The Adventure Begins Chapter 5

Angela stills her hand as she hears several motorcycles approaching them from behind at high speeds. Something about this didn’t feel right.
A strange sensation comes over Cassandra as the magic she infused in her suv gives her a warning. She had seen Angela stop petting Kadyn as well.

“Angela, roll your window up please.” Cassandra mumbles something under her breath as she watches Angela out of the corner of her eyes rolling her window up.

Kadyn lifts her head up when she felt magical energies surround her. She stands up on Angela’s lap, being careful not to dig her claws into Angela’s thighs.

“Mom, why did I just feel your magic?” Angela was getting scared. She felt magic surround the suv and Kadyn standing up on her lap.
The suv rocks from the force of explosions hitting near it. Angela could hear bullets bouncing off the magical field protecting the suv. Angela grabs Kadyn as she starts to feel scared from all the noise surrounding her.

Cassandra does her best to out race the bikers that have surrounded her suv. She knew that this group were members of one of the gangs that roam near Charlottesville. She does her best to keep from losing control of the suv. A powerful explosion underneath the suv sends the suv rolling over and over down a slight hill.

Angela screams as the suv rolls. One of her school books escape from her book bag and hit her on the side of her head.

Cassandra tries to summon up more magical energies to keep the fire she was feeling outside of the suv from igniting the broken gas line.

Kadyn was doing what she could for Angela, protecting her from debris and harm as they rolled.

The suv stops rolling and Cassandra could hear movement outside of the suv. She was doing everything she could to keep some sort of shield up to protect her, Angela and Kadyn.

“Give us the girl and we’ll let you live witch.” One of the motorcycle gang members had gotten off his motorcycle and walked down to where the suv had stopped.

Cassandra was trying to get free, but couldn’t. She looks out her broken window towards the guy walking towards her.

“She’s under my protection. You cannot have her. Go tell your Master that I will defend her with my life.” Cassandra was trying to get free to cast a spell towards him.

“It doesn’t matter to him if you live or die. He wants the girl. I have no problem killing you witch.” He starts walking closer towards the suv.

“Angela, stay here and help Cassandra get free.” Kadyn speaks mentally to Angela.

Angela couldn’t believe she just heard another voice. The energies felt familiar to her, like those that surrounded Kadyn’s body. She felt Kadyn rub her cheek against hers and then nothing.

Kadyn comes out from the wreckage of the suv and stands between the motorcycle gang members and the suv. She summons the flames from the suv and have it surround her body as she grows. More flames appear around her body as she grows to the size of a lion with the flames surrounding her body.

“I suggest you leave now, before there’s nothing left of you.” Kadyn wasn’t going to let anything happen to her charge.

The biker just looks at the creature standing before him. He had never seen anything like it before, but he wasn’t going to disappoint his Master. He and his men had been chosen to complete the job Daniel had been hired to do. They were given a strong batch of ruby to complete their assignment.

The other bikers pointed their guns down at Kadyn and started opening fire on her.

Cassandra summoned more magical energies to protect her and Angela, who now was doing everything she could to get untangle from the seat belt holding her in.

Kadyn just smiles and starts attacking the gang. Screams fill the air as Kadyn attack the men sent to kill her charges.

Angela could hear the screams and gun fire. She hears a loud roar and smell brunt flesh in the air.

“Mom, I’m scared.” Angela crawls over towards Cassandra and wraps her arms around her. Her petite body trembles from fright as she listens to the sounds of combat.

Angela was really frightened. She had never been exposed to anything like this and not being able to see what was going on around her, scared her even more. She clung to Cassandra shaken and frighten.

“It’s going to be alright, Angela.” Cassandra holds on tight to Angela as she protects them.

Cassandra watches in amazement as Kadyn kills the ones sent to kill her and kidnap Angela. She tries to comfort Angela, while maintaining the protection sphere surrounding them. Every so often, bullets would ping off the protection sphere protecting the two of them.

Angela clings to Cassandra and trembles. She could hear the gunshots and the roar of Kadyn as she attacked whoever it was that was attacking them. Why were they interested in her? Who sent them to her? Angela stays close to Cassandra and tries to block the sounds of the fire fight.

Cassandra watches in amazement as Kadyn kills the last biker and walks over towards the sphere protecting Cassandra and Angela. She had assumed her normal form and extinguish all the fires that either she started by killing the men or the ones caused by the explosion.

“It’s safe now.” Kadyn looks towards Cassandra and Angela as she clings to Cassandra.

Cassandra drops the magical sphere protecting her and Angela. She could feel Angela trembling still against her.

Kadyn walks over towards Angela and rub her cheek against Angela’s arm. She nudges her and use a little bit of her magic to calm her charge down.

Angela felt Kadyn rub against her arm and then nudge her arm. She felt some magical energy from Kadyn tingle through her as it settles in her to make her calm down. She let’s go of her adopted mother and pick Kadyn up off the ground and hold her in her arms. She listens to Kadyn purr as she held her.

Cassandra felt her baby let go of her and watched as she picked up Kadyn in her arms. She had felt the magical energies that Kadyn had cast on Angela as well.

“We need to call your father and a wrecker.” Cassandra digs around for her cell phone, but couldn’t find it.

Angela held onto Kadyn and buried her face against her kitty cat’s fur. She could smell the residue left over from the flames that had come from Kadyn.

“You smell like burnt cinnamon.” Angela leans back as if she was looking at Kadyn.

“Would you rather I smelled of brunt flesh or something else?” Kadyn looks up at her charge.

“No, it’s just I have never smelled you with that type of scent, before.” Angela knew what Kadyn smelled normally.

Cassandra turns to look at Angela “sweetie, do you still have your cell phone, so I can call your father and a tow truck?”

“Yes ma’am.” Angela searches around for her purse and pulls it out and hands the phone to Cassandra.

Cassandra calls Vince and gives him the condense version of what happened. They were going to need a tow truck to get her SUV and for him
to come and pick them up. After she gets off the phone. She starts to gather up everything that had fallen in the SUV and outside of it.

Kadyn was keeping Angela cool and collect. She could feel that her charge was still frightened and scared. Kadyn was doing what she could for Angela. Her purring was helping the scared girl.

Cassandra had read myths about cats like Kadyn, but she couldn’t believe they existed. At least Kadyn was thoughtful to put the fires out she made burning the bodies of those bikers and turning their motorcycles to slag, except one.

Cassandra looks over at Kadyn “why did you leave that motorcycle intact?”

“I thought your husband might like it. It’s a custom build and done rather nicely. If I had a humanoid form, I might consider taking it for myself. It’s a nice piece of work.” Kadyn rubs her head against Angela’s chin.

Cassandra couldn’t believe how cat like Kadyn was, as she continues to gather their things up. After twenty minutes, Vince shows up in his police SUV with the tow truck following behind him driven by a middle age brown hair woman. Cassandra knew right away who he had brought along with him. It was a member of their coven. Her name is Laura and she works with her husband at a body shop.

Laura notices Cassandra sitting down by her SUV along with the girl she has been hearing about from clients coming into her husband’s garage. She could also smell death in the air. Like several bodies had been brunt. She spots several black circles and giant burned cat paws.

“I know this is none of my business High Priestess, but what just happened here?”

Cassandra glances over towards Kadyn to if it was okay to tell her.

Kadyn nods her head as she goes back to purring and keeping Angela calm.

“We were attacked by a motorcycle gang trying to take Angela.”

Cassandra glances over towards Angela who was just petting Kadyn and not holding her so tight any more.

“Why would anyone want her?”

“She possesses special gifts that would be useful to them to exploit.”

Vince notice that Cassandra didn’t tell her the rest of the reason.

“Are you okay Cassandra?”

Vince was concern about his wife and notice Kadyn was having a calming effect on Angela.

“I’m fine.”

Cassandra takes their stuff to her husband’s police SUV and load it in the cargo area.

“Are you okay to walk Angela?”

“Yes ma’am.”

She holds onto Kadyn’s leash and let her guide her up the slight incline. Cassandra walks back down and picks Angela’s backpack and make
sure all her stuff was in it. She grabs her purse as well as Angela’s.

Once Cassandra has all their stuff from her SUV. She gets in the passenger seat of her husbands. Angela had gotten in the back with Kadyn.

Vince helps Laura with getting his wife’s SUV up and onto the flatbed. He also brings the one motorcycle Kadyn didn’t destroy and load it on the back of the flatbed truck.

“How long will it take for you to give us estimate of damages?”

“Give me a few days, Vince. I know you’ll need to come up with a believable excuse for the damages.”

“That’s easy, she had a blow out.”

Vince shots the driver side front tire.

Angela jerks towards the sound.

“Mom, who’s shooting at us?” Angela was holding Kadyn tight.

“No one, Angela. It was your father making an excuse for why we went down the side of a hill.”

“By shooting at the SUV, mom?”


Angela was confused, but she just accepted it and kept petting Kadyn.

Vince gets into the SUV and drives them back to the house. They escort Angela in first and then unload the rest of Angela’s and Cassandra’s
things in the house.

“Why don’t you start on your homework sweetie and I’ll start dinner.”

“Okay, mom.”

Angela starts on her homework for the day.

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