Magic of the Kingdom Book 2: Chapter 7

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A month has passed, and Sarah's been enjoying life as Silvermist in the park, but can she handle life as a celebrity TV actress? She still gets nervous meeting "real" celebrities! And how will HRT affect her ability to play the role?

“Ye’ll never take us alive, right girls?!” Captain Steele called defiantly. She had four pirates at her side played by Carolyn, Paige, Claire, and Bethann, and three of them were well-known to be highly athletic, so they had been working hard with stunt coordinators to film this rather action packed scene.

“Aye!” her pirates cheered, one of them knocking over Zarina’s tiny cage with her sword in the process. “Ooooops,” she said in a ditzy valley girl voice.

Red grinned, “Lost Girls! Get them!” she pointed her sword that Peter had given her at the pirates.

“Cut!” the director called out. “Zarina you’re on.”

“Right boss,” Zarina teased as she hoisted herself up onto the pirate ship. It was the same ship set piece they had used for their ‘arrival’, but with enough different dressings to make it look like Captain Steele’s vessel.


“Now I’m going to show you the fury of an ALCHEMIST FAIRY!” Zarina shouted, and began to throw dust on the pirate extras, as the lost girls handled the core pirates. The scene went off beautifully. The girls’ practice paid off in allowing them to do one smooth, continuous overhead shot too. They were going to have to repeat it for a few close-ups, but all in all they had the entire scene finished in one take.

“So, then,” Zarina said, pacing back and forth in front of their prisoners, her rapier drawn. “What,” she said, thwapping one pirate across the head, “Should we do,” she said, thwapping another, “With you. I vote we feed them to the crocodile.”

Tinkerbell shook her head. “No. I say we banish them from the island.”

“But Tink,” Zarina said, “They’ll just come back and kill us later! You know how pirates are!”

“We have the Lost Girls.” Tinkerbell answered. “They’ll protect us like Peter had before. Besides,” she said, putting her hand on Zarina’s shoulder, “You were a pirate once too.”

“I was a misguided idiot,” Zarina sighed.

“Um,” Holly spoke up. “We’d um, like to like, join you actually?”

“Oh, that’s rich,” Red laughed. “You, the elite guard of the granddaughter of Captain Codfish, you who trained on the blood of innocent natives and pixies, want to join us.” She grinned broadly and with a swift flick of her sword, cut Holly free. “Welcome aboard.”

“Wait, really?” Holly squeaked, as Pinkie and Red began to cut the others free.

“We’re coming!” Iridessa’s voice called. Fortunately the close-up shot didn’t call for her and Rosetta to come flying in frame.

“Too late,” Silvermist giggled. “Did you stop for a ... light lunch?”

“Cut!” The director called, “Okay I need the natives to get ready. While we do the sword fight scene again from a different angle. You core Pixies, you can break if you want. We’re going to reuse your scene that you had already done. It’s almost 5 already so we’re going to wrap after the native scene with Red and Pinkie.”

“2 more hours of filming left for the younger ones,” Katherine stated rather firmly, but then grinned. “Then we’ll have to wrap for the night.”

“I know that voice,” Sarah whispered, looking around. Sure enough, Mrs. Dupree was standing just off and behind the director’s chair. In all the excitement of filming, she hadn’t noticed her sooner.

“You didn’t hear?” Gretchen asked as she grabbed a bottled water before the next take. “Mom is our resident taskmaster,” she said jokingly. “It was Megan’s dad Rob’s idea.”

Megan popped her head in between the two, at that, “I had a feeling things would work out. All Dad had to do was extol the virtues of private tutelage. When she found out Jules and me were two grades ahead, she got real interested, real quick,” she added, laughing.


“Ooooh,” Sarah whined as they got on the private bus to drive them back home. “I used muscles I didn’t know I had today, and I’m a lifeguard.”

Olivia nodded, “My butt hurts from taking that fall. I think I got bruises on my bruises after doing it four times.”

“My wings are killing me,” Jade said. Everyone turned to look at her, and she giggled. “What? You guys got all the action scenes. All I did was fly around,” she teased.

“The core pixies get to kick some butt tomorrow though,” Sarah laughed, “Hopefully we don’t have to do so many retakes.”

Since first meeting Zarina at the park, they really hadn’t had much contact with her until today. They had only just learned that her real name was Emily. She stifled a yawn as she boarded the bus last. “Sorry. Had to help Rob find his phone.”

“Again?” Megan groaned. “He loses it like fifty times a week.”

“Megan keeps threatening to superglue it to his ear so he can’t lose it,” Juliette giggled as Emily sat down. Juliette grinned at her. “Hey, Emily, you got plans tonight?”

“Not... really?” Emily answered hesitantly. She had no idea about the ‘girls night’ tradition, or any of that. She had only just been brought in to play Zarina at the park and in the TV series within the last week, so no one really knew much about her either.

“Well we’re doing girls night before we go home.” Juliette said, glancing at Sarah and Olivia to make sure it was okay.

“It’s a lot of fun,” Sarah said. “We pick a different restaurant every other week, and hit our favorite diner otherwise. It’s strictly park people so you’ll already know everyone.”

Emily looked a little surprised at that as she sat up in her seat. “... You guys are serious? You want me to hang out with you?”

“Why not?” Olivia asked. “We don’t bite, except for maybe Candy,” she teased.

“Hey I resemble that remark.” Candy giggled. “It’s my first girls’ night too. I’ve never even seen Alice or Periwinkle outside of the park so I’m kind of excited.”

“Well I mean, I just thought,” Zarina said, “Aren’t you guys all real actors?”

Rebecca laughed. “Says the actress who gets to play the coolest fairy in history. Megan and Juliette are the only career actresses ‘ere,” she said, letting her accent slip through. Ironically her lost girl character was American. “I sing, and I used to do drama at my old school, but that’s about it.”

Sarah nodded, “Technically we’re actresses as well, but we’re Park Actors which is totally unscripted. A couple of months ago I was just a janitor,” she added.

“Up till a month and a half ago,” Jade said, “I was living at a homeless shelter. Never acted a day in my life, but they loved my Iridessa and hired me on the spot, thanks to Sarah chasing me down first,” she giggled.

“She almost blew pixie dust,” Vanessa nodded.

“I did once I got into the park,” Jade laughed. “But we saw you in the park the other day, too. You’re good, scripted or unscripted.”

Emily blushed now. “Thanks. In reality I’m super shy, but I’ve wanted to be an actress since I was little. I always take the brash roles, in school plays, community theater, whatever, because they’re so different from me.” She giggled. “And now I’m Zarina. I keep waiting to wake up and find out it was just an amazing dream”

“A dream is a wish your heart makes,” Rebecca sang, and then giggled, adding, “And not to sound like a broken record, but the coolest fairy ever. She’s not just a dust keeper. She’s a dust weaver, and a helluva swordswoman.”

“And she can swear without saying Jingles,” Olivia laughed.

“I thought Dad was going to spit out his coffee when you called Steele a glass bowl,” Megan cackled.

Sarah laughed, “That whole ‘stick it in the ass’ line just felt way out of character for Sil, so I changed it.”

As if on cue Megan, Juliette, Paige, Carly, and Bethann all chanted in unison, “Stick it in the tadpole hole!”

Sarah giggled, “It just sounded better than what they wanted me to say. No way even in an edgier setting Sil would say ass.”

“Yeah, Sil is pretty conservative out of the pixies.” Megan nodded.

Morgan, who had been dozing the entire time, suddenly sat bolt upright and whipped her head around. “Oh thank God,” she said, getting her breath.

“Bad dream?” Emily giggled softly. Morgan nodded.

“Dreamed I was in Pixie Hollow chasing sprinting thistles.” She shuddered. “I”ve been playing Vidya too long.”

Emily giggled. “Awww.”


“So,” Kelly said, as they worked on their second round of non-alcoholic drinks, much to Emily’s relief really, since she was too young to drink anyway. “You never told us how the therapy thing went.”

“Oh, um,” Sarah said, “I had to choose between a guaranteed job with Disney for another 2-3 years and losing the chance to fill out my figure, or taking HRT, filling out my figure before my bones fully fuse, and possibly losing my job as Silvermist, if and when I no longer look like the character.”

They weren’t in a private room, but they were the only ones in the diner save for the staff, who already knew everyone worked at the park, and they wouldn’t list names for all the tips in the city.

“Oh, damn,” Christina actually swore, which coming out of a petite girl who even outside the park looked a lot like Alice, was kind of comical. “Sarah I’m sorry. But well, even if you can’t play Sil, you can always get another Princess role easily.”

“That’s even assuming Gennine lets you go,” Kelly laughed. “Good performers are hard to find, and you’re practically a legend after the way you saved that guy on the Black Pearl.”

Sarah nodded. “I chose HRT of course, but...” She looked over at Emily. “You alright?” she asked.

Emily grinned. “Yeah, great. I just um, didn’t realize you were trans. I mean don’t take this the wrong way, but you’re really pretty. Like people keep saying, you are Silvermist.”

“Thanks,” Sarah giggled.

“Oh don’t worry!” Emily blushed a little now. “I um, I don’t really know ‘what’ I am, but I’m an LGBT ally. My roommate hangs out at this nightclub called Surge sometimes. She’s been trying to get me to go too, but I’m like what if someone recognizes me?”

“Oh I know that place,” Kelly giggled. “I used to tend bar before I got the job at the park”

“Wait,” Christina looked at Kelly. “You’re allergic to alcohol.”

“Yes,” Kelly said.

“But you were a bartender?”

“Yes,” Kelly said.

Christina blinked again. “Oookay then!”

“By the way,” Juliette leaned over to Emily. “You do know there’s like, three lesbian couples sitting at this table right?” She grinned.

Emily blushed deeper. “Seriously? And the park doesn’t care?”

“Not as long as we keep it out of character,” Olivia giggled. “I mean like, if Sarah and I were making out behind Pixie Hollow in costume, heck yeah we’d be thrown out on our tadpole holes, but what we do on our time is our business.”

“Not sure what it is,” Megan said, “If it’s just more open attitudes about sex and sexuality, or if it’s just a coincidence, but I’ve noticed lots more people these days are openly bisexual or gay.”

“Or pan, in my case,” Morgan coughed.

“Pan?” Emily asked. “Sorry... What’s that?”

“Well,” Morgan said, “Being bisexual is binary - you like guys or girls. Pansexual is a little more... gray area. I’m attracted to guys, and I’m attracted to some girls, and, well for example my last date was with a guy who dresses like a girl but identifies as a guy still.”

“Oh,” Emily nodded.

“How was it anyway?” Vanessa asked. Morgan laughed.

“Not gonna have a second date. He looked drop dead gorgeous, but he smoked like a chimney. There wasn’t a moment in the night he didn’t have a cigarette in his mouth.”

“Ouch.” Sarah shook her head.

“Yeah. We’ll probably stay in touch, preferably long distance,” she laughed and raised her glass of soda to finish it off. “But I’m back to being single for awhile. I guess it’s just as well with the TV shoots going on. I’m just glad they list us as our characters so we’re not being hounded like the movie stars.”

“I’m surprised the newshounds didn’t follow the bus here,” Megan laughed. “Not that I’m complaining. If this tradition ever got ruined I’d shoot every photog in a fifty mile radius.” She paused to look over at Carolyn, “Present company excluded.”

“Nice save,” Carolyn laughed.


The next morning Sarah was awakened by her phone ringing. It was 4am. She sat bolt upright and grabbed it. No one ever called at 4am unless it was bad news. “Hello?”

“Sarah, it’s Megan,” Megan said. She sounded upset.

“Megan? What’s wrong?” Sarah asked.

“I don’t know,” Megan said. “Dad just called me. He’s got me and Mum putting the word out. There’s no shooting for the next week. He wouldn’t tell me why.”

“But we took the whole week off to finish shooting,” Sarah said, walking into the kitchen.

“I know, I know,” Megan said. “He wouldn’t cancel shooting if it wasn’t serious. I just wish I knew what’s going on. I’ve got to call the others. Can you tell Olivia and Annie?”

Olivia rolled over after Sarah hung up, walking back to the bedroom. “What was that about?”

“Sorry,” Sarah said. “I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“You didn’t. Your phone did,” she yawned. Sarah sat down on the bed.

“Megan says shooting is cancelled for a bit. Rob wouldn’t tell us what’s going on, just to get the word out. I have to call Annie and let her know,” she sighed.

“Jingles,” Olivia giggled a little at herself. “Well my double can probably use a break at the park. I’ll call and ask her if she wants today or tomorrow off.” She looked at the alarm clock. “Ugh. After the sun comes up.”

Sarah sent out a mass text to the ‘core pixies’. ‘Emergency meeting @ Pixie Hollow when park opens. Something’s up w/ shooting. Going to find out what.’ She set the phone on the nightstand and leaned over to kiss Olivia. “I’m going to jump in the pool then do my tai chi.”

“Awww I wanted to snuggle some more.” Olivia yawned again.

Sarah giggled. “Well since you put it like that.” She jumped back in bed.

Olivia squeaked. “Fuck your feet are cold!” She blushed, giggling again. “Wow. I didn’t say jingles!”

“You’re welcome,” Sarah laughed as she put her arms around her.

“Not even sure how we ended up in the same bed last night.” Olivia giggled as she snuggled closer to Sarah. “But you were warm all night, and it felt good.”

Sarah laughed again. “And that was without a single drop of rum,” she teased. “I know we didn’t do anything. I definitely would have remembered that.”

“Yeah no, we just snuggled all night.” Olivia laughed and put her head on Sarah’s shoulder. “We must have both been so tired.”

Sarah nodded. “Did I dream it, or were Emily and Morgan holding hands on the bus after we left the diner?”

“Maybe? Megan brought up a good point though. A lot more people seem to be open to trying an LGBT relationship these days. Emily’s definitely bi-curious- Sarah?” she looked up. Sarah had dozed off again. She giggled and snuggled closer, closing her eyes.


Everyone gathered at “Pixie Hollow HQ” - namely, the pixies’ dressing room. It was a little bit of a surprise for Karen, the Tinkerbell double, to walk in and find everyone there, but it concerned her too, as Olivia’s understudy for the TV show.

She hugged Olivia. “I got your message. Tomorrow off would be amazing since it’s my niece’s birthday. You guys don’t know what’s going on though?” she asked.

“Notta clue,” Megan said, “But Sarah’s gone to bring Gennine in. She won’t keep us in the dark.”

Sarah came out of Geninne's office a moment later, “Okay, it’s not 100% bad news at least, I’ll let Fairy Mary tell you all whats going on.”

“To start with,” Gennine said, “Nobody died, or is in the hospital, to set your minds at ease,” she chuckled. “Sorry Rob couldn’t be more forthcoming about what was going on.”

“So what is going on?” Jade asked.

“Tropical Storm Andrea just struck the Bahamas,” Gennine said, “And it’s looking like it’s going to arc right up to us, so they’re shutting down the entire site while the engineers nail everything down.”

“How is that not all bad?” Jade asked. “That’s awful.”

“Because the park is giving us a paid vacation.” Sarah giggled. Gennine nodded.

“That goes for you as well Karen. We’re shutting down Pixie Hollow to continue the new renovations so we’re giving you and Kelly the week off too.”

“Jeez,” Megan sighed. “Why Dad couldn’t just tell me that is beyond me. I thought someone vandalized the set or something.”

Gennine laughed, “Not with how much Disney has put into security out there. Does everyone have hurricane-safe shelter?”

Sarah spoke up, “Our apartment has a hurricane shelter in the basement.”

“Not sure about our hotel,” Megan said, “But this is Florida so I’m guessing we’re good,” she laughed.

“If not your hotel is not that far from our apartment, if you can you can hop over, we’ll get you in.”

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