Alexa B-Side: #5 - Dick at the Bar

The first of two B-Side stories from Chapter 11 of Alexa. This was written as I was having an attack of writer's block. It gives a little insight into Alexa's father.


Dick sat at the bar nursing his beer. It was a typical Monday night and Dick was down with the guys having a few beers and watching Monday night football. Today had been a holiday from work and the chance to come down and hang out was a welcome relief. After running into his son last week wearing a dress he had been in a foul mood. The whole Christmas holiday had just been tense. When he laid down the law to his wife Charlotte about never talking to Alex again it had started an argument that lasted all weekend. He had hoped that by Christmas morning that the new washer and dryer he had bought her for Christmas would ease the tension but it did not happen. He tried to busy himself all day, avoiding her at all possible costs. The chance to sit at Willy’s and have a few beers with the boys was just what he needed.

“You think the Cowboys can make it to the Super Bowl?” Bob Hanson asked Dick.

“Fuck no. The Seahawks defense will be too tough for these rookies. We just need these dip fucks to beat the Lions tonight so the Queens have a chance.” Dick replies with a slight slur to his speech. Suddenly a woman walks up to Dick and sits herself down at the bar. Usually Dick would be excited. He had been known to take one of these barflies out to his truck to prove that he was a man. That Charlotte had never known was a miracle, but then again, his wife and some of these women don’t exactly run in the same circles. As he begins to put his best moves on, he realizes it is Barb Fahey, the mother of his former son’s roommate.

“Well if it isn't old Dick-less Quinn.” The slightly inebriated brunette says to Dick. Dick instantly wants to smack the woman.

“Get away from me you drunk.” Dick says.

“That’s right! I’m ‘fucked up’. Isn’t that what you told Kate the other day when you verbally abused both her and Alexa the other day?”

“Who? I don’t know any Alexa.” Dick replies trying to ignore Barb and watch the game. As he tried to turn back to the game, Barb grabs him by the shirt.”

“You know Alexa, your daughter. Used to be Alex your son. What kind of man are you to abandon your own child? You’re a dick-less thug Dick. I don’t care what you say about me but if I ever hear of you belittling my daughter again I will go right to your wife and tell her about all your little rendezvous down here. Including me!” And with that Katie’s mother moves off.

“You have a daughter?” Bob asks.

“Shut up and watch the game Hanson” Dick says as he tries to forget the encounter he just had.

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