Becoming Emma Chapter 7

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"Lovely woman you found, son" Mr. Matsevich said as he and Emma walked back into dinning room.
"Oh don't i know it" Andrey replied as sure as ever.
Mr. Matsevich took his seat as Andrey got up to hold out the chair for his beautiful girlfriend.
Emma looked lost, disoriented and Andrey could see that.
"Is something the matter hun?" He asked a little worried.
When she didn't answer, he called her name touching her forearm "are you okay?"
Emma this time responded "yeah no I'm fine. I'm just feeling a bit woozy" she said getting up "bathroom?"
"Alfred will show you the way" Olga replied reasonably concerned
"Thank you" Emma said as she picked up her purse.
Emma led her through some corridors, past some amazing decor. A lot of the stuff seemed like actual antiques. Red and gold lined most the walls with lush carpets and tiles.
Emma was preoccupied thinking about how much money must have gone into this corridor alone not to talk about the whole house that she had almost forgotten about her predicament.
Reaching the bathroom, Emma turned to Alfred and asked:
"Are you married, Alfred?"
"Yes, miss" He replied
"You don't have to call me miss, you know? Emma is fine" she replied
"Of course, miss Emma"
"Okay" Emma said with a half smile "do you mind if I ask you a question?"
"No not at all"
"What's her name?"
"Josephine, miss"
"That's a lovely name"
"Thank you"
"How long have you been married?"
"23 years"
"Wow, you must love her very much" Emma said with almost a dreamy look
"I do, Miss Emma."
"Would you lie to her? If you thought it was better that way. If it was the right thing to do"
"It's never easy, is it? The lying. It's a terrible feeling but it's necessary. All that matters is what's true between you"
"Everything else is" Emma rushed
"Then I'm sure you've got nothing to worry about. I don't know what this is about but what I know is how the young master feels about you. I have watched him since he was just an infant abound I truly have never seen him this happy" Alfred finished.
Emma was blushing now
"You know business is really good right now"
"No Miss Emma, that's all you" He said pointing at her
"Thank you Alfred" Emma said walking into the lavatory
"My pleasure"

Emma stared at the mirror for the first time in months actually admiring herself. Truth be told she was prettier than most girls out there and there was no trace of the guy that her passport still said she had been 11 months ago.
Standing there in that dress, she thought "I could be a model, you know?"
How did she get so lucky? This dress must have its price tag in the thousands and there were so many more like it in her closet.
It was a beautiful thing. The way it hugged her waist ever so slightly and let go as it reached her butt for the flow down to the ground.
And the heels. Well it was obvious she didn't deserve those. Looking in the mirror, she could only smile.
She applied some lipstick and went out to meet Alfred. She'd been away from the table for too long.

She got back to the table as soon Andrew (sorry for the name change. It needed to be done sooner or later) was shaking his father. Olga walked up to Emma and hugged her
"Thank you for a wonderful dinner" Emma said
"Oh it was our pleasure" she replied "please stop by more often. You're practically family"
"I will" Emma said smiling.
She then walked over to Mr. Matsevich who also hugged her but whispered in her ear
"I'll have my assistant contact you. I'll be in touch"
Pulling away from her, he then said out loud "it was lovely meet you"
"Likewise" she replied.
They both got into the car as he turned out of the compound.
"So what did my dad want to talk about?"
Andrew asked while driving on the freeway.
"What?" Emma replied as if day dreaming
"You two spent quite sometime talking outside. What were you talking about?"
"Umm mostly you really. He just wanted to know how things are"
"Of course. You know he still wants me living at home? Says it's safer. His heart may be in a good place but he can be clueless sometimes" Andrew said turning to look at her at intervals
"Don't say that. He just cares for you is all"
"Yeah" He then said slightly frustrated
"Let's move in together" Emma said out of nowhere
"What?" Andrew replied smiling
"Let's do it. I'm ready. I spend most days over at your place anyways"
"Are you sure?" Andrew replied grinning now
"Yeah, why not?"
"You're not kidding? Because this is awesome"
"I'm not kidding. I love you and it's long overdue"
"I love you too, Emma" he then said staring in her eyes
"Eyes on the road. You're going to get us killed" she said pointing at the windscreen
"Yeah of course" He said finally holding his.

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