Magic of the Kingdom Book 2: Chapter 10

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A month has passed, and Sarah's been enjoying life as Silvermist in the park, but can she handle life as a celebrity TV actress? She still gets nervous meeting "real" celebrities! And how will HRT affect her ability to play the role?

Independence Day: as if the Magic Kingdom wasn’t festive enough year round, today was even more special. Adding to the fact that Selena would be in concert that night, but the park had two extended fireworks shows for the holiday scheduled - the first being July 3rd, so the girls could catch it as themselves, and spend the actual 4th in costume, though they would be attending the concert as themselves that night, too.

And why not? Selena made Rebecca promise she would be there. She had a surprise for her, she had said.

Filming had picked up again, but only for a day, as the hurricane had played hell with the set design, which took some time to get back in order. At least no one was hurt, and Sarah and Olivia got to make genuine connections with their neighbors.

It had been a long morning for Sarah. Heat and humidity had her wishing she could get away with wearing her Silvermist bikini. She was standing directly under a large box fan that some maintenance person or other had placed at an angle directly under a high air vent to help dissipate the cold air, when Megan and another young woman their age came walking past.

“Silvermist!” Megan said, running over to her. She looked up at the fan. “Told you she was a smart fairy,” she said, laughing. “Settle a bet!”

“Sure?” Silvermist giggled. “What kind of bet?”

The blonde haired girl laughed and showed Silvermist a sketch of a blue dress. It looked a little bit like Elsa’s gown from Frozen, except that it was much shorter, almost a minidress, with a snowflake “belt” of silver, and a “jagged” hem, not quite ‘torn’, but reminiscent of Tinkerbell’s dress, in fact, and tapered slightly so that the left hem hung slightly lower than the right.

“She says this is punk enough,” the girl said. “I’m worried that it’s not. It’s too late to change it, though,” she frowned.

Silvermist giggled. She looked around to be sure there weren’t any unauthorized people hanging around. “Take it from someone whose dad is from the old school UK punk scene,” she said, “It looks amazing. Is this the surprise for Rebecca?” she asked.

Megan nodded. “Bingo. Selena’s going to drag her butt on stage tonight to perform her ‘Let it Go’ cover. Oh, check this out,” she added, and at that the blonde haired girl turned a page in her sketch pad to show a similar styled version of Anna’s dress.

“Oh, that’s gorgeous,” Silvermist gasped. Megan grinned like a cheshire cat that swallowed a canary.

“I really took inspiration from the music video,” the artist said. “I wanted to design something that looked like Elsa and Anna were taking the kingdom into their own hands, bucking traditions, and ruling together as sisters doing things their own way, like a punk-apocalypse alternate reality thing.”

“If this whole AMC thing works out,” Silvermist added, “A little birdie told me they might allow more crossover stuff. ABC’s been doing it hardcore with Once Upon a Time, and AMC wants a slice of that pie.”

“Awesome,” the artist said as Silvermist put her empty water bottle in a recycling bin, making her way back out into the park.

It wasn’t completely wall to wall packed with people, but it certainly was busier than it had been even the day before. Safety regulations of course prevented guests from having fireworks on the premises, but there were other festive ways to have fun, including special red white and blue cotton candy and snow cones, and it was all hands on deck for the actors today, too.

She felt someone grab each of her hands. One was cold and wet, like she had been throwing snowballs. She looked to her left and right to find herself flanked by Tinkerbell and Periwinkle.

“Oh hi guys!” Silvermist bubbled.

“Hiya Sil,” Periwinkle giggled. “Wanna go throw snowballs at the evil queen?” she said quite loudly. Maleficent was actually within earshot, signing autographs. She glowered at the pixies.

“Excuse me? You want to do what?” she asked.

Silvermist giggled. “Oh, Periwinkle said she wanted to throw-mmmph.” Periwinkle put her hand over Silvermist’s mouth.

“You a party. I said it would be nice to throw you a party,” Periwinkle giggled.

“I see,” she said dryly. “How... thoughtful, I suppose.”

The guests giggled at the back-and-forth. “Those pixies are always so silly,” Silvermist heard as they wandered off. A snowball soared over their heads, pelting the Queen. They all three stopped, looking bewildered.

“Hey, who threw that, and why wasn’t I informed!” Periwinkle said, pouting.

“Direct hit!” one of the lost girls cheered. “Good shot Ratchet!”

“Successful test of the snow-zooka!” Ratchet cheered. She had on one shoulder a long tube like device with a handle to hold and a scope to aim. It looked at least, to be made of brass, with visible gears twirling here and there along the outside, and in stained, dark letters had the word ‘Snow-Zooka v1.0’. The prop department had outdone themselves this time.

“Oh, great. Now the evil one will blame me for that.” Peri fake pouted, “Probably give me one of her special apples later.”

A shadow grew in front of Silvermist, and Ratchet shouted, “Lost Girls scatter!” SIlvermist turned around to see the Queen, covered in snow, arms folded, glowering down at her.

“I don’t suppose,” she said, “You saw who threw that.”

“Um.. um.. It was the one with pink hair.” Silvermist nodded.

The Queen brushed some snow up on her finger. “Really,” she said, looking at the snow with distaste, then crushing it between her fingers. “What about the rest of you?” she turned to look at the crowd watching them. “Pink hair, hmm? Well I suppose I can let it slide, it being so ghastly hot today,” she said finally.

When the queen was gone Silvermist let out a relieved sigh, “She scares me.”

“Aw, she’s not so bad,” Peter Pan spoke up. He was leaning against a lamp post, watching the whole affair, “Just a big softie underneath that grumpy crown.”

“Peter!” Silvermist giggled, “How long were you there?” she straightened out her outfit.

“Oh, from about the time you threw that snowball at her,” he teased.

“But I didn’t throw it,” Silvermist protested.

“I did!” Ratchet stated proudly as she popped out of a nearby bush. “Or more accurately, I shot it. Hello Peter!”

“Oh you silly lost girl.” Peter laughed, “Trying to get your pixie friends in trouble again I see?”

“Why I never!” Ratchet giggled. “It’s just that that old witch makes such a great target. She’s the only person in this entire place who wears all black on a day like this. I thought she could use some cooling off.” She nodded proudly, and then turned a dial on her snow-zooka. She pointed it up, shot out a burst of snow that came raining down in small patches.

“Hmmm,” Peter said, catching a patch. “I think your blizzard setting still needs some fine tuning. It’s not poisoned snow is it?” He eyed her warily.

Ratchet giggled. “Gosh no. It’s just frozen water courtesy of Peri’s friends from Winter.” She licked a small patch herself to show it was safe. “Mmm, refreshing too.”

“She’s been bugging us about that thing for weeks now.” Periwinkle giggled. Silvermist and Tinkerbell had taken to signing autographs for the crowd, hinting that Peri would be making an appearance soon, as well.

“Hey,” Silvermist called out, “Ratchet I found your kindred spirit over here!” She giggled as she waved Ratchet over. She had just signed an autograph book for a teenaged girl wearing a pair of steampunk goggles on her forehead. She was also wearing Ratchet’s leathers including the leather armor skirt.

“Heck yeah,” the girl giggled. “Ratchet is awesome! I love Steampunk stuff anyway.”

“Wow. Did you design those yourself?” Ratchet asked as Silvermist handed her the girl’s autograph book to sign next.

“Yeah,” the girl said brightly. “I mean I didn’t make the loupe on my goggles, but I designed the goggles and outfit myself otherwise.”

“She’s always making cool outfits like that,” her brown haired friend wearing mouse ears giggled. She had a very distinct accent, Irish or Scotish to Sarah’s ear, unlike the Ratchet cosplayer who sounded more east coast American.

“The only way to do it.” Rachet said proudly, “I make all my own outfits.” She pulled a smoke bomb from shirt pocket, “Except I have this problem of not knowing where I put things.”

“Hey,” Peter said, “Is that a smoker or a boomer?”

“Poof.” Ratchet giggled and dropped it as smoke began to bellow from it, temporarily filling a small area around her. She dove into the bushes, making her escape.

“Definitely a smoker,” Peter coughed, laughing as he fanned the smoke away.


The concert went off without a hitch for all involved. Even Rebecca’s star shone during her high octane revision of ‘Let it Go’. She was laughing and fanning herself as she got backstage where the group of pixies - minus their pixieness, and lost girls - minus their lost girlness, were waiting for them. Even Becky was somewhat nervously there, hanging back near Emily and Jade, despite Morgan and Carol’s best efforts.

“Oh my God, that was incredible,” Rebecca said. “I’ve never had such an adrenaline rush.”

“Do you want to do an encore?” Selena sang, to the tune of ‘Do you want to Build a Snowman’.

“Can I drag Megan and Juliette onstage with me?” Rebecca asked, batting her eyes at Selena, who laughed. “Megs wore her Anna dress. I can’t not show it off.”

“Sure. Why not?” she said, heading back onstage to announce the encore, as Rebecca looked around.

“Hey... Where are Megan and Jules?” she asked.

“Um,” Sarah looked around now. “They were right here a second ago... We’ll go look for them if you want?”

“No need,” Annie giggled and held up her phone. “Juliette says they’re coming back with some huge news.”

“Well tell em to hurry up,” Rebecca laughed as Megan and Juliette came running over. She blinked. “Wow. That was quick.”

“Sorry,” Megan said. She had clearly been crying, and was still sniffling, but she had a massive grin on her face. “I just talked with our agent-”

“Selena’s waiting for us,” Rebecca said, grabbing her and Juliette’s hands.

“Wagh!” Megan squealed as she found herself dragged onstage and given a microphone without any explanation, to a throng of screaming fans.

“I ambushed some friends to drag them on stage,” Rebecca giggled. “You guys know Megan and Juliette, or Pinkie and Red from the AMC Lost Girls, among other things,” she said, getting another roar of cheers from the crowd.

“I’m innocent of this one,” Selena said, grinning. “Well, relatively.”

Rebecca laughed. “So I thought it would be fun to get these two on stage to sing backup. With my deepest apologies to the legends who came before me, who do this song much greater justice than me,” she turned to the band, and said smoothly, “Percussions...”

The drummer, picking up on what she was up to, or perhaps she was in on the joke all along, began playing. As she went through the first verse of ‘Kiss the Girl’ Juliette snuck backstage again so that, by the time the second chorus of ‘Sha-la-la-la-la-la’ came up, where in the movie, all the fish are joining in, the entire Lost Girls cast were singing backup, and trying really hard to stay out of the spotlight.

“Gennine’s going to kill us,” Olivia whispered to Sarah.

“I think I’m going to blow pixie dust,” Jade whined.

To her credit, Megan even did a perfect impression of Scuttle squawking, to which Juliette covered Megan’s mouth. When they had finished, Megan giggled excitedly.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the cast and crew of AMC and Disney’s “Lost Girls”.” She looked over at Selena. “Can I steal the spotlight for just a second?” she asked.

Selena waved lazily. “Knock yourself out girl,” she answered. Megan giggled.

“Selena, Raven, Ashley, Bridget, I could stand up here and name off names for an hour of the women of Disney who came before me and Juliette, who were not just our role models but our idols growing up. Knowing we can continue that tradition just...” she paused to clear her throat, dabbing at her eyes. “It means so much to us.”

“Just a few minutes ago,” Juliette continued, “Megan and I got a call from our agent. As a lot of you know, Megan and I used to be on a little show called ‘My Brother Mark’. And there was a very special made for TV movie that we couldn’t release.”

There were a few boos from the crowd at that.

“Now, hang on,” Megan laughed. “It’s not anyone’s fault really. It was never a sanctioned episode. It was something we, the cast and crew, filmed as a passion project, but now,” she paused again. “I’m sorry, I’m just so excited. My Sister Megan is going to air next Friday at 8pm uninterrupted, and you can watch it right now on!”

The crowd positively exploded at that. Megan and Juliette excitedly hugged Sarah and the others, and even Selena and the band got a hug from them before all was said and done, as they made their way backstage.

Gennine was waiting for them, her arms folded.

“Uh oh,” Sarah said. Gennine looked right at Megan.

“Well, I hope you’re happy. You two drove so much traffic to the website that even the backup servers are straining.” She grinned. “Sorry. I asked if I could deliver the news as a little prank on the girls.” She winked, as everyone let out a collective sigh of relief.

“Jeez, don’t do that to me,” Jade laughed.

“Sorry,” Juliette giggled. “But we had all this amazing talent just hanging out backstage, and Kiss the Girl really works well with a huge chorus.”

“There was a distinct lack of girl kissing going on though,” Rebecca teased. Megan and Juliette turned to grin at her. “Uh oh.”

They both rushed her and gave her a peck on each cheek. Megan giggled again and hugged her. “Thanks for letting us share this awesome moment with you both.”

Selena laughed. “Hey, thank YOU for sharing your awesome moment with me. It’s pretty awesome knowing the current crop of Disney-boppers looks up to us geezers,” she laughed, giving them both a hug. “But if you’ll excuse me, I’ve had to pee since the first chorus. I’ll meet up with you guys at the after party?”

Sarah shook her head as she watched Selena leave. “I still can’t believe this is happening. But like seriously, we’re not going to get in trouble for being onstage right?”

Gennine shook her head. “You and the other girls do your own stunts, don’t you?” she asked. Sarah blinked and nodded.

“Yes...?” she asked.

Megan grinned. “Well, there you go. You’re listed in the credits as stunt doubles. So even if someone does recognize you they’ll just think they saw you doing some actress’ stunts in the show.”

Vanessa started to laugh. “Oh my God... You guys are devious. I love it.”

“Yes. Yes we are,” Juliette giggled.

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