The Adventure Begins Chapter 4

Angela was excited as Cassandra drove her to school. She couldn’t wait to meet her teachers and make new friends. She knew it was going to be difficult because she couldn’t see, but she had Kadyn with her acting as her guide animal. The school officials were amazed at how big and trained Kadyn was. They had never seen a cat as big as she was. Everybody thought she was a pixie-bob, since she looked like a bobcat. The people that were allergic to cats weren’t around Kadyn.

“Angela, I’ll be by to pick you up from school today. I want you to get your teachers to sign your homework book and we’ll work on it after dinner. Also, make sure you feed Kadyn at lunch time when you have your lunch. Your gym uniform is in your backpack, along with your gym shoes and a lock for your locker. Be careful and enjoy yourself sweetie.” Cassandra leans over and places a kiss on Angela’s cheek.

“I will mom.” Angela smiles when she says that and exist the suv with Kadyn on a leash. Kadyn leads Angela across the ground and inside the school.

Cassandra watches as Kadyn leads Angela across the parking lot and then the grass field and then inside the school. Kadyn informed her that
Angela would have no problems today. It would be a while before the guy that attacked her would make his move again.

Kadyn notices the looks of the other children watching them. She smiles because this was funny to her. Angela kept up with her as they walked.

“You’re in a hurry Kadyn. Is something wrong?” Angela had felt how fast Kadyn was moving.

Kadyn slows down and takes a more relaxed pace. She’ll let Angela enjoy herself as she walks into school.

Carol and Gloria couldn’t believe what they were seeing. The new blind girl was being led by the biggest cat they had ever seen. It wasn’t as big as the large cats, but this one was huge and had unusual coloration. They have never seen a cat with dark red fur and black strips before.
They watched as it leads the new girl to her first class. The two of them were going to the same class.

When they walk in, they notice the new girl talking with Ms. Smith and her handing some papers to the girl and signing some sort of note book. They watch as they take their seat as the new girl sits near the front. The cat lies down near her feet out of the way.

Ms. Smith conducts her class, after introducing Angela to everyone. Angela follows along in her braille math book. After class, they go to homeroom and Carol and Gloria finds out that the new girl has the same classes as they do.

Angela was enjoying herself. All her teachers were helpful and signed her homework book, so Cassandra could go over the homework with her. Cassandra had made her a lunch, so she headed to a table and took out her lunch and Kadyn’s lunch. She fixes Kadyn’s lunch before she starts on her own.

Kadyn watches as the two girls that had been watching Angela all morning comes walking over to the table where she was eating.

“Excuse me? Would you mind if I and my friend join you for lunch, Angela?” Gloria wanted to get to know Angela better and her cat.

“No, please have a seat.” Angela had looked up at Gloria’s voice when she heard her.

Both girls sit down near Angela.

“Thanks. I’m Gloria Williams and I’m Carol Wang.” Carol announces her name after Gloria.

“We’ve never seen a cat like yours before. What breed is he?” Carol was curious.

Angela just smiles “Kadyn is a she and a rare Pixie-bobcat” Angela reaches down and scratches Kadyn near her ears.

“Oh! I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to call her, a him it’s just hard to tell the difference between a male cat and a female cat. Especially one that is as unique as Kadyn.” Gloria looks down at Kadyn and notice that she was enjoying having her ears scratch.

“Do you think she’ll mind me petting her?” Carol wanted to touch her and see how soft her fur was.

“I don’t think she’ll mind. She loves attention.” Angela knew that was true about Kadyn.

Kadyn didn’t mind. She loved the attention she was getting right now. She could tell Carol had cats at home. She could smell their scent on
Carol clothes. She could smell the scent of dogs and cats on Gloria.

Carol couldn’t believe how warm and soft Kadyn’s fur was. It was as soft as silk.

“She has soft fur. Is it natural for her or did you use something to make her fur this soft?” Carol loved the feel of Kadyn’s fur.

“She’s normally like that. Kadyn is a very rare type of cat.” Angela pets Kadyn some more.

The three girls eat lunch together and make small talk. Angela finds out things about them and she tells them things about her. Kadyn watches as her charge interacts with the other two girls. She closes her eyes and rest while the girls talk about all sorts of things. She wakes up when she hears the lunch bell ring.

Angela’s next class was gym. Gloria and Carol got her a locker near theirs and helped her changed out of her street clothes and into her gym clothes. Kadyn examines the other girls in the locker room while Angela is getting dress and notice she looks like a eight or ten year old girl, compare to some of the other girls. Even Angela’s new friends Gloria and Carol were more develop then she was. Kadyn follows the three girls out into the gym.

Mrs. Habel watches as the girls came out of the locker room. She had been informed about her new student, who was blind and that she had her guide animal with her. She spotted her right away. She couldn’t believe how small she looked and how big the cat was walking beside her.

“Alright ladies, fall in. Let’s warm-up before we start playing volleyball. Angela, you can sit the valley ball game out if you want too.” Mrs. Habel figure she wouldn’t want to play.

“Mrs. Habel, I would like to play if I could, please.” Angela looks towards where Mrs. Habel voice came from.

“Suit yourself, but if you get hurt, don’t come crying to me.” Mrs. Habel figures, if she wants to play, she’ll let her.

“I won’t.” Angela wanted to be like all the other girls.

Kadyn smiles as she watches her human workout with the other girls and then when they broke into teams, she got to be on the same team as her new friends. Kadyn helps her by giving her mental signals to when the ball was coming towards her.

Angela felt the mental warning when the ball was coming towards her. She smacks the ball back and wonders where the warnings were coming from. She had her necklace on, so she knew it wasn’t her abilities guiding her. The energy felt familiar, like it did when she found Kadyn. She keeps enjoying herself playing ball. A few times she trips on her own feet and falls and hurts her knee, but she gets back up and plays on. By the time class is done, she has been smacked in the face, fell on her knees several times and sprained her wrist hitting the ball wrong and landing wrong on the floor. Angela didn’t care; she had fun and was taken down to the nurse for her to look at her knees and wrist.

Kadyn had to admit her human had guts and seemed to enjoy playing. She had watched as Carol and Gloria took Angela back to the locker room and helped her to the showers and helped her get redress after taking the shower.

She followed beside her as they went to the nurse and let her look at Angela’s injuries. When the nurse asked if she should call her mother,
Angela said no. She wanted to finish school. So, the nurse gave her some aspirin and bandaged her wrist and knee’s up.

Angela finishes up her classes for the day and when Cassandra comes to pick her up, she meets Angela two new friends.

“Well, it looks like you had fun today.” Cassandra looks over at Angela and saw a smile on her face.

“I had fun today, mom. The coach wanted me to sit out from playing volleyball, but I wanted to play. I don’t want to be sitting on the sidelines while everyone else is having fun. I know I’m blind, but I want to have fun as well.” Angela turns towards Cassandra.

“I know sweetie, but now you have to sit on the sidelines. Your wrist is sprained and your knees are bruised. If it was just your knees I would let you play, but it’s also your wrist. I don’t want you to hurt your wrist any more then how it is right now. You make matter worse if you keep playing.” Cassandra could feel how Angela felt. She knew Angela hadn’t had any fun and now she wanted to do everything she could.

“It’s not fair.” Angela huffs and sits back in her seat.

“I’ll tell you what. Why don’t we go horseback riding this week end? You can invite your friends to come along. Afterwards, we’ll go out for dinner or something.” Cassandra wanted Angela to be happy.

“Okay mom.” Angela lightens up some. She still wanted to have fun in gym class.

The next day was pretty much the same, except Angela’s new friends met her when she arrived at school and the three of them hung together before heading to class. Angela was enjoying her classes and most of the students were nice and didn’t give her any problems. Her teachers were accommodating of her blindness and worked with her.

In gym class she took it easy because of her sprained wrist. Her knees were black and blue, but she didn’t know that. She did do the warm-up routine with the class and ran a few laps around the gym with Kadyn running with her. Mrs. Habel was impressed with Angela’s determination to not allow her disability to confine her. When Angela went to the locker room to change from her gym clothes, one of the girls spots her
necklace that Cassandra gave her to wear.

“Angela, that’s an interesting necklace, what is it?” The girl was curious about Angela’s necklace.

“It’s a pentagram made with a smoky quartz crystal in it. My mother gave it to me.” Angela fingers the silver surface of the pentagram.

“Doesn’t that represent the devil?” Another girl who wore a silver cross around her neck spoke up.

“No, it means my mother worships nature. Each point of the star represents an element found in nature and in ourselves. There’s nothing evil about it.” Angela remembers asking her mother about it.

“Oh, okay.” The girl goes back to getting dress.

Angela finishes dressing as well with the help of her friends and is lead out of the locker room by Kadyn. They go to her last class, which is Earth science. After class, Angela goes and meets up with her mother who was waiting outside for her.

“Did you have a nice day, sweetie?” Cassandra looks towards Kadyn to see what she has to say.

“She did fine today. She stayed with her friends all day long and behaved herself during gym. We ran a few laps and took part in the exercise.”

“I did what you said mom and invited my friends over for this weekend. They have to check with their parents to make sure it was okay with them.” Angela was happy her new friends might be able to make it.

Kadyn just curls up on Angela’s lap and takes a catnap as Angela pets her on the way home. Cassandra has been enjoying having Angela living with her and her husband. She enjoyed being called mom and she knew that Vince was enjoying being called dad or father as well.

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