Alexa B-Side: #9 - Cold & Flu Season -Katie's Turn

Alexa B-Side: Cold & Flu Season -Katie's Turn

Second Part of Cold & Flu Season

Katie laid on the couch feeling the effects of the cold that her roommate had given her. As Jenny came through the door, Katie couldn’t help but give her roommate some heat. “I hate you” Katie states as she stares at her roommate.

“What did I do?” Jenny asks defensively.

“You gave me your damn cold!” Katie moans as the chills take over her body a little. She pulls the blanket in closer as she turns off the ‘Price is Right’ to talk with her roommate. It had been a while since the two of them had a chance to hang out alone. It wasn’t that Katie was upset by the fact that Alexa dominated so much of Jenny’s time. In fact, she was happy that the two of them had found each other. They were her two best friends and they were so much in love with each other For the most part she was happy for them even if it meant she became a third wheel at times. “How did you beat this thing Jen?” Katie asked.

“You don’t want to know.” Jenny replied a slight blush crossed her face.

“Tell me!” Katie demanded in as forceful a way a dying woman could.

‘Um, Lex nursed me back.” Jenny said as the blushing caused her face to get even more red.

“Well that was nice of her. Maybe she will be able to help me when she gets back from class.” Katie said as another wave of chills overcame her. Jenny burst out in laughter at Katie’s thought. “What’s so funny?” Katie asked.

Jenny looked at her roommate. She knew she shouldn’t break the trust of her girlfriend but it was such a cute story she had to. Plus, she missed sharing some of these moments with Katie. “Well the day that Alexa took me to Health Services she brought me back here and put me to bed and went to get my prescription filled. When she came back she woke me up wearing a “Naughty Nurse” Halloween costume. It was so cute!”

“She what?!” Katie asked with shocked enthusiasm. “You are rubbing off on her.”

“I must be. She would never have done that before. She looked extra naughty. It was fun, plus she is so sweet. She wouldn’t leave me alone all night. She was constantly at my side, she brought me soup and tea and whatever I needed. It was the best day of being sick ever.” Jenny said with a giggle.

Katie giggled too. But it also gave her time to think. She couldn’t believe how far Jenny and Alexa or Jexy as she called them had come in a few short months. It wasn’t just Alexa’s transition but it was the two of them together. Before they had found each other, Jenny and Alexa were both kind of lost souls. As soon as they found each other a romance built up that was incredible. They cared so much for each other that they were willing to do anything for each other. And she expressed these thoughts to Jenny. “And yes, I get a little worked up when Jexy time starts but it is cute too. I don’t think I have ever seen two people so much in love. Everything the two you do is always done with the other one in mind. You two are great even if your little adventures can get crazy, like Christmas day when I caught you two in the tub or when you dressed her as a soccer mom to clean out the apartment. But, I am glad you two found each other. You make a great team. But I need you to do me one favor.”

“What?” Jenny asked.

“Don’t ever let me see Alexa in the nurse’s costume.” Katie said as the two long-time roommates laughed at the request.

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