Gaby Book 8 Chapter *04* Departure

Gaby Book 8 - Changes
by Maddy Bell

Copyright © 2011 Madeline Bell
All Rights Reserved.

It has been a long break for me since writing the previous volume in the Gaby series and I hope that it's been worth the wait. Our diminutive hero(ine) gets up to all sorts this time, weddings, racing, shopping  – well the usual Gaby stuff really!

Pour a coffee, get the hankies and settle back to see what the Wunderkind gets up to next!

Don't Blame Me I'm A Martian-13

Don’t Blame Me I’m A Martian-13

Chapter 13


I never expected to run into them…not this soon and the contact just…god I could feel their soul calling to mine…there was an instant spark between us and I’m scared. God I’m scared.

Oh yeah we have or had a creator belief too but I guess It doesn’t matter. I’ve been here on earth ever since I was a toddler.

We’ve been set adrift as a people, and when I… I was sent here when the Loci of Dylan’s spiked. I never expected to meet one…a Shuan the fourth gender.

Dylan’s just…

My Super Secret Life-19.

My Super Secret Life-19.

Chapter 19


I wake up feeling like I’ve been through a beat down and my room’s dark and my body just hurts. My stomach hurts from crying so much. I slide out of bed and there’s still some of Ty that’s leaked out of me.

Enough to get me bawling again.

Emotional, yeah…usually I’m Matt and by almost social definition told to not act femme…and femme isn’t camp. A genetic male being female in his sensuality isn’t camp and swishy.

Yeah, I’m Bi in my sexuality but really in my sensuality I’m a girl.

My Super Secret Life-17.

My Super Secret Life-17.

Chapter 17


I took the bus home curled up into the back seat after the worst day of my life.

Sunny’s the Superhero Titan and able to change from girl to guy. She was just one of the hottest girls I’d ever known and since her change she went from being this slutty kind of girl to being this smart and engaging person.

You think you’re in love then…something happens with that one you’re with that just floors you in how awesome they really are.

I Heard New Bells on Christmas Day

I Heard New Bells on Christmas Day

Here are lyrics for what I pray will meet with your approval as a Christmas carol expressing the hope that our culture will learn not merely to tolerate or to accept, but rather to fully embrace transfolk, whether merely androgynous, crossdressed, partially or fully transexual, or intersexed. These lyrics work with both the traditional tune by John Calkin or the modern one by Johnny Marx.

I just wish that I had thought of these sooner…

A Gift to Keep on Giving

A Gift to Keep on Giving

This is a sequel to the short story "Midnight Mass," published at BCTS on December 27, 2010 at 6:33am CST.

James had attended Midnight Mass at the Cathedral on Christmas Eve en femme a year ago. After that, he presented himself to his parents as Jamie for the first time. So what has happened to him–or her–since then? Tonight James attires himself as Jamie for Midnight Mass once more.

My Super Secret Life...Villain-1

My Super Secret Life…Villain.


I’m a Villain.

Sure, right.

No, I’m a criminal, with powers…hence villain.

I’m called Rook, that’s my handle and I was thirteen when my meta powers blossomed. Dad was drunk, and he was beating the shit out of my mom and was coming for me and something went snap, crackle, pop in my head.

I’d thrown my hands up to ward off the blows and he hit something bounced off and freaked out. He grabbed a bat and kept trying to kill me. Felt him hitting the nothing stuff, he’d break through and miss me as I ran around the trailer and of he’d hit me and…well if you’ve ever been baseball batted…you know.

If not…hey that’s a good thing.

To See Through a Glass Darkly 16

To See Through a Glass Darkly


Anam Chara

Chapter 16

When Sasha wakes up Saturday morning from his sleepover with Sonia, Tina and their friends, his memory of the previous evening is sketchy. But now he seems to everyone more girl than he ever could have believed possible.

My Super Secret Life-14.

My Super Secret life-14.

Chapter 14

My powered leap takes my up into the air and clearing nearly the fully city block. I’m starting to like the feeling too. It’s got almost this reverse bungee jump kind of thrill to it.

But that’s not the big deal right now. The big deal id the Silver Cross Bank and the cops hiding behind their cars as these three guys in exo-frames are loading ATM whole onto the back of a truck while this suit of power armor is providing cover fire.

The Voice in My Head

The Voice in My Head
Anam Chara

Like any other boy his age in junior high school, Danny has enough trouble steering his course through life. Parents, siblings, friends, classmates teachers, and everyone else are all telling him what to do. And that’s hard enough for him. But now, there’s this voice in his head questioning the decisions he makes for himself.

The Guardian Princess 2: And Justice For All, Chapter 2

When Justice woke up, his surroundings were unfamiliar to him at first. *Oh right* he thought to himself, “This blows.” He finished out loud. Now comes the embarrassment.

Don't Blame Me I'm A Martian-11

Don’t Blame Me I’m A Martian-11

Chapter 11

I’m standing there stunned at the sudden rush of the girls laughing and squeeing and running all over the place. Hillary’s laughing a bit too. But she’s pointing at various girls and shouting out orders.

“Bring all your clothes even the good stuff and the stuff that you’re not using that might fit Dylan!”


“You three get all the different make-up stuff we have and bathroom stuff!”


“You two junk food!”


“You two Movies!”

“Yo, Earth to Hill.”

“Deidre, mud masks and cucumbers!”


First time 10.......

First time…..

Musings from WannabeGinger

Experiences like my salon first timer that day live with me for ever. It’s only when you write tracing back earlier days that you feel what you felt then. The more I think about it, the more I know, I felt lonely. Little did I know that, before the year was out, I’d have had my first kiss with a girl.

Chapter 10

First time 9.......

First time…..

Musings from WannabeGinger

Experiences live with us for ever. It’s only when you write tracing back your earlier days that you feel what you felt then.

I felt lonely.

Chapter 9

Don't Blame Me I'm A Martian-10

Don’t Blame Me I’m a Martian-10

Chapter 10

It’s so good, I’m drifting in this haze that just is like this…I don’t know it’s that foggy place in dreams like you see on TV. I’m in this hotel room and it’s nice and it’s there’s some soft music playing and I’m in a silk teddy and I hear. “Hey beautiful…” it comes from Kaylee coming out of the bathroom in this skimpy sexy set of lingerie and that’s it.

Jem...Chapter 7

Jem…Chapter 7

Chapter 7

You’d think that I’d be more guy about this whole thing right? That I’d be more Jason or that Jason would be more of a teenaged guy here living in a house with three really pretty girls.

I thought I might be.

Hell I thought I would be way too turned on by just being near them. You get a totally different look at girls/women when you’re living with them and apparently camouflaged.
They act totally different when you’re one of the girls. There’s a lot more adjusting of the bra’s and scratching than most guys would think of and I get to learn about something I’ve never heard of as Brooklyn adjusts herself from having a front wedgie.

Okay…it took me a few moments to figure that one out. It was worth looking a bit “duh” then embarrassed for getting the laughs that came out of all three of them.

Whose Irish Eyes Be Smiling? 6

Whose Irish Eyes Be Smiling?

Sean and Morag discuss why he abandoned his promising career as a violinist. The school nurse worries about Morgan's anxiety, while Sean battles insomnia before his audition with the Daughters of Danaan. And Kelly seems to exert a profound influence on those around her, even from a coma…

Don't Blame Me I'm A Martian-9

Don’t Blame Me I’m A Martian…9

Chapter 9

We’re all full of adrenaline as we’re racing up Old beach road to a lonely stretch of sand dunes the locals usually end up partying at. We just call it The Dunes or some call it Desert Sands but that’s like the name from back in Dad’s era and stuff.

Van Halen’s “Mine all Mine.” Is blaring out of the front of the truck and there a lot of wild yells and screams and stuff. I’m getting increasingly sore and in pain as the ride is going so when someone passes me a beer I take it. And when someone passes me the Jack Daniels I take that too.

The beer is beer but the whisky just burns it’s way down my throat and sets my whole mouth into searing pain as there’s all these cuts on the inside of my cheeks and lips and my gums from getting beat on by “Dick.” I might not have felt it then but I’m feeling it now.

Life Is Precious

Life Is Precious


Kyle and his roommate Steve are invited to an exclusive Halloween party at the Delta Beta Zeta House. Both are in for a night that they will never forget.

Jem...Chapter 5

Jem…Chapter 5

Chapter 5

I look up from where I’m sitting with the girls and blinked a few times as it sinks in what just happened and I get to my feet and head upstairs. I head to Raven’s room and the door’s shut and I knock gently.


“What…?” (Shaky and sobby voice.)

“Can I come in?”

“Okay…” (Kind of a whine.)

Jem...Chapter 4


Chapter 4

Dad’s got this I’m not totally awake yet thing going on and well…well he’s certainly awake now. In fact he freezes and it staring and then he looks me up and down and I’m starting to get scared and nervous. “Dad?.........Daddy?”

He blinks and extends his hand and I offer mine and he shakes it like I’m a young lady.
“You’d better come inside…”


“Jem? Like in Jem and The Holograms?”

“How’d you?”

“Come on in and we’ll talk Jem it’ll be safer that way.”

“Yeah the police aren’t here yet.”

Sweet Dreams-16...A Waking First Breath.

Sweet Dreams-16.…A Waking First Breath.

Chapter 16

I was sweaty from dancing, I was almost buzzed from the whole night where it just seems like my life is finally gelling, turning into something real and It’s running through my veins. The music, the food, the dancing…god I love dancing I feel like I shook off years of bullshit out there on the dance floor. The friendship of some of the other girls and even that solid, but fucked up friends thing I have with Jennifer.

Sweet Dreams-14...Help Pinch Me!

Sweet Dreams 14 … Help Pinch Me!

Chapter 14

I’m kind of numb as Alex is driving us from his place to school. He’s going a little fast for me, I’m a bus girl, it’s what I grew up taking. I’m not used to being in a car much less one that’s going kinda fast.

Oh shit…I just said I’m a girl.
And I’m scared because my boyfriend is driving too fast.
You ever have one of those face-palm moments.

His dad got him pissed. Me I’m freaked because I’m having visions of fancy tables and nice looking people and gorgeous women and I’m just me.

Open Your Heart - Chapter 3

Open Your Heart
by Abigail Drew

Chapter Three

Janet set her burden down on the floor next to the tub and walked back out of the bathroom to the sounds of a rap remix of Canon in D using a keyboard and percussion. “We’re lookin’ on the sunny side,” incongruously sang the female vocalist doing melodic counterpoint. The song couldn’t be more inappropriate.

Jem...Chapter 2

Jem…Chapter 2

I love this song, I honestly love this song and the way that the writer and lead singer Linda Perry just wails out those lyrics has always got me singing along and even just doing housework I’d move to the music.

I’ve never rocked out this hard with other people before, especially one’s that could actually play. I really get into belting out the song….”What’s Up, What’s going on?” By 4-Non-Blondes.

“And so I cry sometimes, when I’m lying in bed.”
“Just to get it all out, what’s in my head.”

Aunt Adele Fashions a Plan -- Part 2

Aunt Adele Fashions a Plan — Part 2

By Katherine Day

(Copyright 2011)

(Orphaned at age 12, Terry goes to live with his Aunt Adele, where his girlish nature and lovely soprano voice takes him on stage — as a girl. “You could be Miss America,” a boy tells Terry, but it is in the midst of World War II and that complicates Terry’s future as a girl. What will Aunt Adele do?)

Don't Blame Me I'm A Martian-7

Don’t Blame Me I’m A Martian-7

Chapter 7

I wake up feeling stiff and sore body wise but inside there’s this lighter than air feeling going on. Honestly I’m feeling better inside than I’m used to noticing. I guess it’s kind of…It’s kind of like humidity and weather, I had so much going on emotionally inside from me and Hill’s stuff and the release from last night was like the thunderstorm that clears the air.

Aunt Adele Fashions a Plan -- Part 1

Aunt Adele Fashions a Plan -- Part 1

By Katherine Day
(Copyright 2011)

(Another in the series of “Aunt Adele” stories. Orphaned at age 12, Terry goes to live with his Aunt Adele, where his girlish nature and lovely soprano voice takes him on stage — as a girl. “You could be Miss America,” a boy tells Terry, but it is in the midst of World War II and that complicates Terry’s future as a girl. What will Aunt Adele do?)

Sweet Dreams-13...Help Pinch Me!

Sweet Dreams-13...Help Pinch Me!

Chapter 13

I wake up, I instantly wake up.

I had gone to bed with Alex and we’d ended up snuggling together and even spooning. It was so nice being held. Way better than I thought it’d ever be to be held. I’ve been sort of scared of that but this, this was nice and he’s a whole lot of very, very cool things. Big and strong which is actually becoming more and more a thing for me to like.

Open Your Heart - Chapter 2

Open Your Heart
by Abigail Drew

Chapter Two

“Bicycle bicycle bicycle, I want to ride my bicycle!” Drew sang as he rode along, taking his daily ten. “Bicycle —” just then the singing was interrupted — though the music he was singing to could still be faintly heard from the multimedia phone clipped inside his shirt to his bra — by the screech of tires as a car rapidly slowed, and then honked at him. The passenger window rolled down, and the universal signal of disrespect appeared before Drew’s face. “Get over yourself! I’m right where I’m supposed to be, you gotta problem, take it up with the government!” Drew yelled back as the car squealed its tires when it accelerated too fast whilst departing. “Friggen morons,” he muttered as he cranked his small gears up another sprocket.

Open Your Heart

Open Your Heart
by Abigail Drew


Meet Andrew Lee Pattengale, male. Or is he?

When a supposed feminist housing group positions itself to buy Stonevale Apartments and Townhouses, where Drew works on salary as the only groundskeeper, his manager convinces him to try life as a woman to avoid the dreaded "replacement for enhancement plan".

Join Drew on his journey towards self-acceptance.

Open Your Heart - Chapter 1

Open Your Heart
by Abigail Drew

Chapter One

Official Chapter Reading

“Open your heart!” Rang out from a tenor voice that was well off-key but enthusiastic just as lightning flashed nearby. “Open your heart!” it rang again as the peal of thunder roared loud enough as to, almost, drown out the singers voice. “Open your heart! To eternal dimension!” It sang again, and then grunted as, synchronously, the soft metallic thud of a shovel hitting dirt could be heard. “Open your heart! For love and affection,” the distinctive sound of dirt being thrown into a trash can. “Open your heart! Your every emotion,” and a flash of lightning. “Open your heart! For tears and rejection!” Thunder crashed as the “n” could be heard.

Whose Irish Eyes Be Smiling? 5

Whose Irish Eyes Be Smiling? 5

Sean considers another request to stand in for Kelly, his injured cousin. Also, Sean is asked to reconsider his own abandoned career in music.

Aunt Adele's Niece -- Part 4

Aunt Adele’s Niece — Part 4

By Katherine Day

(Copyright 2011)

(This is the 4th and final part in this story, which is among a series of Aunt Adele stories that tell the story of how a dance teacher raised her 12-year-old orphaned nephew during World War II. The boy discovers how marvelous it is to be a girl. This is based on earlier Aunt Adele stories, “Aunt Adele’s Christmas Gift” and “Aunt Adele’s Easter Pageant.” The reader need not read the earlier stories, but it is recommended by the author.)

Aunt Adele's Niece -- Part 3

Aunt Adele's Niece -- Part 3

By Katherine Day

(Copyright 2011)

Terry is an orphaned 13-year-old now being raised by his aunt. The boy finds comfort in being a member of an all-girl dance group which is about to put on its biggest ever performance. The girls are deep in planning their act and Terry finds a handsome and strong boy who finds much attraction in the pretty boy. (3rd Part of a 5-part Serial) Previous stories in this series which traces Terry's life are "Aunt Adele's Christmas Gift" and "Aunt Adele's Easter Pageant."

Aunt Adele's Niece -- Part 2

Aunt Adele's Niece -- Part 2

By Katherine Day


(Copyright 2011)

(An orphaned 12-year-old boy moves to live with his aunt and finds his true self as he is accepted as a girl in an all-girl dance group. The group is preparing for a big performance, as the new girl finds boys interested in her.)

Don't Blame Me I'm A Martian-5

Don’t Blame Me I’m A Martian-5

Chapter 5

Kaylee’s hand felt so…so…oh..good. There was this tickle tingle that turned to warmth that danced in under the skin there and was spreading through me. It’s so hard to explain it in guy terms. Nothing like having your balls licked or sucked on but more equal to a light touch on the sensitive underside of a guy’s penis. As good as sensitive and erotic as that but still Totally different.


Aunt Adele's Niece -- Part 1

Aunt Adele’s Niece — Part 1

By Katherine Day

(Copyright 2011)
(This is the third in a series of Aunt Adele stories that tell the story of how a dance teacher raised her 12-year-old orphaned nephew during World War II. The boy discovers how marvelous it is to be a girl. This is a four-part series, based on earlier Aunt Adele stories, “Aunt Adele’s Christmas Gift” and “Aunt Adele’s Easter Pageant.” The reader need not read the earlier stories, but it is recommended by the author.)

Sweet Dreams-11... Am I in a daydream?

Sweet Dreams-11...Am I in a daydream?

Chapter 11

Adam was being as much a douchebag as I though he was going to be. But I’ll get back to that later. The rest of the day had gone pretty well with me getting out of school and headed over to my job where Hali and I talked and stopped and had a proper cuppa.

Anyway work was actually cool and I actually learned a lot of stuff about fashion but not just the better points of how to put together a look but of what is exactly classic and vintage and the differences of both and how to put things together in a look or an outfit.

First Love

First Love

By Katherine Day

(Copyright 2011)

(Theresa becomes the new girl in school and quickly finds herself the subject of the lustful looks from boys; but there is only one boy she desires.)

Masque in D Major: I. Allegro non troppo

Masque in D Major

To an audience, the conductor's technique & art are the most mysterious of all the orchestra. Whether it be a world-class philharmonic orchestra, or a youth orchestra of yet-blossoming talent, only a small part of the conductor's work is visible on-stage, glimpses seen perhaps now, as a wave of the hand or baton & maybe then, as a wild dance atop the podium. And the conductor must always perform turned away from the audience, appearing to the outside world as if his or her face were hidden behind a mask…

Whose Irish Eyes Be Smiling?

Whose Irish Eyes Be Smiling?

Cousins Sean and Kelly are as close to one another as they are to their siblings. Yet as close as they all are, their outlooks, interests, and aspirations have diverged while growing up— until circumstance binds them together again.

When Irish eyes are smiling
Sure, 'tis like the morn in Spring.
In the lilt of Irish laughter
You can hear the angels sing.
When Irish hearts are happy,
All the world seems bright and gay.
And when Irish eyes are smiling,
Sure, they steal your heart away.

The Butterfly and the Flame - Chapter 1


"There's something you need to know about Emily..."

In the year 2404, America is no more. In a land ruled by the oppressive theocracy known as the Dominion of Divinity, being gay is a capital offense, adultery is punished with the lash, women are forbidden to work, and forced marriages are common.

Fifteen-year-old Emily La Rouche faces an impossible choice. On her sixteenth birthday, she will be forced to marry Jonathan Marsh, the son of her landlord. If she refuses, her family will lose everything. If she takes his hand, it is certain that her life will end by a hangman's noose in front of an angry mob. All because Emily has been hiding an enormous secret for years-she was born a boy. As the wedding approaches, Emily's parents realize the only way that she will be safe is if she is to escape the Dominion.

With her brother Aaron at her side, Emily flees across post-apocalyptic America in search for a new home. With vile bounty hunters on her trail, only time will tell if Emily will ever find a place where she can live and breathe free as the person she was always meant to be.

The Birthday Party

The Birthday Party
Anam Chara

Richard’s best friend, Robert, may be transgendered. So, just how far will he go to support his buddy? And what happens to him afterwards?

Hermaphrodite orgy

Remove May 16, 2010
hermaphrodite orgy

So off we
went until we finally arrived at her farmhouse way out in the middle of
no where.
"So dear, how do you like my place?" she asked me.
"It's really nice." I responded. "Do you live here alone?"
"I don't have a husband, if that's what you're interested in finding
out. I'm kinda more interested in girls than in boys. Does that bother
you?" she wanted to know.
And then before I could answer she took me by the hand and led me into
the bedroom and started to undress me. Then we just started to cuddle until we got eachother excited.


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