The Adventure Begins Chapter 6

Angela was having a rough time in school the next day. During gym class one of the guys in her class purposely threw the basketball at Angela and hit her in the back of her head. Kadyn hadn’t seen it, because a few people were blocking her view. She could have used her magical abilities to protect Angela, but she couldn’t risk exposing herself. Then there was the accidental tripping by someone. Kadyn hadn’t seen it. All
she knew was, Angela had nearly fallen on her.

While she was at lunch, someone spilled their lunch tray all over her. Angela was ready to cry from all the bad lucky she was having. Kadyn had instructed her to go to the girl’s restroom and into one of the stalls. Kadyn used some of her magic to clean Angela up and change her clothes to something different than what she had wearing.

“What’s going on today Kadyn?”

“I don’t know Angela, but I promise to be more alert.”

Angela goes to her next class. Just as Angela was about to sit down in her seat, Kadyn spotted a thumb tack in on her seat. Kadyn uses a little
bit of magic and makes the tack fall off the seat. Angela had felt Kadyn use of magic.

“Do I want to know?”

“No, get your book out and turn to page one fifteen.”

Kadyn was looking around the room trying to spot who was tormenting Angela. She catches glimpses of a black hair boy looking towards Angela, like he was expecting something to happen. While everyone was focusing on the teacher and the slides she was showing. Kadyn turns invisible and makes her way over to the boy. Now that she was closer, she could tell he was the one that had put the tack on Angela’s seat and had hit her with the basketball. He had tripped the student that dumped his lunch tray on Angela. An evil smile appears on Kadyn’s face as she uses some of her magic to play havoc with the boy digestive track. She causes him to start ripping loud farts in class. After a few seconds, she causes him to poop his pants.

She felt one embarrassment, deserves another. Kadyn watches as the boy rushes out of the classroom with his pants falling around his ankles and crap flowing down the inside of his legs. She was going to make the spell last for a few days, so he either wears a diaper to school or he would be forced to stay home for a few days.

“Kadyn, did you do that?”

“Yes, it was either that or a hot foot.”


“He was the one that was messing with you today. He threw the basketball that hit you during gym class and he tipped the student who
dumped their lunch on you in the lunchroom. So, I felt one nastiness deserves another nastiness. Now, pay attention to your teacher, while I get a cat nap in.”

“What am I going to do with you?”

“Pet me and give me cream and tuna.”

Angela reads the pages she was supposed to read while the teacher was out of the classroom. The janitor had to come in and clean the crap trail that the student left behind. Angela’s teacher returns right as the bell rings. Angela walks with her friends towards the parking lot where
Cassandra was waiting on her.

Cassandra was driving Vince’s truck, while they waited to get the check for her damaged SUV. The insurance company had totaled the truck. It would had taken more money to fix it, than it would to replace it. The only disadvantage, was Vince and Cassandra were going to have to put new protection spells on the new vehicle when they get it.

“How school today Angela?”

“It was rough earlier today because according to Kadyn, a boy in my class had decided to bully me and play dirty tricks on me. Kadyn got even
with him by causing him to pass stinky farts in class and going to the bathroom in his pants.”

Cassandra looks at Kadyn “tell me you didn’t use magic please?”

“Don’t worry Cassandra. No one saw me do it. I waited till the lights were out and everyone was paying attention to the slides the instructor was showing. I turned invisible and walked over to the boy and casted a low-level magic spell on him. He deserved it for what he did to Angela today. I put two conditions on him. If he wears a diaper to come to school he’ll be fine. If he stays home from school he’ll be fine. It will only last for three days.”

Cassandra just shakes her head as she heads towards their favorite sub shop to buy subs for dinner tonight. All three of them go in and Kadyn tells Cassandra she wants a tuna sub, heavy on the tuna. Angela talks Cassandra in buying her an order of onion rings.

After they get their order. They head back outside to the truck and climb in. Just as Angela was shutting her door, Kadyn becomes alert and jumps onto Angela’s lap and burst into flames. The flames weren’t burning Angela’s clothes or her skin. There were three-gun shots and the bullets that had been coming towards Angela. They melted when they got close to her and dropped to the ground.

“Go ahead and take Angela home Cassandra. I’ll handle this.”

Kadyn jumps out of the truck and runs towards the shooter. She couldn’t risk assuming her full form, so she was going to have to fight this nutcase in her small form. She uses the cars around her as cover as she got closer to the shooter. It was another biker and she could smell the scent of ruby on him. She jumps up on his tank and causes the gas fumes inside to explode. She concentrates and contains the explosion to just their area. She could hear the biker scream as the fire roasted him alive. She was feeding the flames to cause them to burn hotter.

Cassandra had done as Kadyn told her to do and in her rearview mirror, she could see a huge fireball.

“Mom, we can’t leave Kadyn.” Angela was frightened and didn’t want to leave Kadyn behind.

“Don’t worry Angela, she’ll be home as soon as she is done taking care of business.”

Cassandra takes a secondary route that had plenty of people for protection. Her and Vince had laid out multiple routes to their house just in case someone thought about ambushing them again. She glances at Angela and could tell she was frighten and was concerned about Kadyn.

“She’ll be alright Angela. Kadyn is a very special cat and can handle most things herself.”

She reaches over and rubs Angela’s arm. She hated to see her daughter like this. By the time they get home, Kadyn was sitting in front of the front door licking herself.

“Guess who’s waiting for you?”


“I’m right here Angela. In front of the door.”

Angela makes her way over to Kadyn. She kneels in front of her and gives her a hug. She could smell the strong odor of brunt cinnamon coming from her fur.

“Don’t do that again. I thought you weren’t coming back.” Tears were leaking from Angela’s eyes.

“I’m your familiar Angela. I’ll always come back for you. Besides, I have nine lives left.”

Kadyn purrs and gives Angela a lick on her cheek.

“Come on you two, lets head inside.”

“Yes mom.”

Angela stands up and heads inside with Kadyn by her side. Angela was still frightened and cuddle with Kadyn on the sofa. Cassandra looks at
Kadyn and Angela. Who was it that wanted her daughter so badly? Angela heads into the kitchen and start setting the table.

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