Alexa B-Side: #2 - Halloween

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This was originally posted as a blog entry, but I have since decided to put the B-Side stories into a book. This was supposed to be part of Chapter 9 but I didn't think it fit. So enjoy, I know it is a little past Halloween, but I still thought it was a good scene and wanted to share.


Alexa B-Side: Halloween

With Halloween approaching our costumes had to be chosen. Even though it would have been easy to go as the cast of the old TV show “Three’s Company”, Jenny and I argued against it. Jenny did not want to go as a “blonde haired bimbo” and actually got a little upset with Katie for continually pushing it. I wanted to dress up, kind of use it as more of a coming out party and did not want to be seen as the token guy. So, after lots of thought, it came down to two options: the 70’s era Charlie’s Angels or the Powerpuff Girls. And while the Powerpuff Girls would have been fun, the simple choice was to go as Charlie’s Angels. The only questions were who was going to be Kate Jackson and who was going to be Jaclyn Smith. I tried to argue that Kate Jackson was a little more masculine than I wanted to present. But that was the argument that Katie used to say I should dress as her. Jenny smartly stayed out of the whole discussion. It came down to a coin flip and I won and chose to be Jaclyn Smith.

The costumes came courtesy of Jenny’s mother, we raided her closet. The Saturday before Halloween, Jenny took the three of us out to her family’s home on Lake Minnetonka. Minnetonka is home to many large residences from the old Minneapolis money crowd, and Jenny’s was not an exception to the rule. The house sat on about 1000 feet of lakeshore and looked out onto Lafayette Bay. The view was marvelous. Jenny, as most people who had grown up in house like this, simply took it for granted. I on the other hand was overwhelmingly impressed. There was a huge living room that dominated the main level looking out at the lake flanked by a dining room and what appeared to be a study. There were small rooms off the main room and a large stair case that led to the upper level. Jenny led us upstairs and then down a hall. As we passed one closed door, her hand slightly brushed it and I could see a little sadness. I leaned into her and asked “Is that?” and she just nodded her head.

As soon as we entered what looked to be the largest closet I have ever seen. There was a large counter as you walked in and against one wall a gigantic shelving unit full of every style of shoe you could imagine. The rest of the room was dominated by racks of clothing; dresses skirts, pants jackets you name it. And like the shoes not one of them the same. Katie and I stood there in awe while Jenny stands in front of it all showing us it all like she is Vanna White. Jenny started leading us through the various rows of clothing. She turns again and smiles “We will for sure find the right thing to wear in the disaster. My mother never throws anything out when it comes to clothes.” For the next two hours, the three us went through the racks trying to find the perfect outfit for our costume. Soon I have a white halter dress that dragged the floor, Katie a pair of white dress pants along with a red stripped shirt and matching white seater to be tied around her neck. We were the easy ones to find something for. Jenny took forever. At one point, I Ieaned over to Katie and said “Now we know where she gets it” Katie and I broke out in laughter as Jenny shot around a corner staring us down and asking what was so funny. “Nothing” I say, trying to act innocent.

Katie jumped in “We were just saying the apple certainly didn’t fall far from the tree weren’t we Alexa.”

A blonde blur came shooting at me and jumped up on me. I caught it as she leaned in for a kiss. “If you weren’t the sexiest thing on the face of the planet I would throw you out that window.” After that I received a large kiss. I let her down. Jenny gave me one more quick kiss and spun and slapped her roommate on the arm. “But you young lady, have no pardon available, So...” And jokingly started dragging Kate towards the window until the two fell to the floor laughing.

Needless to say, we were a hit at the Delta Tau Halloween Party. Jenny and I made sure we kept close together to make sure we didn’t get cornered by some drunk frat guy. Kate took a little more adventurous route during the party but it was still the three that went home together. Unfortunately, as we were stumbling into our apartment building, we met up with Brandon and Steve. “Ladies how you doing tonight” Brandon said as he came up to us. He started to move towards Jenny “SO where’s that boyfriend of yours tonight? Did you finally wise up and toss him to the curb.?” I stood there getting pissed as Brandon started his move on Jenny and Steve was futility attempting to hit on Katie. Before I could do anything I suddenly saw Jenny’s knee rise and connect with Brandon’s crotch. The drunken asshole fell to the grown writhing in pain. Steve backed away quickly as he soon noticed the anger in Katie’s eyes and was afraid that his groin was next.

I walked over and stood over Brandon. I tore off the wig I had worn as part of the costume and looked down. “You’re lucky you had to deal with my girlfriend. Stay the fuck away from us. One more move like that asshole and you will be out of this school so fast your head will spin.” With my peace being said the three of us entered the building. As proud I am of Jenny, which I let her know, I do feel kind of low that I was not able to ‘defend’ the three of us against that drunken asshole. As we entered the elevator, Jenny instantly turned to me.

“Don’t start feeling bad that you didn’t defend us. I know how to take care of little pricks like him.” And with that I received a kiss and instantly felt better. How did she know I was thinking that? Is she a mind reader or have we just become that close that we can read each other’s mind? As Jenny tried to turn away, I pulled her back in and gave her a long kiss. Katie didn’t even groan this time. As Jenny and I let go of each other we both smiled at each other and acknowledge that a new rule had been written. We were always there for each other.

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