Alexa B-Side: #8 - Cold & Flu Season

Alexa B-Side: Cold & Flu Season

The cold and flu season hit the U like it does every year, and one of its victims this year was Jenny.

For the last few days she had been slowly going downhill to the point where being the dutiful girlfriend, I took her to health services. Luckily it was not the flu just a typical cold and she was prescribed some antibiotics. After taking Jenny back to the apartment and putting her to bed, I took her prescription to Walgreen’s to have it filled. They told me it would be about 20 minutes, so I decided I would go over to Ragstock across the street and kill some time while waiting.

Ragstock is the biggest seller of used apparel in town and sometimes you find some neat stuff so I enjoy going there any chance I get. The selection today looked pretty much picked through and then I saw something that put an evil idea in my head. Grabbing the package, I went and paid for it returned to Walgreen’s where I picked up a few items and the prescription and headed back to the apartment to play my little game with Jenny. I wanted to wait until Katie had left for work before I began. I passed Katie as I was coming in the apartment building and she told me Jenny was sleeping. I told Katie to have fun at work and that I would see her later. Upon entering the apartment I went to the bedroom and saw that Jenny was still asleep. I quietly went to our dresser and extracted a few things before closing the door lightly behind me. I went out to the kitchen where I put the kettle on and heated up some soup for Jenny.

Satisfied that this was all going to be ready I went to the bathroom and played with my hair. I teased it up big and put hairspray in so it would hold its shape. Going into the extra room, I changed into the items I had taken out. Garter belt and white stockings. I took the white bra of Jenny’s and filled it a little more than I normally do with my modest size B forms. I pulled the “Slutty Nurse’ Halloween costume out of its package and put it on and finished it off by placing the nurse’s cap in my now think mane. I finished it off by donning the 5 inch white heels that Jenny had for some reason. I checked myself in the mirror and just shook my head. I couldn’t believe I was doing this. Heading back to kitchen I arranged a tray with the soup, a cup of tea, a bottle of water, some toast and the antibiotics. I made sure I had the old-fashioned thermometers in the places I wanted. I picked up the tray and moved to the bedroom.

I entered to see Jenny still asleep. I placed the tray on the bed side table and lightly shook Jenny to wake her up. “Time to take your temperature Miss Thompson” I said as placed the old-fashioned mercury thermometer in the still groggy girl’s mouth. It took Jenny a minute to realize the situation and was soon laughing at my costume. Staying in character I told her she need to stop laughing or I would have to find a different way to take her temperature. Reaching into the pocket on the dress I pulled out the unopened package the clearly said “Rectal Thermometer” on it. Jenny eyes got as huge as saucers as she looked at the package. Then with a slightly wicked grin, she placed the oral thermometer on the night stand and pulled me on to the bed..

“You wouldn’t dare.” She said. I began to kiss her, but my hand slowly moved down to her rear and slowly started to move closer to the thermometer’s defined location. She quickly slapped my hand as the giggles soon began for the both of us. “I love you Lex. You do make a sexy nurse.” Jenny said as I tossed aside the prop and began a more thorough examination of my girlfriend.

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