Alexa B-Side: #10 - Cold & Flu Season-Full Circle

Alexa B-Side: Cold & Flu-Full Circle

The cold had worked its way through the apartment. Jenny was the first to get hit and then Katie. Jenny had been in tough shape but Katie seemed to get through it Ok. I had hoped when it hit me that it would continue its decrease in severity. As is usually the case I was wrong. I had been laid up for almost a week with it. My throat and chest were killing me but Jenny had been a great help. One afternoon when I was laying on the couch, dying, Jenny came home and as usual greeted me with a big kiss. “Hi sexy” she said to me. This caused me to start laughing and coughing at the same time.

“Sexy? Here I am laying around in pair of flannel pajama bottoms and a beat-up sweatshirt with no make-up and haven’t taken a shower since yesterday and you think I sexy?” I say to my girlfriend.

“I don’t care if you have pox all over you, you will always be sexy to me.” Jenny says as she pulls me in for another kiss, this one much longer and more sensuous than the first. I try and mumble something about her catching my cold. She just responds that she doesn’t care and goes back in for a little more. Finally, she breaks the kiss and just smiles at me. Breaking away Jenny informs me “I’ll be right back. I want to get out of this dress. I’ll be back and make you some soup.” I fall back and return to watching an old Star Trek: Next Generation.

Five minutes later Jenny walks up to me. I noticed her come into the room, but didn’t pay any attention to her. I look up and I see my beautiful girlfriend standing in the Naughty Nurses costume that I had bought last week when she was sick. Jenny looked much better in it than I ever did. The zipper was pulled down to almost below her breasts and was struggling to keep them contained. She had also pulled up the dress a bit to expose the tabs of the garters holding up her white nylons. She rolled me over on my back and said “Please lay back Miss Quinn. We need to massage you a little and help you get your strength back.” Jenny then proceed to straddle me and began rubbing my chest. She leaned forward and kissed me hard on the lips. Then we hear the door open.

“Oh god, what the hell kind of crazy shit are you two up to now?” We hear Katie exclaim from the door way. I can only mutter “Oh shit” as Jenny pops up and stares wide eyed at our roommate. “I thought you were at work?” Jenny asks.

“Nah, traded shifts with Zoe. Just what the hell are you two pervs doing?” Katie asks. Jenny jumps off me and stares down. Katie looked at me and then looked at Jenny. Katie then broke out in a fit of laughter as she took in ‘Nurse Jenny’ standing there. “Is that the costume Alexa bought?” Jenny shamefully nodded her head. I was in complete shock.

“You know about the costume?” I asked my ‘sister’ as my face felt like it had become as red as a fire truck.

“Yes, I do Lex. Jenny told me all about it last week. It is kind of sexy, I am just glad I didn’t catch you wearing it Alexa Marie.” Jenny giggled at that comment while I continued to be embarrassed. Katie plopped down in the chair and just looked at the two of us shaking her head. “We have to come up with some sort of signal so I don’t walk in on this type of stuff. I have always wondered what kind of crazy things you two dream up while I’m away. This is pretty good.”

“This is nothing.” Jenny says. “You should have seen the Hooter’s outfits.”

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