Alexa B-Side: #3 - The Holiday Party

This is the first of two Alexa B-Side stories that are from Alexa Chapter 10; Merry Christmas Babe. Both of these stories feature Jenny as the main Character.


Alexa B-Side: The Holiday Party

I will have to admit, as much as I love Alexa, I really did not want to go to the coffee shop’s Holiday Party. First off, any place that has a “Holiday” Party rather than a “Christmas” Party is a little too precious for me. I guess I am just an old-fashioned girl and believes they should be called Christmas Parties.

The second reason I didn’t want to go was one of Lex’s co-workers, Dannii. She was this tall Red-headed girl who seemed to like Lex a little too much. I had stopped in to the coffee shop one day after class. I didn’t see Alexa when I entered and ordered. I took a seat and began working on my laptop. It was while I was sitting there that I noticed that Alexa had made it back behind the counter. It was kind of fun sitting there watching her work and see how she related with the customers. It was also interesting seeing how her co-workers interacted with her. One in particular caught my eye, Dannii. I noticed that she was always watching Lex and trying to get close to her. She was laughing a little too earnestly at her jokes and almost hanging on her. The one thing I will give Lex was that she seemed to be a little bothered by all of this. I slipped out without her noticing me but the sight of this Dannii all over Lex was upsetting.

When Alexa got home that afternoon I played the dutiful girlfriend and asked her how her day was and she admitted it was just fine. She said some of her co-workers had been kind of mean to her as of late, but they had gotten a talking to from her manager. For the thousandth time since we had begun seeing each other, I told her she didn’t need the job that I could help her out, but Alexa was stubborn. She called it pride. I kept my mouth shut for a change. Alexa was going through all new experiences and I can understand her trying to cling to a few things.

That didn’t mean I didn’t keep an eye on things. I will admit I can be a jealous bitch. I had proved that to Alexa when her parents came to dinner at her apartment back in October. I had accused her of flirting with the butcher at Byerly’s, and was kind of mean about it. This time however it wasn’t her who was the issue. It was someone else moving in on her. I would stop by periodically just to keep an eye on this Dannii chick. I wasn’t scared that Lex would leave me. I just wanted to stake my claim. Kind of like a momma bear protecting her cub. And Alexa is my cub! I loved her more than anything and some long legged red-headed bimbo was not even go to get near her. So, I continued to check in at the coffee shop. I even was formally introduced to her. Her attitude towards me when Alexa was around Dannii was friendly, but when she wasn’t, Danni was almost mean. It started to eat away at me. I need to get this bitch alone and tell her to back off.

Then the Holiday Party was announced. Alexa was very sweet and begged me to go. And like I said earlier I was not too keen on it, but eventually agreed. I did tell Lex if we were going, I was going to pick out her clothes. I decide that she should wear the outfit that I had got her for Thanksgiving, at least the pants and boots. I did find a nice woman’s maroon turtleneck sweater. She looked gorgeous in it but, it still gave the androgynous look she was trying for at this point. I chose a simple black skirt, red cowl neck sweater, tights and black boots. I thought I looked good but Alexa was going crazy over me. The two of us were side tracked a little before finally heading out to the party.

We walked in together, but soon I was distracted by an old friend from high school who worked at another location owned by the same group and we got talking. As we split up and I started to look for Lex and I spotted her. No not Lex, but Dannii. I stayed back as I watched her try and make her move. At first it was in a group setting where she kept lightly touching Alexa’s arm and back as the group talked and laughed about something. When the group split up I watched Dannii really put the moves on MY girlfriend. I was furious. Alexa kept her at arm’s length but Dannii had a determined look in her eyes. I stayed in the shadows and kept on eye on Dannii. Lex was called over by someone and left Dannii standing alone. After a minute, I saw her head towards the ladies’ room. I kept my distance until she went in. It was then I decided that it was time for Momma bear to come out. With her claws sharpened!

I entered the ladies room and noticed that the door locked. I checked under the stalls and discovered only one was occupied. I locked the door and moved to the mirror to freshen my make-up. Dannii soon emerged from the stall and came to wash her hands. At first we just made eye contact and smiled at each other in the mirror. It took a moment but then she realized it was me and she tried to hurry her washing. I stepped between her and the door and confronted her.

“Listen honey, I saw you hitting on Alex out there. Well just to let you know he is mine. You better watch out when you are around him. I do not take kind to someone attempting to steal my boyfriend very lightly. So, watch it missy or you will have to deal with me!” I couldn’t believe I had just spoken that way to anyone. The closest I had ever come to something like that was when my mother and I had one of our many arguments about Abby, but I wanted Ginger to know Lex was off limits. At first Dannii tried to act all smug. She actually tried to challenge me for Alexa’s affections.

“I bet I could take him whenever I wanted. You’ve seen how he is around me. Your days are over sister” she said smugly. This girl really thought she could have Alexa anytime she wanted. I just stood there and laughed at her. Not only did she think she could take Alexa, but she thought she was better than me.

“OK Danni. Do you want to head out there and see who he would choose? OK, I will give you a shot at the title. Go ahead try and seduce him. I will sit back and let you try. And then I will come up. If he wants you, I will let him go. But I would bet my life that Alex will be leaving this party and every future party he attends with me.” I couldn’t believe at how jealous I became over this little twit. I knew it was time to prove who Alexa belonged with. I unlocked the door and walked out. Better yet I strutted. Just like some runway model and walked up to Alexa. She had spotted me across the room and I watched her face completely light up as she saw me heading towards her. Screw Danni I am not going to give her a chance. I turned and gave Dannii a look of victory and strode right up to Alexa and gave her a long sensuous kiss right there in front of everyone.

“What was that for? Alexa asked with a huge smile. “Not that I’m complaining. I just want to know for future reference.”

“I did it because I love you. You ready to get out of here? “I said and tried to give Alexa my most seductive look. It was like she was in a trance. She quickly nodded yes and we said our goodbyes and found our coats. We made a beeline for the door as we had ‘better’ places to be.

As we were leaving I turned and saw a dejected Dannii. I smiled broadly and waved goodbye.

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