Corset Magic

Jesse has an addiction to corsets and it has gotten stronger over the years. It has affected how his body has grown just enough that he has more of a hour glass shape than a typical boy. When his sister tells him of this antique corset he is a bit reluctant to go see it. He had to wear corsets, but he disliked wearing a corset dress. The old shop they go to has more than just a corset as they are transported to an alternate world. He slowly learns about the world and that her future husband is there to meet her for the first time and something strange happens.

Box for Lolita

Sometimes you start changing a tiny bit at a time other times something gives you a push this time magic gets involved and takes you on a trip into a smaller cuter version of yourself to a darker side of life.

"You" are the character that gets a box. Resistance is fulfilling.

Hope I can pull you in with my story and properly represent the world of bondage.

For acting like a Boy

Dennis thought by messing up his dress clothes, he'd get to stay home and play with friends. He insisted that boys, he was not sweet and nice. Mom didn't get too angry so he thought he won. Unfortunately every time he acted up he something crushed his boy spirit a little more. Until he began to like it.



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Okay, I may not be the first one to point out that when you search for complete stories, solo stories do not show up in the search?

By definition, a Solo story would therefore be a complete story, yes?

Therefore, why do the not automatically wind up with the 'complete' category associated with them?

Is there some way to search the solo stories and complete all at the same time?


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