The Adventure Begins Chapter 3

Angela sits on the swing bench in the backyard reading a braille book Cassandra had brought her last week. Things had been good for Angela since she arrived here. Cassandra has been treating her like her own daughter and Vince has been the father she has always wanted. They took her to the fair yesterday and she had the time of her life. Cassandra and Vince had bought her a new wardrobe and set her bedroom up so she could move around easily, without bumping into things. They even rearrange the living room and the other rooms so she could move about without hitting her knees or stubbing her toes on the furniture legs.

She was supposed to start school in about another week. They were waiting on her school records and medical records from her home state. Vince put the request in through the police department. That way no one could say anything. Sometimes she went to work with Cassandra and helped in the store dusting or answering the phone. She didn’t mind doing the work, she enjoyed it. Angela stops what she is doing when she feels a strange energy in the air. Something didn’t feel right to her. She closes her book and gets up off the swing and walks down a path that lead down towards a huge weeping willow tree that grew in the backyard. She goes through the curtain of limbs hanging down and kneels at an opening at the foot of the tree.

This was where she was feeling the strange energy. The energy didn’t feel threatening, but different. She stretches her hands forward and felt something soft and warm brush against her finger tips. She could feel the energy she was feeling coming from it. It brushes itself against her finger tips again and sent a tingling sensation up her arms. Angela stretches her hand forward a little more this time the creature that had been brushing against her fingers let’s her pet it’s soft fur. To Angela, it felt like she was petting a cat. Its fur was extremely warm, like it had been basking in the sun. Its purring was loud as she strokes its soft fur. Angela picks it up and continues to stroke it as she walks out from under the weeping willow branches.

Cassandra was at work right now and so was Vince. Angela was allowed to stay home by herself today, but had both their numbers in a cell phone that Cassandra had brought and programmed for her, so that she only had to press one button to make a call. She heads back over to the swing where she had been sitting at before and sits down with her new pet in her lap.

Kadyn had spotted the blind human girl she had been sent to protect. The poor thing didn’t know her life was in danger from some bad creatures that wanted to exploit her gifts for their benefit. The spirit that had guided the girl here had done her a good job of placing her with a good family that could protect and train her. However, she has been sent to become her familiar and watch over her. Her goddess has taken a special interest in this girl and wanted her to protect her. So, she went ahead and made her presence felt for the girl. She’ll explain to her goddess worshippers why she was sent here to protect the girl, but for now she’ll enjoy the attention the girl is giving her.

Angela was enjoying her new pet. She kept petting the kitty cat she found while she laid on her lap as she finishes reading the book Cassandra gave her. It was all about centering and how to from a mental wall to keep other thoughts out of her head. Cassandra was going to work with her tonight when she got home. Vince was working on a case and wouldn’t be home till later. Angela never had a pet before and for some reason felt even more protected with this cat on her lap. Angela’s wrist watch beeped and spoke the time for her. It was a neat little device that Cassandra had found on line. The only time it announces the time was on the hour. If she wanted to know what time it was, she would press the top right button and it would speak the time itself. Angela rearranges the way she is sitting on the bench, so that she is laying length wise and let her new pet rest on her belly while she continues reading and petting.

Cassandra comes home and notices that the front door was still lock. Which is what she told Angela to do? She unlocks the door and announces her arrival to let Angela know she was home. She doesn’t hear anything and heads towards the back yard where Angela has been spending a lot of her time reading and enjoying the sun shine lately. When she walks outside and looks over towards the swing, where she knew Angela likes to sit and read, she spots Angela lying down on the bench of the swing sound asleep with a black and red color cat, the size of a bobcat curled up on Angela’s stomach. Curiously, Cassandra walks over to see what type of cat it is that is sitting on Angela’s stomach.

Kadyn had felt her charge fall asleep thirty minutes ago. She had closed her eye and was going to take a little cat nap as well. She had heard the vehicle pull up in the drive at the front of the house and the presence as it had moved about the house and came outside. She knew that this was one of her goddess worshipers and the mother figure to the girl. She waited till she was closer, before opening her eyes and looking towards her.

When Cassandra got closer to the swing, she felt the magical energies given off by the cat sitting on Angela’s stomach. She watched as it opens its eyes and looked directly at her.

Cassandra stops when she notices how its eyes glow gold when she got close to Angela’s sleeping body.

“What are you?” Cassandra looks at the cat and was preparing to defend herself if she needed to. Right now, she was concern about Angela’s

“It doesn’t matter what I am. I have been sent by the goddess Freya to look over and protect this innocent girl. Are you not a worshipper of my goddess?”

“Yes, I am. But why would the goddess take an interest in Angela?” Cassandra had read old folk stories about the goddess taking an interest in warriors of the past, but nothing recently.

“That is something I do not know. The goddess doesn’t always explain herself to those that server her. She has task me with looking after this innocent. All I do know is that there are those that mean this girl harm and will do whatever needs to be done to attain her. She is safe here on this land and safe at your shop, but anywhere else, she isn’t. When you send her to school, I can accompany her. I am big enough that they won’t say anything and I have papers stating I am trained as a guide animal.” Kadyn wasn’t going to let this girl out of her sight.
Cassandra couldn’t believe what she was hearing inside her head. Her goddess had sent this cat to look over Angela.

“Does Angela know what you are or why you have been sent to her?” Cassandra was concern about how Angela would feel.

“No, I haven’t told her yet about why I am here or what I am. It might be best to keep it secret till she is ready. She has lived a very shelter abusive life and throwing all of this at her at once, might scare her more then she is already.” Kadyn had felt the fear that Angela had inside of her. She was scared that her parents might find her and take her away from Cassandra and Vince. She was also concern or scared of the guy that had tried to kidnap her when she was in the cab.

“What is it that she fears?” Cassandra could guess that she might fear the guy that tried to kidnap her. Her husband hasn’t found him yet.

“Being taken away from you and your husband, and she is also scared of that guy that tried to kidnap her when she first got here. He is still out there, waiting to take her from you. He has been watching your place of work and here as well. He knows he can’t step foot on your land without being informed of his presence, so he’s going to buy his time to get her. She’ll be easy to get to when she is in school.” Kadyn had already seen a few attempts on her in dreams.

“Maybe I should home school her then?” Cassandra could home school Angela if she had too.

“That would be unwise. She’s looking forward to going to school again and making friends. She misses not being around other kids her age.” Kadyn pretty much knew everything about Angela. Her hopes and desires and things she wanted to do.

Cassandra hadn’t counted on Angela becoming attaché to her and her husband. True, she was becoming attaché to Angela.

“You might want to make her legally your daughter. She is better off here with you and your husband, then she would be with any other family. Her gifts make her unique and there are only a few people around that can train her to use them. The goddess placed her with you, because you have always wanted children of your own. Neither you nor your husband can produce your own. She is the next best thing to being your own child. She can give you the grandchildren you wish fore and it would give her the parents she should had been born too. Fate played a cruel trick on both of you, but in the long run you would get your heart desirer. The niece you lost knew you loved her, but she had made her choice and had to see it to the end. She’ll be reborn one day.” Kadyn knew that much about Cassandra’s niece.

Cassandra could feel a tear slide down her cheek. So, it had been her niece who had guided Angela to them. Cassandra comes closer to
Angela and kneels and brushes a strand of her hair out of her closed eyes.

“How long has she been asleep?” Cassandra looks towards Kadyn. She knew the cat’s name now.

“She’s been asleep for half-n-hour. She was reading the book you gave her, when she drifted off to sleep. I think my purring and my warmth relaxed her. Kadyn gives a mental chuckle.

“Let her sleep a little longer. Watch over her while I’m inside making dinner please.” Cassandra looks into Kadyn golden eyes.

“I will. Could you set a bowl of tuna and milk down for me please?” Kadyn was hungry and she preferred fish. Can tuna was alright to eating fresh tuna.

Cassandra stands back up “I think I can do that. Do I need to buy a litter box for you?”

“Please, I can teleport outside to use the yard if I need to.” Kadyn was only going to act like a common house cat to a point.

Cassandra chuckles when she felt Kadyn mental attitude about her question.

“Sorry. I just needed to know, just in case you needed to go and do nature’s business.” She looks down at Kadyn. She notices Kadyn had closed her eyes and was watching Angela’s face.

“It’s alright. I’ll let you know if there anything special I need or want. You might want to stock up on tuna, cream or milk. I do enjoy those items and catnip as well.” Kadyn gives Cassandra a teasing feeling.

Cassandra just shakes her head and heads back inside to fix dinner. She couldn’t believe the path her life was taking now. She’ll have to discuss all of this with Vince, who already was attaché to Angela as if he had always been her father.
Kadyn peeks open her eyes and watched as Cassandra heads back to the house. She liked her and could feel that Cassandra was going to be happy with the future that had shown itself to Kadyn.

Kadyn looks at Angela’s peaceful face “as for you my young charge. I see a bright future with a loving husband and many children, but first there are trails and dangers you must first overcome.”

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