What You Can't See, Can Hurt You Chapter 16

“Come on girls, you’re going to be late for school if we don’t leave now.” Sasha told Susan she would drive the girls to school.

She was taking her 2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport RHD. She’s had this Jeep since she first got her driver license. It was her sweet sixteen birthday gifts from her mom and dad. She had driven it throughout her high school years and when they first formed the band. She used to go to her performances when she first started her stage magician career.

“We’re coming mom.” Gracie races down the stairs with her backpack slung over her shoulder.

Rose was right behind her with her backpack as well. Both girls were dressed in their school uniforms. Susan had enrolled Rose and Gracie in the same private school. The rest of the band had enrolled their adopted children in the same school.

“I call shotgun.” Gracie heads towards the passenger side of the jeep and discovered it had the steering wheel on that side.

Sasha just smiles as she spots the confused look on Gracie’s face.

“Other side squirt.” Sasha opens the door and climbs in.

Rose just smirks when she climbs in behind her mother. Gracie climbs in on the left-hand side of the Jeep.

“Mom, why is the steering wheel over on the right-hand side of the Jeep?” As she fastens her seat belt.

“Because this was the only model your grandmother and grandfather could find that matched what I wanted for my sixteenth birthday.” Sasha had been surprised as well, when they gave her the keys to the Jeep.

It had taken her a while to get use to the steering being on the right-hand side of the Jeep. When they went to England, the car blended in with the steering being on the right-hand side. She starts the Jeep and link her IPhone with the radio and drive the girls to school. She sings along with a few songs. Rose and Gracie join in with her as they headed to school.

When they pull up to be dropped off, Sasha spots the rest of the band member children waiting for Rose and Gracie. She notices
Alexander/Alex (a.k.a. Moon) was taking after his mother. Dusk was deeply into the Gothic culture. He had the gothic look about him, even in his school uniform. Mystic’s twin daughters, wore pentagrams and stars in their ears.

“Looks like your friends are waiting for you.” Sasha knew the children of the band members were growing close to one another.

She did spot another teenager that looked like he had her hair style when on stage.

“Rose, who’s that kid over there. The one standing in a group with his hands-on fire?” Sasha was curious.

“That’s Ethan, he’s been bugging me about the tricks you do on stage. He’s wants to be just like you, Mom.” Rose liked Ethan.

He was friendly and funny, but he was hooked on acting like her mother’s name sake on stage. He wanted Rose to tell him all her mother’s
secrets or see if she could get some of her mother’s tricked items. She didn’t know where her mother stored her gear or anything about her stage magic tricks.

“Hhhmmm.” Sasha was formulating a plan.

“Well, you girls have a nice day and be nice to your teachers.” Sasha gives Gracie a kiss on her cheek and one on Rose’s cheek when she leans between the seats.

“We will mom.” Gracie hops out with her big sister following behind her.

Sasha watches as they join their friends. She puts the Jeep in gear and head back towards her apartment. She had a clean-up crew go by and clean it up after what happened to her sister.

The men that raped her sister were finding out what it was like to be raped repeatedly. Her mother had changed them to women and placed them among some hard-core men. She knew it was wrong to do, but they raped her sister repeatedly. So, they desired what they were getting. As for Adam and Greg Hallaway they were finding out what it meant to be someone else’s bitch. They had their manhood removed and placed in another prison that held the worst of the worst. They were put in general population, so they could meet their friends.

Her mom and Dad had gotten a lot of information out of them. Before she put them away permanently. She knew her mother had been approached by some men from Langley about Mr. Adam and she told them to go to hell. Some Senators and Congress men tried to put pressure on her mother and her aunt. Those same people found out what happens to people who were skilled enough to kill them at any time.

Her thoughts go back to Ethan and what Rose said, “call Cassandra Cross.”

Cassandra Cross:
Cassandra was enjoying being a newly married woman. Her and Jerry had gotten married by the Justice of The Peace a week after Sasha had left. They had the reception at the bar and Cassandra was loving it. She may not be able to see anything, but she had enjoyed the celebration that had gone on around her.

She spent most of her time with her new husband at the bar, since he owned it. She stayed at the bar most of the time anyway, before she got married. She was happy that everything that took place with Adam Ludlum had worked out in the end. As she is sitting at her normal table, her cellphone starts ringing.

A smile appears on her face as she recognizes who it was from the ring tone.

“Hello Sasha. What can I do for you?” She wonders what Sasha wanted.

“Hi Cassandra, you probably already know what I’m going to ask you, but I’ll ask any way. Can you tell me if any of my girls will be following in my footsteps to perform stage tricks?” Sasha knew Cassandra could see the future.

Cassandra just smile “Rose, will go on to be a famous singer. She will meet a nice police officer and have three children. Only one of your grandchildren will want to follow in your footsteps. Gracie will go to college and meet her future husband. He will be an Air Force Officer and have five children from him. She will also, work as a civilian contractor at the same base her husband will be stationed at. Why did you want to know about your children’s future?”

“Well, there’s this boy at the girl’s school that I am thinking about taking on as an apprentice. I didn’t want to cause a problem between him and my girls.” Sasha wanted to continue her tricks like she did with her mother.

“Well, there’s two things about Ethan. She would make a great apprentice to continue your stage magic. However, if you want her to continue the special type of work you do. You’re going to have to push her hard. You might have to send her across the water to be trained by a person over there by a person that has the initials G.” Cassandra wonders if Sasha caught what she was telling her.

Sasha’s eye brow goes up when she hears she, instead of he about Ethan.

“Are you saying Ethan is transgender?”

“Actually, I’m saying that Ethan is a crossdresser. He doesn’t want to be a girl, but he likes to dress like a girl. She’ll make a great assistant to your shows.” Cassandra figures that she’ll let Sasha discover things about Ethan on her own.

“Okay, that was something I wasn’t expecting. Hey, have you and Jerry set a wedding date yet?” Sasha wanted to send Cassandra a wedding gift.

“We got married a week after you left Sasha. You shouldn’t send me anything. You gave me the best gift I could ask for. Your friendship is enough for me.” Cassandra meant it. Being friends with Sasha was enough for her.

“Dang! I was hoping to see you walk down the aisle.” Sasha would had liked to see that.

“I got married by the Justice of the Peace. Jerry and I talked about it and decided to go that route. However, I did wear a wedding dress and Jerry wore his kilt.” Cassandra did have several pictures taken.

One was hanging in the bar and the other was hanging in their house. Jerry was selling his place and moving in with her. They had arranged the furniture, so she didn’t trip herself.

“We’ll expect a gift from me and my wife, Cassandra.” Sasha as going to send her a wedding gift.

“Thank you. Is there anything else I can do for you?”

“No, not really. Thank you for the information. Hey, which of my girls will be a mother first?” Sasha, was curious.

“Gracie and don’t try to stop it. If you do, you’ll cause problems with her future and your relationship with her.” Cassandra needed to give
Sasha that warning.

“I won’t and thanks.”

“You’re welcome and until we speak again.” Cassandra disconnects.

Sasha heads towards her apartment.

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