Becoming Emma Chapter 6

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That day Andrey drove Emma to the house in which he would spent most of the next few months in. Emma hardly ever went home spending every waking moment beside Andrey, kissing, cuddling and making out. All this while, Emma had gotten quite the collection of clothes with him buying different attires everyday or Andrey getting him 'apology dresses' every other day.
He would go to school in his normal clothes or the slightly androgynous ones he could find and immediately he'd get home (Andrey's house), he'd immediately change into a skirt or a dress keenly awaiting his boyfriend's return from work.
They would kiss and make out but as soon as Andrey's hands start finding their way under his skirt, he'd flinch. This went on for while and everytime Andrey would stop immediately. later Emma would give him a blowjob or a handjob or something.
One day, as soon as Emma did this, Andrey said:
"If you hate the damned thing, why don't you just get rid of it?" Andrey said in a raised voice.
Emma replied almost immediately:
"Don't you think I thought of that?" He asked pulling back and in a much higher voice Emma shouted:
"You think this is easy for me?? To be like this?"
Emma got off the couch walking away.
Andrey only just then noticed the rough patch and started:
"Oh come on Emma, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it like that"
Emma didn't answer him. Went in the room, picked up his school bag, a jacket and his phone calling a cab.
Walking towards the door, Andrey practically begged:
"You don't have to go, come on Emma"
But like a girl on a mission, Emma left the house without another word. Got in a taxi and went home.
He thought of what had just occurred and started thinking that maybe he had overreacted. He got home and got into the hostel. Since their argument had been on his mind he had forgotten to change into his normal clothes and being a student hostel, you had to show your ID card before getting into the hostel. And right now he looked more like Emma than Emmanuel which was the face and name on his ID wearing a short brown flowy dress and ugg boots with a very feminine jacket. After considering all his options, he decided to go in and show them his ID. When he did that, the woman sitting there look at him in a way that said "well?"
"That's me. This..." he said gesturing to his attire "is kind of a hobby"
The woman took a second look at the ID and then at Emma and suddenly looked like she had seen a ghost. Summoning all her energy, the woman nodded Emma through before going into mental shock.
As embarrassing as it had been, Emma couldn't help but smile as he got into the left. As it began closing, he was forced to hold it for someone screaming for him to do so.
A man entered the lift and immediately thanked him. Not a man actually. He was no more than 18.
Emma just nodded. They pressed their respective floors and then he started:
"That's a beautiful dress"
And in that girl voice that he had begun to master, he replied:
"You're really beautiful too. What's your name?"
"Emma" Emma replied blushing
"Nice to meet you Emma, I'm Sasha" he said stretching forth his hand
Emma took it smiling "nice to meet you too"
Just then the lift opened at Emma's floor
"Can I talk to you again? Maybe if I get your number..." Sasha was saying.
"Listen Sasha, you're nice and all but I have a boyfriend" Emma replied. Having heard that sentence so many times knew how it felt and couldn't help but feel sorry for him. So he said:
"So here's my number" he said taking out a marker and writing his number on Sasha's wrist "we should hang out sometime."
As Emma started walking away, he said "bye Sasha"
As Emma got home, it was very stuffy. It had been deserted for the last week so..
He began cleaning everything finishing in about 45 minutes.
He began changing out of the dress while searching for something more comfortable to wear. He decided on a black shirt and a cropped pink blouse.
After the dress had fallen to the floor and he hand removed the A cup bra that was more for show than anything else, he finally got a chance to examine his body. It had been roughly 7 months since he started PROGINOVA and 3 months since he met Andrey. Those were singularly the two best things that had ever happened to him. Thinking about Andrey made him smile. Thinking about their fight took that smile away. Looking at his phone he had contemplated calling his boyfriend but decided against it.
In a full length mirror, he could see his whole body. His breasts were small. Maybe that of a 14 year old girl but that was to be expected because he wasn't on the most powerful of medications but he didn't want to rush anything. His hips and ass on the other hand were flourishing. From his waist down, he could easily pass as a genetic girl plus he had the legs to match which is why he always wore skirts. Like a girl with a feature to flaunt, he would show every boy that cared to look his legs. And that was a lot of boys. In the last three months, he and Andrey had been all over town. They had gone to the cinema, bowling alley, restaurant but the one he loved the most was when he and Andrey took long walks hand in hand. Mostly he would dress as a girl and they'd get looks. Looks of jealousy, admiration, lust but knowing what Andrey was and what his sexual orientation was, he'd sometimes dress as a boy and they'd get looks of disgust, fear and the like but they didn't care. They were in love and wanted everybody to know it.
His hair had also grown a bunch. It had been over a year since he'd gotten a haircut and was never going to get one again if not only to get it styled.
While Emma got dressed, he heard keys rattle at his door. A room consisted of 2 rooms. Basically room 73 consists of 73a and 73b.
The tenant of 73a must have returned. He considered quickly changing into jeans and a shirt but decided against it. He was done hiding.
He went out to meet a group of seven coming in.
"Oh I didn't know Emmanuel was in... or had company" the other tenant whose name was Elijah said
"Umm..." Emmanuel had started
"Holy shit that's Emmanuel" one of the group shouted followed by some concerned voices
When Elijah noticed this, he said:
"What the.. why are you?..."
"Dressed as a girl? It's kind of a new hobby" Emma replied casually
"Are you some kind of fag???" Someone shouted from the group
"Gay. The word is "gay" and no. Actually I'm transgender" Emma replied trying to keep his calm.
"Damn! This shit is real" someone else said
Emma was ready to leave now. As he turned to go into the room, he turned and said:
"Can you not make so much of a noise. I'm kinda busy" he said as he closed to the behind him.
Never before had he hated thin walls more. He heard them talk and not half of them were good.
He took the incentive and put on a headset. He didn't need to hear this. He fell asleep not long after that and for the first night in a long time, he didn't have Andrey's warm body to cuddle with and boy did he miss it.
That next day, Emma didn't spend time thinking. He called a cab early in the morning in hopes of catching Andrey before he left the house.
When he arrived at Andrey's place, he opened the door with his key to find Andrey in 'their' room sluggishly wearing his tie.
As Andrey turned to see Emma standing there, his dull expression changed as he rushed to meet him tripping on the bed. Quickly getting up he started:
"You came back"
"Of course I did honey. I can't stay away"
"I thought I'd lost you. I am so sorry about..."
"Babe it's okay" Emma said walking towards him
"My God I missed you so much" Andrey kept at it.
"I missed you too. And I'm sorry. I overreacted. It was stupid"
"Yesterday will never happen again" he said hugging Emma "I promise"
"No? Cause I don't know what I'd do without you"
"Never again"
They stayed in that hugging position for some time before Emma pulled back and said:
"Don't you have to be at work?"
"They can survive without me for a day. And school?" Andrey asked.
"Honestly, I don't want to be anywhere but here now"
"Then let's. There's nothing I want more in the world"
The two cuddled and kiss for a while while watching movies.
Around afternoon, Andrey said suddenly:
"Wanna go meet my family?"
"What?" Emma replied smiling
Andrey too smiled. "You know I just think it's time."
"To meet your family?" Emma still asked half confused
"Don't worry I'm not going to propose to you... yet"
They both laughed. Emma thought for a while then said:
"Sure why not" he said half laughing
"Yeah?" Andrey asked
"Yeah!" Emma replied in a louder, happier voice "I'll go get dressed"
Emma took the time to style his hair today and pick out the most formal gown he had. He decided on a full length dress with one strap And a backless bodice and three and half inch heels to match.
Andrey got ready half an hour after they had left the bed, the precise moment when Emma was just starting his make up. He kept it light not to give Mr. Matsevich (Andrey's surname) the wrong impression.
What Katya had said had lingered in his mind causing him to do some research.
The Matsevich family were like royalty in minsk. They have been in the country's parliament for generations. They were more than rich. But despite what the looks people gave him said, that wasn't the reason Emma had stayed with him. Andrey had been the first real connection that he had had. Ever. And they were in love. They were perfect.
When Andrey's voice rang out from the living room saying:
"Baby you ready?" Emma only just then realized that he had phased out. He put his phone in his purse and left the room.
"Be right there hun"
The drive to the family house had been surprisingly short and in a few minutes they were entering the gate to the Matsevich estate. Large amounts of land with only a few bulidings in it. The main house was large and splendid for lack of better words. Every material seemed imported.
As they got out of the car, a valet came to take it and someone else directed them into the house.
They were greeted by a man and a woman in their 50s who Emma presumed to be Andrey's parents.
Andrey hugged the woman and shook the man as formalities were exchanged. Suddenly all that attention moved to Emma.
"And who is this young lady Andrey? A friend I presume" the man said
"Oh come now..." the woman started but Andrey interrupted:
"It's okay mother. This is Emma, father. My girlfriend"
There were curious looks from everyone in the room which made up of maids, butlers and his parents.
"Emma, this is my mom and dad" Andrey finished.
Emma this time just smiled and said:
"It's so nice to finally meet you"
"It's nice to meet you too. You must forgive the shock. Andrey has not brought a girl home in a long time" Mrs. Matsevich said
"Please Mrs. Matsevich. I understand"
"Oh honey call me Olga"
"I can only try" Emma said smiling
Mr. Matsevich then said:
"Well let's get to eating. Who is starving?"
Dinner was dull if not anything else as everyone talked about their lives until Mr. Matsevich asked to have a word alone with Emma.
Emma nodded and followed him outside.
Once outside, he began:
"I suspect you know Andrey doesn't date women. He never has."
"Uh-huh. That much I know"
"So why do you attract him I see the way he looks at you. It's not just something he does with girls"
Emma blushed a little now
"It's kind of complicated"
"Then don't answer. I have a proposition. As you may know I have a prominent position in the state and as much as I will always support my son, it doesn't bode well for me to have a gay son"
"I don't understand" Emma just said
"You are our solution. Andrey is happy and the family name is once again a name of respect when he is seen with you"
"I'm sorry isn't that what we're already doing?" Emma asked still confused
"The majority already think that Andrey is gay" Mr. Matsevich continued
"But he is!" Emma replied getting upset
"You may not know this now but there is more to life than love and happiness. There is real danger. I just want to protect my son from those who would seek to hurt him. Anti-gay activist threats. We need to make them believe he is not gay if we want to keep him safe. And I trust that is what you want?" Mr. Matsevich asked
"Then you understand where I'm coming from"
"I do" Emma finally said
"But there's something you need to know" Emma said
"The reason Andrey is attracted to me is because... I'm not actually a girl"
That took Mr. Matsevich off guard. Regaining his composure he asked:
"Transgender" Emma replied
"I wondered. But there is a way we can salvage the situation" Mr. Matsevich said surprisingly calm
"If we can make the public think you're... genuine, there won't be a problem. But that means you must always be seen in public as a girl.."
"But I am in a university"
"Change. We can get that sorted."
"What else?"
"We have to get you famous. People need to know the GIRL that is dating my son"
"I have contacts. Actress, model, we'll think of something"
"Oh God this is serious. And if I reject?"
"You can say goodbye to my son"
Emma considered telling him "then he can say goodbye to family name" but decided not to
Mr. Matsevich put his hand on Emma's shoulder and said:
"But think. If you accept you'll get to be with my son, you'll be famous, you'll be rich, and you'll have an ally in the Parliament if you ever need anything. Most girls would jump at this you know?"
"Did you forget? I'm not a girl." He replied with his head down
"Is that what you want? I could find the best surgeon in the country whenever you want" Mr. Matsevich offered
"No!" Emma almost shouted "I can't bear a situation where Andrey is no longer attracted to me"
"Yes yes yes." Mr. Matsevich replied nodding "so will you do this"
"But this is your son's life. Not a business deal. This is his happiness"
"Yes I realize that and that is why I am doing this. There is no time. What do you say?"
"Fine. I'll do it"
"Splendid. But Andrey cannot know. The fame has to come looking normal. Never tell him"
"I understand"
"Come on. Let's go finish lunch"
Walking back into the room, Emma looked at Andrey realizing that this was the first thing he was ever doing behind his back. Oh my God I can never be a boy in public again. The constant cameras. What if someone recognizes me? As everything began to sink in, he had just fallen in a hole.
From this day on, he would forever be a "she".

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