Becoming Emma Chapter 2

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Emma had woken up earlier than usual that Saturday. He felt he had to clean, sew, wash. Do some of the things he had neglected during his time as a man. Technically, he still was one but he felt so much different. Somewhat girly.
He dusted over his tv, set straight his and his roommate's stuff and decided to take a bath. Just before, he got a call from a friend:
"Hey Emmanuel what you doing?" His friend asked
"Nothing actually. What's up?" Emma asked with his voice reeking of indifference
"Well we're on the pitch and we need a keeper. Do you... maybe want to keep for us?" His friend asked ready for a definite 'no'. Goalkeeping was not something Emmanuel had enjoyed doing so much in college but today Emmanuel was feeling happy and thus generous so he replied:
"Yeah I guess. Gimme 15 minutes"
"Okay nice" his friend replied as he hung up.
Emmanuel picked up some shorts and a sweater and put them on wearing a pair of tights underneath. Unlike the rest of the female clothing he owned, this was the one he could wear in public. He could either say it was too cold for just shorts or that they protected his legs when diving but in truth they were natively made for more feminine legs but still... he loved them.
He arrived at the field where the game started not long after his arrival. A few saves here and there (the performance everyone had come to expect), he was a genius in goalkeeping. Keeping 'clean sheets' most days. This was a routine football session up until he began packing his stuff. A voice sounded from behind that he wasn't familiar with:
"That was quite a performance out there" the voice said
Emmanuel turned to see a twenty-ish boy standing behind him.
"Thanks" he replied
"My name is Lucas. Captain of the State Royals" he said stretching forth his hand
"I know who you are" Emmanuel said taking it "Emmanuel. No extra titles"
"Huh you're not with any team?"
"Football is more of a hobby for me. Nothing professional"
"Interesting. Have you ever considered?"
"We're in the need of a goalkeeper right now and I'm sure our coach would love to meet you"
"Like I said, hobby" Emmanuel said picking up his bag
"Hey we've got practice tomorrow. 4 o'clock here. You could at least check it out. The club pays well"
"I..listen..." Emmanuel couldn't explain shit
"Just come tomorrow. You can decide then" Lucas said finally
"I'll see"
"Okay. Thanks for your time"
They both went their separate ways with Emmanuel thinking
"Could this football thing have had a worse timing?"
The rest of the day was pretty uneventful with the only exception being Emmanuel taking his second pill.
He slept happily that night. Certainly there had been no physical change but obviously there were plenty psychologically.
Sunday morning was spent on his bed reading and his afternoon doing more cleaning. All this while his room had been filled up to capacity because of the presence of a Playstation 4. After his transgender life, his gaming life was his most immense. He would spend hours playing games online under the gamertag "cemma2035" but right now, some things were more important
3:53 pm. He started getting dressed with his usual clothes (including the tights). He got to the pitch and watched as the large squad played a practice match. At half time, Lucas ran up to him smiling:
"You made it"
"I did" Emmanuel replied smiling
"Y'all don't need me. Your keepers are holding up quite well"
"Maybe in practice. In a real tournament, our opponents don't take all these kid shots"
"What makes you think I handle those shots"
"I dunno. I guess I'm hoping for a miracle. And I believe you could be that miracle"
Emmanuel let out a little smile "but it isn't your decision, is it?"
"No, coach has to approve. You can play for the remaining forty five and prove to him."
"Okay! I'll give it a try"
"Okay I'll go let coach know"
The game was set to continue and Emmanuel had been cleared to enter. With the referee's whistle, the forty five minutes that would define the rest of his life began. How would he fare?

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