Magic of the Kingdom Book 2: Chapter 8

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A month has passed, and Sarah's been enjoying life as Silvermist in the park, but can she handle life as a celebrity TV actress? She still gets nervous meeting "real" celebrities! And how will HRT affect her ability to play the role?

“Oh goodie though on the vacation thing, I can get some more sleep.” Olivia smiled, “My butt still hurts by the way, I took a fall 4 times yesterday before Megan’s dad said the take was perfect.”

Sarah giggled. “Next time I’ll find a pillow and paint it to look like part of the scenery.”

“I can’t believe we agreed to do our own stunts.” Jade giggled.

“I can’t believe it’s not butter!” Hatter said as he walked past, half-eaten bagel in one hand.

“While we’ve got everyone here,” Kelly spoke up, “Two things I want to address. The first is that auditions for the other pixie roles are happening in about an hour if anyone wants to hang around and help judge the new recruits,” she said with a grin. “The other is about Sarah’s status as Silvermist.”

“I’m sorry,” Gennine said. “There’s nothing I can do. It’s already been decided.” She paused to grin. “That even if we have to make her wear a corset, she’s going to be playing Silvermist until her two year contract runs out.” She winked, and then laughed out loud as everyone let out one big, collective sigh of relief.

“Don’t DO that to me!” Olivia giggled.

Gennine, still laughing, shook her head. “You girls are wearing off on me. But really, Sarah exercises in the morning, she walks the park even on her days off, and she’s consulting a dietician. I really do think you’re all worrying over nothing. If anything, what she’s doing will only enhance her appearance as I understand it?”

“I... suppose so?” Sarah looked at Megan.

“Well, yeah, in some ways,” Megan nodded. “Your skin will be softer and you’ll see some changes in your face, but you don’t have a lot of fat to your face anyway. You might end up looking more like Sil than you do now with all the special makeup you lot have to glob on.”

“Those stories about losing your ability to play a role are only partially true,” Gennine said. “You have to look like the character, yes, but it’s more the overall appearance. We can’t, for example, have a 40 year old woman trying to play a 16 year old princess.” She winked. “It just doesn’t work, no matter how much makeup she wears. We also can’t, say, have Prince Ali walking around with a 40 inch pot belly waistline.”

“So...” Sarah said hesitantly. “So I’ve been freaking out over nothing all this time?”

“Not nothing, exactly,” Gennine said. “The fact that you care so much just reinforces that I made the right choice in casting you for the part,” she said, grinning. “I realize how you got the role is ... extremely unconventional. Had it been anyone else I probably would have called security on the spot, but something about the way you looked and acted, completely sold me the moment I saw you,” she laughed.

“From Janitor to Silvermist.” Sarah giggled. “Wrong place right time.” she winked.

“Silverella,” Olivia giggled softly. “That’s right. You girls have never heard how Sarah got cast as Silvermist did you?”


By day two of their impromptu vacation, Sarah already found herself beginning to go stir crazy. She had already finished the new painting for Regina. It turned out reproducing something she’d already painted once was easier than she thought. It wasn’t absolutely, stroke for stroke, identical, but from a distance it looked the same. She even had a nice frame for it.

But that left her wondering what to do with the rest of her spare time. Olivia wasn’t faring much better though. She was just as used to constantly being on the go as Sarah. She had already cleaned the apartment, scrubbed down the kitchen cabinets, and if she stayed in much longer, was in danger of scrubbing down the walls next.

Sarah let out a frustrated, argh type, yell, “I can’t take this anymore.”

Olivia peeked around the corner. “You too? I’ve blown through an entire season of Daredevil, scrubbed everything, even got a few chapters of a novel written.”

“I finished the repaint of the painting I did for Gennine, I cleaned the bedroom, made the bed, cleaned the bathroom.” Sarah sighed. “What the hell did I ever do before Silvermist?” she laughed. “I used to love spending hours painting. I still do, but I’m so used to just constantly going that it feels weird stopping like this.”

Olivia nodded. “What kind of pixies would we be if we didn’t defy Fairy Mary’s orders to rest and went to work anyway?” she said with a mischievous grin. “I don’t have to worry about Karen having the same idea since she’s at her niece’s birthday party all day.”

“It’s in the Magic Kingdom isn’t it?” Sarah asked, grinning now, too.

Olivia whipped out her phone and texted Karen. ‘How’s the party going?’

‘Awesome! BTW Gennine gave me the whole week off w/ everyone else ‘cause they’re renovating Pixie Hollow.’

‘Woah?’ Olivia sighed. “Looks like a no go, no pixies in the park..”

“Then we go anyway!” Sarah grinned. “We’re always walking the park like Hatter and Alice. Those two hardly even stay in the Fantasy section.”

“Truuuue...” Olivia grinned, texting the others. ‘Going out of our minds @ home. Me n Sil going 2 walk park as pixies’

‘Cool!’ Jade texted her back. ‘There now but as myself. OMG just got invited to an unplugged jam session w/ some Disney pop divas OMG OMG OMG!’

‘Uber awesome.’ Olivia texted back. “Jade says she’s already there jamming with Disney divas.”

“Ooh!” Sarah said. “Let’s check that out first before we sneak into the dressing rooms.”

‘We’ll come watch before we run amok’ Olivia texted Jade and giggled as they headed for the elevator.

The park was as packed as is usually the case in the middle of summer. July 4th was fast approaching too so there were a few more prominent VIPs milling about, as Jade had already discovered.

“Jade said they were hanging out at the soda shop on Main Street,” Olivia said. “Which makes sense. Great acoustics in there, and it’s air conditioned too.”

They made their way over, only momentarily held up by the tail end of one of the park’s legendary parades. When they got inside they found a large crowd of guests sitting and standing, and near the front, a group of Disney A-listers sitting in chairs, some with guitars, along with Jade, Rebecca, Megan and Juliette. Among the others present were Debby Ryan, and, currently singing “Kiss Da Girl”, Raven-Symone while Rebecca played a mean bongo drum.

There were other Disney stars and starlets hanging out too. It was more than Sarah could handle. She slipped out, heading for the Pixie den to change into Silvermist. Meeting Lucy Liu at the filming was enough for her. She was having flashbacks to meeting Selena Gomez at the pixie party a few weeks ago, which made her stomach flutter. She wondered, as she let herself into the dressing room, if it ever got easier.

There was a girl with long, red hair in a ponytail, dressed in a tie-dye red-pink-purple tee shirt pushing an almost comically huge push broom in the dressing room. She had a ‘STAFF’ badge hanging from a rope lanyard around her neck, and hadn’t noticed Sarah come in.

Sarah waved to her, “Hey there, new? I haven't seen you in here before.”

The girl jumped slightly. “Oh! Hi there,” she said sheepishly. She couldn’t have been more than 18 maximum. “Yes!” she said a little excitedly. “I just started today. I finished my other work so I thought I’d get a jump on the dressing rooms while everyone’s out in the park. You’re one of the actresses?” she asked. “I can come back later.”

“Want to do something for me?” Sarah asked, grinning as she pulled out her outfit and wings. She pulled out another pixie outfit they had nobody to fill the job of yet form the new series.

“Sure,” she said cheerfully. “I can have it over to the wardrobe department in no time.”

“No actually. I was wondering, can you do bubbly cute?” Sarah grinned.

She laughed out loud. “Have you been talking to my friends? That’s half my nickname. They call me Bubblegum because I’m always in a good mood. I’m Becky.”

Sarah giggled, “That’s perfect.” She handed her the Pixie Bubblegums outfit. “Put that on, and meet me in Hair. I’m Sarah by the way,” she said as she went to a private booth to put on her Silvermist costume, and then waited in Hair and makeup for Becky.

“Gosh, I don’t know how they... walk... in...” she stopped. “Oh my God. You’re THE Sarah?”

Silvermist giggled, “That’s me, Dewdrop,” she said cheerfully as she pulled out several pink hair extensions and some yellow and green ones too. She had already texted Elyse over in the makeup department, who was on her way over, as well. “Okay, we need to go talk to Fairy Mary really fast and then come back because Elyse is going to do some magic on you.”

Becky squeaked. “I am so going to get fired.”

“No you’re not. Trust me,” Silvermist giggled as she took Becky’s hand, leading her to Gennine’s office.

“Come in,” Gennine called.

Sarah opened the door and grinned, “Fairy Mary.” she dragged Becky into the office. Regina was sitting across from Gennine, watching the spectacle with no small amount of amusement. “I found this Pixie sweeping! That’s not her job. She’s not a cleaning Fairy!”

“She made me do it,” Becky squeaked again. “Please don’t fire me.”

“I did,” Sarah laughed, using her normal voice again. “I saw her, and I was like ‘Oh my God, she looks just like the concept art for Bubblegum’,” she said brightly.

“Hmmm,” Gennine said as she stood. Sarah remembered this part. Gennine slowly walked around Becky, looking her over appraisingly.

Sarah whispered into Becky’s ear, “Just act like your nickname.”

“This was your idea was it?” she looked at Silvermist.

“Well She is Bubblegum, not Antsy.” Silvermist stated, referencing one of the Lost Girls whose roles they also hadn’t filled yet. Antsy would debut in episode 3 along with Periwinkle’s first cameo. “Antsy is such a clean freak.”

Gennine was barely able to bite back a laugh, and poor Regina had to hide her lips behind her hand, leaning on the arm of the chair and quietly giggling.

“Young lady,” she said to Silvermist, “If you keep this up, you’re going to have my job.” She laughed finally, and Regina burst out laughing. “She’s perfect.” She turned to Becky. “I was actually planning to have you try out next week anyway. It would have been this week but with the storm coming, I’ve had to move things around quite a bit.”

“I know we’re not hiring the new Pixies yet.” Sarah said, “But I couldn’t resist.“

Gennine nodded as she sat back down. “We’re in an interesting position with the AMC people right now. Sarah, can you two keep a little secret?” She grinned. It was the kind of ‘I’m up to something’ grin that so rarely crossed a corporate businesswoman’s lips.

“Sure?” Sarah giggled, and Becky nodded.

“You know that anonymous donor?” she said. “That land actually belongs to the park. We’re leasing it to AMC for filming at a dollar an acre, in exchange for keeping a good, working relationship with you girls here at the park.”

“Wow.” Sarah whistled. “There’s over 100 acres for the set.”

“113 to be exact.” Gennine laughed. “Now, ordinarily you would have to get the casting director’s approval for something like this, but again given our... unique arrangements,” she paused.

“I haven’t seen Jess anywhere..” Sarah giggled.

“Oh, I don’t mean Jess,” Gennine laughed. “I mean for the television show. In this case, anyone we hire for the park however, is also included in the television production, and vice versa.”

Sarah nodded, “I promise to have her back here to sign papers, but Olivia and I were going stir crazy at home.” she giggled. “So we’re going to run amok. We’ve got a bunch of A-listers hanging out in the Main Street soda shop that I could absolutely not face as Sarah.”

“I was wondering, would you girls mind wearing your show costumes today then?” Gennine asked.

“It’s not too risqué for the park is it?” Sarah asked. “Sil’s battle costume shows a lot of skin.”

“No it’ll be fine. It doesn’t show off anything it shouldn’t.” Gennine laughed, “Our costume department designed it, and all the other pixies costumes for the show. You should also go with your Pixie sword as well.”

“I designed those myself,” Regina spoke up now. “Each of the pixies’ swords reflects their personality. Zarina’s is a rapier with a jeweled hilt, each color representing a different dust, Iridessa’s is gold and high polished, etc.”

Sarah nodded, “Okay I’ll go change and have Bubblegum change too.” She slipped back into Silvermist’s voice to add, “Come on dew drop.” She took Becky by her hand and dragged her along. Once back at her station she texted Olivia, ‘TV pixie costumes. Fairy Mary's idea.’

“Hey girl, what’s the 9-1-1.” Elyse said as she entered. She was a taller woman, but very pretty with swept blonde hair.

“We got to change really fast, but I need you to do Bubblegum's makeup for her in a way she knows how to do it later.” Sarah said.

“Oooh, new pixie!” Elyse said excitedly. “I’m thinking we need to just go over the top with the pink.”

Sarah grinned as she went back into her booth to change into the other outfit. She came out to touch up her Silvermist makeup afterwards. “Lots of Glammy pink.” she agreed. “Maybe some light yellows?”

“Yes, definitely,” Elyse nodded. “I’m going to blend your eyeshadow from pink at the inner edges to a nice yellow toward the outside, and I’ve got some finishing powder with green glitter for your lips and cheeks.”

“The nice thing about these new pixies,” Sarah said, leaning over from her station, “There’s no preset look to them. We’re making this up as we go.” She giggled and put her new sword on the table. Like most pixie swords it was closer to a dagger, silver metal ‘containing’ blue material that felt like glass, but had to be some kind of polymer, and blue sapphire-like gemstones on the silver hilt.

“I can’t believe this is real though,” Becky let out a bubbly giggle. “Like seriously. I heard about the janitor who got cast for Silvermist on her first day. I even came in to sweep with the knowledge that there wasn’t supposed to be anyone in here today. I totally thought I was safe.”

“I see Pixie when I see Pixie.” Sarah giggled. “We would’ve grabbed you eventually.”

“I see a chance to earn extra college money. I never even thought about applying as a performer,” Becky said, trying not to move as long, fake lashes with a faintly pink hue were applied.

“We have a few male roles to file as well if you know anyone.” Sarah said as she finished her makeup, just as Olivia entered the room.

“Bubblegum! What do you think you're doing?” Olivia in her Tinkerbell voice demanded.

“Well I WAS sweeping until Silvermist barged in and made me change,” Becky giggled in her sweetest bubbly voice she could manage. If she put on a British accent she could almost pass for the voice of Alice at the Wonderland attraction.

“She’s not a cleaning Pixie.” Silvermist stated. “And I was thinking we could show off at least one of our new sisters today.”

“Good grief though,” Olivia laughed. “Disney needs to start screening their janitors for acting talent.”

Becky blushed softly. “Thank you. I was in drama club in high school. I played Cinderella in the school play last year, but I’ve never done anything professional like this. Don’t you have to go through intensive classes to learn how to walk, talk, sign your name and stuff?”

Sarah nodded, “That’s like the #1 question they should ask, Have you done any acting that includes high school plays and dramas.” she giggled, “The next one, do you have any artistic abilities. But yeah, you’ll have an acting coach assigned to you, but we’re sort of allowed to just wing it.”

Becky gave Sarah a sheepish look and batted her new, slightly pink eyelashes. “Um... If I answer ‘yes’, will I get offered another job?” She giggled.

Sarah laughed, “No, I will ask you, when did you get adopted?” she teased, “Then I’ll call my mom and ask her the same question, when did you adopt out my twin?”

Becky giggled again as Elyse began to work on her fake nails, a bright, very glittery hot pink. “Actually I sang in choir, but I was never a soloist, just another face in the crowd. I’m pretty good with stage makeup. I’m thinking about cosmetology..”

“Oh, good,” Elyse said. “Then you won’t have any trouble doing this yourself next time.” Sure enough Sarah was busy painting her nails a nice silver, with rich veins of blue sparkles like tiny rivers.

Olivia came out of the changing room, “So combat outfits huh?” She looked herself over. “I still am not used to wearing this.”

“I’m surprised they didn’t model yours after Tink’s Lost Treasure adventure outfit,” Sarah said, looking up.

“I think they were staying away from the movies.” Elyse stated. “They wanted to use that one, but it was shot down, so they modeled it after the concept art for yours and Vidya’s.”

“Makes sense,” Sarah nodded thoughtfully. “I only have one dress that really looks like Sil’s, and it’s the one I’ll be wearing this winter when the temperature drops below 60,” she giggled.

“I find it hilarious, watching tourists wearing shorts, and us natives bundling up when it's 50 degrees outside.” Olivia giggled. Becky tried to look innocent at that, but the harder she tried the more guilty she looked. “You can literally tell who's from Florida and who's not in the winter time.”

Becky started to sing - and she had a really pretty voice, for that matter, a kind of not quite soprano, but very pleasant to listen to, “And the northern girls, with the way they kiss, they keep their boyfriends warm at night.”

One of the Ariels peeked her head out from their section of the backstage, “That was really good, but I recommend not to sing that out in the park.”

“It’s a small world after all,” Becky giggled.

Ariel giggled, “We try to stick to songs that are from our movies.”

“Oh!” Becky started to sing part of the “story night” song from The Lost Treasure. “My little sister is obsessed with the Tink movies. Even though I’m technically part of the expanded AMC universe, I can totally do those.”

“That’s one thing we’re working on,” Sarah laughed. “The Tink movies’ music is mostly instrumental or ambience, plus the introduction. For the AMC shoots we’ve got the Neverland intro, and two of our cast are musicians working with the music directors to produce some unique stuff for us. We’re actually going to go meet some of them once we’re ready.”

“You’re braver than me,” Ariel laughed softly. “When I heard so many stars were hanging out in one place I quietly hauled fin back to my attraction.”

“They’ve invaded the entire park today.” Olivia stated, “No joke, Raven said that there’s over 200 Disney personalities here at the park today.”

On cue, literally at that very second, there was a knock from the other door. It opened a crack, and Selena peeked inside. “Anyone home?”

“Hello Dew Drop!” Silvermist called out as she walked to the door and opened it wide. Ariel let out a small squeak and vanished.

Selena giggled. “Hey Silvermist. I know I’m not technically supposed to be back here, but you girls were so awesome the last time I was here. The after party was amazing. So,” she offered Silvermist an envelope. “Feel free to give these out to whoever. I have like a hundred of them. They’re backstage passes to my next concert. I’ve got special autographed ones for Annie and her friends too, if you see them.”

“Oh thank you so much!” Sarah couldn’t help herself, and gave her a hug.

Selena let out a small giggle. “No problem. I’m about to join the big jam sesh with Rae and Megan, but I wanted to sneak back here first and say hi.”

“Oh before you go, I want to introduce you to someone.” Silvermist stated, “Can you wait right there for me?”

“Sure,” Selena laughed, pulling the door closed and waiting outside.

Silvermist grinned and skipped back, “Bubblegum!” she called out, “Are you ready?”

“As I’m going to be!” Bubblegum called back, blowing a huge, green bubblegum bubble.

“Good.” Silvermist said. “I got a very important friend I want you to meet.” She opened the door, and the two pixies stepped out, “Selena, this is our new sister Bubblegum.” She grinned, “Bubblegum this is Miss Selena Gomez.”

Becky paused for a moment and then let out a polite cough, and then giggled as she shook Selena’s hand. “It’s a pleasure to meet you Miss Selena Gomez,” she repeated the name just as Silvermist had said it, just like a slightly ditzy, very bubbly fairy would.

“Oooh,” Selena said, “You’re one of the new ones right? From the island?”

“Yup.” Bubblegum nodded proudly. “Did you know there are candy trees on Lost girl island?” Bubblegum asked.

Selena laughed. “I have enough trouble staying clear of the craft services table dessert cart. I’m such a huge fan already though. I can’t wait to see how the first season goes.”

“Oh there’s going to be lots of Pirates.” Silvermist nodded. “And Tinkerbell falls on her tadpole hole a lot.”

“I heard that!” Tinkerbell shouted from inside, causing Selena to burst out laughing as Tink came plodding over. “Everyone ready?” she asked and then giggled.

“Hey, I think I scared Ariel off,” Selena said.

“Nope,” Ariel spoke up beside her, causing her to jump slightly. She giggled. “Sorry. I just had to get my dinglehopper.” She held up a fork before placing it in her adventure bag.

“Well alright then,” she said, grabbing Ariel and Silvermist’s hands. “I’m counting on you guys to keep me from being mauled,” she teased. Sarah had to suppress that little part of her brain that remembered having an absolutely massive crush on Selena for years. It wasn’t hard to do, but she was still a little starstruck. Silvermist got a pretend serious look and pulled out her sword.

“We’re protecting Miss Selena.” she announced to a security guard, as she pointed her sword at him.

The security guard laughed. “Me too,” he said as he tipped his hat to them.

“Nobody will be able to sneeze any pixie dust on you at all with us around.” Tinkerbell stated. “Except for me..” she covered her face and pretend sneezed covering the security guard and Selena in glitter also getting some on Silvermist too.

“Ahhh, I’ve been dusted,” Selena giggled. “Good thing I’m wearing my heavy boots today.”

“Sorry about that. I’m allergic to Pirates” she said loud enough for Jack Sparrow, taking a break nearby, to hear her.

“Oye!” Jack called out. “I’m allergic to figments of me imagination stealing me rum, so there!” he called back, giving her a dismissive hand gesture.

“Is rum that smelly stuff Pirates like to drink all day?” Silvermist asked. “It’s icky.”

“I prefer wine,” Selena laughed as they started out into the park.

Silvermist jumped in front of Peter Pan with her sword drawn, “Peter! We have to protect Miss Selena till we get her to the Malt Shop!”

“Oh is that so?” Peter said, grinning as he looked Selena up and down appraisingly. “Well any friend of the Pixies,” he said, turned around, and put two fingers in his mouth, whistling really, really loudly.

Red, Pinkie, and a half dozen other Lost girls came around the corner, “You called Peter?” Red asked.

Sarah, for just a split second, slipped out of character, looking completely shocked, but she quickly recovered. “Goodness, they just come right out of the woodwork,” she giggled.

“You ought to know us by now Sil, We’re always ready to help Peter Pan!” Pinkie giggled.

“To the soda shop!” Red declared as they formed a large, loose group around Selena, more for show, and to attract attention to the poor actress, than anything.

Silvermist giggled, “Sorry Miss Selena, the girls get a little rambunctious but they mean well!.”

Selena giggled and leaned closer to Silvermist, whispering, “You guys are amazing. I can’t buy this kind of publicity. Not like I intended it, but... Wow.”

Silvermist winked and whispered, “Even us Pixies have favorite stars.” She giggled, adding, “Tinkerbell’s is the 2nd star to the right, but mine happens to be that big bright one that leads you north.”

Out of nowhere, a big, loosely packed snowball flew right past Selena, pelting Silvermist square in her exposed stomach, leaving little ice crystals clinging to her. “Hey! Who threw that?!” she demanded ready for a fight.

Another snowball came flying from the bushes, this one pelting Tink. Ariel squealed and hid behind Silvermist.

“Lost girls we’re being attacked!” Tinkerbell called out.

The lost girls spread out. Selena grinned as she casually meandered toward a row of bushes. Periwinkle squealed as she ran out a moment later. Selena was chasing her with one of her own snowballs. “You pesky winter pixie!”

“Eek!” Periwinkle giggled. “Tink help!”

“Okay,” Tinkerbell said, and walked over to the bush, where an insulated pail, painted to look like one of the pixies’ leaf buckets, sat full of snowballs. She took one out and threw it at Peri, pelting her in the back. Periwinkle giggled as she dashed off into the park.

“Here, Red,” Tinkerbell said, “You’d better hang onto these. Maybe we can use them on the pirates if we see any.”

“Good idea, Ratchet is laid up right now with a cold in her nose.” Red nodded. “If cold’s good enough to knock her out, then think what it’ll do to them!”

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