all too familiar with the layout of the hospital building by now.
She knocked on room 206 and heard the familiar voice say "come in"
"Hello?" Emma called out
"Can i help you?" Maddy asked confused
"What you don't remember me? It's Emma! I kept the name"
"What? Emmanuel??" Maddy asked shocked "is that you?"
Emma just smiled
"Wow I had been shocked at how your voice was changing on the phone but this is... wow"
"I know"
"You don't look any trace a boy"
"I know" Emma kept smiling just as excited as she looked
"You're so beautiful"
"Thank you"
"So come tell me everything"
"That'll take forever"
"We could go somewhere. Talk. Give me a sec, I'll punch out. I know a place"

The two sat across from each other in a restaurant drinking wine as Emma recollected all the events of the last year.
Maddy just listened amazed.
"He sounds amazing Emma" Maddy said as Emma was finishing
"He is"
"You two really deserve eachother"
"Yeah and that's why I'm here. See he proposed a few nights ago"
"Awww honey I'm so happy for you"
"And... I was hoping you could be my maid of honor"
"Yes! I know we haven't known eachother for too long but none of this would have been possible without you, you know? I'd understand if you can't of course"
"Honey! It would be my pleasure"
"Yes. When's the wedding?"
"July 9th. There's so much to do. Cake and flowers and dresses. So many decisions"
"I'm sure we can handle it. Do you have all your bridesmaids?" Maddy asked
"I'm just figured I'll ask some of the girls I work with"
"Yeah probably a good idea"
"I've also been approved for surgery"
"Oh when?"
"3 weeks. I was thinking maybe you could come be my personal therapist for a while. So we can spend some more time together, you know? The hospital still offers that?"
"Yeah but it's quite expensive"
"Don't worry about that"
The girls talked for a while before Emma left. Maddy agreed to everything and would be meeting up with Emma at the house the next Monday.

As Emma came back to meet a locked house, she called Andrew
"Hi. How's it going?"
"They loved the idea. We have their support."
"That's nice"
"They missed you though but I explained that you were going to meet the mystery maid of honor. How did that go?"
"Splendid. And she won't be a mystery much longer. She's coming to the house on Monday."
"Not a problem. I'm almost home so we can spend the rest of your birthday together"
"Looking forward to it. Key is in the normal spot?"
"Normal spot. See you soon" Andrew said finally as he hung up

Emma took off all her clothes and stood in front of the large mirror. She was very very skinny. Not nearly anorexic but skinny. It was the diet. She hadn't enjoyed a nice meaty meal for a while.
"Comes with the job I guess" she thought
Her hair was long now. Way longer than her shoulders. She still had the make up from the photoshoot on so she looked very slutty standing there naked.
Her nipples instantly became hard.
Her breasts were big enough to live with but still relatively small and her hips were wider than they should be.
In truth, they weren't actually wide but just looked it because of how narrow her waist was.
The corsets were definitely doing their job. 24" on a regular day.
She took her finger and put it on her dick pushing it back and imagining that it wasn't there.
In its place, a well defined clit. As she pushed her fingers farther inside, she felt Andrew pinning her firmly on the bed as he pushed himself deeper and deeper into her.
She'd moan so loudly, loud enough to fear the neighbors hearing.
Over and over without rest he'd make her suffer unending pleasure. They were built to match and only him could make her feel like this...
But she'd actually never felt like this. Did that feeling even exist? Was that level of perfection even attainable? Or was she imagining that too
As quickly as it had began, it was over
"Well you're a sight for sore eyes" Andrew said walking into the room to see his naked bride with her hand on her dick
Her fantasy was over but she wasn't any less horny.
"Come. Take me" she said longingly

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